Sunday, January 25, 2015

Yepper we are all over the SuperBowl

Sammy the Spanky Dog waiting for the game.

So I texted the Punkin Head as he went to school with the Tom Brady of Patriots fame and asked him if indeed Tom is as pristine as they claim. Punkin Head only said he is as ambitious as one could expect from someone who made it to the top of the game.

And in other football news the New Orleans Saints owner and his grand-daughter are in the shitter. and the lawyers are winning.

We are having chili and trying to get snuggled in as the cold weather is returning.

I was wrong in the baby sex information, it is Feb. 13, hoohaa the day before Valentines. Can't wait to find out.

Work is still shitty and not getting any better.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sick, sick, sick

Did I ever show you my grandfather's ring? This is my great grandmother's diamond and my mother had it set into a ring for my grandfather-her son. When grandpa died my grandmother wore the ring and then she gave it to my mother. When my grandmother died my mother gave it to me. Grandpa always wanted me to have it. You can't tell in the picture but it is a very good diamond. So I am the fourth generation on the diamond and the 3rd on the ring. Punkin Head or his progeny will be next. The ring can't take much further sizing though, it is not a hefty setting.

I had to work all weekend, mostly conference calls, hours and hours of them. This is a really bad situation. Really bad. Started right when I got home Friday and just went on and on.

And then I fell asleep last evening and could not wake up. And then in the middle of the night I was sick. Really sick. So today I texted the boss and said no way Jose, no more calls and no more nothing. I am done. I do not think I will go in tomorrow as I still don't feel great, although the worst seems to have passed.

We went for lunch Saturday, in between conference calls and it started up about an hour later. I wonder if it was something I ate.

Speaking of which, Punkin Head called and he is so happy-he got his shipment of Better Maid potato chips. He loves the Red Hots. They are the best chips ever.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Cat Visit

I swear it is not me, but really must everything I do go off the deep end.

I went to the Cat House to meet the adoptee. The house was very small, under 1000 square feet. And it was filled with cats. And dogs. At least 8 cats and 2 indoor dogs and there were 2 outside dogs at this moment in time.

And then smell was unbelievable. It burned my nasal passages. I still have a headache from the smell.

There was not a surface that did not have something on it, including the stove top. I wondered how the hell she cooked and then I spied the slow cooker. It was almost hidden in all the other shit on the counter. She had multiple drinking sippi cups for the cats all over the kitchen counters.

There was not much room to  walk in the house.

We went into the back and got the cat out of the cage, this took time and she talked quite a bit. While this was going on the other cats were in the cage with the FIV+ cat and I am thinking, I don't think this is proper. IF I am nothing, I am proper.

We took the cat to the bathroom so we could have a space that the cat could be free and make her own decisions, this was my idea. The bathroom was the best smelling room in the house. When we returned to the house proper and the back room the smell almost struck me down again.

The cat is huge. Bigger than Sammy dog and as the Foster Mom admitted quite overweight. She can't leave the cage so what do you expect. She is cute. She let me pet her and hold her. Holding was not for long and I was standing next to her 2 story cage with the door open and she kinda indicated she wanted in I let her go. At my request she let FM brush her, at least the back, this cat is not groomed. But also she was outside for how many years so I guess her letting us pet her and brush her is a good thing.

The cat is huge, Elliot size if not more. Big. 30 pounds maybe. And she is flabby. Prolly from sitting in the cage.

Here is my problem. I cannot walk into that house again. I have never smelled anything so vile. Surely this woman can smell this, hoarder and cat lady or not, it stinks. I can ask her to my house but she has a doctor appointment right after the visit. I can send Big Daddy but he will have to put the Vicks Vapor Rub under his nose. He reads this in crime books. I could have her come Saturday instead of picking the cat up on Friday.

It is not the cat's fault that the place is stinky. Shit.

Monday, January 12, 2015

A new cat step

Taken at the awful Atwater Brewery, his dad ordered them for him so no story or significance. Sorry Punkin Head.

Well I am taking the plunge and interviewing for a cat master position. The cat is a sad case, she is around 5 or 6 years old, spayed and declawed and then abandoned at about 1or 2 years old. The neighbor kept her fed and she responded to them and knows her name, Pudde Cat, but the dogs would not let her live there and then the shit for brains neighbor kid starting shooting her with a pellet gun.

So she was rescued and checked out and she is FIV+. Me and Sammy think she will be a good fit here even though I have never owned a cat. But I lived with PH's cats and my cat will be so much better. She is currently living in a 2 story cage and can't be real happy about it but they say she is very friendly and loves petting, especially her belly.

I am waiting for the meet and greet and to see if she likes me. She has to like me a little for this to work. She is really cute in her pics and looks right into the camera as if the say "Really?".

I have a list of stuff I need from PH but all tips and hints are welcome as I am a newbie. She will be an indoor cat and I plan on getting her a bed with a hood as I read cats like that stuff.

And what about Cat Nip?

Friday, January 2, 2015

The car deal, or my new Ford Escape

Well, as it turned out to get the deal we had to finalize the Escape deal today. What a pain in the ass, I had to find a Ford peep who could get me the pin number today. The guy we have used for years is out of town. Then Big Daddy had so much trouble getting the correct paperwork together.

Plus on this model is heated leather seating surfaces (this is so they can put cheap shit on the sides and not get sued) and factory installed auto start. Would only pay for this with the deal because I am over paying for shit on cars just because it is nicer. Cars are not an investment, they are a means of transportation. Some are better than others but eventually they all fall apart.

We decided to stay home today as BD wanted to observe the cleaning lady as we have not been too happy. And boy, she was not happy to see us. I am pretty sure this is the longest time she has spent here in a while. Oh well, if you don't want to do the job, don't take the job. Then the boss came by and they were chatting in Polish, WTF, speak English in my house unless you are hiding something.

Have my FitBit thing all set up and can't wait to see what will happen on Monday. I have not been doing much this week and will probably pay for it next week.

So absorbed in this Air Asia plane crash, there are some really peculiar comments and data showing up, and no way if knowing how much is true and the weather is just horrid this being the rainy season. And the ferry fire off the coast of Greece was just frightful. Why does it always seem someone is trying to cut corners and make an extra 20 cents.

Funny of the day:  When BD cleaned out the Fiesta he found one more Christmas present for me. It is called the house sweater, as in wear around the house cardigan style and he paid a whopping 9 dollars for it. It looks pretty good. Not as nice as the gold and turquoise bracelet he got from Italy, but still pretty nice.