Friday, December 31, 2010

Deja vu again

Trip home was uneventful. Family in front of me on the plane provided a little entertainment. Parents and 2 kids and a dog. 10-ish year old girl kept taking the dog out of the carrier and 2-ish year old being a toddler. When we were on the take-off roll he got out of his seat and started walking around. The FA's can't see us from the jump seats and I wondered how often does this happen. Dad finally grabbed him before he rolled down the aisle. Also wondered how these people were going to explain that dog going into quarantine or if they were diplomats or something and immune to Chinese law. Would not put my dog through that grief. Entertainment system was messed up so I got 10,000 extra miles. Not a bad trade off as the movies were horrible.

Went out for a snack and food supplies yesterday and when we got home the keys would not work in the door. Got new keys delivered and the door does not want to lock now. Another visit from Shemp is in order. Glad to see nothing has changed while I was away.

Okay, need to unpack and do laundry. Big Daddy is doing prawns and quinona for dinner. And some brussel sprouts.

Oh, before I forget, Amay's sister is going to teach me to knit. This should be hilarious. She does not speak English. Knitting lessons in a bar, hoohaa.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vacation is winding down

I can not believe I am actually ready and looking forward to coming home to China. Kind of a reality check on the things I need to change when I get back and what I can do to make our lives there easier. Oh, and I have to take down the free Christmas tree from Meal Bay.

Visited Mother-in-law today and the drive was not bad. She seems to be having some hearing difficulty and the old people's refusal to spend money. She won't get DSL as she is being frugal. I told her, spend all your money and your kids will take care of you if you are broke. She has great pensions and no bills. Indulge yourself. And with kids and grandkids all over the world, go for it. She would love FB if she had access other than dial-up and could talk to all the kids and grandkids whenever she wanted. And she is complaining no pictures, her daughter told her "they are all on FB." Saw my brother, the silver fox, at a Christmas gathering on a FB picture and I have not seen him in years. Go figure.

Trip back from New Orleans was fine, we were not cancelled for the huge storm in the east, but my Punkin Head and the Lady are out there in New England and I hope they are OK.

New Orleans has lost a beat. Well, more than a beat. It has lost the vibrance and hint of decadence that always simmered on the back burner. It was frankly boring at times. No Victorian figures wandering the streets with history lessons, decorations were minimum, no weddings, and no Christmas music. This street performer came to sing under my balcony as there were no people on the street and I told him "Christmas". He had a huge and beautiful voice and suddenly he started getting tips when he sang a hymn or two.

Most of the musicians were faux cowboys and they were loud and horrid. I called the front desk to ask them to move the "Kettles" from under my second floor balcony and to make a formal complaint and they backed down and refused to call the noise ordinance people. (Hah, I now have that number myself.) They told me it was a public street and sidewalk. And then the porters (who only showed up when they wanted to rag on their girlfriends outside the front door) tried to tell me I could not smoke 6 feet to left of the front door, only 6 feet to right. I can guess you all know how that went, public property is public.

The good was the food, we found Jimmy Luizza again at Antoine's and had a wonderful dinner and a new signed Holiday menu, crabmeat ravigot and pompano with lump crab. Found Joe at the Bistro and had a wonderful duck dish. Revillion dinner at the Rib Room had good food but not so good experience. This old bag turned around and started screaming in my ear that she had lost her valet ticket. She was screaming at our waiter that was across the table from me. I mean, really lady, if you are well over 65 and can not keep track of your shit---you need help. A keeper or a bubba. So the waiter is trying to get to her and she keeps shouting until she finds it. When she is done, I politely asked her if everything was ok. When she said yes, I told her "do not bark in my ear again". Everyone ran for cover and she Harumpped. Hilarious.

We only found one museum open, a photography exhibit of the 7th ward through the old times to Katrina and some rebuilding.

Tomorrow is lunch at Roma Cafe in Eastern Market to see and old friend and then laundry and packing for the trip home.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The sunshine state is BRR cold

Trip to Florida was a hoot. Freezing cold and I am not kidding, lows at night of 24 F, and windy to boot. Should have taken fur and boots. North face jacket and down vest worked well but feet were cold.

