Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Big Trip part one

Adrienne Vittadini ballerina shoe in black crystals with a leather bow.

You may wonder why I am featuring my foot in this shoe with that god awful carpet, well that is me waiting to go to Portland. In the second gate waiting area which was way smaller than the first one.

That day was the best I have ever felt about Delta Airlines. As we are sitting and waiting to board the pilot comes on the PA at the ticket counter and says, "That plane is no good". Then he babbled about looking around the airfield to find a plane with no where to go, and then he said "Hang on, the phone is ringing", and sure as shit we had a new plane. We got in a couple hours late and all was fine. They even brought a snack/beverage cart to the gate area where we were waiting and everyone lined up like we were waiting in the desert and had not had a little drink of soda or a pretzel in days and days instead of a few fucking minutes.

The flight was fine, Punkin Head picked us up and took us to the Benson Hotel and we had Christmas dinner. The dinner was fine, the service was bizarre and we got to bed around 1 AM Detroit time. And we barely slept all night. I have no idea why this happened, the bed was actually fantastic, the room was great. Just a real hard time sleeping for both of us.

Memorable gift giving, the kids loved their J Peterman navy watch hats and Punkin Head loved his red socks. The kids got me a beautiful vintage picture frame with their wedding photo-really nice. When we were packing to leave Big Daddy was packing a tie and I had to stop him and give him his Christmas, a red tie and red socks. He loved them. He then had to give me my present, Tahitian pearl earrings, which are lovely but they did not make the trip.

I got my hair done today-back home-and it is just too damn cold and getting colder. It is supposed to snow tonight. We are staying in and having tapas and snacks for dinner and I sincerely doubt we will see the ball drop in real time.

Tomorrow part two of the Big Trip.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Just a few last minute bits before The Big Trip

I got a manicure and pedicure.

Decorations on the lockers at the plant.

A random Christmas tree in the plant.

I have just one rant-able item for the year. Men with trendy facial hair that is gray. Gray hair on your face is not attractive, sexy, or in any way helpful to making old geezers look hot to younger women. Unless they use "Just for Men" but that is a whole 'nother ugly story.

Just one last Comcast report before Christmas, last night they called Big Daddy at 8:30 PM on his cell phone (the home phone does not work) and asked him if he was satisfied with his exemplary service. Well, you know Big Daddy is much more calm than I am and he kinda went off on them. The hilarious part was when they told Big Daddy he could not talk to them that way. You make the call and you roll the dice on whether the recipient of your glad tidings wants to converse with your sorry ass.

We are packing and trying on clothes and talking with Punkin Head and in general getting ready. We might have a trip to some falls in the Columbia Gorge so I am guessing some appropriate clothes are in order for that segue from town.

The kids are picking us up at the Portland airport, the reservations for dinner are made, Sammy the Spanky Dog is at the Heartbreak Hotel. Oh, we had to tell them about cooking his dinner. They said he did not eat well last time and then we remembered. Did we tell them to add hot water to his food? Did we tell them to stand there as he is watching and tell him it is cooking?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all and I will report on the trip if possible. If not a bunch of pics when we get back.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Comcast, the shitty saga continues as it gets worse

Just when you think it cannot possibly get worse, you get a surprise. It can.

Almost a month after the beginnings of the debacle from Hell, AKA Comcast the Cretins, we finally get a personal visit from the asshat in the truck with Comcast written in red on the side of the truck. Big Daddy again stayed home and watched and waited for our service to be fixed. The dude came in (no charge in our case by the way) and did everything he could do and could not fix the problem. The dude says this is because the problem is with our Security company. So when I came home and BD explained it all to me I was not surprised to see that I had no Internet service. We did the whole restart and re-boot bullshit and, well I am on my Verizon Internet Jetpack and BD is suffering with Comcast. And guess what he found out!!!

Now the Comcast dudette who happens to answer our call says our serial numbers on the new modem do not match the serial numbers on file with our Comcast account. Just how fucking dumb do you have to be to get a job with Comcast. I do not believe there is test for this level of stupidity and just wonder how in the hell they find all these dumbass people.

So we still have no Internet, still no phone for the last month and now another asshat says our account is fucked up. I am so positive that Grosse Pointe Woods cares so little for the residents that we must continue to put up with this very poor level of service. Again, in my heart I truly believe someone in Grosse Pointe Woods must be on the take from Comcast to lock us into this crappy company.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I am so thankful I have great insurance

Well the doctor visit went well, I have medications out the wazoo and am starting to feel better. It was a sinus thing and I learned something new. The behind the counter sinus decongestion pills are supposed to work in 4 days or less, if they have not-quit taking them. I also got a new nasal spray from the dentist, XLEAR all natural and drug free sinus care spray. I am afraid of those neti pots, heard of too many instances of introducing bacteria if the container and everything associated with it is not pristine. Of course, that is also why I fed my child canned formula, I was too afraid of the powder. I mean, just how far do you need to go with the sterilizing shit.

