Thursday, June 26, 2014

2 down and 2 to go

As I have mentioned I collect Gutta Percha jewelry, sometimes known as Victorian mourning jewelry. This is my latest find and the second best I have seen in a while. I gave my mother the best one for Christmas one year. Don't think she cared for it. This is the only one I have set on a base, this one mother of pearl. I paid the most for this one, over 300 dollars. They are getting rarer and rarer. It has the original pin in the back so I can use my bulldog pins. Excellent.

Well, I had the regular pap and a biopsy today, need 2 more tests and pending results a D&C. I go back in 2 weeks. She said everything actually looks pretty good at this point, meaning I guess the C word. I am having moderate pain and not happy right now.

The doctor, female, did say she thought my hair color looked nice.

Gotta go make new appointments for these tests.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A pretty view

The lake is pretty this year.

Well tomorrow is the big day, the long awaited doctor appointment.

I am ready.

Have you ever worked with someone truly stupid. I hate to say this, but one of the results of union contracts is that occasionally really stupid people get jobs that they are totally unqualified and unsuited for. It is a crime. But if you have seniority you can have that job. At one of the former plants I covered one guy up and quit one day. He did not really quit, he disqualified himself from the position as he was about to get fired. Because he mucked the job up horribly - - - because he was not qualified.

Just an example, I am sorting parts and we discovered the left side was also suspect. I called the sort company and told them to read-across, start sorting the other side as both sides were suspect. The supervisor came to me and asked if both parts came from the same plant. That is like asking if each shoe in a pair of shoes came from the same company. Oh yea.

Well, tomorrow we are going out to lunch after the doctor or home to drink to excess. Yes, Big Daddy is taking the day off to come with me. He will however, work on his appliances all day long.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How you know you are all finished growing up.

I apologize for all the Sammy The Spanky Dog pictures, but he is just a pretty boy.

I had the week from hell starting up Monday and it is holding true to form. But during my trials and tribulations I got a cart ride (few and far between in this joint) and a vehicular ride-that is a true treat. People are telling me other people like me, and people are telling me they like me. I have certainly sold everyone a good of bills here.

I had to go out and buy new pants this weekend. Upside-my belting of the fat pants finally became unacceptable to wear to work. Downside-Chico's, where I have long bought work clothes has now changed into the only casual clothes mode. Too bad, as these clothes did fit. This is gonna put me on the hunt for work clothes and I hate that in pants. Any woman will tell you, pants are a bitch to buy.

How do I know I am a full grown woman? I have bad hair. There is no getting around it, it is shitty hair. A guy I have known for years sat down and said, "Bad hair day?", and my response was "yep". And I do not care. Yea, I wish it was better but I am not gonna sit down and cry like I would when I was younger. I have a ball cap from my company in the front seat of my car, just in case. It is what it is, even when it is bad.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

We want Pie

These are my new shoes.
I never buy anything so colorful, but these shoes touched my soul.

Big Daddy went to Eastern Market this Saturday morning and came home with the first Michigan strawberries. They are wonderful. We had them Saturday night with just a bit of whipped cream. We had them Sunday morning as strawberry shortcake. We are having strawberry pie for dessert tonight. I am in strawberry heaven.

Saturday night we had rack of lamb. I am not a lamb person. Badger talked up the Australian lamb at Costco so much, I thought we should just go for it. It was wonderful, rack of lamb and I could try this again. Not sure if I am ready for the leg of lamb. Big Daddy says he thinks I only had mutton in the past-making me a non-lamb lover.

Punkin Head gave me my latest laugh, he tells me water fountains out there are called bubblers. That is kinda cute.

Gotta figure out what to do with the extra strawberry pie.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I met a woman in the Ladies restroom Monday morning. It was her first day and she was nervous and overwhelmed. I told her it would be fine, assembly plants are overwhelming at first-so large and so much activity and so many people. I found her again at lunchtime and asked her how it was going. She was okay and she told me when she received her badge to the plant she cried she was so happy. She had to take tests, written tests besides the drug tests and felt this was a real achievement. All this for a temporary vacation relief position. Guess it is still pretty bad out there for some of us.

Talked to a guy this week that had been having problems with my parts to give him an update. I told him every time I came to talk to him last week he was out. Yea, he told me he has cancer and had to go in for his chemo. Working the line 10 hours a day with cancer and chemo, this guy has my admiration and respect.

I finished a bit more of the gardening, along with Big Daddy and The Help. I want it mostly finished except for perennials I want to get on sale this fall-By the fourth of July. We will see.

Today I had water leaks, parts not installed properly, and no information on the "missing stock". Tomorrow I have to get information to set up a sort on potential suspect stock, get some paperwork signed off and find time to read a few chapters on my Kindle App for the Samsung Tablet. Tablet is somewhat dicey, but it is great when it works. And I can get my email from work and personal on my phone now. Life is Good, and I hate LG.

Funny of the day:

Missing Stock story. One of my plants emailed me to ask if I knew why the customer had shipped all the launch parts back to them. I figured this was a mistake, replied and asked a few question and went to speak with MP&L, that is the materials people. They of course did not believe me and pooh poohed any mention that they had shipped these parts back to us. Until they checked the records and my pictures. Someone is gonna get in big trouble on this one. Hilarious.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Moon flowers waiting to be planted.

Whatever is making me not feel well is leaving me exhausted. My arms are achy and I wake up tired.

And my allergies are running amuk. My ears itch inside, my nose itches, I have scratchy dry throat.

And flowers to plant.

I bought some great new shoes and need to take a picture of them, they were the hit of the hair salon.

I also had some dark highlights put in and it completely changed my look. I think I like it, but when you decide to be a blond you never look the same if you have any adventure in your soul.

Work has become so stressful I am not sure this job is for me. I am waiting to see what the Dr. says before I make any decisions. I might need to look around for another position. These people work in a constant emergency state, 12 hours and 7 days a week. And they all live for this job. It is insane, we are making a vehicle that people drive around, not a space craft to save Luke from the Dark Star.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Side Entry and Sideways

These are the Caladiums at the side door, I have had these here for years, such a pleasant surprise to see them again. Those are Cone Flowers in the bed, purple--the orange in the back died. One plant at a time we are coming back.

I finished Lisa Scottolini's book, The Accused, it was not too bad.

I had take-out this week, ham and walnut Quesadilla and you know I can make that at home, just needed the reminder.

I had to go to the meeting from hell this morning and report out. That means I must answer for shit that I might not have a lot of information on. This one, as it was a first at this plant, I screamed and stomped my little feet until I had not only information but back-up. And then I memorized my spiel and repeated it all morning.

It went well and I got thumbs up from the people who knew it was my first. Damn, I hate those meetings.

I had to take extra meds for the IBS and really feel horrible--don't know if it is the something wrong or just huge stress. But I have always worked with stress, so I am worried about the "something wrong". Still waiting for the appointment on June 26, nothing has happened that is worthy of the emergency room. But if that happens, trust me, I will be there.

This weekend flowers and fun.