Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Just saying hey

Napoleon Bar in New Orleans.

Guess I am missing New Orleans but Mardi Gras is early this year and would be too cold. I can freeze my ass off at home.  The year this photo was taken there was a heat wave in the late fall and I had to buy an outfit or sweat to death. The sales lady was in red corduroy and when I saw her at Napoleon house for lunch she was in cutoffs.

Still no car.

The dishwasher would not run after the Roto Rooter visit so I hand washed the entire load and somehow Big Daddy got it up and running last night. Too weird.

There is too much going on here right now, strange things with Uber-not that I am driving at this time and the Flint water crisis. More on that later.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Orleans in the past

Yea, well sometimes we all drink too much. That is a former Queen of one of the Carnivals with us.

So now I have a loaner from the dealer, a soft turquoise Escape with unlimited miles until they get my ride fixed. Seems this is a brouhaha with the dealer now. Hmm.

I got my teeth cleaned, there was nitrous and everything is fine.

We had our annual Roto Rooter call today, he fixed the kitchen sink sprayer again and said all the problems were because my water is too hot. My question is why is the water in the kitchen too hot and the water in the bathroom not hot enough. Now we are on a faucet seeking mission. Do not ask.

The best of the week is to come tomorrow, on Sunday when possible Punkin Head Skype's with Curly Girl. And it is such a treat. She loves her grandmama.

Just watching a commercial for Bosch dishwashers about how quiet they are, bullshit, mine was the worst of the worst. And expensive for the often needed repairs. I would rate them a 2. It did run okay for a year or two. 2 for 2. Bosch stands for bullshit.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Just more crap

One of my favorite pics, me and Punkin Head in Philly. That bar behind was taken from the ship associated with Detroit. It was beautiful.

Well, my car is still not finished. When they put it together they found some missing pieces, they called it upgrades. Whatever, they are thinking early next week.

My dentist appointment was cancelled yesterday as they ran out of nitrous and I cannot get my teeth cleaned without it. Yes, I need drugs for teeth cleaning. Never take pain meds but need drugs for cleanings.

So, I am driving my mother home from Florida via Vermont to see the baby. Next Tuesday I have to buy my plane ticket as they say that is the cheapest day and then plan the stops. Mom does not want to drive it in a marathon and she has the dog from hell we are bringing with us. Lily. I have never met her and am not looking forward to it. I am thinking 8 days total for the trip, we will see.

This latest painter I had do some work, at the highest recommendations yet, did shit work. Just like the others. I am now the new painter and Big Daddy is my slave. Because if the paint is gonna suck I am not going to pay thousands of dollars for sucky paint jobs. Saturday after my pedicure we are going to Lowes and Home Depot in the safe part of town and reviewing paint.

Will let you know how the paint works out.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Annual horseradish harvest

Annual horseradish harvest, a little late this year.

Yesterday I went to get my hair done. First time out of the house since January 2. I don't count letting the dog out. It was pretty exciting. And since I was so bored when the hairdresser suggested a little more blond here and there, well why not. Then she asked me if I can go 4 days after a blow dry with my hair looking okay. I almost fell out of the chair. I did not know people can go 4 days and still look okay. Sometimes the second day my hair is standing up straight even with the silk pillow cases. If I can go day 3 with dry shampoo I consider it a miracle and know it will not happen again for 6 to 12 months.

 Just came right home afterwards, the teeth are still a little uncomfortable.

I did find something new on the radio something fun to do, the Royal Oak Farmer's Market that run continuously since 1927. Who knew. One weekend soon we will be there. And I think they have a flea market on Sundays. And in the growing season May through Christmas it is also open on Fridays. Woo hoo.

Well, I still have no car. There is a back ordered wire harness, which means someone either is not shipping their service requirements or is mucking it up. I vote for mucking it up as everyplace I have ever worked take service requirements very casually and they prolly have someone walking around with a box, grabbing parts out of production containers-thereby shorting regular shipments-and shipping them off mis-counted and mis-labeled. Then you have to go to a meeting with the Service Parts Buyer who hates you because you are making his life miserable. And after he yells at you you gotta take him to lunch. And not Coney Dogs.

I went for a walk yesterday too and it is too damn cold for regular winter wear. I need to get out the heavy duty stuff next time and Sammy needs his coat. Pictures to follow.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Everything is still sucky

When in doubt, go with the bar.

I am starting to revive from the disease. My teeth still hurt, my jaw still hurts and I am having trouble turning my head. I am doing slow stretches. And I have to clean this place, that is a daunting task right now.

Big Daddy left us and went to BFE where it is 6.6 degrees and the only vehicle they had was a Hyundai. Please keep him in your thoughts. He only has to drive 2 hours to the shop from hell to see why they cannot make parts.

The elections/politics are cracking me up. You cannot deny that Hillary's statements on sexual predators kinda smells, you cannot deny that Joe is sniffing, you cannot deny Trump is sliming along and nobody is stomping on that guy today.

Out state we have Obama stopping in to make remarks in Louisiana with their new Dem Gov, now lets see if they will tax themselves to pay for what they want. And here at home Gov. Snyder is taking a stomping as somehow people are paying for water that is poison in Flint. How the hell does that happen when you have a dude you put in there to fix this shit?

Oh, and none of our Detroit school teachers want to teach, they are all sick. Enough to shut down many schools this week. And we are still seeing DPS associates/officials going to jail. For stealing the money that the teachers want. And, DPS still has the same number of administrators for far less children that they now do not teach. How does that work?

Sammy went out to pee and poop and neither took more than a few seconds. It is cold here. And I hope the crew comes and cleans this up for me.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Still sickly

Hilarious Christmas present from Punkin Head. We laughed our heads off. Will let you know if I ever make anything fabulous.

Did I ever tell y'all we are related to the Judd family on Big Daddy's side? They tried to steal Punkin Head with his red hair when he was a young pup.

Two days in a row now I have received calls from my old peeps looking for help. Either they miss me or the replacements are shitty.

I am still so sick. Cannot sleep properly, sweating and chills, glands hurt and just not happy.

My car should be fixed at the end of next week. Maybe. We shall see.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I am super dooper sick, thinking the flu

Banner at the Gryphon for the Fondue.

I am sicker than a dog. Big Daddy got sick first with a cold and so when I was felled I thought, wow I have a cold too. Nuh uh, it is the flu I am sure. Fever, chills, aches, sore throat, ennui and a runny nose, but I have that every day. I rescheduled my dentist appointment and she said 2 weeks, not one, she does not want to catch this shit. BD said everyone at work is sick. We are all drinking Throat Coat tea, from the drugstore. It is fabulous.

Comcast, the rat fuckers from hell are now charging for Major Crimes on TNT. That is one of the few shows we watch religiously and the asshats want 2.99 an episode. What kinda crap is that. I will pay anyone else any amount of money rather than give the idjits another dime.

Zoey cat is pissed off, BD let her run out of canned food for dinner and when he gave her dry kibble she was not amused. Even Sammy Dog went over and checked and gave him the loser look. It is bad when your critters are dissing you.