Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Babies abounding

Punkin Head at Mt. Hood park.

It is the time of year for babies. I always forget the Canadian Geese birth this time of year. There are baby geese all over the place. And always 2 big geese hanging out to make sure nothing happens to the babies. I wish I could have snapped a photo this morning. The adult geese do not lot like people hanging around.

Zoey was amazed yesterday our yard was inundated with baby robins. Yes, Big Daddy missed another Kodak moment. They are not about today. I gotta get that nest out of the bittersweet on the front porch before it becomes a harlot hotel.

I received the most amazing phone call the other day. Our waiter from New Orleans called to tell us he was no longer at the Rib Room. Things did not work out there after 28 years. Seems suspicious. Anyhoo he is now at La Pavillon and we will see where he is when we venture back. We have not been to NOLA since 2012. Oh my. It is time to see about going back, we used to go 2 or 3 times a year. And it was so cute he called me Mrs. Big Daddy and asked after Mr. Big Daddy. Love the south.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

For the boy

The look of pleasure with a new toy.

Close up of manly grill cleaning.

I have to work tomorrow, yes these degenerates are working on Memorial Day because they make triple time. I am just thankful there should be no nasty meeting. So here is hoping for an easy day. Especially as I have to plan a route around all the parades and memorials. We are big on that here in the Pointes. And have to remember to put the flag out.

This cat is hilarious. She is so pretty and playful and social. She even lets me pick her up and carry her around on her back for a bit. When I start kissing her like a dog she does object. She loves to lay on her back and have me rub her belly and her throat. Then she grabs my arm and acts like she is catching me. Very gentle little nips.

The harness is not working out real well. Big Daddy left it on her so she could get used to it this morning and she came in to see me with the stupid thing around here waist like it was a fashion item. She very patiently waited until I got if off and we told BD, nope. Only when she is actually going for a harness walk. Which may be never.

About 6 weeks to Curly, cannot wait.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Colors of my life

Yellow Calla lily Big Daddy bought to plant in the yard.

The lake is now emerald green.

Sammy is cream colored again, his spa gets him pretty clean. The meds he takes turns his fur brown.

We don't want to talk about the color of the Shingles.

I cooked last night, I know it was a crap shoot, but my chicken did turn out bronzed and crispy.

My toes are NYC Big Apple Red by OPI and we are ready for summer.

My chin is turning red again since I finished the Prednisone. That stuff really beat the rosacea back.

Big Daddy received vintage blue cuff links for his birthday.

My black WE watch from Ebay broke on the second wearing.

And I need new summer hats, straw or colored, maybe red white and blue.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shingles Update

Love these more than I thought I would. They last a long time.

Well we are now down to a dull throb once in a while so they pain is eased considerably. It is still ugly and a little itchy. Today is my first day working with no Aleve and no Zyrtec and so far okay. The funny thing is my face is completely cleared up. I get rosecea and it shows up during stress (like the shingles) and whatever meds I am on worked on that too. I am thinking the steroids.  I still fatigue easily which brings up bitch number one.

 My boss decides to come to the plant and pick up some parts, quite an armful really. He calls me when he gets here to tell me his badge won't work. So now I know he never set foot in the plant when I was out. Then I had to carry the parts out to him, and I was whipped. When I got home he called and first asked how I was, I told him very tired. He said me too. WTF.

Then he proceeds to ask me questions about the shit we just talked and texted about for the last hour.

Then his boss calls me to ask the same stupid questions. WTF.

We have the cat harness so this should be fun, but Big Daddy is in Mexico so I won't be for a few days.

This will be my first time taking care of both the animals alone and I am not sure how this is gonna work. Zoey cat is much more demanding of food and attention than Sammy Dog. She was watching me get ready this morning and started demanding some attention and I told her mommy is not a morning person.

They might be working this Memorial Day and I will be stuck with it if they do. Can't wait to find out.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Progress, thank God for good insurance.

It was so cold and wet I did not get pics of the glorious bulbs that bloomed. We had a lot of blooms.

They just named the new bridge to Canada the Gordie Howe Bridge. Canada really does not want the Ambassador bridge family to continue in any way in the bridge business. They are paying for the bridge, the customs plaza and now named it after the most beloved hockey player in Detroit. Wow. Gordie was a Canadian, so a win-win.

The new meds seem to be working, still painful as hell but it looks like the swelling is going down and it is turning all colors and looks to be drying up. Wow. If it is at all possible get the Shingles Vaccine. This "disease" or whatever it is called is a bitch and a half.

Another symptom of the Shingles is confusion. Yep, I was very blond. Told my doc I felt like I took a stupid pill. That is clearing up also.

Punkin Head was sending us a harness for the cat and I hope it gets here soon. She wants outside so bad she can't stand it. Big Daddy got her toy, it is like a yellow sheet with a ball that rotates underneath and she loves it. We put it out in the morning when she wants to play and we have not had coffee. That is the only time she gets it. I do the laser pen at night and she loves that too. She is not that great with the fishing pole but that may be my fault as I have not practiced enough with her.

Time for another nap.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Random Stuff

Close up of the weird tree growth.

Well, Doc changed my meds put on the shit I prolly should have been on to start with and if this works in about 2 weeks I can get a Shingles Vaccine. Hooray. Just wish the pain would quit. And I can see Curly and my hairdresser when this is all better.

