Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Renovation From Hell

This is called a piece of plastic the crackhead drywall asshats left under the parlor cabinet by mistake. I say by mistake because those idiots were not supposed to move that cabinet without permission, tried to hide the fact that they did and got caught. I do like the word parlor.

So when I found all the fuck ups from the jerkwads I was just a little bit miffed. They also cracked a picture frame and chipped a vase. I sent pictures and an email describing the mess to Big Daddy. I sent them there because I am no longer speaking with the contractors. I am afraid if I speak to them I will be compelled to tell them just how worthless they are as workers, construction people, and human beings. I will also need to tell them they are the worst liars I have ever met. Not that the lies they tell are enormous, which of course they are, but that they are really bad at telling the lies. These people are so bad that if they told me I looked nice I would call the funeral home for an appointment.

So we hired these cretins to finish off the attic so we could move my mom into the house. This is because my SIL left her high and dry, also known as kicking her to the curb, and now my brother is living in her summer home and he is homeless, jobless and in every addiction program known to man. The job began the end of March and now, here, the almost middle of June has not completed the first inspections. And this has little to do with the fact the measurements were all wrong, the tub was the wrong size, the project manager is no longer allowed on site, the drywall sat out in the rain, the drywall could not be delivered, the entire floorplan changed overnight and Big Daddy had to take the final window measurements. Nope, it is all because they can't find their ass with both hands.

Well my anxiety level is higher than my head, my mom is stuck in Florida and needs a breast biopsy, she is covered with an ugly rash the doctors can't figure out and just today the head whacko said I do not need a sub-floor on the plank floor he ruined. Big Daddy is leaving me with these idiots to go to Mexico and the cat and I are not happy. 

Last of the Lily of the Valley.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

We were not raised to be a family


My mother is upset because my brother gets drunk and calls her and complains we are not a family.

We are survivors.

We are not family.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

TSA questions and such matters as dirty hands

Zoey cat is bolder than ever.

The kids are coming soon for a visit and Punkin Head brought up the fact that you have to set your food out now for TSA to paw through. This upsets me. I am really picky about my food and cannot fathom eating food pawed through by people who do not regularly wash their hands or change their gloves. I have never in my lifetime seen a TSA person change their gloves. Even after wiping their nose. This could be a bad thing for me flying.

Well, we are looking forward to their visit and hoping for a fun time.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

This is just too stupid, or are people really that dumb

So, when I went to the dermatologist and my face was okay so I asked it perhaps she could scope out some other oddities. I had this weird thing on the calf-not to worry about-and this itchy spot on my palm. Well, the itchy spot turns out to be warts. Yes, like in am I really friendly with toads. No I am not. And this is how you get rid of them. And it hurts like you cannot believe.

So I am here to bitch about the abolishment of plastic straws. Really. This is the most important thing in the universe for us to ban and make illegal. Without thinking about how this affects all of society. But the plastic wrap on the paper straws is okay for some reason. And all the stupid packaging on everything else is okay. But the poor guy who is handicapped and needs a straw is fucked. Okey Dokey.

My best friend who has bone cancer after breast cancer lost her husband this week to lung cancer. This just sucks in so many ways. Big Daddy who is a survivor, today anyway, of rectal cancer is awaiting knee replacement surgery-should happen in September.

I am still depressed but I am thinking if this stupid straw thing can get me riled up who knows where this can go.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Merry month of May

Big Daddy is doing well this week, he is back to sponge bathing like an astronaut. He hates it.

I went to the shrink and got shrunk.

Curly got her Weenie and she is happy. Punkin Head said likes Weenie the best of all the characters in the book.

Mom and I are going to the toy store in the morning, then to a seafood restaurant for lunch and then Barnes and Noble so she can just sniff all the books. She loves bookstores, so much that I have to put her on a timer.

Verizon updated my phone so of course it is useless at this point, wonderful.

Trash I am currently watching on TV, Southern Charm and a new snarky on Bernie Madoff. And who can forget the new Bachelorette of color.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Stage 2 cancer for Big Daddy

Mother's Day flowers from Punkin Head.

Well Big Daddy's boo boo turned out to be stage 2 rectal cancer. We, well really he, is in radiation and chemo. The lead up to this was overwhelming, multiple trips to many doctors and they keep saying " so you are seeing Hiawatha", and you don't know who the hell these people are. BD is blessed, he is with the best of the best at St. Johns and the Van Eslander Cancer Center. So far he is doing great and is only mildly bitchy about the sponge bath Tuesday through Thursday.

I am still depressed which is the real reason I have not been blogging, sometimes it is just to hard to think.  I am in therapy and I am not sure how successful this is going to be, I tend to pick at my therapist and I do not like to deal with some truths.

My mom is here and is as crazy as ever, she is never gonna be an easy person to deal with. She is feeding the dogs with little to no bowel control leftover BBQ ribs, WTF. The trip up from Florida was hilarious, I drove it in 2 days as I could not stand the thought of being stuck with that dog for much longer.  The temps were in the 90's and the only places we could stop were that Chicken place, it was a nightmare.

Not the one I wanted but BD and his mom on the porch at the Middlebury Inn the night before Punkin Head's wedding.

I will get this damn picture thing fixed.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

If I didn't have bad luck or why we will keep on keepin on, have a colonoscopy today

Lunch at The Hill restaurant, Grosse Pointe

Well just about as soon as I posted my last post the computer went on the fritz and I was without it for a few weeks. Then I had back to back trips (with no laptop) to Florida as my mother broke her hand and had a bad reaction to her BP meds. Then I caught a cold on the second trip and I cannot describe my misery in dealing with mom and kleenex. We went to Lake Placid to see the murals and I was so sick I could barely get out of the car. That took some time to recover from when I returned home, but I could not pick up my laptop because there was no power on that side of town. Southeast Michigan had 70 mile per hour winds and I am selling shingles on the curb from my lemonade stand.

So now I am gonna try this again and I have discovered I can post photos from my phone.

Big Daddy has a new job and a new Mexico travel plan. He flies out on Sunday and comes home on Thursday and we have a 3 day weekend. That is where the pic and Friday lunch at The Hill comes in. My favorite lunch spot in Grosse Pointe, but not open on Saturday afternoon.

BD had a colonoscopy this week and they found a boo boo and we are awaiting the results of the biopsy. Should know by Friday and I hope this does not run over the weekend. He did not get a lot of sympathy as I have done one sygmoid thing without anesthetic and 3 colonoscopies. These are life savers as my first discovered a polyp, removed and benign, and I have been okay since. We are hoping and praying for the best for BD. My grandmother had a colostomy in her 80's and lived to 94. She had cancer and it was not caught early, so I have hope. By not caught early she lost other organs.

Well I hope to keep this up and find something entertaining and provactive to leave to my grandaughter, don't want her to think grandmama was boring. Or an asshat.

And I will leave you with this for today:

 When Dr. Phil tells you to put on your big boy pants you know that phrase should never be used again.