Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Just when you thought it would be okay

So I get the mail and find I have a post card telling me DTE, the energy folks here in town, are going to shut off my gas because some asshat has not been able to get inside and check out the hardware. Ok, I don't work so I know this dirt bag has not tried real hard but I will call and set this up.  Uhuh.
You get a recording and have to leave a message. After numerous calls I did get put on hold but then cut off.

I decided to call DTE as, adding insult to injury. 3 of my fellow Pointers are also ging to get cut off because I got their post cards. Yep, I got 4 because I have to worst Postal employee in town on my route. You can just tell by the way she parks in front of every house instead of walking the route. Our old guy Oscar was fabulous.

So I will be spending the next week on the phone calling these idjits because DTE told me this work is all out sourced to this URG company, both the phone calling and looking at the equipment. So I figure the phone calls are going to India and the looking will be done by some convict picked up at the shelter. All they gotta do is make sure you have a meter and shit to steal while they are in your house.

I did get my hair done yesterday, new color and cut. I hope this works well, the other was not working. It is not shorter just cut to have more movement. Hairdresser just returned from school in Toronto full of new ideas.

Trying to get the house ready for mom and Lily the dog to visit this weekend.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Breather TIme

This is not bad for a photo.

Big Daddy is home and he is so happy. I was not crazy the Internet was fucked up. The cat was happy to see him and all is well. He made cheeseburgers and that is first red meat we have had in a week.

My little sweetie is on the verge of walking and talking but she is still slobbering like a bowery wino. Not a good thing. Punkin Head says this can go on til she is 3. Yucko.

I am not happy about the "not available" options to go see her. There seems to be no hotels with availability in the summer. None. That seems to me to be just a bit silly. Even up north here, which is the cat's ass there are rooms at some point. Hmm.

The kids bought a house so we will see how this all goes.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Oh My God

 Still using random old pictures as I have not taken any time to figure out the photo mess.

Zoey is still jumping up on the cabinets as she figured out how to get down. In a kind of clumsy fashion. This is where I wonder is having no claws my hurt her cat abilities. Not sure although I am sure it does not help with the mousing. But we don't have any more mice at the moment.

Big Daddy still does not have his bag and he only has one more day in China. He got the top dog executive assistant from China to give it a go as he knew she was fluent and owed him. We will see.

Could not take mom out today as the IBS is not giving me a break. I don't know if the expensive probiotics recommended by the doctor don't work or take longer to work. Whatever.

I am rather disturbed by the pictures of the "lagoon" where the little boy was snatched by the gator. I have been to Disney World and the Grand Floridian is the expensive hotel. And those beaches look to me like an attractive nuisance. When I saw the pictures of the area I almost fell off my chair.  I mean really they are a lure to spend time in the sand by the water. Not a good thing. I wonder just how Disney is gonna fix this.

My son is all Disney is great but I remember the recent H1B fiasco, the monorails going out of control and killing an employee, and rumblings that things are not perfect in the Magic Kingdom. But this little boy dying, this one is way too ugly to sweep under the Magic Carpet.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Flying Wallenda protege, Miss Zoey

Gosh darn we were young.

Well I am talking on the phone to my mom and I hear all this ruckus. Turning around I find Miss Zoey kitty cat on top of the cabinets over the wet bar and she cannot get down. WTF. My question is how the hell did she get up there. And did she learn her lesson. I was in a panic and thought of calling the fire department to get her down and then I remembered the chair. So I pulled over the chair and climbed up on it Chinese style and managed to nab her. And I do not think she was appropriately grateful.

Big Daddy still does not have his bag but his comrade has his, albeit after a bit of a brouhaha. The front desk brought Mr. T's bag to BD's room and BD told them to take it to room 1234, for Mr. T. So they sent it back to Hong Kong Airport. This was from mainline China, no easy feat. Mr. T's bag was rescued and united with Tom right before they were closed off in the airplane to sit and wait 2 hours for ATC. That means the military has shut down the airspace and shut up. You know this is happening when they shut the aircraft door and bring out the food carts. And everyone gets boxes of rolls and pickle relish. Good to know things are same over there.

