Monday, June 22, 2020

Ain't it grand

First pedi in 4 and 1/2 months.

At a private salon with no one else in the room but me and Meghan. And she did a great job.

I am still not ready to go out for much. No restaurants, just not ready. Maybe shopping soon, maybe not.

I received an email from the Dewbury in Charleston that they are opening back up. I have been debating on trying Charleston or going back to Savannah for our fall trip, if we have one. Can't plan on seeing the girl as really nothing can be planned now and not seeing her hurts too much.

Big Daddy is in second round of the cleansing and disinfecting contact implants to prepare for the cataract surgery. That surgery starts in mid July.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Well it has been a while.

The furnace got fixed and then we lost power. For a few days.

Teeth got cleaned and no harm was done.

Big Daddy needs work done from the chemo and we lost power when he was supposed to in for the fix.

We got the downed tree limbs pulled around front and there they sit at the curb. Our limbs are nothing to the huge trees downed in our little city.

Update: Hate the new format, including that the pic is now at the bottom. Still have broken limbs outside. Still have Comcast going out almost every day.

Now the hot water tank died. One good thing about this BLog I can go back and check on when I last put in a water tank. January 2010. Three Grand. Then there was a problem with the city later and they refunded 1500.00 WTF. 

Too damn cute

Wow more that 30 years ago. Such a cutie.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Teeth cleaning during the Covid 19

Just a little Sancerre

So in 2012 I had a new furnace put in thinking that would be the end of my heating and cooling problems. Hah. The fan seems to be broken. And right now it won't cool and in a couple days I am gonna be bitching because it will be too cold. Oh fiddlesticks.

I am going to get my teeth cleaned on Monday. I think it is odd I have been told not to leave my house for quite some time and now I am getting my teeth cleaned. Hmmm. I have only made the one trip out since March 2 and I am not sure about all this. I am also getting a laser treatment for TMJ, we will see but I guarantee I have been grinding my ass off. I meant teeth. Grinding my teeth off.

My mom announced she is not coming back north. And she is getting new doctors. I wonder how long this will last and how fucked up this will get. Not gonna worry about it now. It is going into the rainy season down there.

Big Daddy is getting his teeth cleaned the following week and we know he needs some extra work due to the chemo, it was not kind to his teeth. Then he is supposed to go back to work but Gretchen keeps putting that off.

Oh, just in case you were wondering the last thing she said, on television, was that when her husband asked if being married to the Governor would get his boat on the water faster---he was joking.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

An Immodium Story or diarrhea is no fun

Our Dinner At Antoines

There are lots of people with diarrhea. All of those people are pissed off at the makers of Imodium and the secondary sellers of said product. Why do you ask, well let me tell you. Those asshats packaged their tiny little ass pills in a sorry blister pack that no one can open. Don't believe me, google it. The stories will make you sob. People with shit running all over themselves and they cannot open the blister packs to save their ass. IF you get my drift.

OK, just back had to take a break. Yep, in the bathroom.

Big Daddy and I both live on Imodium. I have IBS and BD has a sliced and diced anus from cancer. I go between serious and not and BD is a regular user, at least every day. We know our Imodium. The first time BD brought home the blister pack I told him, dude that will never work in your lifetime. You cannot get that damn thing open ever, and especially in the stall at the Sky Club when you really need it. So when life proved me right we sat down and cut all those damn blisters open with scissors and BD swore to never buy them again.

And then this happened. There are only blister packs available in the stores. And on line. The only thing the clerk could figure is that the manufacturers figured out no one would buy that shit and now with all of us cut off at our knees and Gretchen keeping us locked up at home they are gonna get rid of those fucking blister packs. Yep, that is all that is available.

Those bastards.

So we got the scissors back out and cut up the blisters. Fie on you bastards.

And Gretchen said her husband was only joking when he asked if he got special privileges cos he was married to the jailer. Yea, right.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

People need to lose weight and celebs could help dammit

Gross picture of freezing warts. I had these tiny warts, I did not know what they were, and they irritated me. I was always playing and scratching and just could not leave them alone. Finally I went to the dermatologist and she froze them. It hurt like the dickens for a long time. A long time. 

Well yesterday I went out for the first time since March 2. I drove Big Daddy to the eye surgeon to have his cataracts looked at. This was about a 30 minute drive with no traffic and we had the first appointment of the day. It was a beautiful day, 55 degrees and bright sunshine. Parking lot was wide open with only a few cars for staff here and there. I parked kinda back and in the middle so I could see the entry day but away from the few cars. No need to get too close to anyone. 

Now one of the things they are telling us is that we could use some sunshine. And some exercise. And stay the hell away from each other. 

So with my wide open view I watched everyone who came after me vie and struggle to get in the front row closest to the door. Parking was tight, so tight many had to try a few times to get into their tiny slot. As they shuffled in, and I am not kidding no one walked with purpose or ease-actually some of them seemed to be stiff and not used to walking-I noticed every one of them was overweight. The very thing that is the worst for Covid 19 survival. None of these people were obese, just too much fat.

I think the needed change is going to take more that just lip service. Everyone had on masks and gloves. But parking close is ingrained. Walking is not. Getting in quick, not enjoying the sunshine and pretty weather. Cramming into the first row instead of spreading out. Maybe the celebs should do some PSAs on this stuff. 

Although I must say as you had to go in, check in and go back out to your car to wait at least they had to walk the little short distance twice. And bang each others car doors twice. And we will talk about those nasty gloves next time. 

Friday, May 15, 2020

Cat Harnesses

New Orleans pics before Katrina. The last one is at Antoine's Restaurant.

Big Daddy is set to go back to work on June 1. We will see. 

We are having steak on the grill for dinner, I am hopeful I can eat. My reflux is getting really out of hand.

I need to get back to reading the highly sensitive books. I am no longer in contact with my mom, she really wants my brother and his family to be ---damn I don't know what she wants but she wants it to be them. We are only supposed to take care of her and keep our thoughts to ourselves. We voted out for now.

I have found a cat harness that I think may work. BD is in charge of checking this out and purchasing this. I will get back to you on this.