Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It is autumn

Yes, it is autumnal.

Went for the massage, one and a half hours and it was glorious. I would get a foot massage everyday if I could. She showed me some easy stretches that should help my back. I cannot and would not do this every week, but until I am better I am going to fill in with 1/2 hour chair massages. I do like those, but they still wreck your makeup so there is no going anywhere after. So, a week from Friday I am in.

Comcast came and fixed the TV problem. Hmmm, all 3 sets were messed up and 2 of the 3 remotes were broken. The repair dude thought it might have been the zaps Comcast was sending to try and remote fix everything. Gotta love the special relationship we have. Also people with 3 TVs who don't watch much TV, why are we those people.

We made 2 recipes this week from Southern Living and one from the Internet. Southern Living Shepherds pie, looked great, took forever and was edible. For that kinda investment I expect a fab dinner. Southern Living Baked Ziti, it was okay, and the time was better. I would have rather had Rice a Roni with ground beef and cheese over it. Does not say much for me I guess as I would never eat Rice a Roni but remember the Spanish Rice from my childhood.

Third recipe was from the Internet and I messed it up. And it still was not too bad. Then I remembered read the reviews, this is how everyone changed the recipe. Yes, I know this is dumb. I am remaking with meticulous notes (just like Ina Garten) and if it is great I will post my changes. Oh, yea it is an appetizer with pepper jelly. And super simple.

Tracking Punkin Head home on Flightaware and planning our Christmas visit. Will let you know how this is working out.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Just Stuff

The crooked house.

There are very few new homes built in the Grosse Pointes. To build a house you pretty much have to tear one down. There is one new home on a vacant lot on Lakeshore drive overlooking the lake. I am positive the owners of the lot where the house is going up live on the back side, and that they sold or are selling and that is why this new mini mansion is going up. They would have never given up their view while they lived there.

However, our little crooked house shown above is a tear down. And I am not kidding, it is crooked as hell. And I would be surprised if you can get a full sized car down the drive way when they are done. More photos to follow.

Comcast is flying someone in from India tomorrow to fix our television problems. I cannot wait.

But, I will not be here. I am getting a massage from the guru of all things massage related as my lower back pain is now out of control. I can only hope I can drive myself home.

I also have almost no toe nails. I think my nail tech over buffed with the wrong implement. She thinks I am old and falling apart. I am now taking Biotin and massaging in the creams. She has always been whack but also very entertaining.

Oh, yes it seems I am now also approved to drive for Lyft. Another way to meet people. I can't wait.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Comcast is worse than ever.

During the neighborhood walk.

Well, I have had the day from hell and so has Big Daddy.

Once again we are at war with Comcast. Our TV remote would not turn the TV on without numerous attempts and multiple pressing of various buttons;in no particular order. It finally got so bad that BD called Comcast, hereafter known as the asshats, and they of course told him to bring various items into the location and everything would be great. We cannot of course get the new box to work. BD is on the phone constantly with the asshats this afternoon and they keep telling him he is not a Comcast service guy and is doing a piss poor job of hooking up his cable. Comcast no longer has cable guys that come to your house. The trip from India is too far.

On the other hand, looks funny to see it spelled out right?, all I had to do was drive around a few folks. The first ride was not bad, just had a huge dog jump on my car and slobber all over it. The daughter I drove was great, the mother with the dog was an asshole.

Second ride was a lesson learner. Turn off the app by 2 PM when people want rides to pick up their kids.

So I am nearing this address and I start to notice that most of the windows are boarded up or broken out and we do not even want to discuss the landscaping. When I find the street I am literally looking for a street address and one with windows. I am taking this mother and child from the edge of hell right down into the bowels so we can pick up her niece. She does not know the address and of course this is not a real school. It is a school in the hood run by a church.

She gets the kid, gets me on the right course back because of course the google maps is out and she asks me a question. Do I believe in God.

Now I did not want to say to this woman, "Have you lost your ever lovin mind who do you think I have been discussing this trip to hell with while you are acting like this is all normal?" So then I get the Jesus lecture and now Jesus and I are all ok but even I know he would not approve of any of this situation. Then she tells her kid some shit that does not sound right and she is talking about the hitting stick and she has a stick and starts hitting the kids hand.