Mr. T, being the trainee has offered to share his clothes with BD and has fresh unopened packs of underwear from Costco. BD is in heaven.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The tale of the traveling luggage.

Reed College

Well because of the volcano explosion in Russia Delta decided to send all the luggage to Heathrow and have Virgin Atlantic fly it to Hong Kong. A bunch of bags did end up in Hong Kong, just not Big Daddy's. So now every night he washes his clothes before bed.

He is more upset about the Aero something coffee press he uses there, the Chinese do not know how to make good coffee.

The Chinese are not very big and certainly not tall and BD cannot find clothes to fit him in China. Bummer.

I put in application to a pet adoption agency for a dog. I doubt this will work out as the questions were stupid and I do not have a lot of patience for bullshit right now.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

And Delta does it again.

Well, after what seemed like a century of travel to China Big Daddy arrived to find that Delta had lost his bag. They sent him an email. Everyone can track the lost bag, Delta, BD, aliens and such-I guess everyone but the rampers who put about 100 people's bags on the wrong plane. Because that is the way Delta rolls, slightly off kilter.

My kitty cat was in my bed this morning so that means she is not happy either.

BD tells me Waze is working in China, Shenzen area. Don't know about Hong Kong.

I was so bored last night I bought the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, biggest waste of $15.99 in a long time.

About this evil jackass in Orlando, WTF is wrong with these people? I wonder if the tags of hate crimes, terrorism, and such is just bullshit. I think these may be just sick assholes that want fame and somewhere in their twisted minds they really believe that they are God. All the way back to Jim Jones and the Kool Aid. Maybe these fucks are just nut jobs. Except for those asshats and the virgins. Why do guys want virgins? So no one knows they are crappy at sex?

Peace be with you.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Regular crap

Until I figure out the picture thing you get what you get. And that expression kinda says it all.

Delta Airlines has once again figured out a way to piss off their customers. They cannot sell the middle seats for any amount of money. So they made them comfort seats and upgrade the low level assholes like Big Daddy and put them in those seats. Yes, they took BD from an exit row aisle to a middle "comfort' seat and called it an upgrade. Listening to the phone conversation between BD and the "Calcutta" Delta rep was a hoot. Because once you are upgraded you cannot change your seat yourself, you have to call "Calcutta" and ask them to help you.

I have been looking for a new lipstick and for some reason chose Revlon Color Stay Suede. It is kinda like having the driest ugliest lips ever. Buyer beware.

The crooked house now has a crooked driveway. Could not get pics but I will try this week.

Punkin Head is in the twin cities for a conference and tells me he is in the shabbiest Sheraton ever. I am looking forward to those pics.

Mom and I furniture shopped this week and I was pleasantly surprised by the Lazy Boy store. Next week we are going to Barnes and Noble and this I fear, my mom could spend days in a bookstore without food or water. This one does have a Star Bucks so I can get crappy food and coffee while I wait.

BD is off to China tomorrow so the cat and I are on our own. And we are not happy.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Random stuff.

This Windows 10 and I are not getting along with the pictures. Halloween of the past.

Well, Sammy is gone. He just could not breathe anymore and the pills were not enough. I think Zoey misses him. I know I do. I was going to put up his photo but this shitty system won't help me out with task.

Punkin Head took Curly for her first Creamy. That is a strange term used only in Vermont as far as I know for what the rest of us call soft serve ice cream. She loved it and yes it was chocolate. She had 2 licks.

I have been taking my mom out once a week and we are going to the movies. This is rather shocking to me as I have not been to a movie theater in over 30 years. All the seats are huge Lazy Boy type with cup holders. And the individual screening rooms are not all that large. And the movies are crap.
Last one we saw was The Meddler and I can tell you Susan Sarandon needs a better bra.

I really think someone needs to tell Hillary her hair has never looked worse. She needs to fix it, you can't have a big butt and small hair. Especially in hot pink. She did quit shouting which made me happy. Don't know if it is me or what but I have not seen or heard from all 3 of them for a while, wonder what they are up to.

My basement leak seems to be fixed so I guess jacking the floor out was a good idea. I do think 3 months and 3 different people are a lot of effort for a damn leak.

Big Daddy got me the Beach Boys Pet Sounds CD so I am off to listen.