Monday, June 29, 2009

In My Flawed Opinion

Why is everyone but you wrong, bad, and a thief.

At what point did Bernie Madoff's victims think they where so much smarter than everyone else and that the returns they were realizing might not be unusual?

At what point did all the people buying expensive houses with 10% down on an ARM not think this may not work out.

At what point do people ignore the fact that they cannot raise a family when their income is from a job at a fast food joint.

And ta-da, the icing on that cupcake-

My most recent favorite "blog comment" on a shooting of 7 people at what they call a "repast"- the following is in my words-It is not uncommon for killers to show up at the funerals or repast to make sure the person is dead. Now OK, I can understand showing up at a funeral to make sure the dead is still in the coffin a day or two later, but at the meal after the funeral? Which apparently is what a repast is although no one on claims any knowledge of "what the fuck a repast is".

So it must be OK to be lacking in responsibility, financial knowledge, and common sense.

But don't miss the church lady cake at the repast while you are looking for the dead guy.

Automotive Shenanigans

Well I found out today that someone is getting a lot of extra work while some of us are required to take extra down time. How do you take extra down time when you never work? And how thick are your knee pads?

Big Daddy will not be paid, if he gets this new job, until October so we will have to liquidate. I will not have insurance unless I sign up to my employers insurance. Considering I am not wearing knee pads this looks bad. Especially since all HR people except the VP are laid off. And she is a box of rocks.

I do not like the cookie lady pictures and will try for better.

I think I will drink. Lots.

Friday, June 26, 2009

This is how bored I am

This Farm Town on Face Book is addictive. I am plowing, planting, harvesting and selling crops. I hate dirt.

Co-worker called this morning on the assumption I am back to work Monday. Nope. According to Plant Loco still not til July 27th and then just for 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on and then 8 weeks down. Hurrah.

Looks like Big Daddy probably has a job-but not til September. Hope our money holds out.

New neighbor now known as expat was wondering around looking for the owner of the chimney screen she found in her yard this morning. We had some wind that was pretty bad yesterday afternoon. I never noticed, I was farming.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Holding Our Breath

A DHL package is supposed to arrive today with a job offer. We got burned once before on an offer that was withdrawn over an internal power grab. Made me very leery of trusting anything and that it makes it very hard to even idly think about the future. Which means I have to keep my mind occupied by anything except the future. Very stressful to not plan when you know there are big changes coming and you don't know which direction the winds of change are blowing.

So I spend too much time on Internet bullshit to keep from thinking. My main addiction is about the Air France crash. I am not a good flyer to start out with and this crash is not helping. I am reading really detailed technical information from professionals and this is not making me feel better. This is what I have learned so far: weather radar and reports sometimes are not all that great, it is somewhat acceptable to know you may never find black boxes and downed aircraft, and there seems to be a lot of people in denial that there could be "a batch" of defective parts of which 3 could be on the same plane. I can tell you from personal experience if there is more than 1 or 2 defective parts in a production run, the likely hood of multiple defective parts on one vehicle is significant. That is why we have yard holds, stop ship, national recalls, and containment procedures. And the vehicles are not released until this is fixed. Period. But it is OK to fly planes like this.

My new addiction is Farm Town. Mindless and I guess that is what I need now. Really reminds me of the Cookie Lady yard. I still can't get a decent picture but it is a priority.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Comcast abominates me

It is not often I get to use a newly learned word twice in a month. Our new Comcast system decided to fuck with us this week. There were never truer words said than you get what you pay for. Dude finally came yesterday and fixed it. But he said there was no problem found. Then what did you fix? Reminds me of the home security guy that found the wires for the smoke alarms were never connected. He at least apologized. Well since it is fixed and nothing was wrong anyway, and I can't afford better service, lets move on to last week.

