Sunday, December 30, 2012

What's for dinner


That is because we are on a strict eating plan as we are both fat, fat the sewer rats. I know this because today I finally found an interview outfit. And I had to go to the official fat lady store. It was hell, although I must say the store was not quite as bad as I expected. Half the clothing was definitely trashy  but there were some decent things. And I bought a belly squisher so I don't look like Honey Boo Boo's cousin. Yes, I am vain. And I am in the smallest size in the fat lady store. The weird thing all the sales people were larger sized ladies. I wonder how they do that as that would be against the law to not hire thin people but then I remembered most people in retail get a discount. Thin people cannot really take advantage of that perk.

I tell ya if you need a kick in the butt to change your physical form, get undressed in the fat lady store. Oh yeah, it was not pretty.

And we had to drive all the way out to Partridge Creek mall, which is an outdoor mall. WTF, it is fine in nice weather but this time of year not so much. And dogs are welcome so every few feet is some idjit telling some other cretins what kind of dog this is-right in the middle of the walkway. Come on, move it to the side people.

Sammy dog is mad at Big Daddy. The snow removal people came and cleaned up again last night so when we put Sammy out this morning he had no poop spot. He was quite comical though, on his second trip out he went right to the spot-looked at Big Daddy over his shoulder-and pooped on the sidewalk. Yep, we gotta get this fixed with Mr. Snow Guy, leave the poop spot alone.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Those were the days my friends

Christmas decorations not on sale.

Well we painted some areas with the test paint and I think it is fine. I had them match the trim paint to the paper flower and then go 3 shades lighter for the ceiling and walls.  There is some prep work left to finish and then we can begin painting. Big Daddy had to get some new light bulbs so I could see the paint and ceiling with a critical eye. First he went to Ace Hardware and was told that he was a cretin and moron from hell for wanting a light bulb over 40 watts, and he was not green to boot. So he went to Ex Way Electric and learned that the manufacture of 100 watt are no longer allowed. WTF. Well they still had some so we can now see to paint and don't have to worry about mercury from broken light bulbs. When the day comes that I have to pay more for a light bulb than a pair of underpanties, well I am gonna be one cranky bitch. Hell, I remember when the bulbs were free, you took the burned out bulbs back to Detroit Edison (they had little stores) and they gave you new ones for free. Then you went next door and got a case of Faygo pop, any assortment you wanted. Those were the days.

Then we found out that China has perfected the Great Fire Wall and most VPNs are no longer operative. The is one that can currently be used, it is the same type as most corporate VPNs and they are terribly expensive. Also some personal VPNs (isn't that an odd phrase) can be used at times. I am so glad we are gone from there, the also banned the New York Times and I can't go without my crossword. It sounds like they are also going to ban Amazon and iTunes, almost as if suddenly they are afraid of the outside world. Big Daddy dropped his VPN and will deal with whatever when he has to go back.

Well, tomorrow is hairdo day and I think we are back on track and can go back to every 4 weeks as it seems like I am living at the hairdresser lately.

17 degrees F this morning and another inch of snow today. Will have to wear my fur tomorrow so I don't freeze. Wow, sounds like Big Daddy got the snow blower working, that thing has sat in the garage for over 3 years. Yowza. And man does it smell horrible.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Let it Snow

Well you can tell we haven't seen snow in a while, we are the only ones excited. While we wait for the snow removal guy Big Daddy forgot to make a poop and pee area and Sammy Dog is not amused.

Sammy Dog went to the vet yesterday for his meet and greet and to find out if his cough is a problem, he has been coughing more in the colder weather. He seems to be okay and we know what to look for if things change. And he got to have fun at the vet's office, an older couple came in with their pup and just our luck it was a dead ringer for the black dog across the street. The hated black dog. The sight of the black dog sends Sammy into a state of enragement*, so of course exactly the same thing happened at the vet's causing the black dog doppelganger to cower and pee on the floor. This of course upset the old people (the guy was using a walker) as I am certain they made sure that their dog was peed prior to the visit.

