Friday, November 28, 2014

Reporting on Thanksgiving Day

In order to make the best pecan pie you must make 2 pies. Do not ask me why, I just know this is true. And we are just 2 people who are trying to lose weight. So Big Daddy took the second pecan pie next door and gave it to the Slavs. They appeared to be very happy with the pie. As they should be, it is delicious pie.

Pictures taken freshly this morning. Big Daddy had to explain to the Po-Po's why he was taking pictures this morning. He said there were 3 empty cop cars in the parking lot and the copper came out of the bushes. Do not want to know.

Anyway, The Roostertail is still alive and well. I went there for the boat races one year and saw Pat Morita, fresh from the Karate Kid fame. I believe Punkin Head's senior prom was held there. I ate quite often at the restaurant next door back in the day. And why are we discussing this?

Because I saw the wonderful movie Jersey Boys last night. I do not often pay top dollar for movies as most of them disappoint. This was the best damn movie I have seen in a very long time. And I had no idea the Roostertail played a part in his career and the movie. The Roostertail itself is surrounded by much gossip and stories through the years.

Putting the house back together today and perhaps some pictures.

Oh, and BD made enough mashed potatoes for the Walton family so I reminded him of an old southern favorite, fried potato cakes for breakfast. He found a recipe demanding the use of an iron skillet so we were good to go. I bet I gained 5 pounds yesterday and today.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

On the phone last night until late, certified stock arrived all messed up and of course the supply plant is claiming it is a shipping issue.

I just want to find this 3000 pound gorilla that fucks up every shipment and then seems to melt away into the night never to be seen again.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Worst managed launch ever

We have now reached the point of "cannot be fucked up any worse" with this launch. Every day I think I have reached rock bottom and there is a seismic shift allowing me to sink further into the abyss of hell. And I am doing this in a foreign language, which I have not spoken since 6th grade and I only had 6 weeks of training. Oh and of course the occasional movie trailer, hasta la vista baby. I texted my contact that he had to call me pronto as things were mucho mucho grande bad.

And speaking of mucho mucho grande bad my IBS is at an all time mess. Stress does not do well with my guts and my complexion. I walk around as if everything is fine but the insides know better. Due to an unfortunate accident this weekend I now own new slippers, a robe, a nightgown, 2 white towels and a Ralph Lauren throw. Don't ask.

The painting is complete and when it is dry I can vacuum, put things away and start decorating for Christmas. I wanted to buy stuff this weekend but I had to keep reminding myself, I do not know what I have packed away. Pictures of the update will be available soon. That reminds me I am still looking for washable rugs for the kitchen, is it us or does everyone else really have those expensive rugs in the kitchen that must be sent out to them cleaned. WTF.

We will be giving thanks at home alone and Big Daddy wants to do the whole 9 yards. We will see. I mentioned he might want to contact his mom to see if she would like to go to lunch on the weekend, or we could take her lunch. Whichever, we will see.

I am thinking about making cookies. It could happen.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Our Traditions

This was in Big Daddy's parking lot at work. In the middle of the city.

Yes, it is that time of year again, horseradish harvesting. BD loves his horseradish. In honor of the crop we are having a standing rib roast for dinner. With Yorkshire pudding. Delish.

Today we will have the annual fight over when it is time to put the wicker furniture away. It is past time and it will be done today.

This is gonna be a crazy week, work is already crazy and Big Daddy made the correct and manly decision to hire the painter I found. He is a professional painter and takes on side jobs. He was recommended by my manicurist who has known him for years. He paints for her and she is one picky bitch.

Painter will make a few visits for prep work during the week and paint the dining room, kitchen and back entry on the weekend.

I wanted a bakers rack for the spot we removed the counter top "breakfast nook". I finally admitted what I really need is a hall tree with a seat. We don't wear our work shoes in the house, where we walk is sometimes really nasty, and I am too old to dance around on one foot at a time. Now we can come in and sit down and take off our shoes.

That is when I noticed that the light fixtures, original to our move in over twenty years seemed ugly and dated. And the Martha Stewart type back door curtain looked as old as Martha.

So BD got a deal on lights, he is hanging them and taking down the back door curtain rod, and I will post pics when it is done. Kinda a before and after for the Punkin Head.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Latest Mishmash

The last rose, it was in the 20's last night.

