Monday, January 31, 2011

What is wrong with men?

Do not ask my opinion if your first action is going to be the opposite of what I say. Do not tell me something so obvious only a moron would miss it. Do not pretend you can not remember your name while in the same sentence remind me how everything you have ever said and done has been correct.

Because that will piss me off.

And when you piss me off, do not ask me what is wrong with me. Because eventually I am going to get real tired of this shit and leave.

In my lifetime the Internet and Skype have replaced snail mail and party lines and the smartest people on earth have not figured out to make men smarter. WTF.

If I turn down the heat it is because I am hot, if you are cold that is why someone invented sweaters and blankets. And I don't look that good naked anymore.

If I want to watch CNN instead of the stupid war movies, maybe it is because I already watched the stupid war movies this week. This is why there is a TV in the guest room.

If I tell you it won't work, maybe it is because I have tried this before and it did not work.

If I tell you not to wear that shirt again or I am going to throw it away, well I am amazed at all the times in the past you one day realized you had no clothes. Usually the day before a business trip.

If you ask me if I need anything and you can't remember I was so happy to find Earl Grey tea at Starbucks (and you did not buy it) or how nice a new orchid would be, or how every cheap piece of shit in the kitchen broke and has not been replaced, or how tired I am of looking at the dead plants on the balcony, well what more can I say.

If you are happy at the current state of affairs keep it up. If you are not happy then you need to change what you are doing to expect a different outcome. That is the way it works. Keep doing the same thing and you will get the same outcome.

Well, so much for my bitch fest, gotta go clean because the ayi's are gone and only person in this shithole can see the dirt and the mess. Obla de obla di (my way of saying same shit different day), life goes on.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Medicine in China=OK

Ok, been to the doctor (not bad) been to the hospital for test (not great) and am feeling better, so probably everything is ok. Doctor is a decent sort-younger Chinese guy from Delaware. Dr.'s office is ok. When he decided I needed a CT scan for the kidney stone we proceeded with the insurance company. They have to approve and send a guarantee letter before you can get tests. Next you get a phone call from the doctor's office on what the payment is going to be. For me, 3,300 RMB. Which I was not for sure on until we paid it. Chinese conversing on a cell phone is one step above a Jamaican on a cell phone. So anyway, 3,500 RMB later (200 for the urine and blood tests) we are on our way to the hospital for the ct scan. We are sitting in the doctor's waiting room after paying and Big Daddy is all about - what are we waiting for? We were waiting for the girl to take us to the hospital. I kid you not, they send a girl with you in a taxi to the hospital. And she paid the taxi fare. Hmm. Waiting for results. And Big Daddy went for acupuncture today. His visit was 10 RMB and a referral.

A note on taxi's for this medical jaunt. Turned down 4 times to take us to our destination, they just look at you and say no and drive off. And I especially love the ones that turn the light off when they see you. We live on a very busy street and it was a nightmare to get a taxi to the Port-o-mon Center.

So, now that I am feeling better I am getting out and about in the freezing weather. The gym downstairs is not heated. Now that the Germans left I thought I could use the gym more often. Went down to check it out and the Chinese people running on the treadmills were wearing coats. I can't make this shit up. Although BD reported the wearing of earmuffs in the dining room at the hotel in Shenzhen.


Bought a heating gel pad with cartoon characters on it for 40 RMB, it gets so hot it would scald a child.

Doctor recommended some high priced massage that he says are not prostitutes, more to follow after verification.

I made devilled eggs and the bartender and friends loved them. I also made soup/stew the first days I felt human again and BD loved it. Of, course he was returning from a week in Shenzhen where they took pity on him and made him french fries with diced vegetables. They said it was western food.

Saw the local police checking out a sidewalk card game, pretty sure he had some skin in the game.

ok, gotta clean up after the ayis and get myself together, next few days are dedicated to finding red pussy willows and red underwear. It is the holiday ya know.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

In the no fun circle again

Something is wrong. Pain in my back, right side. From severe to annoying. I have had this for 2 weeks now. Going to the doctor Monday. Hoping it is not the infamous kidney stone.

Snow is starting to melt, we got about an inch on the ground. It was pretty. Now the sun is out for the first time in forever and it is melting. It was fun watching the people try to get out of the parking areas. They park nose to ass and I can't believe they get those cars out on dry pavement.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I am bored

Nothing new going on here and I think I am still recovering from jet lag.

I was excited to find that Delta is giving 3000 bonus points if you fly Vietnam Airlines before the end of the month. And I was also excited to find the Park Hyatt is the best hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. Then I found the fare to be about 1000 US and you need a visa. This is not going to happen in January. This could be a future trip. Too much money with no time. Big Daddy is working his butt off as they are not replacing the asshole that quit and the job does not look real right now.

Trying to figure out the TV programs and when I can watch them on the computer, this is a sad life. Me and Paula Abdul. When does Idol start.

Warmer today, so maybe I can stir up some excitement. We go to Shenzhen for the week Monday. Not sure how I feel about spending a week there. They do have a gym and maybe I can teach the hair stylist how to blow dry.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why didn't I think of that

January 3, 2011

Big Daddy went shopping and when he came home his new keycard did not work in the door that does not lock. Now why he did not push the door open I can not answer. So he strolls over to the main lobby and discovers that we only got one day replacement keycards. The ones that did not work the day before were one month keycards. Hmmm.

As the company signed at least a year lease and we personally had to put 2000RMB into the house water bottle account, how can this be? There was no explanation. However they finally send Shemp up to fix the broken lock. He beat it to death with a screw driver and now it works. Locking by intimidation.

Gotta get ready for the Ayi's and then maybe a stroll around the freezing streets.