Well, there is a mall nearby-Eastland Mall-and it is one of the most unsafe places ever. It is in Harper Woods across the Freeway and the first thing I told DIL when she moved here is that she is not allowed to go to that mall. It is simply not safe. The other day there were shots fired at the mall. That place is gonna close down and everyone will bitch there is no place to shop and there is no public transportation to the Macy's in the burbs. Well, quit shootin the damn place up.

Thanks to Punkin Head we are going to be adventurous on our visit to Portland and stay at a B & B. It appears to be a Mother in Law type unit attached to an old English Tudor in the upper crust section of Portland by Reed College. We got it through Airbnb. Two beds a living room and kitchen with a private pool for $885.00 a week. And it is in walking distance to Curly except you have to go up a hill that is pretty steep. Now we just need a plane ride and a rental car.

We planted 2 Bleeding Heart and one "Poblomo" pepper plant. I have no hope for the pepper, this is Big Daddy's idea. The ferns are up and the moving of the pots has begun.

Finished re-reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, because of the Savannah trip, and enjoyed it as much as the first time. Trying to read Anne Rice's The Prince Lestat and not too sure about this one. Watching this wacky show on the television, Southern Charm about a bunch of drunk people in Charleston and how the rich felon is running against Lindsay Graham for a senate seat. And these asshats think he could win.

Need to take a nap.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The stress has finally taken a toll

Odd stuff growing on a tree

Well, I was just sitting around Saturday letting my toes dry when I felt this nasty sharp pain on my arm. I looked and it looked all red and lumpy and I figured I had been bitten by a spider. I have had spider bites before and I do attract all things wacky, so why not. It hurt, as spider bites do and you just ignore the pain. Until very early Monday morning.

By 4 AM is was not going to work I was going to the doctor. The pain felt like someone had a serrated knife jabbing into my arm. I am not kidding this pain was excruciating. By 7AM I was at the emergency room and I felt like I could not breathe. The red lumpy painful thing on my arm did not look worse but it felt horrid.

Well, the Doc was not so sure it was a "bite", he was thinking this could be a very mild case of Shingles. Mild? Then I saw the pictures on Google and was grateful for mild. It is hilarious to be sitting in the ER and Big Daddy is looking the stuff up on Google and the Doc and Nurse are doing their job. So I got a huge dose of Benadryl and a prescription for Hydro codon and Keflex, just in case it is an infected bite. I go to the Internist tomorrow.

I started thinking in my fog induced state about everything I read on the Internet. I am thinking that time I woke up in China with the red spots on my face that hurt and stung was prolly my first bout of Shingles. Then the huge red zit that was not a zit and spread was prolly round 2. That still flares once in a while. So this would be round 3 in about 5 or 6 years. Hmmm.

I am worried about the face thing as this seems to flare alot and I cannot be around Curly if I am broken out. This is upsetting me greatly. That and the fact that it hurts like the devil. Then on top of it all I broke out in hives today and the Benadryl does not work on the hives so I am taking Zyrtec for the hives. Sheesh.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Just another day

This is supposed to be picture of a freighter. I think we need a better camera.

It is a wonderful weekend, some sunshine and warm weather.

Curly's mom, temporarily known as boobs, had to go and get another one of those nasty glucose tests. I feel for her. But she liked the nursing gown I sent so she is still of sound mind and body. We are still on track for the July 5 birthday.

Farms Market where we purchased the rubber tree planters last year raised their prices on the pots from 45 dollars to 70. I don't think so. I can do a great pot for less than that. Just means getting your hands dirty.

New skin care makeup thing for those into that stuff. It is on HSN so don't get all huffy, this is not expensive stuff. Serious Skin Care by Sylvester Stallone's wife, she has been doing this for many years. It is called Firm A Face XR, there is a trademark thing in there, and this stuff works. It comes in a tube and you shake it, then you put a glop on your palm and put it where all the little wrinkles are, works on big wrinkles too, just does not take them down to no wrinkles. Then you keep your face still and put on your deodorant and skin creams and what nots and then you splash your face 5 or 6 times with cool water. Then you tap tap tap with your fingertips. And then I don't put anything else on for 15 or 20 minutes. I swear the little lines and shit just go away. For the day.

Niecey loved her Free People vest and stuff. Mom is mom and that is all I can say.

Let us see what next week will bring.

Monday, May 4, 2015

We had a glorious weekend

Dinner at Elizabeth's on the Park.

We do clean up when it is necessary. Golly gee I am a short fat thing.

The weekend was fabulous. Now that things are calmer we are going back to traditions. Magazines and wine in the "Parlor", snacks and animals snuggled in for Friday late afternoon. I stopped and bought some flowers from Trader Joes and a couple of orchids for the bedrooms. And TJ's had no Fiji water. Heavens, what is the world coming to?

Sammy Dog is excited to sit on the chair on the porch and watch the world go by. Zoey cat discovered a window sill she can sit at when the window is open and she is in ecstasy.

The yard is 90% ready for planting and it is in the 70's, that teaser time. If you plant now, it will all die in 2 weeks. Damn. Maybe next week we can get the boston ferns for the outside. And if Big Daddy puts the pots out we can plant the lettuce and onion sets.

Punkin Head has exciting news but I cannot breathe a word in case it does not work out. I sent some presents to my girls. And one for PH. And now doing the flowers for Mother's Day. I think I want a camera for Mother's Day. I remember one year I got a camera for Mother's Day and I was pissed. It was not really a camera for me, BD wanted a camera and used it for an excuse. And I never did get to use the camera. But with Curly coming, I think I want better photos of what is sure to be the most beautiful baby ever.