Speaking of dogs, once again Grosse Pointers have proven themselves to be the cheapest people on the planet. There were 2 Golden Retrievers out for a walk and their owner had wrapped them in bath towels held on with Bungee cords. WTF.

*I invented a new word.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's a Merry Christmas

This is the spot on our afternoon walk where we discovered both of our phones were on the fritz. Don't know what was wrong with Big Daddy's Blackberry but mine was still recovering from BD playing with it the day before. He discovered an app on my phone that will talk you to your destination. As it was in my purse and muffled it took me awhile to figure out where the noise was coming from.

Sammy dog was ecstatic as there were others dogs out walking and he barked his head off all the way. The only time he barks like that is when he is outside, it is so funny. And he is a big wuss with very few teeth so I don't understand why he keeps painting the devil on the sidewalk.

Our feast was wonderful-stuffed mushrooms, meatballs, brie encased in dough, cheese and olives and vegetables. Oh and my homemade Parmesan crackers, they did not turn out so well. We never got to A Christmas Carol so that is for today. And the strata was a disappointment ,it was okay but the middle was too gooey, need a new recipe because the concept is great.

Well today is the long awaited ham and fancy sweet potatoes. It snowed again, just enough to look like snow on the ground.

So Merry Christmas to all and peace be with you.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve and we are still eating

Last night's duck was a wonder of flavors, first was a layer of white bean cassoulet topped by seared and roasted duck breast finished with sausage and escarole. Delish. Oh yea, there were croutons made with the duck fat. Oh yea, there is not much better than duck fat for cooking up some flavor.

Today we got the wrapping paper and ribbons and had our traditional Christmas Eve lunch, this year at The Hill. It was wonderful, they make their own potato chips and serve them with blue cheese dressing.  Big Daddy and I split the premier burger made with a special grind and he also had crab bisque. He did comment on the way to park the car that we had not purchased a Christmas decoration from the League shop-another old tradition, I told him we will hit the after Christmas sale.

I made him change his shirt before going out so I could surprise him with his bohemian garnet cuff links and he loved them.

Well we are home and "A Christmas Carol" is ready to roll on the VCR and just a few treats left to make for a party snack dinner. First a walk and then the final kitchen work. I will let you know tomorrow how it all turns out.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

All food all the time

Big Daddy is hunting for Brioche for the strata recipe, this is not easy to find. Thank goodness he got the ham yesterday, he forgot to order one and he said it was almost hand to hand combat to get the few remaining hams. Our salmon was okay last night, just okay. Tonight is duck breast of some sort.

Punkin Head called and his bread was not pretty, but for a first time cooking in the clay container it sounded not bad. They are going to be late leaving for Vermont-working today and still have to pack- and I will worry, worry, worry. They have a room in Buffalo reserved and I will not rest until I hear all is well. At least they breaking the trip up and not driving through the night.

I am working on my New Year's Resolutions, I never did them before so I am trying something new.

And tomorrow I must buy wrapping paper and gifts bags. So til tomorrow . . .

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Well what to my wondering ears should appear

But a recruiter on the phone the Friday before Christmas week, actually late in the afternoon of the last working day before Christmas break. This reminds me of Kramer vs Kramer except they are calling me. This has to be a desperate recruiter or I am perfect for this job. He loved my resume and the hiring dude is in til noon tomorrow, on a holiday weekend. And the recruiter dude is in most of next week. We will see. And these people are actually in the pay range I would like.

Punkin Head also got an interview this week. Maybe it is Santa giving early gifts.

Quite a few of our public schools were closed Thursday and Friday as the Mayan bullshit caused some threats to safety. I cannot comment on this other than to say this is probably the same group of people that damaged the buses last year and are now behind the Mayan violence.