Saturday Snippet on Sunday:

Big Daddy needs a birth certificate if he goes overseas. I will need a marriage license if I go, even to visit. Well out marriage license is in little tiny pieces taped together. Now my company accepted this for benefits verification but I don't think everyone else will. And I am sure there was some conversation at the company. No one asked. The truth is MY DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK. Truly the new puppy ate the license. So we taped it up and said we would get a new one later. Well 36 years later this has come up again.

Neighbor news:

The musicians are up in arms over the bees in their chimney. They are blaming the Clampetts. Now I will be the first to admit the Clampetts are pretty bad neighbors-but bees?

The cookie lady has dug up yet another patch of lawn in the front center corner and planted another corn patch. She has completely covered this with chicken wire. I doubt any one else in the neighborhood has ever seen chicken wire before this weekend. I would love to post a picture of this, I just don't know if that is proper. And I cannot believe this is acceptable as you must have a permit and signed off paperwork for fencing. I am not gonna bitch, I'm just gonna watch. Between the bee-hunters and the migrant workers this should be a great summer. Isn't corn supposed to be knee high by the 4th of July?

Bitch of the week:

It seems Continental Airlines lost 2 unaccompanied minors this week per the news. Now my question is this: you pay for unaccompanied minors, you pay for checked bags, you pay for TSA, you must put your lip gloss in an approved plastic bag-the plane cannot take off unless the passenger that matches the checked bag and the ticket and plastic baggy are on board the aircraft. How the fuck did this happen? Since the Flight Attendants never objected to the term-where the hell were the slutty FA's and just what were they doing? Fixing their make-up with confiscated lip gloss I'll bet.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Detroit Automotive Meltdown: Awkward Moments from Tova

Detroit Automotive Meltdown: Awkward Moments from Tovajavascript:void(0)

Awkward Moments from Tova

One of my new favorite blogs is Tova aka "The Secret Life of Tova Darling". She uses an alias. This is totally understood as I use some caution, not enough, and do not put some true stories on the blog no matter how hilarious they are. People could figure it out. And trust me some are rolling on the floor your stomach hurts so bad funny.

Well, I can't put the whole story of my awkward moment on this blog-if anyone read it they would immediately know all the parties involved.

See, there was this guy that was kinda whacko. He worked with me and the irritation level was high. He irritated everyone. And he had a very strange appearance problem. It was about his clothing. Enough said. Everyone commented on it including his superiors. He was oblivious.

Well to understand where this is going you have to understand Plant Loco. It is all about nicknames. And I am the queen of nicknames. The first time I was there one of my hi-lo drivers introduced himself to me as Little Man. No shit, he walked up to me and said, "Hi, I am your hi-lo driver for ### and my name is Little Man." The dude was in his sixties and 4 foot tall. I am not kidding. Musta weighed 60 pounds. So nicknames were everywhere. And naturally we gave one to the whacko.

During one of my many cell phone changes I had to program the numbers in by hand. I used nicknames. Some people I only knew by their nicknames. I even put nicknames on expense reports. So anyway, one day this customer that worked closely with the whacko asks me call whacko on my cell phone for him. I dialed it up and handed him the phone. "Whoa, this is what you call him?" Customer is on the floor laughing and I am praying he doesn't tell others about this little snafu.

Funnies of the day: Further Plant Loco anomalies

Plant Loco is a very diverse plant with a fifty-fifty split racially. I am called down to the line with a defective part problem. I ask the operator where the part is. He tells me the repairman has it. I ask where the repairman is. He tells me there is a black guy halfway down the line. Well, fuck me, somewhere about 8 or 9 hundred feet away is a black guy.

Another time this brain dead sorting company I hired is telling everyone that I have a defective part. In questioning her I am getting zero feedback. Where is the vehicle? The short guy with glasses has it. Everyone wears safety glasses in this plant, and we have always thought that short was a job requirement. We eliminated 1 guy out of 1500. Very short, but he never wore his glasses.

