Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just a Quickie

too humid here to bear.

hair turned out okay.

Punkin Head is cracking me up on Grosse Pointe observations. And thanks to all the people thanking him for moving back to Michigan.

Foot massage with the request to wear used boxer shorts turned out better than expected. No, I did not wear the boxers and yes the massage was wonderful. 14.00 US dollars for 90 minutes and was everything one can expect. He is number 1. No really, that is his name at the massage place, he showed me on the wall.

Still working on the pictures and I am still practicing taking them. The sly ones.

also, spell check not working so cut me a break.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sorry for the delay in reporting my fascinating life after Detroit

Ok, not a big deal for most of you. Here in Shenzhen with the wierdness.

Wanted to take a picture of the sign by my bed that stated Sweat Sleep. Housekeeping was late and wierd and then the sign disappeared. Then Punkin Head remended me my China mobile phone has a camera feature. Have missed too many Kodak moments.

Staying at the Best Western across from the great shopping, train station and the Shangri La. Will be here next week so better reporting. Rains and weather patterns have fascinated me for two days. Room is on the 20th floor and the view is spectacular. The glass in window does not allow for good photos tho.

Next week when we come back we go to Hong Kong.

We will not be home until late this evening so have to plan out dinner with Big Daddy.

Still can't figure out how to post pictures. If this does not work out soon I will transfer to another blogger site. User friendly is my middle name.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Computer troubles today, let us see if this works

hmm, not going well. Cannot post pictures. Will have to wait for Big Daddy to get home and tell me why.

Why is I am covered again in the red spots and swollen in places.

Also cleaning as the Ayis and I have a different defintion of clean.

Ironing also. Did not move to China to become a cleaning lady. Hmmm.

If they paid better.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Where do you wear your pajamas?

I know people who can't wait to get home and put on their jammies. I know people who plan parties so that they can wear their jammies with friends. I remember as kids we wore our jammies to the drive-in. I have friends that think a perfect day is never getting dressed. These people should move to Shanghai. I saw 2 men today walking the streets in their jammies. They were not together. One guys jammies said Happy Wedding all over them. He was about 100 years old. I don't want to think about that. Still have not seen the famous Hello Kitty jammies on the street.

For the 2 of you that read this blog you will be excited to hear I found a clock today. I can now tell time without sneaking into the bathroom and turning on the light. It is fabulous. It tells time and the date and the year and the temperature. Temp in Celsius. Want it in Fahrenheit. This may take time as Big Daddy is having trouble with the instructions. Had it once and it disappeared. I know, I got so good at millimeters I could eyeball mils, but I am older now and somewhat cranky. I have to learn grams. No more 2 pound smoked salmon. I just want to know how fucking hot it really is.

Apartment is filled with flowers. They are so inexpensive here and no cats to knock them over. Sorry for that, Punkin Head. Cats are a big learning curve.
Speaking of Punkin Head, best thing about the apartment is my iPod. Love my music, thanks for the help. Where did Charlie Pride come from?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sitting in Shanghai

Jet lag not so bad this time, first day was a bitch and day 2 not so bad.

Forgot the most important items to my existance, the fucking bite plates I have been hauling to the dentist for months for fit issues. Could not believe it. Punkin Head is mailing them. Along with my Leatherman. You never know.

Unpacked and now waiting for Big Daddy to gather all the luggage so we can pick which to pitch and which to pack off season into. Broken phony bags will be the first to go.

Could not get the VPN to work and had to reload the program. Could not get the bedroom TV to work. The new toothbrush does work. Hooray.

Flight over was good. Delta on a 747, connected at Narita. turbulence for 2+ hours in the beginning. Made the flight attendents sit down 3 times. Some tray type thing came fying out of the galley on landing and bouncing into the exit row (my seat).

Need a nap now.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


3 more days and counting.

Spacer in and so far only irritation.

Punkin Head and I cleaned the coffee maker, special european thing, and I think it may work again. Only took us a couple hours.

Not going well on the packing, running out of space. Punkin Head promised to stuff all the shit in somehow, or make the lady do it.

Nails, bank and Farms Market tommorrow. Then stuffing more shit in the bags.

Big Daddy is making fun of me. He asked me to buy his groceries for his apartment in Shanghai from my house in Grosse Pointe. And I did. And how is it my fault the smoked salmon turned out to be a 2 pound frozen fish. I think he should be thankful it was folded in half when they delivered it. Not my fault your freezer is tiny.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Five days to go until Shanghai

Not counting today and next Tuesday. Big Daddy talked to the Japan dude and I should be ok transferring in Narita. There are Sky Clubs in the terminal and worst comes to worst I can pretend to eat Sushi.

My new suitcase, Briggs and Riley on sale, arrived and I am continuing to pack. Shoes are going to be the problem. Just hate deciding what can I take and what do I need to say goodbye to. I just do not believe that I can buy real clothes and things that I can afford are in China. Or Hong Kong. If I was a guy I could just get shirts made and be happy.

Did last minute shopping as for some reason all the websites were down this holiday weekend and had to pay way to much for the last minute items. Bras. The world revolves around bras for women with breasts. If one more flat chested bitch tells me about buying 7 dollar bras at Target I am going to scream. Scotch tape should work for them. Bought La Mystere, Fantasie and Chantelle.

Flame furnace cancelled the air conditioner check as the 40 mile an hour moving storms were not conducive to wandering about the yard. They are coming Monday. And Punkin Head will be at work and not see the program. Oh well. Got the permit to redo the shingles on the garage as I finally got the IRS refund. You get lots of money back when you don't work half the year and get canned. They did reject part of Big Daddy's college tho. Guess they really aren't all that serious about re-training and upgrading your education. And that is why Big Daddy is in China.

Teeth update. This year to date; 4 new crowns, 1 filling, 1 extraction (same tooth as filling), 1 surgical stent, 1 implant surgery (to be continued) and 1 rejected spacer. Spacer being remade and will be placed Thursday or Monday. Had to have the bite adjusted again on Tuesday. I am hopeful I don't need to fly home for emergency dental work.

New life: living with cats. Cats are strange. They do not like to be held. They like to be petted but only if you reach across 3 feet. They like to play hard to get.