Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Now they've done it

One thing that gave me pause about this new plant is that management is very old school nasty and demanding. It seems they really do believe in trying to get blood from a turnip. Well, they believe acting that way makes them look like the Big Boys they think they are. I am told they bully and ridicule until they grow bored. The meeting is judged by how cranky the Biggest Boy is this week. Juvenile bullshit I hate and this is now my life.

Well, it seems just a few days in we shipped some more shit that required attendance at the meeting with the Big Boys. And the Biggest Boy is cranky this week. I really don't know if I can do this part of the job again. I will be okay tomorrow, but one day I just may tell him to F... off and walk away.

And the shit that my company is shipping in is some of the worst shit I have ever seen. There is no damn way that no one knows this crap is shipping. Heads need to roll.

I ordered some new stuff and it is starting to arrive. I will have to blog on some of the highlights.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Just a taste of work

We are sorting parts for various defects. The customer is only aware of one defect. As I am new to this plant and these issues I am very hands on at this point.

Someone from my company called me to take care of trial parts. I had no clue how to handle that and just stumbled on the answers. While I was waiting I helped sort out a new box of parts. They were all in need of rework, fixing the shit. Upon review the box was marked that the parts were great and all the shit had already been fixed. Alrighty then.

I called the Quality Manager, introduced myself and told her all the parts were for shit. In a very nice and tactful way of course. This was news to her.

So the asshat I am replacing, who quit by the way, never sorted parts and never reported problems.

Weather went from 80 yesterday to windy and cold 50's today. Also very gray.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Well, it has been a few days. I just have not been well for a few weeks now. Nothing in particular, I am thinking a low grade virus.

Easter was wonderful with great food that I can not remember all the names of. Big Daddy made Creme Brulee and we did not even touch it with all the other wonderful fare.

I went to the New Plant again today and it was a wild, hairy ride. We have a few problems there. And they have a few problems living within their reality.

Big Daddy is winging his way to Mexico on his second most hated airline Delta. Yes, American Airlines has replaced Delta as the most reviled asshats in the flying industry. But Delta is fighting to regain their title, for instance, on today's flight from Detroit to Atlanta there was no service. Yep, no Coke on a flight to the Coke capital. And the FA got snippy when BD rang the bell and asked for water. Then they, Delta, begged and begged for volunteers to give up their overbooked seats for the promise of snot and warm yogurt, a few unusable Sky Pesos and no possibility of ever leaving Atlanta as every plane for the next year was also overbooked. Gotta love it.

Me and Sammy are hunkering down for an ugly week. No one to feed us or take care of us. Every dog for themselves.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Routine is good

I was able to go for a walk recently and my favorite tree is still here and going strong. Grass looks awful though.

One plant I visit is in huge chaos as the launch is not going well. People are screaming and scheming and life there is not a happy place. Unless you are the one winning, then it is great fun.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


This is downtown Detroit at rush hour. That church-like structure on the right is Mariner's Church. Back in the day when the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in the November storm in Lake Superior, that church, Mariner's Church pastor (or whatever his proper name is) rang the bell 29 times. Once for every sailor, as Mariner's is a church for the peeps on the water. Listen to the Gordon Lightfoot musical tribute.

Everything went to shit this week and next week will be a whole new scary world. I can't wait to tell you all about it. When it happens, next week.

When I left the house this morning there was quite a lot of ice hanging from the bittersweet vine. I thought that it would all be gone when I would arrive at home as the was in intense sunshine. It was still there when I came home at 3 PM. WTF.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Smirnoff Vodka

I forgot to show you my birthday earrings from last year. Citrine, one of my favorites.

Sunday was my 2 year anniversary of not smoking any longer. Wish it was also my anniversary of any length of time for not being fat any longer.

With all the snow gone I have discovered the newest trends in automotive plant alcohol consumption. Yes, all the bottles are now on the bare ground instead of being hidden in the snow. Smirnoff Vodka is the winner and I am amazed it is now available in plastic bottles. So much safer than having broken glass all over the parking lots.

Some asshat engineer is running a trial tomorrow and keeps changing the time I will be there. He does not know he is working with a wily part time person. This should be fun.

I woke up this morning to 70 degrees at 4 AM and tonight it is supposed to snow. This winter does not want to give it up.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

It is all in the details

My new old boss handed me a business card from a company trying to get "quality" business from us. They mis-spelled a word. Just how in good conscience could I hire them and depend on the outcome of their work.

I have felt uncomfortable and discombobulated after my visit to the new plant last Friday. I just could not put my finger on it until this morning. New old boss does not want me to talk about where I have worked, that I know him from past jobs, that I know another guy, etc, etc. So what am I supposed to do tell people-that I fell off the turnip truck last Thursday? The guy I am supposed to snowball is the guy I may or may not be replacing if things do or do not work out. And everything I heard Friday made me wonder if I even want to explore this option.