Monday, June 15, 2009

News from the outside world

whoa . . . I didn't think I'd have a post today. The boss called and if Plant Loco goes back to work so do I. Go baby go.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Missing Punkin Head

It has been way too long and I am missing him something fierce. To remind him how much mommy loves him and to share with any special person how adorable my boy is-tada-cute, cuter, and cutest. These pictures are after Ann Arbor and you can see how he changed while he was in Philly. Mom is still waiting for some good New York pictures. Love You Punkin Head.

Flag Day

And I can think of no better reason.

George Washington got it right.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flight Attendants

You know all this flap going on about David Letterman and Sarah Palin has me wondering. There is huge discussion on Dave, on Sarah, on everything except the fact that Dave is calling flight attendants SLUTTY.

Now I have seen my share of FA's and slutty has never come to mind. Snotty, wicked, nasty, rude, loony, whiny, and yes the one in a million decent human being. But never slutty.

Slutty infers many things to many people but none of the above.

And makeup does not define a slut. Smeared, gooey, runny and streaked makeup is slutty, but so is filthy ripped clothing and ratty hair. Most FA's makeup is either flawless (and they will do nothing to disturb their lipstick) or non-existent. Ever see an FA at 6AM-you won't be looking at a Vogue model.

There are only 2 FA's I can still picture in my mind and another that I will never forget for his lazy ass retort. The ladies I remember for quite different reasons. The middle aged blond of the perfect makeup and hair sprayed enough to be a fire risk-I saw her on many a DTW departure-telling a short Asian lady that did not speak or understand english how she could not help her with her bag. She said she couldn't help her (in first class) in case she might hurt her back. OK, so heavy lifting is not your job. However, it is your job to get the passengers seated and ready for take-off and arguing with a lady that does not understand english in the front of the plane is stupid. Period. It is stupid. Then there was the MSY flight. When we were boarding we were told by the announcer, the ticket taker, and then the FA that this would be a very bumpy flight and there would be no cabin service. The FA was quite nasty and adamant (mentioned this multiple times). Okay, (first class again) the pilot comes on the speaker and says "bumpy". Now when a pilot tells you bumpy- for me it is scary time. So we fly to Memphis with this harridan glaring at me for an hour without one fucking bump. And not a stitch of makeup or hairdo on that bitch's head.

So why is there no cry of outrage by or for SLUTTY flight attendants? They object to surly but like slutty? WTF.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Learning New Things

Due to circumstances which will not be discussed, there is a lot a compromise in a marriage that lasts for 32 years, certain routines have been in practice for years. I do not know how to do simple chores any longer. How do you get quarters? Apparently you get change when you purchase items. I shopped a little in the past and I do not remember ever getting a quarter. I know this because I put the quarters in the console tray in case I need them for parking meters. The last time I remember getting a quarter was when I went to Canada for business. Last September.

I do not know how to shop for groceries and sundries, I love the word sundries. I do not really shop. Ever. At all. I go on the Internet and find what I need and have Big Daddy "make it so". That is his job in the above described "compromise". Or we go to a store and I pick out what I need and Big Daddy pays for it, gets it home, and unloads the car. This is known as tote and carry.

I don't cook because Big Daddy loves to cook and is seriously better at it than I am. I make Big Daddy's favorite dinner maybe 3 times a year. I hate making coffee.

Well I guess the "compromise" is going out the window with the economy. If we actually have jobs and an income in the near future, I will need to be self sufficient. I will need to go to the grocery store. I think I will need to get those things people have on their key rings that give them special discounts. How do you get those things? And does everyone realize that hanging shit on your key ring can fuck up your ignition switch on your car?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Laughter and Tears

Laughing is in somewhat short supply here, tears are better but still occasional.

Laughter-Big Daddy is taking the cleaned dining room rug to the attic for storage and said if he gets locked in let him out. I am thinking Oh Shit, what if I get locked up there with Big Daddy overseas. When we took possession of Don's house we received a key ring resembling what the head dude for Buckingham Palace might carry. One of the keys locked the door to the attic. Our house is one floor with a partially finished attic and this door is solid wood. Key lock on the outside and push button lock on the inside. WTF. If you crawl into the house from above (see any horror film) (there are 4 windows up there) you just walk down the stair, pop the button and you are in. Then it broke. Couldn't get out of the stairway. I left it that way because I figured the horror film weirdo's would be stymied. Well it is fixed now so I have to go back to the stool in the hall. For the alarm. So I don't set off the motion detector that points at the door.