The picture above is the last batch of the Buckeyes, actually experimental Buckeyes. Buckeyes are boring. You make the peanut butter centers and roll them into balls. Then you dip them in semi-sweet chocolate (dashed with a bit of coffee crystals) and that is it. They tasted fine, just boring. So when I had enough for the plant folks we went into experimental mode. I tried some sea salt to perk them up and when that was done I just could not dump out the remaining chocolate, so I dumped in a half a can of salted cashews and some dried cranberries. We will see.

Update, the plant folk loved, loved, loved the Buckeyes. Guys were walking around telling each other how utterly divine they were. It was hilarious. But, really those are the sweetest things I have ever eaten. And they have to be 500 calories apiece. All the rest of the candies are going out tomorrow to Big Daddy's work and my other plant.

I had a learning experience at work today, tubes. Tubes are fascinating. Did you know if aluminum rubs together it creates a black greasy mark? Who knew.

Monday, December 16, 2013

My head hurts

I believe I have the beginnings of a sinus infection. I have been taking the "special behind the counter-so you can't make meth-pills" for a week and it is going south on me. So I called the doctor and have an appointment for early afternoon, tomorrow. I think I need the sinus cocktail shot and some antibiotics.

Sammy Dog is sick and at first I feared that we had the rare but dreadful human to dog virus. I am pretty sure that is not true as Sammy Dog is still alive and that apparently kills in 24 hours. He is not a happy camper though. And Big Daddy did not make his pee and poop area big enough so we had a dreadful morning. First thing when he came home we have an enlarged hole and a new area and Sammy peed in them both, kinda like a christening I think.

I am so excited about my weight, and no I am not losing weight because I am sick. It is not that kind of sick. But all together as of today I have lost 17 and 1/2 pounds since the middle of June. And if they are new pants I am back in my old size, the size before I was thinner. This is also the size that sells out quickly. I am wearing the old belt as I am still somewhat between sizes and would like to be able to wear my old pants and not have to purchase an entire new wardrobe for work. But imagine the excitement of not only seeing a new number on the scales, but also skipping a number. Wooeee.

Also, I am over the moon the closer our trip to Portland. We fly out Christmas Day for the long journey to the kids and the only thing we have so far is some candy's Big Daddy bought for the flight attendants. I have to get going on all this, hopefully after the doctor tomorrow I will start feeling better.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Buckeyes are coming

Steak bites appetizer at Luxe, Grosse Pointe. I just had to get out of house yesterday, so Big Daddy and I indulged in a snack. Then we came home and made dinner and broke the garbage disposal.

There are Christmas parties at Assembly Plants. They are individual to the plants, the areas, the teams and whatever. As suppliers we have to participate in all and stay within a budget. In the olden days I only had to participate in one and then take some asshats out to lunch. This year I have to go along to a couple lunches, drop off some cookies, make time for my own lunch with a new friend and make some Buckeyes.

I have "cooked" for the plants before, mostly Big Daddy did it and I claimed the awards. Well, this year we will be making Buckeyes together. One party we must attend needs desserts and when the manager and I were chatting she mentioned that she was a nut for Buckeyes. I shared that I was like a dog with a bone for Christmas cookies.

My New Orleans (dotcom) has an story and a recipe for Buckeyes and I said to myself, Supe and I will be heros if I can pull this one off. Now I just have to find someone that makes Christmas cookies.

Oh and I renewed my acquaintance with the plumbing community. When I arose this morning Big Daddy was already under the kitchen sink grunting and swearing. After a few hours of that he made an appointment with Roto Rooter and $300.00 later our sink and garbage disposal is working again.

I need that sink for the Buckeye making.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Me and Ebay go way back

I love Ebay. I can spend money without really spending a lot and still get some interesting things. Here is my strategy, I find something I like, figure out how much I am willing to pay for it and then I make my bid. That is it, if I don't get it-fine. If I think people are waiting around to get something on the cheap I will publish the entire bid and make them put in a real bid. This is for mostly trinket jewelry shopping although years ago I bought a lovely pair of 18 karat gold rose cut diamond earrings. They were not huge and the price was right. I also bought quite a bit of vintage fur before it became popular. Yes, I have the heads and the tails.

Lately I am obsessed with "One minute manicure" type product as my hands take a beating during the day. I cannot always wear gloves in the cold, I wash my hands frequently with cheap or industrial soap and constant hand cream at work is not an option. My hands feel so wonderful after this treatment I searched and searched for the product. The only place I could find it was Sephora and it was mighty pricey in my book. So I investigated Internet recipes and found that it is nothing more than an oil and either sugar or salt. You can add other stuff if you want but that is just your choice, not a necessary item.

