Friday, February 26, 2016

My 2 Cents

So we are sitting in a black box theater setting waiting to see "A Steady Rain" put on by the local community theater group when the lovey dovey assholes come in and sit in front of us and then decide to snuggle. WTF. I know they were dating I am just wondering if they were on the down low married to other people.

So on to this Iphone bullshit between the US government and Apple, this is so bullshit I am about to scream. Apple made a phone that can't be hacked easily. They charge a bloody fortune for the phone. People kill themselves in China to keep those jobs. Literally throwing themselves from roofs. And now the U.S. government wants to change this shit because they thing the terrorists maybe made a phone call or text that the massive government network cannot find? WTF.

And business owners who supply Iphones to employees better be taking notice, if you do not dictate passwords and do not charge for personal use, or at least make it taxable, you too will be up the creek soon when something happens with one your phones. That always did piss me off, management got phones and did not have to expense them and they were not taxed, whereas my personal phone was my taxed pain in the ass.

Well, my car is going back next week, shit not right and the door hinge bolt is loose. They will fix it, it just takes a minute. or 2 or 3 months.

If I am really not going back to that job even part time I am thinking about a Volkswagon.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

All the news that's fit to print

Some random wedding at St. Louis Cathedral, I gotta get out and get some new pictures.

And maybe that will be next week, Phil called and they are only waiting for one more part and are confident I should get my car back early next week. This has taken 2 months. Unbelievable. I hate the loaner car and try to avoid going out. It rides like a dump truck.

Just once I want to hear someone on television say, please use crap vanilla, feel free, no one will know or care. Just once.

The cat has taken to sitting and staring at one spot in the kitchen like she is waiting to trap something. We have taken it apart and no found any evidence of visitors so this now has me worried. She does love to hunt though. When there is nothing to find she just makes up her own jungle games in her mind.

My mom is getting some shit from Mr. RV's son and DIL, he left her some sort of life time right to the house and something else. Well, the inlaws are fussing and so she took the will to a lawyer. Now, Mr. RV died 3 years ago and she has supposed to be getting some sort of accounting and a percentage of something. And she has to pay the taxes and insurance so I am assuming this percentage is to maintain the property. But she has never gotten anything and no one is sure what it is she is supposed to get. I told her to ask the lawyer if she could change the locks and yes indeedy she can, so that is next on the list. I am so glad my brother, Mr. I am in Charge is on top of all this shit. This could get ugly. Glad I am not in charge.

Did I tell you my other brother I have not heard from in 5 or so years has a love child that is 5 years old? Just found out this winter.

And I still have not found a wire cage for that Shitty Dog. Gotta get back on that task.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

I still do not have my f##@@g vehicle home from the repair shop.

And one week from tomorrow it will be 2 flippin months since I have seen my car. And I believe my Rose Sugar lip treatment. The lip stuff is missing and after a massive search that is the only place I cannot look, the console of  Escape. Drats. That stuff is 25 bucks a tube, not something I take lightly.

I cannot believe I have this piece of shit Escape from the dealer and no one seems to care about getting my car fixed. It is free with unlimited mileage, but geez it is not a great vehicle, and it is bottom of the food chain. You have to move the seat by grabbing this bar at the bottom and throwing your weight forward. Oh yea, I love it.

Roto Rooter had so send an expert back, might be fixed this time.

Last week I had an IBS attack from hell, so no getting anything accomplished. This week if things go well I still need the Xrays, the physical therapy and to get to the stupid knitting class.

I hear Curly is now doing the Commando Creep, the kids need a container for her. I have not Skyped for a while and am getting antsy.

I need to find a crate for my mother's dog, the Shitty Dog for the trip home and make reservations. I am sweating this one.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Just saying hey

Napoleon Bar in New Orleans.

Guess I am missing New Orleans but Mardi Gras is early this year and would be too cold. I can freeze my ass off at home.  The year this photo was taken there was a heat wave in the late fall and I had to buy an outfit or sweat to death. The sales lady was in red corduroy and when I saw her at Napoleon house for lunch she was in cutoffs.

Still no car.

The dishwasher would not run after the Roto Rooter visit so I hand washed the entire load and somehow Big Daddy got it up and running last night. Too weird.

There is too much going on here right now, strange things with Uber-not that I am driving at this time and the Flint water crisis. More on that later.