Monday, August 25, 2014

We used to have a Michigan State Fair

Punkin Head and the Duchess went to the Portland fair.

My favorite animal at the fair is the pig. To be specific, the red pig. This is the best pig PH could find.

Missed the Armada fair.

Need to give myself an mani and finish the book Cut And Thrust by Stuart Woods, I do still enjoy his books, even if the are very light reading.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Red Tail Hawks

At the right side top of the bench is a hawk. Our new resident hawk. Big Daddy says he is hanging out on our patio because it is lush. He is hanging out now for about 3 days. He shits a lot.

Sammy  The Spanky Dog got his spa day Saturday and I am wondering if the hawk is eyeballing Sammy.

BD says it is a Red Tail Hawk. We will try to get better pictures.

I am on vacation now and should have more interesting photos and conversation for a few weeks.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Goat Rope Extraordinaire

I feel so left out sometimes when my well traveled blog friends use phrases that I have never heard before.

Currently I am sorting parts at my plant. This could be described as the sort from Hell. Lots of parts, lots of screaming, bad problems, meetings, conference calls, people with grimaces and then just the regular asshats acting in their regular manner.

I am sending out those emails with the red hot dot thing at the top.

In speaking with my important customer contact this afternoon he referred to my sort as a goat rope. And I almost asked him if he knew Badger.

Sometimes I truly forget how many truly stupid people there are out there. I wonder how they get to work everyday.

Funny of the day:

I once worked with a guy that was dumb as mud. He was in his late 70's, still working, hooked up with a 20 year old. She made him buy a car. He always had taken the bus to work. He waited at the bus stations to follow the bus to get to work. Don't know when she got to drive the vehicle. He got fired when they got tired of his antics and put him in water test, his job was to drive the cars up to the water test. He never rolled up any of the windows. Dumb as mud.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Nasturtiums getting large.

Today all the big boys in the quality group decided to have a pissing match. You know, my pee pee is bigger than your pee pee. The only ones that have this war are the ones that question the size of their pee pee.

Then they all want everyone to come and tell them that they are right, it was a war worth fighting.

This war is about some union asshole having to get off their ass and work for 30 minutes, the real war is some reporter getting his head cut off today.

This country is getting crazier and crazier and I am so tired of asshats.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Random Stuff

Dream a little dream

So this week was a week of randomness and to a person who does not appreciate change it became a debacle. I had to cancel my hair appointment on Saturday as on the way there the IBS reared its ugly head and I had to head straight home. So on Wednesday my gal worked me in at five, mixed and put on my  color-I sneaked out the back door and Big Daddy paid. While I was getting the color he went next door to Hydrangea Cafe and ordered us the best take out dinner. When I got home and at the required thirty minute mark I washed the tint out of my hair at the kitchen sink. Saved 60 dollars and 1 and 1/2 hours.

The roofer still has not made it to my house for the roofing leak on Monday night. Rat Fucker.

Had a very hard time getting to work on Wednesday and an even harder time getting home on Thursday. Our roads were shit before this happened and now I can't begin to calculate the cost to fix the grid. This is gonna get ugly this winter.

Just an observation-because it is still en vogue not to wear stockings and to bare your legs, well not everyone should follow that fashion. Some thin white women look like hell with bare legs. IF you are too lazy to take of your legs, wear stockings or were just born with ugly legs, please wear pants. It is quite distracting to see this look in a work environment. Especially with cheap and worn down shoes. Shoe polish is not that expensive.

I ordered a bunch of books from Amazon, here is how that works-I make a list and when I am ready I put the list in the cart. Then BD tries to find the best deal on the books and we get what we get when we get it. The first to arrive is Happy Times by Lee Radziwell. A picture book with narrative and so far in it is entertaining. I wish I could only recall the happy times.

BD went to Eastern Market this morning and came home with beets to roast, glads, duck and blackberries and raspberries. Better than my dinner idea for last night. It was a disaster of epic proportion.

I am having a weird spiritual thing happening and I will share it when I figure it out.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

No dry bed for me

Adding some perennials on sale at the end of the season.

Well today I am stuck at home-Detroit flooded out. The only way I could get to work would be to swim, and they are saying don't swim in the water as the bacteria count is high. And I can't find my water wings. There are scuba divers on I-75 looking for people in the cars that are underwater. That is crazy ass.

Doing my bedding, yes my bed was wet again and my roofer is not answering his phone. Paid him a lot of money for a dry bed.

My plant is running but I don't know for how long as the trucks can't get through. This is a mess, I don't know why people are working today. Of course Big Daddy is about the join the crazies as he heard 8 Mile is open now, I will update as appropriate.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Come on baby light my fire

That is my new Limelight hydrangea tree behind the chiminea. First fire of the year, it has been such a cool summer.

I think I need to go back on hormone therapy, I am just on my last nerve. I am going to try the valium thing to see if that helps out first. I hate taking the valium--but I can't be a crying neurotic all day long either. If I go back on the HRT I will probably need a hysterectomy. And I need to call the doctor about my knee, it is killing me. And I need to call about getting my hair colored before the roots get out of control. This has been a shitty week.

August 22 is my last day and I cannot wait, I am taking at least one week off and do not want to talk about that to anyone.

My first serious boyfriend was during the Doors first hurrah, loved them and of course had my heart broken. So glad he broke my heart and moved on--he was so not acceptable for long term romance.

Oh my.