Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Random Ranting

My mother wanted to see the European tri color beech tree, I planted this the year my dad died. It has not yet started to turn.

Well, I still do not have a kitchen floor. There was too much tomfoolery going around and then I remembered, Riemer Floors. Well we called, they quoted, my certificate for air worthiness is ready and yes, they cost a bit more-but they will be much better. Floor goes in the 9th and we will all just have to deal with the nasty floor type thing left behind. Sammy the Spanky dog dropped his stuffed fooshie toy on the floor and was afraid to pick it up. Oh, yea I should take a photo.

It is not looking good for my vehicle launch. I should know this evening if they are going to struggle on or take a break and review the situation. Either choice is very expensive. The asshats in the engineering side are once again asking for the exact hours I work. There are no exact hours and for some reason my bosses are afraid to admit I get time and a half over forty hours, and they try and avoid over 40 hours like the devil is chasing their tails. Monday I worked 10.5 and that is causing some unhappy faces.

I don't know how, but Big Daddy found a book by Maeve Binchy, Light a Penny Candle, that I had never read. It is glorious, I am so happy.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why is it always happening to me?

Nothing really severe happens, just the not normal messed up stuff. Wire in the food, it will be in my bite. All things that go wrong, go wrong in my house.

So the guys came on Friday morning to put in my new floor. Whoops, whoa, no way lady--ya got two floors here. The cheap ass Grosse Pointer before me--the Executive Secretary of one of the biggest bankers in town--cheaped out and put the floor down on top of the original. She did the same shit with the wallpaper--and she painted the damn refrigerator.

Well, due to age of my home and long reaching arm of the EPA (even though flooring asbestos is not the bad threat asbestos) I must be tested for asbestos. This is the EPA scam. I call to get the flooring tested. It takes 3 days and cost 300 U.S. dollars. By this point my home is torn up for this stupid floor. If I want the asbestos testing done same day, well that costs 900 U.S. dollars.

So here is what I did, I called the asbestos abatement people and got the removal done, it cost me 700 with a certificate cause it was done on a Saturday for cash. Saved 500 for removal plus all the testing fees. I really do not care if that stuff was asbestos or not.

So I am waiting for the guy to come and take the air sample so I can have a certificate and now I am re-quoting the floor. Original company tells me they will only take 66 dollars off the quote. Bullshit. New idiot salesman quoted much higher and asked me if I wanted to pay 50 more or would I move my own stove and refrigerator. They were thrown out.

New people coming Monday.

Pics too follow.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The most boring time of my life

They ain't building shit in this launch.

My plants are bitching about paying for sorts;which indicates to me they plan on shipping shit parts.

I may have to drive my mother to Florida.

I am getting a new kitchen floor on Friday.

Oh, and if you are caught with a Blue Tooth at the plant your ass is fired, along with your bosses.

Monday, September 22, 2014

It is a new day


We are supposed to be building new vehicles.

That is not happening.

I can't say much about this, but I can say when are the firings going to start.

These people are extreme jackasses.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Random Stuff

What we've got here is a failure to communicate . . .

I made a sacred vow not to travel this year, kids are going to her family, and I want a few major things done on the house. Or the leaking sieve from hell money pit, as I so kindly call our abode.

Well, it is getting to the end of the year and I have no new kitchen floor to go sit on and ponder why I am not flying the friendly skies with whatever airline decided to let me on board. It is getting ugly here.

Big Daddy went along with my request for a big ham dinner this weekend. He bought the ham at the end of the week from Eastern Market. It was a country ham. It involved scrubbings and soakings and other things I did not care to know about. It took 2 days. The best part of it was the fritatta on Sunday morning with the leftover ham. Yes, we have ham in the freezer if anyone needs a pound or two.

We are at the end of our bulb planting extravaganza, 90 Tulips and 90 Daffodils. I am too damn tired to put in the Asian Lily, but I know I must find them and make Big Daddy put them in.

We put Sammy the Spanky dog on Dinovite. Don't judge, he is a licker from hell. And his breath is from the devil from the "supposed congestive heart failure" and the theophilin is making him pee all time. Other than that he is the healthiest dog ever.