Well, I said to myself, just where would I store this stuff so that it looked nice, was easily available and easy to use. Goodness gracious---what about jam jars. You know, the kind with the spoon. Well, I received my first one today. I paid $5.99 plus shipping. It is green and peach to match my 1950's bathroom.  I plan on using grape seed oil and sea salt or maybe just Kosher salt. I will take pictures and let you know.

Just in case you are intrigued, you put a glop on dry (as in not just washed) (but not dirty) hands and massage into your hands rubbing well and paying attention to the cuticles. When you are finished just rinse off and dry your hands and they are the softest, non-greasy, nicest hands ever. I promise. And if we can do it on the cheap, well-why the hell not.  I also got a cut glass powder shaker for under ten bucks to hold the baking soda that I use for my face exfoliation. Another cheap but useful item.

Tomorrow making Buckeyes for the plant Christmas lunch.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The hatred continues; Comcast is Horrid

Now Comcast is calling asking us to hold for them to tell us why they are not shitheads.  Big Daddy is now in charge of Comcast, he went in person and if this new modem does not fix it they will send out the truck-maybe. I have heard this shit before.

Sephora just told me they lied, they cannot adjust my purchase to include my VIB status discount. They will add it to my account and God willing and the creek don't rise I will get a discount on my next mascara if I need one before I die. I am starting to get the not happy shopping mojo.

My (auto) plants are not happy and the Supervisor is still cranky. He does not seem to understand if I wanted to work nights and weekends I would be at Plant B. I am part time and working off-shift for straight time is not in the cards for me. My operator peeps are all happy with me right now, makes my life so easy.

However Production Control, the people who order parts to build the vehicles, they hate me. They were supposed to order new parts after they said all my parts were BAD. We were supposed to send information and a truck to pick up the parts. Nothing happened. Last night they had to use the "suspect" parts and there were no failures. And today a shipment showed up at our plant-out of the blue-with no paperwork. WTF, this is why I laugh about all the people saying how great it was the government saved the auto industry---but made them accountable. Yea right, and pigs fly.

But it was nice to see a woman selected to run GM, she can't be any worse than the previous asshats and she might be a damn sight better.

Well, I went to the store because I had to get a Christmas card for my one new Christmas card friend. Actually my only Christmas card friend. And as I did not trust Big Daddy I got 2 gallons of windshield juice, good to 20 below and a big snow brush and scraper combo. And I was right, we needed them.

Tomorrow, my Ebay extravaganza.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Comcast is incompetent beyond belief-This is the new Comcast

Prior to Thanksgiving Comcast badgered the bejesus out of us to get a new modem. Then our Internet started shutting down every few days.  I figured it was a sign from Comcast that I better get the modem or I would never have decent service again. Well, we got the new modem and our phone now works for shit.

We hooked up the new modem and then the phone quit ringing properly. Ya know when your phone rings and you get Brrriing. Well, now I get Br. The first 3 people we spoke with said this is not right and we need a service call. You know, the truck in the driveway that says Comcast on it in RED.

Well those suckers never showed up. After mulitple confirmations and no shows and reschedules and confimations and no shows, plus the fact they kept calling the phone that did not work properly, it went south. Yep, today when I called I got the infamous Indian of India people disguising themselves as Texans telling me all the white talking-people knew shit about Comcast and telephones and that my phones were broken.

Yes, for goodness sakes both the hard wired into the wall trimline phone from Alexander Graham's relative Ma Bell and the wireless phone with answering machine broke at exactly the same time. That was when we installed the new asshat modem from Comcast. This idiot from India is telling me to change the number of rings on the wall trimline phone, this is why I hate all people from Comcast.

So this week will be devoted to switching everything possible out of Comcast's hands. New security system so I do not need a land line, new TV service, and back to Ma Bell or whoever for phone if I need one and please let there be a new Internet in the Pointes. I swear someone here is getting graft for allowing Comcast this monopoly and that is why we get such crappy service.

This is the exact statement from the witch, "Well you pay for service and you get it, you can make calls and people can call you." I asked about the not ringing and therefore not knowing someone was calling and she said, not our problem. And pretty much as I don't use their voice mail (as it is another version of living in India hell) well, F off bitch.

The service is the same as ever-horrible to the Max. I remember one Christmas when a high level tech guy stood in my family room and screamed, No-don't do that. And we had no service for 2 more days.

Rat Fuckers are the best I can call them.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A little change in the weather

Last day in St. Augustine the weather was beastly and today I can say the same for SE Michigan.

Day started out good, you can always tell when you take Sammy Dog for his first pee how the day is gonna start. It was downright balmy for the first pee of the day. It is now biting cold wind looking as gray as in this picture. Just no palm trees, leafless Maples are swaying in the dance of the winter chills.