Tears-Big Daddy (if he gets this job) will have to take a Metro Car to the airport. There is no way I could drive him and make it home in one piece.

News in Detroit is fuzzy, no one can predict the Chrysler outcome, Kwame is in a contest with C Ray to see who can be the biggest dumbass in the national news, and Shelby Township is asking for water rationing in the coolest wettest weather we ever have.

Yes, Kwame, the ex-mayor who can't pay his bills just moved into a 1.1 million dollar mansion in a gated community in Texas. And no, it is not a jail. And he and C Ray can't chat because apparently the Chinese do not allow outside contact. And New Orleans is trying to raise enough money to keep him there.

Friday, June 5, 2009

We are blessed

Big Daddy just left the dermatologist and his scalp defects do not appear to be cancer. Of course the doctor took samples and will send them in for analysis, but whenever a doctor does not jump back and scream it is a good thing. Told Big Daddy to wear a hat-and since Big Daddy is the KING of hats-all is okay today.

I do not want to have a totally downer blog, but to tell the truth the last month has been extremely stressful. No jobs, sick wife, head defects-these things are not good.

Right now I feel better than I have in a long time.

Big Daddy is making white remoulade from the Blackened Out website for dinner and we are using up all the frozen foods we have. It is a time to celebrate.

It's all about Big Daddy

Potential job offer next week, maybe job offer next week, interview next week, good possible meeting next week and a new possible interview came in today. This is not too shabby (from Miss Verita) in this economy. Things seem to maybe be coming a little bit alive again in automotive. Not really moving forward, maybe just waking up and stretching a bit. Big Daddy is workin' it.

Roger Penske is supposed to be taking over Saturn for sure. I hope so. I remember when I called on Detroit Diesel when he was in charge. He allowed no sloppy behavior and was fierce in making his company the best. He took a GM plant and made it great. I remember alot of people saying he micro-managed. I hear that quite a bit about people that demand excellence and it usually comes from people who are fuck-ups. When you do your job-you do not need to be micro-managed. I sometimes go for weeks without talking to my boss. But when shit is gonna hit the fan I make sure he knows first. And that he knows the whole story.

I think I need to take a news break. The only funny news on the Internet is still New Orleans. Those people are just not right. The Air France news is just too disturbing because no one knows anything and planes just keep flying as if there are no problems with a jet disappearing. And finding junk in the ocean is not a problem. WTF. Why is all this shit floating around? I am supposed to drive a cheap piece of shit to save the same environment some shit mariners throw their trash into? Crazy. And then I should get on a plane that may or may not ever be seen again. And no one will know why.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Being Indisposed is just as bad on Unemployment

You know how when you are really sick you sit around and bitch about the shit that needs to be done and you can't? This is the same shit you of course could have done yesterday, last week, last month. And you think, all right as soon as I am able THIS SHIT WILL GET DONE!!! Same shit different day. But really this time I have to get on the ball.

Peed normal this afternoon, albeit orange today versus blue yesterday. Urologist called and said if it still hurts tomorrow, call. Umm.

Big Daddy's job interview went very well and they promised he would know early next week with feedback if it is not a good fit. Other job offer should be winding up about the same time and 3rd opportunity is on the schedule for probably next week. We have some sun in the sky for right now. Minor opportunities still floating about. I have about another week before I go berserk if I still don't hear about Plant Loco or status change with my job. This new information on lawsuits against Chrysler for secured bond holders and dealers, I feel bad they are losing everything (same as me) but what do they hope to gain in a liquidation sale. There is no one to buy this stuff unless it is a fire sale, and that means even less money for some. And if there is no car company WTF are you going to sell? What people seem to ignore that this all a gamble. Even stuffing your money in mattress is a bet against a fire.