I get rid of them, escape the hood, my app shows I am offline, which I attribute to Jesus, I find my way home and the back ass of my car is filthy. These little ragamuffins were eating fucking crackers back there.

And BD is still stalking to Comcast.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The animals

I told you they were falling in love.

Sammy Dog is acting crazy lately, it scares me. I am hoping it is not his last hurrah.

Speaking of the animals, New Orleans is also going to the dogs. It is crazy down there with the criminal element. I would not go back down there right now.

Did I mention that the Animals actually lived there when they wrote the song?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I am falling apart.

Big Daddy's Anniversary present, a stove top smoker.

It is a good thing I retired.

Last night I was in pain all night and not sure if it is back pain or kidney pain, My IBS is not doing well at all. Now my left knee hurts. WTF.

I was having a few problems at the end of my working life, which is really why I chose this path, but I just pushed through it. Now I am noticing and it is not fun.

Just one Uber ride today as I could not get out early enough. IBS. Which is also what ended the days riders.

I am enthralled with all this new technology though, when I went to the Sec of State for my new Driver's license I gave them my cell number on the check in computer, it was an estimated 2 hour wait time, so I left. They texted me when I had about 30 minutes to wait and I returned. Then they posted your approx. wait time and texted you with the information in case you weren't back yet. You could also delay your return by 30 minutes by text.

Who knew?


Back is quite a bit today, I had to take an Aleve. This is not making me happy. But the house is clean.

Also I barely passed my eye test at the Sec of State, she actually helped me out. Eyes are sometimes better then worse. Don't know if that is normal or not. Hmm.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Random Stuff

Need a picture.

I loved out balconies in New Orleans.

So as far as the Uber goes, I took Big Daddy on a test drive and I had one rider today. I made $7.99. But, I also figured out I needed leather wipes and while I had the app online I drove to Notre Dame Pharmacy and got the leather wipes. And I had no more pings so I gave up as the game was on. What game you ask, why the Michigan v/s Michigan State game. The rivalry is back. Michigan has the brash and adored Jim Harbaugh and State has the beloved Dantonio. People are in heaven on this one.

Back to the Uber, I now have a new updated phone, Samsung S6 and I love it. Easiest phone so far to learn. $50.00 mail in rebate, which is a Visa gift card which you apply to your cell phone charges. I also have a new tablet supported by Verizon, the phone and the tablet attach to my dashboard so I can navigate and drive. I have an "auto plant necklace" as I call them or a blue tooth device you wear around your neck, the earpiece in one ear enables me to hear the directions on Google Maps on where to drive my riders. Still learning to coordinate this stuff but it is fun.

After mastering the contact lenses I feel empowered to do it all.

Observation: When you quit smoking seeing other people smoke, either in person or on the television really makes you crave a cigarette. Lately it makes me feel nauseous. That is definitely over for me. Just too nasty and smelly.  3 and 1/2 years now.

I finally have the house under control, not perfect, under control.

It was 34 degrees this morning, warning to you folks living east of Detroit. We got the last house plant re-potted and brought back in just in the nick of time.

Reading, but it is all slop. Nothing worth talking about.

Oh, I watched Scream Queens and it is hilarious. Will continue with that one. Watched American Horror Story Hotel and so far it is watchable. Still liking the Amazing Race and Survivor, but I am really appreciating this on Demand feature as I just cannot make the network schedules. I never thought that would be me, but I too am changing.

Maybe you can teach an old dog a few tricks.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The most expensive soap, can't afford this with the Uber gig.

Okay, so normally I look at the price before I buy something. Back in the day when I was still raking in the big bucks Big Daddy and I were at Farm's Fresh Market. We were just picking up a few things, this store is expensive. They have it all that any good Grosse Pointer could want, but we just usually get Friday dinner and a few things. At the check-out they had a basket of soap. When I picked it up to look at it one of the worker bees told me that stuff was flying out the door, what did I think of it. Well, gosh darn that cinched it, I had to try this fabulous soap.

