Saturday, October 24, 2009

Life Goes on

Met a woman at Trader Joe's who gave me the skinny on cheap flights to NYC to visit Punkin Head. Her son lives in Brooklyn Heights. She also has a house in France. She was hunting for bargain wines. It is still true. Grosse Pointers are cheap. I am getting cheap myself. Won't turn on the lights. First it was to save money. Now it so I don't have to change light bulbs all by myself. What if I am up on a ladder and fall? I don't have one of those things hanging on my neck to call for help.

Big Daddy is not happy with our new apartment. Thinks we are getting pimped. He will be on the warpath to fix this Sunday. No Internet, no phone,no cable and one bath with a futon in the second bedroom. And the locks had to be fixed first thing. Compared his digs to his co-workers digs and he thinks there is something suspicious going on. Hhhmmm. He said shopping was great tho, and ex-pats very kind to each other. Bought about 70 US dollars food for 15 FC money. Good thing cause we are still broke.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 2 at Plant Loco

This is absolutely the worst start-up I have ever seen. 4 major incidents, 3 vehicles damaged, 1 evacuation, and not enough parts on the line at any given time. Whew. And they are still painting amid this mess. Wet paint everywhere.

Had pigs in a blanket, Parmesan, from Trader Joe's today for dinner and they were not bad for purchased frozen food. Took some lentil and andouille soup out the freezer for tomorrow. Thank you Big Daddy.

Went to Fed Ex and the gas station with no problems.

Still no budget in Michigan, Principal in Detroit Public schools resigns due to the wild west atmosphere, Dave Bing is telling Detroit they are broke again, Robert Bobb is trying to root out all the corruption in the schools and Plant Loco is going on a 6 day 10 hour schedule until build out. Crazy.

Gotta get ready tomorrow is garbage day.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Publishing error

Posted new on Big Daddy Can Cook and too tired to fix it. Big Daddy keeps saying he will blog so we will see.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It is not a pretty day

Chilly and blustery, grey skies and no people outside. Went out yesterday to lunch. Friend picked me up when I got home had all intentions of getting my picture taken and doing some shopping but Issues demons are upon me. Got to the CVS parking lot when I decided home was better. Hope this doesn't last long. Last time it was really bad it lasted for months.

Feel somewhat better now that I have tickets for FC and they only cost $110.00 and some American Express points. Tickets are Business and First class so I don't have to be crammed in the back for days and non-stop on the way over. Works for me, thank you Continental Airlines.

Big Daddy's phone and computer are working now, but he is leaving for Paris in the morning and then FC so I am sure the nuttiness will start all over again. Doesn't get to his new home until Thursday or Friday next week so I am sure communication will again be a problem.

Need to say Happy Birthday to The Lady and wish her all the best. Hope Punkin Head's plans are successful and make you happy. He takes after his daddy which makes me happy. He was too funny in telling me he braved up for the spider sweeping because I needed him. Much love to you both. Picture thing still not working. Will only post them on private email if I ever get it figured out.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yep, still the crying lady

This is getting to be ridiculous. Still crying, phone still does not work, and just oh shit. Punkin Head and The Lady left today, all is well there. We took pictures and the camera to computer thing is not working right. As if anything is. I still do not have a storm window on the back door. Camouflage camera is on the pool table because I am supposed to give this to a hunter. Who knew. It takes too many batteries to hunt down robbers. HuH?

Went to Trader Joes yesterday for lesson 2 on shopping. They have already cooked food. Not like a rotisserie chicken, like cooked chicken sliced in strips with flavoring from the cooking. Also they have shrimp that is cooked and you only have to put it in a colander and rinse it off. WTF.

Skype worked today and I saw Big Daddy for the first time in a really tawdry hotel room in France. Makes Hampton Hotels look pretty good. Except they have really good restaurants and windows that open in France.

Have to get my visa pictures, and sundries and gasoline tomorrow. More fun.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why is that lady always crying?

I am sure that is the question many are asking. I feel so foolish. And I really need to have tissues in my pocket. And sunglasses. Maybe they will think I am a movie star and just lost a starring role in the latest Brad Pitt movie.

First I went to get my hair done. Shaky but no tears. However I had to tell hair lady that the last haircut sucked. When she blew it out and saw the problem she agreed. Then we had to fix it. My hair is different and we both think it is stress. Texture and curls are not the same. She asked me if it was falling out. Yikes. Gave me a new product to try as curly hair is no longer an option.

Went to the special market for foodstuffs and got reprimanded by an old lady. I was in her way. Twice. Then she explained to me why carts have wheels. This was so bizarre I actually found myself looking at the wheels as if I had never seen them before. It may be time to go to Kroger and pretend I don't speak english.

Massage lady thinks I need to go to a physical therapist. Cannot afford a physical therapist so I am doing book exercises on a roller. Don't ask. Walking for hours on cement may not be that good for me.

Punkin Head and The Lady are doing fine on the wedding visit. She is very nice. She has a sense of humor and can have a conversation. We approve. Punkin Head is taking after his daddy, made her coffee and took it in to her. I approve. Don't get me wrong, this is not a high maintenance lady, but everyone should be spoiled a little bit. Today is the wedding, it is outside, and I just hope they don't freeze their asses off. It was 33 degrees when they left. Brrr.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Punkin Head is Home

Horrible rainy day, horrible traffic, so glad Punkin Head and The Lady (note name change) landed fine and with no problems.

Big Daddy still has phone problems and now no computer.

I have an appointment for pressure point therapy tomorrow.

Life goes on.

By the way, still no storm window on the back door. And Punkin Head wants to know why the camouflage light is on the pool table.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big Daddy in the New Old World

Things are going better. BD has a kinda phone, must recharge the minutes every so often, very often I think. The French are not real helpful in making calls from the hotels. But Big Daddy, true to his, past loves the food. He has had a real French lunch. Let us see if he can describe this as well as Julia.

He is in northern France, the weather just cleared up and he is working his butt off. Quite a change from sitting around Michigan and having nothing to do.

Gossip tells me Plant Loco is a cloud of dust from Tony's Transportation trying to clean years of dirt and debris. Hope this works or even more people will be out of work.

Which reminds me if I don't get off my butt the The Woman is going to see too much dirt here at the old homestead.

Monday, October 5, 2009

First Day on My Own

Ok, I know I am nuts. There is a website where you can track flights. So of course I did. And when the flight landed (early) and should have cleared customs and I had not heard from Big Daddy I called on the new overseas phone. It did not work. And Big Daddy did not call. And there was some strange message on the flight thing that indicated to me that something was strange.

Well, Big Daddy finally called from a pay phone. The new phone does not work. His cohort for some reason also contributed to his dilemma either with no company phone or another non-working phone. The bank called this morning with an automated message his debit card has a hold on it for strange activity and I forgot how to call overseas to call his boss to tell him he has no money.

So far this is working out great. And I miss my dog. Well, there is no where to go but uphill here.

Punkin Head here on Friday with The Woman. Hope she doesn't hate me and I am not found running naked down Lakeshore screaming "how do you call France"? And when I learn calling France is calling FC gonna be all different again? AArgh, my new crossword puzzle word of the day.

And who knew there were still pay phones?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Final Meltdown

Big Daddy is airborne for the next automotive outpost. Detroit is dying and Michigan is not even trying to get it together. Shit, New Orleans is making us look bad.

Well, Punkin Head is coming home this weekend and I have some pictures to post if I get the energy.

I hate having to stay here and watch everything waste away. The people are so tired and they know there is nothing coming in the future. You look in their eyes and it is so sad.