That reminds me of time back in the 80's when I thought a break from automotive would be good and real estate would be better. Yea right, working with people that don't have a clue about money and investing was preferable to working with a game plan at auto manufacturers. I sold this lot for cash and the buyer paid me in cash on a weekend night. What do you do with $50,000.00 in cash? Personally, I put it in the washing machine. Don't ask me why, it seemed like a plan at the time. By the way, my commission was 2,500.00 -not a great take on the problems with this transaction. I had his house listed which he sold to his cousin (yea, right) for no commission, his bathroom floor collapsed during the listing which he fixed himself (this really did give me pause) and I spent quite a bit of time with these people-both examining their 50,000.00 window covering from "somewhere overseas" and looking at the structural defect in the bathroom floor. All the gasoline, wear on my vehicle, advertising his property, signage, etc. came off that 2,500.00. It was then I decided automotive was less stressful.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today, it's all about me

Ouchy, ouchy, ouchy. Went to get the bladder take a look see. Took the Valium. First we did the regular stuff. I might have a kidney stone. Not big, not a worry at this point. Okay. The we did the bladder review. With a numbing gel. Youzaa did that hurt. And I mean it felt like knives into me and my bladder. Well, it turns out I have irritation. No shit. So now I am on a low dose antibiotic for 6 weeks and we will check again. And I just had to pee and it felt like the knives were coming back out. This sucks.

Big Daddy's offer is still in the works, he has another job interview tomorrow and I am still praying for us. And everyone. Especially the people on that plane. It scares the hell out of me that we may need to fly in the near future. Yikes.

Tired now, maybe more tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Big Daddy is losing it

Talking to my BFF and had to go to the toilet. I love the word toilet it is so right. Big Daddy starts hollering, "don't go in there". What could have happened in the course of a phone call to make the bathroom a disaster zone?

Big Daddy decided to cut his own hair. Oh my.

Tomorrow I have to have the bladder camera ordeal (with mucho valium) and then I am going to go to bed for a few days, weeks, months, whatever.

This is nuts.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Marvin does not abominate me

NYT crossword puzzle used abominate as the answer of the clue "to Hate". Ha, Marvin took my soch (short for social security number in the UAW world) and he said he would pay me. It has been a long time since Marvin smiled at me. Now we will check to see if the fucker actually kept his word. In a few days. It takes that long to get your money. And what happened to my extra 25 bucks Obama said I would get?

Big Daddy had an epiphany, he thinks our new various back and leg pains come from the fact we no longer wear shoes. Oh sure, the occasional walk when it is not raining, but I am finding it harder and harder to justify getting out of the jammies. Why dirty up more clothes? Why not wear slippers all day. Damn, it just occurred to me the picture in my mind of someone slopping around in slippers all day and it is ugly.

Well, I now have a reason to shower and dress every day. New news in the neighborhood news, the suspected juvie kid of the cookie lady is nowhere to be found and the eldest Clampett kid is mowing her yard. Her front patch garden has been inspected by Big Daddy who grew up on a real farm. She has 5 tomato cages, 3 tomato plants, 1 strawberry plant, 3 corn plants, and 1 pole bean plant. Pollination may not be her forte. Also a rhubarb on the city easement. No goats as yet.

The anticipated GM bankruptcy was on TV all morning. Orion Assembly will be idled for a while, which puts one of us in my department potential for being let go. Can't call Stella cause I don't want to know how bad it is for her. And Fritz standing up there saying how everything will be better was pretty much akin to admitting they sucked for a long time. I remember in the not so distant past the rumor that GM demanded a helicopter in exchange for a contract and meetings were dependant on buying lunch. In the recent past, last year, I watched a guy spend 8 hours painting a cart and telling everyone he couldn't do his real job, which was telling suppliers they were not allowed to sit in the cafeteria. WTF.