I took it home and unwrapped it as that is how I was taught to treat soap, you must unwrap it and let it sit before you use it. (When Punkin Head went off to college my mother sent him a case of unwrapped Ivory soap.) So then I quit my job, had just put the fabulous flying out the door soap in the shower and off we went to Farm's Fresh Market. As we were checking out I grabbed the soap looked at the price and screamed. It was $12.99 U.S. dollars. Who in the hell was as stupid as me to be buying this soap. I kept asking BD, the cheapest man in the world why he had not told me the price of the soap. He didn't look either.

Now we are showering with this soap and it is the soap from hell. There is no lather, it does not feel silky, it does not smell like the wings of an angel. It is crap. Every day I am bitching about this soap. Then one day I go in and the soap has committed suicide in the shower. This soap is now nasty. There was at least 6 dollars worth of crappy soap left.


Monday, October 12, 2015

Yes I am an Uber driver

This pic is just to show Punkin Head I am still normal. He Skypes with the baby and I have not been looking to0 hot on Sunday mornings. Don't want to scare the kids, mama is fine.

So, the Uber thing. I did all the stuff you need to do and it is quite a bit of stuff. Uber has all my personal information. I paid to have a 2015 vehicle inspected. I passed a criminal background check. I got rubber mats for my car. I bought cheap ass small bottles of water and packs of gum and snacks.

It was so hard to do that first ride. I was very nervous, not about the ride-about doing everything right. So of course, I did everything wrong. I hit the navigation button and the phone screen changed and everything was odd. I got to the address and this asshat calls me and says I texted you with a different pick up spot. I got him and he had a different name, but I just thought I was a wacko.

Well, it went okay. Then he wanted to stop for fast food. Which took forever and he was a talker. He worked at the place I picked him up, he was a new server, and he had no transportation. And he could not afford Uber he said. But he was paying almost $15.00 for fast food. Huh, who pays that much for fast food?

Finally, on our way he starts wingdinging me out on how he gave a burner phone and it does not match his name and talking about creepy stuff and I was ever so grateful to drop him off. And then the app started working and it was a different name. And I screwed up the app, my first ride and I screwed it up and got a wacko.

Today Uber called and asked why I was not driving. They are fixing it and I am taking Big Daddy for a drive to figure out the app. And I will not make the same mistakes again, should have never let that asshat in my car. Gotta be more careful and diligent. Also only driving daytime. We will see.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Retirement, or who cleaned this house?

I collect Kenneth J. Lane in all his forms, and these are older bracelets he did, the frogs and the turtles. Love them. This is the anniversary present I bought for myself from eBay, just handed it to Big Daddy and told him to put it away for the main event. This was months before the date and he was frantically searching for it when I reminded him I had given it to him for safe keeping.

After sleeping for a few days, I was looking to start my retirement and viewing a dirty house at the same time. I let the cleaning service go and now I am wondering why I paid them and what the hell they actually did. And these people were not cheap.

Yesterday BD told me one of his work mates had a leak underneath his brand new vehicle and he was pissed. I inquired where this leak might be, and could he tell me the color of the fluid. Oh yea, another one of my hellish problems. Reminded why I retired. One less bell to answer, one less egg to fry . . . just thankful I don't need to answer this one.

Today we had a dog vs cat rumble, these are quite frequent and totally non violent. I think they are falling in love.

I just got a smarter phone and accessories. Big Daddy is so excited he has new toys to play with. I also got a blue tooth necklace. This is for my new jobs (yes, that is plural), more to come on that later. I really did not want one, but Verizon convinced me they were so much better than the ear piece. I always called them the auto plant necklace as every factory rat wore one and they were supposedly illegal as hell to wear in the plant. "The company" said they interfered with the systems. My ass, they interfered with the attention span of the worker. Not good for quality.

I am quite taken with the second season of How To Commit A Murder with Viola Davis, I am really loving this show and BD just does not like it. Watched Quantico, too crazy ass for me. And I have to watch American Horror Story to see if I can stomach this one, the clown shit was too much.

Well, I did my first Uber Driver session and it was a disaster, tell you about that next time.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The anniversary roses

We always get our nice flowers from Conner Park Florist.

So I was amazed when the Fed Ex guy handed me a box from 1 800 Flowers.

Thirty six roses, because thirty nine roses were too expensive.

Gotta love it.