We have perked up a bit here, there was a modest snowfall-just enough to say there is snow-and I am enjoying watching Sammy decide if he likes it or not. Big Daddy got into the spirit and we made plans for holiday food. He is off to get a Dearborn ham and I am waiting for him to call and say there are no hams. Today we are having salmon, Sunday is duck, Monday is hor d'oeuvres and Christmas day will be the ham. Oh and strata for breakfast.

When BD was going through his old menu folders he found the cheese straw recipe and the last menu from Antoine's we had autographed. We collect menu's from restaurants we love and have them signed by the staff. My favorite is from Chef Morimoto in Philly.

Well I must get organized for the holiday but I will report back on our food and merry-making.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Okay it is starting to get on my nerves about no Christmas here at the old homestead. Well, we do have the wreath on the front porch but I am not gonna sit outside and look at the decoration.

The wallpaper is not in so we can't get the paint matched yet. Project on hold.

It is raining cats and dogs. Not really is raining copious amounts of water. We were supposed to get snow, but no we are getting rain. So it will be soggy and damp tonight. Rain is boring

We need to go get wrapping paper as we did not get a gift of present wrapping necessities this year. I forgot we used to get gifts from Big Daddy's suppliers in the good old days. If we wait (which I know BD is going to think is a good idea) all the stuff will be gone the day after Christmas and we need to wrap for the kids as they are coming after Christmas to visit with us. They are going to Vermont for Christmas with The Fiancee's family.

We have not spent Christmas here for years and years. We always went away for Christmas. In China we were certainly away and BD took some vacation days to make it seem like a holiday. We usually went to New Orleans, though once after Hurricane Katrina we went to Montreal. I have never been so cold as we were in Montreal, mostly because I did not dress properly for freezing your ass off temperatures. I wore a full length beaver coat and gloves and boots and bought a fur hat and still felt like a popsicle.  And we walked everywhere in the snow and Montreal does not shovel sidewalks and walkways.

We need a plan to get through this Christmas and start fresh in the new year, just dust this past year off our shoes and carry on.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I am not nosy

We watched the Iron Lady last night and it was one of the oddest movies I have seen in a long time. Not my cup of tea and made Margaret Thatcher look like a loon or an over the top dictator. But I must say Meryl Streep never gave it up, one time I barely glimpsed Meryl and that is because I was really looking for it. Excellent acting, poor script.

I think my biggest audience is a travel sports team as now the Philippines are a major stat for me. Or the Survivor crew really likes me. They are shooting the next show there too.

Sales of guns have surged since the massacre in Connecticut. There is a bill going to the Governor here in Michigan to allow guns on some property including schools by CCW holders. The kicker is it outlaws open carry on school property which is now allowed. Who knew. I am thinking of buying one myself, while I can. Of course if I don't get it done-which I won't-before the Mayan end of the world it could be a moot point. NOTE: The Gov did not sign the bill so we will wait and see what shows up next.

On a serious note my oldest, dearest friend, Miss Florida has recommended 2 books by Kate Morton who also wrote Riverton House. The Forgotten Garden  and The Distant Hours. Just nice romantic mystery stories. But not total fluff and nonsense. Punkin Head recommended Fargo and Magnolias as excellent Steve Buscemi vehicles.

I still have not finished the Widow of the South. Damn.

And to address my non-nosiness the Slavs are at it again. Sammy Dog asked out and I was taken aback to see a huge diesel truck parked at the curb and blocking my driveway. Now why would this truck be blocking my driveway? It was out there forever with no activity and I am sure I missed the loading or unloading of the cargo. And just what cargo do I suspect was delivered, hmm, maybe more Slavs.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sometimes ya gotta punt

I am only dealing with what I can control. I cannot control the Detroit Lions as Mr. Ford is not now and has never been an owner interested in winning football games. Losing to Arizona this season is as ridiculous as Sammy Dog thinking he and Bo  are going to have a doggie sleepover. WTF is wrong with this organization that we cannot get a semi-decent team? Did Bobby Layne really put a hex on them? The curse of QB?

