Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We're back and it snowed last night

Me in front of the old replica ships, the Nina and Pinta we think. Yes, it was a tad chilly.

Well, I checked and checked the temps and forecasts and I still packed wrong. We are trying to pack lighter and I even tried that "packing in a color scheme" crap, but really unless you are going to Savannah in August, it is a crapshoot. And I prefer a little cold to any hot, hot makes me ill.

I was okay as the high forty's and low fifty's are not freezing cold to someone like me. But I did walk in the sun in the early mornings. And as we passed Banana Republic and saw the sale sign I went in and bought a black sweater for half off, I am wearing it here, and I can wear it to work if no where else.

Actually I am one of those people who shop on vacation and I did get some great deals. More to follow on that.

The animals are fine, Big Daddy picked them up and Sammy Dog would not leave Zoey cat's side until she was out of the carrier. He rode in the back seat with her home. She is actually better then he is right now. She wants to be around me but he is standing sentinel in his big bed and not acting happy. But they still do not hang together at home.

Best part of the trip, Jim William's Mercer House. Worst part-none really but some of it was just okay. Would I go back? Probably not, a nice visit but there are more places to see.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Random happenings

Saturday was lunch at the Red Crown after my hair appointment. Lunch was good, this place is great and becoming a go to for weekend lunches. On Wednesday they have half off your first bottle of wine for dinner. As I am the only one who sucks down the wine we should try this, but I need a Wednesday where I am not dog tired or pulling out my hair.

Speaking of my hair, when I went to the hairdresser my old gal was there. She is so thin from the cancer treatments and looks tired, but she is trying to slowly get back to work. She fixed my hair. My new hairdo was a bad cut job. Would not lay properly, I could not blow dry it so I looked like a human being, it would not go curly. So now I am fixed.

Speaking of fixed I never thought this would happen. Hillary Clinton and I are like twinnies. I thought I had my phone fixed to have 2 email accounts available and working and the work account disappeared. After 2 weeks, pouf it was gone. So I do believe her that work email is not all that great. And for the last week I keep getting locked out of mine, sometimes multiple times a day. And no one can help me because I am not a direct employee-I am contract.

Which I am now going off on a tangent, we are in a true shithole at work and I am trying to do everything right and correct and be a great person and I guess I messed up one email because I had to pee. So I did not write a missive to the Queen I just sent a quickie that was good enough. Well, the department Manager was not happy and corrected me by sending me an email, on the chain and he copied all. Yep, I took a bit of shit about that one. What an ass.

On the way home I noticed the lake looked funky, there are still slabs of ice floating around. Man that was a cold month.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

We call her Curly now

As you can see I do not have any pics worth putting on the blog.

Punkin Head is shopping for a birthday bike, he asked everyone who loves him enough to give him money to contribute to a new bike. He will be using it for transportation and sport so I thought it was a good idea. He is also packing up as they will move at the end of the month.

I bought Curly, that is my granddaughter, a book. It is hard to not spend money on this dear child not even born yet. There is just too much cute stuff. But a book, books are always a good idea.

PH was telling, and don't ask how we got on this subject,they have a once a year wiener dog race at the horse track in Portland. I thought he was bullshitting me, but when I Google wiener dog racing it seems it is very popular. I would think it would take days for those short little legs to get them anywhere much less around a track.

We went shopping Saturday after my pedicure and I hit a great sale at Chico's. Cotton summer pants for 19.99 that I can wear to work. It is hard to find summer work pants as I cannot wear capris and I need something that is not super casual. And I found 2 other pair I got for buy one get one half off. And I can wear them on vacation before wearing them out at the plant.

Kind of boring right now but only a week and a half til vacation. And 7 working days. I can do that.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

OMG there is grass

That shrinking snow finally showed some grass.

It is nasty ugly grass, kinda brown and broken and ugly.

But it is grass.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

You asked for it

Punkin Head asked for a picture of the dog and the cat in the same photo, well here ya go. They are not quite buddies yet.

I cannot believe it but the snow is shrinking. Not melting, shrinking.

My car is clean, inside and out and I am ready to find the fuzzy jacket I wear in the 40's.


Friday, March 6, 2015

The Birds

Yes, it is the most horrible picture ever, but down near the bottom so small you can't even see it is a Cardinal. The first bird I have seen in months. I was so excited. I can barely see the top of my gargoyle.

I am starting to get used to a more regular job without so much stress. I have been able to start doing the NYT crosswords on a daily basis again. That is wonderful.

Yesterday they sent the plant home early again and today no work at all. That snowstorm in Kentucky shut us down. I feel for those folks, I don't know if there is a snow plow in the entire state.

So I am home today with Brunhilda and she had a panic attack on me. She left a note last time about needing Windex and Big Daddy said he had plenty of Windex she just missed it. So he put it on the counter this morning and she looked under the sink and got upset. She was so happy when I handed her the Windex.

Yesterday I got 4 issues first thing in the morning. So I spent quite a lot of time taking photos to document everything. One of the issues was new, and fairly serious and I took the best photos ever. Just when I was getting ready to start data reporting I got a call, by the way Missy those are not your parts. Damn, that was some of my best work. I almost wanted to send them to the proper person.

Well, I have TV shows to watch and vacation plans to make.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

It is a guessing game

The Plaque in front of Pewabic Pottery

Which ones are the Artist bowls and . . .

which ones are the children's art class bowls.

Looks just right for kibble to me.

Speaking of which Punkin Head is telling me I have to switch Zoey cat over to non-grain food. It seems Lou's Pet Store does not carry the clumping pine litter and we had to go elsewhere, so I am not sure about the non-grain food. And I don't want to change more than one thing at a time.

She is happy looking out at the squirrels and she and the Sammy Dog are not squabbling today (really due to Sammy holding himself back like a trooper) so for now all is well.

Oh she was a tad upset with Big Daddy this morning. He did not clean her litter when he first got up and she was not having it. Meowed until he cleaned it, we have been cleaning it twice a day and I may have created a monster here. It is a huge, the biggest they had and I put the whole bag in, but she wants it pristine. What a good kitty.