Since I bitched about needing help I guess I should not complain about the yahoo they sent to help me. Let it be said I tried hard to be nice, but almost every person in the plant came up and asked me who the "Goofy Guy" was. That is an exact quote, "Goofy Guy". Just one example, he bought 2 chickens, I am hoping they were cooked, and kept them overnight in his car--because it is cold enough now. And he ate one on his drive into work.

And he never washes his hands.

And he looks for old pizza under the seats of his car when he is hungry.

Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck and yuckity yuck.

I have 2 new winter coats and both fit like a second skin if I do not have anything else on, including the glasses I hang on my neckline, they are both from Costco and they are both made in China. I think  made by  the company that does not make bigger bigger bigger, the one on Quipo Lu, pronounced Cheapo Lu. For goodness sakes they are a large and are skintight. Everything else I wear is a medium. WTF.

Yesterday I had a couple of the plants calling me and acting all loud and important and stating important shit, kinda like they were yelling at me. I have found the most effective response is no response. Then they gotta kinda repeat themselves to make sure you heard them and it takes the wind out of their sails, and then I say , uhuh. Got it.

The sort companies are still all f'ed up, not sending proper information, new reworks, new problems and I am home and not working right now.

That is because it is a UAW holiday. Veteran's Day. No the UAW does not memorialize or thank the vets on Veterans's Day. They give them a nod on Friday while they are driving up north for the start of gun hunting season or they are laying about their homes that some other went out and gave his all to protect this country.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Herding Cats

Herding Cats is indeed a strange occupation. I know this because I have had to participate in the herding.

I had to hire people to do a yard purge. This means you let a large group of people loose in the yard to find vehicles with issues and repair them. Let us say 1000 vehicles.

These people are people who for whatever reason do not have full time or sometimes even part time jobs. Because working for a sort company is an on call position. You can work up to say the top 3 to 5 people in the sort crew, but sometimes that is how big the pond is.

When I need to go into the yard you sometimes need 15 to 30 people. Just the experience of getting them all peed and into position to be trained is like stabbing your foot multiple times with a really dull screwdriver. And I swear to all that is holy, an hour later you need to send a recon team to find these people. They are all over the map.

And I can't get angry, for some of these people it may be the only job they get in a week or a month and I know they come from the local soup kitchen or homeless shelter, but WTF.

These are the people fixing the vehicles. And I am paying 30 dollars an hour per head for this shit.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Unbelievable and Sassy Pants

Those of you who remember my China days may remember her, I call her Sassy Pants. Big Daddy had her framed for my birthday. I like the change to the black frame.

The timing and the route to work has me just coming up a hill at daybreak, beautiful and today the sky was reddish at daybreak and I wondered if that was the red/pink that was the sailors warning. Well, when I left the plant this afternoon the wind was so strong from the southwest (don't know a thing about wind direction) that it practically walked me to my car. It was 65 degrees when I got home and tomorrow is supposed to be COLD. Will let you know.

Can't say much about my job because you could easily figure out where I work, but I will say this is a mess and getting hilarious.

Felt bad today on the way in and back home, I thought they sold Poppy's for Veteran's Day. Guess not. Thanks to all who served.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I am still around

Some of the style blogs that I read post pics of themselves. So this is my new haircut and color. I am happy with it at this point.

I hate not posting for so long, but this has been a long ugly time, this is one of the worst launches I have ever seen. Prolly the worst really. Thank God we are off for Voting Day or I might have collapsed. I got a flu shot yesterday after work and my arm is not happy. And they say massage it and I say, what-I cannot touch it or move it without pain. Fun.

Halloween was a bust here, even with the glowing red eyeballs in the skull we had zero trick or treaters. None, zip, nada. Very chilly and rainy prolly did it. I remember taking Punkin Head to the Emergency Room so many times on Halloween when he was small and cute. Versus grown up and handsome.

Bought lunch at the plant last week, I rarely buy lunch and sometimes just eat on the run. Fried fish, hush puppies and mac and cheese. Who could say no? I should have with a Barq's, which I also do not do-- this lunch was just shy of 10 bucks. And not all that good. Fish was good. Barq's was good. Hush Puppies were horrid.

But I did get some laughs, as I was sitting there I saw a bunch of zombies walk past me and said to myself, WTF are zombies doing in here eating this shit. Completely forgot that the line workers dress up for Halloween and was so stressed out did not even think to hide in the basement.