The problem of which trashy TV show to watch solved itself. I watched Survivor last night and The Wedding this morning. I love this Comcast on-line shit. Survivor cracked me up, people's true personalities come out when the going gets tough and the boys turned out to be petty assholes and the female villain of the season turned out to be the most normal of the bunch. Denise won and more power to her, she did survive the bullshit.

The Bachelorette Wedding was trashy to the hilt with a few cute moments. Too few to make it worth watching. Trashy,YMMV, Maid of Honor looked liked a sales brochure for a tattoo parlor, Groom did not shave. Cute, Groom had a charm bracelet of their romance delivered while the bride was getting ready.

I did watch one other show on the computer that I am really liking, Nashville-that usually means it will be canceled as everything I like early on is usually canceled.

I had to send an email to my Czech friend about Big Daddy's gift, he sent one back telling me to go and get it from the Post Office. Think the Czechs have a different way of getting mail than we do. Well lo and beheld Oscar showed up on my porch yesterday with the present. I told him about Ilena being scared of Sammy and he cracked up. Oscar is always on my porch, we have door to door mail delivery here, I wonder how the Czech would like that.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Embarrassing secrets

I am addicted to trashy television. There are so few interesting shows anymore and not as many episodes as in the past. Other than some of the cooking shows and a handful of greats it is slim pickin' in the world of television. Honey Boo Boo aside,  there just isn't a lot to pick from. Ice loves Coco was fine at first but not much substance. And now I have a dilemma. Two of my trashy shows are having a face-off.

On Sunday evening The Bachelorette Wedding, showing those crazy in love kids who are getting married in a television special-with special events like the bridal gown fittings and parties that lead up to the nuptials. Opposite is the finale for Survivor Philippines with Lisa Welchel from The Facts Of Life and Michael Skupin the idjit that fell into the fire a few seasons ago in the final 3. I am at a loss on what to do.

Of all the horseshit on television the piece of garbage shows I watch are having a special on the same fucking night, not even close to the night they regularly air. I guess I should just be thankful that Barbara Walters is not having a special the same ass night. And that Nucky Thompson is hunkered down on the Boardwalk waiting for a sign by the HBO gods that there is another season.

The only decent new show, new to me-not the world, that I have found is The Big Bang Theory. Watched it by accident and laughed my ass off. Not as good as Modern Family but better than most of the others.

What is anyone else out there watching? Esby likes Breaking Bad and I am looking into that one next.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The decorating commences

Well using my old negotiating techniques I led with the highest priced paper and when Big Daddy was getting used to it I showed him my other choice. Much more palatable to him and I think we have a winner. I did forget to check on the rug and that must be done tonight before we place the order. The paper is 3 dimensional and should be just enough change to make me happy.

I was searching for a jewelry site yesterday and found one with a very interesting article on the Jeffrey MacDonald murders from back in the 70's. The blog is Wendy Brandes Jewelry Blog and the article is by Gene Weingarten for the Washington Post. I had forgotten about this case and MacDonald is still fighting this in the courts. A library visit is necessary for the original book, Fatal Vision written by McGinnis who is also writing The Rogue about Sarah Palin. I also need the Widow of the South one more time to finally finish it. There is a second book about New Orleans the finishes the story, that one I will have to look up.

By the way Wendy does nice jewelry too. I saw a picture of a custom wedding band she did and it is gorgeous and unique to the owners requests.

I have the Christmas shopping almost finished if Punkin Head would give me his list, if not it is money and I hate to do that. Now I am just waiting to see if the postal service gets it all delivered. One is coming from the Czech Republic so that is the dicey one I think. It is Big Daddy's present so I am hopeful Santa is helping it along. Ho Ho Ho.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fat Fat the Sewer Rat

I don't know where I first heard that but it has stuck with me forever. I learned how to take the photo where you can't really see my face. I think that it is great to learn something new, but as I wear the same outfit or variations of it, this knowledge is not really bankable.

