Thursday, December 31, 2015

Vermont was very New Englandy

The island out our window in the hotel, that is New York on the opposite side. Nice view of Lake Champlain.

When we got there it was warmer than usual and we got around fine.  By Monday it was cold and bitter, walking was not  a pleasure. It reminded me of why I hated Montreal. Colder than cold. I think it is the damp cold that comes off the lake.

We had a decent suite and 2 bathrooms, it was heaven. Hilton, Garden Suites. Business hotel, we had a third floor suite and the bar was adequate. Do not use the restaurant unless you are desperate, it is extremely expensive for not much.

Then it really snowed. Not much, about 4 inches but the wind and the cold and the hilly roads made it less than fun. And suddenly 21 degrees, coldest of my year.

We did do some walking but my not being up to par and Big Daddy with the bad knee did not make the up and down the hill walking easy.

More on the trip home tomorrow. Ready to celebrate New Years here at home with meatloaf and the critters.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Me and the Michigan State Police

That is my car, the white thing hanging down is the airbag, there are 4 side airbags and all 4 deployed.

And that is the lovely lady's vehicle, the lady with orange hair who caused this entire debacle.

So my plan today was to write about the 400 pound woman in size medium sweat pants at CVS. She had a quart of Rum down the front, and in my neck of the Woods, GPW, the cops are on this in a heartbeat. And yes they pulled them out of her pants in the middle of the check-out line.

But no, let us get back to the photos. I am driving down I94 Eastbound in the rain. There is no traffic and life is good. Then I see this vehicle behind me on the left start to swerve and fishtail. It looks like she might recover and then it looks like she is going for the cement barrier in the median. I am hoping for the best when the exterior parts start breaking off and flying and I think I may be okay. And then boom, in a sec I know I need to get to the side of road and thank God I make it.

Now I find I cannot get out of the vehicle. Cannot unlock the door and the door won't work. It is raining. This really nice guy pulls over and asks if I am okay. I tell him yes, but I cannot get out, can he open the door. He tells me there is no handle. Whoa. I crawl out the passenger side and he checks again if I am okay and he leaves.

I see all these vehicles in the middle and right lane of the freeway, I am on the left median and it is raining. I called Big Daddy and told him and asked him to come save me. Then I thought I should call the police. The lady who hit me was on the phone when I crawled out of the car but she started walking toward the side and ran up the embankment and went off the exit ramp on foot. So I called 911. They told me they had reports and to wait, the State boys were on their way.

I forgot my gloves when I crawled out and it was cold and raining. About 40 degrees. I thought maybe if I sat in the back under the liftgate it would be better. The liftgate was already open. I found a garbage bag I keep hidden in the back and sat on that so I did not get my pants soaked. It took 30 minutes for the police.

I thought it was a 4 car crash. The other 2 people sitting behind the beotch's vehicle were witnesses who waited for the police. I never talked to them as I could not get to them with the traffic in the rain. They stayed and waited. They told the police the orange haired lady was invited to sit in their cars and wait. She ran away.

Maybe because she had no license and warrants for her arrest. And she decided to drive a car licensed in her name down the freeway in the rain. Maybe that is why she has no license at this point in time,smarts are not in her gene pool.  I wonder how she is gonna find out where her vehicle is, it was a decent car. And hardly damaged, I mean it was drive-able not like my poor mess with all those airbags hanging all over the inside. By the way, the airbags are really hard after they deflate and it is hard to get out of the vehicle underneath them.

So no car for me until after Christmas. And I am blessed to be fine.  And a Ford Escape is a damn fine vehicle.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Me and CVS

Zoey Cat.

Every damn day CVS Pharmacy calls me. Every day. I started wondering if Big Daddy and I take an inordinate amount of pills. Because every day seems excessive to me.

I just tell BD his girlfriend called and he needs to do follow up. I do not answer the calls anymore.

So this morning BD had not filled my pill container thing and I need to take my thyroid medication 30 minutes before eat or take anything else. And guess what? At 5 AM on a Sunday I am out of meds. WTF. How is this even possible? Is the CVS girlfriend trying to off me and get all the smoked nuts for herself?

I am having trouble packing. I am sure there will be more to follow on this. We are taking our phony Wenger bags with out name written on them from China. I will try to get a pic.