Punkin Head is making pickled everything-we are awaiting the cauliflower results, Big Daddy has cracklins on hand courtesy of the country ham and a Paula Deen recipe and I am trying to save my life by eating oatmeal every morning thanks to the new microwave.

Do you ever get a wild hair up your ass and think I must look up Graceland, the one where Elvis lived? Well, if you do you will find they have home furnishings for sale on the website. That is why I drink.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Way too long away from the blog

The Red Crown restaurant in Grosse Pointe Park

You may remember the old gas station turned into a restaurant, well we finally ate there last Friday for lunch. Big Daddy and I do not get much time for lunch and we snuck off and had a date. I must say it was wonderful. I had a perch sandwich with bacon jam which I was quite ready to hate and it was wonderful. I think we will be going back.

We took a ride around and saw the offending farm shed which cuts off traffic to Detroit and the infamous round-a-bout and yes indeed it does cut off Detroit traffic. Detroit is supposed to spruce up their side of the street and then we will pull down the shed. Should be a hoot to see if anything actually happens.

I did not realize it was so long since I last posted, so sorry. I have been lazing about.

Tomorrow is a quick trip to one plant and lunch with the Bigwigs at my primary plant.

Then we have to plant the daffodils. And harvest the basil and parsley for butters for the winter.

And come Monday it is back to the serious business of making vehicles.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Good things come to those who read the NYT book review

Remember when I was looking for that author duo that even Anne Rice thought was worth reading? Well, they showed up in the NYT this weekend, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I will pursue this as a cheap ebook to test out if they are my cup of tea.

Tomorrow I have a road trip from hell. We are only allowed to travel with a direct employee so we, the contract scum, do not incur any reimbursable expenses. Well this guy, my supe, thinks he is the best car driver in the world. Wrong. And he is that guy that "saves" his wipers only using them when he literally cannot see. The last trip was spent with me dodging bullets in the car and telling him he scared me. This and one more trip and then I am going to refuse to travel. It is no fun and I am tired of the bullshit. I need the information for my benefit, after that it is all a crap shoot and I don't need them.

That is what is hilarious about this company, they tell you up front--you will be contract forever. There will never be advancement. However, if I choose to go it alone I can triple my income in a heartbeat with no effort. And not much extra work. Talk about a company without a plan.

So I am taking bags of wine, don't judge-I went to the good wine store, and when we can escape from the asshat after dinner me and the Princess can sneak out like teenagers and drink and she can smoke.

I am hopeful Big Daddy and Sammy the Spanky Dog will be okay without me.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Still crazy

Still reeling from Joan Rivers services. She was lucky, she would have never made it as an

No work tomorrow as there is a parts shortage.

Almost killed myself today doing beginner Yoga.

Seems like I am going on a Road Trip Wednesday, need to get that confirmed.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Windy Weather

We had some wind this weekend. Our house was not badly hit.

The Mormons however were not so lucky. And don't you like that lake at the end of my driveway. There is a huge branch up there ready to fall and we are betting on which vehicle it will fall on. That is the only side of the road that allows parking and there is a skirmish daily on road parking. And whatever the Slavs are up to they all now drive luxury vehicles. Mercedes and BMWs  galore. And the Flower Lady came home from the hospital so the Clampetts can't park there anymore. There is gonna be one big boom.

If we don't get a new road soon I am gonna hafta to get a special friendship with someone that owns a tank.

After some research it appears the resident hawk might be a Coopers Hawk as they are now crashing parties at every luscious  spot in the Metro Detroit area.

I just finished an ebook, still not sure if I like them, Snobs by Julian Fellowes. Don't know if I will read him again. Starting speed reading to get to the end. It was one of those where I started guessing the next plot line and was right every time.

Well, I asked Punkin Head if he was gonna be a Sparty or a Duck and he demurred and kinda thought maybe a Duck as he is a tried and true Wolverine. Good move because the Duck quacked all over Sparty and kinda proved that maybe Sparty is trying to play in too big a sandbox. Hmmm.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Aw come on

Tomorrow I have to go on another road trip with the Supe, this is not gonna be fun.

I am back on the part time thing and trying to just sneak by.

Oh, well . .  I am off Friday.