That rug is in the next batch to go to Hagopian for cleaning.

This necklace is Artini from China, from what I can find on the Internet the founder is in a Psychiatric hospital and the brand has disappeared. This was the Christmas ornament from 2009 when I first arrived in Shanghai. Artini was costume jewelry of fairly good quality.

I also learned how to take pictures in the mirror. Woo hoo.

Remember the idiot arrested for trying to hire a hit man to kill the hit man he is alleged to have hired to kill his wife? Well he was sentenced to 6-20 years for that little felony. Still waiting for him to be charged in his wife's death.

The Right To Work law the legislature passed last Thursday becoming quite the controversy. Some schools had to shut down today as the teachers are in Lansing protesting. I don't think much will change in the near future with the current union jobs, unless something crazy happens. The culture is too ingrained in some areas. The Gov is going to sign it today and we will see how this shakes out.

Now I have to go and finish the wallpaper fights with Big Daddy.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Blah, blah, blah

December view of the lake. The weather is still quite mild here.

Mr. Slav is very proud of his Christmas lights, he told Big Daddy it is his first lighting decor ever. How odd as this is not his home he gussied up, maybe Mrs. Slav hates lights on he can't wow it up at home. I have to get out and take some Christmas pictures soon.

I had my hair done this morning and we are getting very close to normal. That is if normal is a trashy blond with a tendency to show too much cleavage. It is hard to find fat clothes that cover the boobage.

I walked into the Benjamin Moore store and had my wallpaper in 15 minutes. I have saved the image and specs online for Big Daddy and we will see how this progresses. BD groused that he only liked Shelby Paint and Wallpaper and guess what? They own this store too. The dude in charge said if you can hang paper this particular paper will be no problem. And he can custom make a coordinating paint. After we get the paper. Which is at least a week to order. And wallpaper suppliers shut down like auto suppliers over Christmas holidays. Order soon or wait until January. Sometimes when I get ideas like this it is almost as if I am physic and it was just meant to be.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

I am untrainable

Try as I might I cannot flush the toilet properly. I am giving up the quest for proper toilet training and am planning to hire a flushing person for those times it is necessary to clear the hole, so to speak.

The Slavs have meticulously decorated their shrubbery. They still have their summer planters, with plants, on display along with the Christmas lights and baubles.

The newspaper guy has the tackiest stuff up ever, I will have to take pictures of this and the new people, Dead Man Walking's clan has put an Easter wreath on their front door. I knew they were Mormon.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Much too busy

Sorry I have neglected writing this week but I have been swamped with so many things requiring my attention. The largest issue in my life is the toilet. Yes once again the toilet and I are at odds. It makes this weird noise-like a loud surge or rush that lasts about 6 seconds. As I paid to have the entire toilet rebuilt just a couple years ago I found this quite maddening. Big Daddy said I was ripped off. So he spent the majority of Saturday repairing the toilet. Saturday night it still made the noise, but not as often. So he spent the majority of Sunday re-repairing the toilet. Now when you flush bits of paper float back up. As this is our regular toilet paper and not some holiday happy toilet paper I am thinking it is the toilet fucking with me once again. And the toilet is in cahoots with BD as he has decided I need toilet flushing lessons again. I don't know which is worse, a woman who cannot properly flush her toilet and must be constantly retrained-or-a rogue toilet that is out to get me.

Yesterday there was a huge thud on the roof. I was in the family room when it thudded and everything here looks okay from the inside. BD can't get up there to check it out until this weekend as it is dark when he gets home from work.

The delays in the plaster repair have a bright side, I have decided to paper the dining room. I am thinking a light bronze.

I am back into a reading mode so I must go and read and get on Amazon to order more books.