I now have 2 different coats, hats, gloves in the car. No boots yet and the cashmere scarf from China will be the winter scarf- it is long, light and warm.

I received the first of the Christmas presents yesterday and it was exciting.

My current supervisor and I had out first dust-up today. I ignore quite a lot-this is a temporary situation and he is just kinda weird. Today he directed me to go talk to this person about a written issue. He seemed somewhat steamed that I had not seen the email. I only get access to email over my phone in the plants and it is not that easy. He fails to understand this as he is a direct employee and company provides his phone and makes sure he can get his email. Whatever. The person he sent me to talk to blew up at me. Boss boy get the message wrong and blew up the Internet with incorrect emails I had never seen, and well it was not pretty. When I told him, he blew up at me. Whoa Nelly and back up the truck. I am not his whipping boy and told him so. He then declared he had not blown up. Well, I saw that mushroom cloud. It is all gone now, but he needs to shrug some of this nonsense off.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The week of problems

The Casa Monica had original artwork for sale on the walls.

If you remember my car not starting fiasco, I do not think I reported that it was NPF, or in our world No Problem Found. Well a week or so ago the same damn thing happened to Big Daddy. Now I know I am not crazy and that damn car needs to be fixed. So I have a broken remote start on my car.

Comcast demanded we had to get a new modem and they of course sent it to us for self install and guess what, it does not work properly. I cannot get a normal phone call. I get half a ring and then nothing but the caller continues to hear it ringing. The Comcast guy is coming Saturday morning between 8 and 9.

Now the Comcast On Demand is not working properly.

The oldest schoolhouse in America.

Oh yes, lest I forget, my brother is just out of ICU and probably dying. I have never met him and my sister keeps calling me with updates. I have met the sister. She was encouraging me to call my brother and chat about God knows what. I asked her if she really thought that was a good idea. If you were in the hospital, maybe dying, sick for your entire life with a horrible disease and suddenly the sister you have never met starts calling, well I just think that might be kinda creepy. If he asked me to call, of course, but that is a different story.

And to top it off it seems quite a few of our plants have decided to ship shit parts and we are having to sort, rework, and explain this shit. They do not accept "the parts are fucked up" as an explanation. They want to know why. Well, you know what-I would like to know that too. We may never know. But we make up pretty stories and everyone smiles and nods and we pretend this is all A-Okay.

Bizarre of the day:  If you have ever seen a turnstile, bars and they turn in circles, they are made to keep it difficult to do more than push through to the other side. Everyday I see people, workers, standing on one side of the turnstile and food delivery people standing on the other side shoving food between the horizontal bars. One container at a time. Usually one person picks up the order for the entire team, so there could be 8 plus orders shoved between these bars. The thing is, these people could just as easily badge out, go through the turnstile, pay and pick up the food, and come back through the turnstile in a lot less time. They give drug tests to work in these plants, not IQ tests.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Casa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine

Rather trashy looking but very comfortable.

Everything on the bed was washable, and that is my number one "gotta have it".  The room itself was okay-especially when you consider the price-expected a bit more than okay. But the location was the best in town and if you are a walker-there is no better place to be. Room was not small but there was only one chair and a couch, so when we ordered room service-what to do? They solved that by bringing two trays. And as there was no chance of eating anywhere in town the Friday after Thanksgiving, we shut up and were grateful for fuel for our bodies. Room service food was not great.

The hotel was fine, but for top dollar prices they were lacking in many ways. Bar was too small, especially when you have weddings, too few staff and the staff that was on duty tended to be cranky.

But the real beauty of the hotel, you are within walking distance of everything downtown. And the restaurant was pretty darn good. The Hunters Platter in the Bar was worth my money and we slept very well.

Odd thing about the hotel, no CNN. Not that I missed Piers.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Back to the rat race

The taggers are alive and well.

Actually it was not the rats racing, it was Sammy Dog. When they brought him out-pulling on his leash to go faster-he did not miss a beat. No hello Mommy, no acknowledgement whatsoever, he pulled forward to the door and strained to get out, get to the car, get in the car and then whined to get this show on the road. He wanted as much real estate between him and The Heartbreak Hotel as possible.

The he came in and rubbed his head in the family room rug and howled. Collected all his toys. Said hey and collapsed in my chair.

His report card says he did not eat well, so I will be making him dinner soon.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter Weather

On our way to the airport Thanksgiving day there was a huge accident that shut down the Xpressway to the airport for 2 hours. We were 5 minutes into our 30 minute ride-forced off the Xpressway and onto the side streets to find our way. Most of the houses were burned out, boarded up and sometimes not occupied. People do live in the non-habitable abodes.