St. Augustine is beautiful. Visited the lighthouse and caretaker's home, the oldest schoolhouse and drugstore, and the Catherdral. And shopped and ate and drank. A good time was had by all. You forget how good fresh shrimp is until you eat it again. And southern BBQ, yumm. Did not get to see the forts and it was too cold to visit the island by boat and kids were everywhere. They must do field trips before Christmas and kids are not my favorite when doing historic sites.

TSA was fine at both airports. Could not believe in Detroit did not have to remove my hat or jacket, just open jacket so she could look. No one touched me. Jacksonville TSA were actually friendly, wonder if they are all on meds for the holidays.

Big Daddy arrived home yesterday and is happy, happy. Made breakfast this morning and had real bacon, not that crazy Chinese bacon. Or crappy bacon. Either is appropriate. He had fun at the Shanghai airport waiting to leave. He was people watching and this dad and son came by and the child was screaming. Then the little boy pulled a LInda Blair and puked all over the concourse in front of the gate. Horrendous puking. When he was done the dad picked up the kid and walked away. BD went to the Chinese people at the store across from the gate and jabba jabba, no help. So BD settled in for the show and sure enough the Chinese pretty girls in their short shorts and 4 inch heels came prancing by and slipped and fell in the puke, then the next one on her cell phone came by and tripped over the fallen pukey pile of screaming girls and joined in the vomit pile up. What a way to start your trip. And of course BD did not have the camera for this Kodak moment.

BD has a job interview Monday and then off to New Orleans. Supposed to warm up next week, we will see. Hello Rib Room and Miss Donna.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I miss Big Daddy

He is solving the problems of more than one time line with various due dates and I am solving drab hair. I am now a blonde again. A real blonde not a phony dark blonde.

BD met a newbie to China engineer today. This guy did not believe the planes were always an hour or 2 late minimum, tossed the bread and hot food back at the flight attendant saying it smelled bad, and generally does not seem to be enjoying his experience. Hmmm, maybe a job opening for me.

Cannot get used to driving the Grand Cherokee. Miss my Ford Edge something terrible. Edge was far superior. Opening the door is a pain in the ass. Getting in or out is a pain in the ass. No rear camera, no remote start, and heat system is worthless. Where is my crazy taxi driver when I need him.

Shopping is going well, The lady is having trouble finding something for her mom though. Going shopping and to lunch with an old friend tomorrow.

I am addicted to the television. They have the most bizarre shows. I feel like Paul Bunyon, or maybe Ripley, waking up years later. These are the stupidest TV shows ever. How the hell do all these women not know they are pregnant? And how do you not notice you home looks like a cheap Chinese warehouse? And Oprah is out of control. All she does is babble and cry.

Funniest thing drugstore robo called me this morning to refill a prescription. Did not know I had refills left, but I said hell yes. Still do not have a doctor here since mine disapeared.

Gotta go and sleep some more, still not on track but ok. Love to BD.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

talking to Big Daddy

Brain starting to work today. That is the worst part of jet lag for me. Can't think properly for a day or two. Punkin Head keeps saying, Mooom. Oh well. And it does not help that the kids work afternoons and the best time to talk is the middle of night.

Went to Farms Market and BG will shit when he sees the bill, he grouses about the high cost of the wet market.

Had a manicure and a pedicure and feel like a new woman. Just cannot believe the difference in how my hands and feet look. Thank you Jean and Wink Boutique. Bought a pair of boots so I am on track for footwear.

Punkin Head bought me a Vanity Fair so I am in reading heaven for the moment.

Elliot, the cat, and I are at odds. He thinks he is the boss and cats are not like dogs. Dogs understand the Alpha and cats just don't particapate in the world order.

House next door where the old gramma lived is for sale. That is interesting. Wonder if the kinfolk are in a fight about the estate. House down the street where the vegan monsters lived went back to the bank and they had a crew in there today just moving garbage out. What kind of person just trashes something because they can?

Just finished talking to two old friends and setting up lunches. This is fun. More later. Love you BD.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Back in Detroit

Flight was fine and only somewhat entertaining. Immigration and customs was a breeze, did not care about my phony shit or my overstay problems.

It is cold. As in snow flurries. BRRR.

More when I get over the jet lag.