Sunday, November 29, 2015

Late December back in 63

Look in the middle at the ground line, not everyone has a two story deer blind.

Yep, we saw Jersey Boys on Saturday and it was great. I loved it. We saw in the playbill an ad for the Whitney, a great old mansion in Detroit turned into a restaurant, and they had a special for all the shows in town. So, we showed up without a reservation and had a nice dinner special, and the food was great. I hate it when you go and the food is sub-standard because it is a special.

We got home after dark and the critters were not happy. They are so funny when the routines are changed.

Drove my Uber this morning and caught a booty call drop off, hilarious. She was in love and he was I gotta get outta here quick. The personalities of the folks are the best part of this gig.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

No pings for me

I had forgotten about the cheap crappy faux designer bags in Shanghai.

Big Daddy brought me back the faux Chanel earrings. They are 3,000 dollars a pair and I like the look for less, under 10 bucks a pair. And they Chanel earrings are not even real pearls.

Well, on the busiest flying day of the year I did not get one ping to go to the airport or even the drugstore. Bah Humbug. There are so many Uber/Lyft drivers right now there is one on almost every block sometimes.

Getting ready to make my special version of the cheesy thumbprints to take to my MIL's for our Thanksgiving visit. Taking all the apps and wine and leaving before dinner is working out well for me.

Tonight is the Mediterranean chicken thighs with the preserved lemons. Yum.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Not feeling it

Sammy, when he was still looking good.

There is really something wrong with this dog, just don't know what. I think his hearing is bad and his memory is failing. And he is still brown from the horrible coughing. He is okay as long as he is on his meds but I wonder how long this is gonna last.

Curly is into her pink corduroy overalls, and damn she is cute in them.

This Uber thing is working okay, I either take people to work or the airport. And one girl to college.

This working on the other stuff, setting up the physical therapy and stuff. Boring.

I drove Big Daddy to the airport and picked him up using Lyft. He used to pay Metro Cars close to 100 bucks and Lyft with tip was half that. And he expenses it, so win win.

There was an interesting conversation on WJR this morning, Hamtramack the city that was the heart of the Polish community for many years is now predominately Muslim and Middle Eastern. But now the people working in downtown Detroit are looking to move there as it is quiet and clean and downtown and mid-town are too expensive. Who ever thought property in Detroit, that is livable, would be too expensive.

Getting ready for the holidays so more later.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The burglar hours

Gotta take some new photos.

So I am sound asleep and wake to weird noises. It sounds like someone is breaking into the house. Thumps and bumps and all is not right. I just lay there and listen as when you are woken from a deep sleep it can seem "just not right". All was quiet and I was almost ready to fall back to sleep when I heard it again.


I got up and secretly prowled the house. Everything looked okay but at this point I could not go back to sleep.

Went to turn on the computer and was screwing aroung with that and then again, bada boom. This time I got Big Daddy up and he was none too happy with the task of finding the culprits of the noisy invasion. And everything was fine when BD was searching.

So I turned on the coffee maker ready to just wait it out and hating myself for being such a ninny.

And I heard it again. Made coffee, and heard it again. Both times more faintly, but dammit something was out there. Something eerie and strange and scary.

I took up my coffee cup and went snooping about. Kerthump, thump, thump. I was getting closer to the front door and wondering what kind of criminal would keep beating on the same door and hiding. Then a semi huge thumpety thump and OH MY GOD it was a criminal in the hall closet (just across from the front door).

I bravely opened the door and Zoey Cat scrambled out without a by your leave, and there was the answer to all the American Horror Story moments. Cat got shut in the closet. Why the hell don't they just cry instead of throwing themselves about?

To all my French amies and all the buddies in the world, my thoughts and prayers. It is getting crazy out there.

Monday, November 9, 2015

This is hard to swallow

One of my gutta percha brooches.

Well all said and done, the TV is broken. Now Big Daddy is on the rush to get a new TV and get it set up before he goes to China.

No Uber today and again no Lyft, but last week was okay. I had the airport run and a couple random rides. Sunday I tried the Lyft along with the Uber but I never got a ping. And I only do this a few hours a day so I am not expecting to drive every time I try.

I did not get to see Curly on the Skype this weekend, she was not feeling the love. But I got a great picture of her with a poster her mom made saying Happy Birthday and I love you. She just never smiles that I can see. Grumpy Grue. We made our reservations for Christmas, the Hilton. The special hotel is out of the way and the rating were all over the place. The other place was not Big Daddy's favorite. We will see. So all that is left is pet help and a rental car. Because the kids car still is not fixed from the air bag recall.

More to come with the TV drama.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Birthday Cake

My birthday cake, a carrot cake and it was delicious. Big Daddy said the people at work almost tramped each other for the left overs. Do you do that, send food to the office so you don't eat it at home?

An old friend of mine made the cake and I am so glad I found her again.

The Comcast equipment arrived today and I am sure BD will spend the weekend trying to fix the TV sets scattered around the house.

BD ordered a crap duvet from Costco for 200 bucks and it was ugly and not soft and not staying. Nope, going back.

Need to try my recipes for Thanksgiving and possibly for gift baskets. Yea, yea, yea, I am no cook. I think I can do this with BD's help and everyone will think I am a genius.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Just the facts

Sammy Dog with mountain man Big Daddy.

Went to the doctor this morning to tell him I am falling apart. He denied it. I have to get an X-ray about the back and sciatica thing, new meds for that, increased my thyroid, put me on Zyrtec twice a day and told me I have a boil in my nose. Now if that is not falling apart, I don't know what to call it.

And I did not even bring up the pain in my hands, different on each side.

So when I got home and peed I decided to Uber and the pick up address looked safe so there I go. It was a guy calling for a woman, who knows, and I had to take her into the hood. And I am talking the real ass hood.  I am remembering back in my years when I would not drive below 14 mile and now I am taking this really nice woman deep into the hood. As soon as I dropped her off I turned the Uber off and went home. I do not drive after 12 PM unless it is something special.

I am thinking of switching to Windows 10 as I don't need that stupid Internet Explorer anymore, m
Might do that soon.

And tomorrow is my birthday and I have to go pick up my cake.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Comcast is worse than ever

The horseradish is almost ready to be dug up. This stuff is great, no muss and no fuss and great food.

So Comcast is once again the nemesis from Hades and Big Daddy has a Customer Service Rep on the phone trying to help him fix the fact that we cannot turn on our TV when she breaks down and confesses, she has to wait for her husband to come home and fix the TV. WTF. Let me say that one more time. WTF. You are the person on the phone telling us how to fix the TV and you cannot fix your own shit?

Without your husband who does not work for Comcast?

Today BD spent some time on the phone with Comcast and they are sending all new boxes and remotes, these are the new ones that are not messed up. There is also a 39.00 installation fee even though BD is installing them. Thieving bastards.The reason the guy last week that came out here and worked his ass off did not do this . . .is because . . . the new superior equipment is not at the Comcast Service Centers, it is only available from the magic Comcast person that you will probably never get on the phone. This is why I drink lots of wine some days.

On a sober note, I Ubered a friend on Sunday morning and found something new in Macomb county. Round-a-bouts. I did not like them in England and I do not like them now. There is no rhyme nor reason for how they work. At least in England there were signs giving you a clue where the turn offs might take you.

The Uber thing is working out well for now, Monday I only took one ride, to the airport-nice guy going to Seattle. Turned the app off when I left him as it is not acceptable here to operate at DTW and when I was thinking to turn it back on I had to pee. Enough driving for that day.

The Italians were here today to do the masonry and I must go out and check. See ya later.