I took a grandma and grandson to the airport this morning and they were so cute. And not a damn tip. I do not expect tips as Uber claims tips are the milk from the Satan's teat, but around holidays more people tip. Not in Grosse Pointe, one of the cheapest communities on the face of the earth. Yesterday a manager for a Coney Island place gave me three bucks for a five dollar ride. Keep in mind I only drive a few hours a week, this is not a big money operation.

Back to the kitchen for more savories and nuts.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Just not in the spirit, could be the 64 degrees

Sammy Dog being cute.

It is too warm and foggy for Christmas. Big Daddy finally put the mulch away this weekend, we figured we had pushed the limits of the moderate climate. I am finished with the Christmas shopping and sent some of the items straight to the kids. They won't be wrapped but you can't take wrapped on the plane with any guarantee they won't be opened. And that would really tick me off if TSA unwrapped my presents.

Punkin Head tells me Curly is regular at the rolling over and rolling back. So far she is not rolling clear across the room. The NICU persons have declared her just fine and normal and nothing to worry about so we are all thrilled. Except I have never been a fan of normal. Oh well.

I need to start getting ready for our trip to Vermont for Christmas. We are going to Burlington and they seem to be needy in the good hotel arena. We will see. We do have reservations for Christmas dinner in town, the only snag the car parking lot is guarded by a towing company and you need a pass of sort some on the car. I will need to get the pass and walk it back while Big Daddy guards the rental car. This does give me some worries.

BD has finally been given the lowly Silver Status by Delta Airlines again so he was able to snag us Exit Row Seats on the plane. Woohoo.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The ugliest Christmas cookie

Yep, and I followed the directions.  And it tasted as good as it looked.

So, it is obvious all cookie recipes on the Internet are not equal. I threw the rest of them away. I am just waiting to see if this icing ever gets the hard and glossy look in the pictures. Certainly not the color and the cookie tastes like yuk flour.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Pipe Bombs in the garage, and no one knew

Tulip house kitchen fireplace, again at the Hermitage, Tennessee.

So now we know the murdering assholes had pipe bombs and enough ammo in their garage to raise a few eyebrows. And our President says Global Warming and Climate Change is more important than people getting shot up and killed by ISIS inspired assassins.

I do not think so.

And I do not believe taking away my right to bear arms is gonna make crazy ass jihadists lay down their pipe bombs and go home to wherever the hell they think is their real home.  Nor do I believe their families had no clue that all this shit was going down right under their noses.

Especially since the neighbors thought something was up, and they did not want to be labeled, as in racist or just pointing out the "profile" of the typical people who just might be building pipe bombs in the garage. And guess what, they were building pipe bombs in the garage.

I do think that until everyone gets on the same page, and I mean all of us, the Jesse Jacksons, the Muslims, the inner city preachers, the Junior League mom and the peeps at Starbucks and admit that there is some weird shit going on and we need to talk about this without pointing fingers and acting like we "know it all", well nothing good is going to happen.

You tell me why your idea is right, and back it up with data. Otherwise it is just dribble.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Another savage display, San Bernardino

Tulip Grove Mansion on the grounds of the Hermitage, Andrew Jackson's home, Nashville.

We toured this home along with the Hermitage and grounds back in 2008 I believe. This house was not furnished but fascinating for the history.

I just downloaded Windows 10 and the only thing I see different is all my old pictures are now in one place, I think.

I cannot imagine why some jackass is shooting up a place in California that takes care of disabled and challenged people. WTF.  Wonder if it is a case of the government turned down "my child". So sad either way.

Big Daddy is making smoked almonds for me to hawk to the general public. And I may be making my savory cookies. The only thing, I am just not in the holiday spirit. Listening to Christmas music while I drive is not doing it. And I have no interest in putting up a tree.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Back in the day

This is at the Rose Gardens in Portland.

I finally got the photos out of the new camera. We were the only ones to take pics at Thanksgiving before we left and I promised my MIL to send  her the photos of my niece. She had this childs rocker that was Big Daddy's grandfather's rocker and in front of all of this she gave it to niece. I thought that kind of tacky as no one else has received any momento. Whatever.  

Big Daddy looks happy there, we made him do the hat thing.

I ordered business cards today, most work done.

Still need to get one Christmas present, but I will not go shopping at the brick and mortars again until after the holidays. It is crazy out there. Came home and ordered the rest off the Internet.

I picked up a guy for Lyft and when I went past his house and pulled in the driveway there was a smashed car at the curb. Dumb ole me, I am thinking why did they get the car towed here. Nope, a drunk driver driving on the wrong side of the street had a head on with his parked car. Which is why he needed a Lyft.