Sunday, September 27, 2015

39 years ago we said yes,

Big Daddy getting the car ready.

So we decided to do something different this year, we went out to dinner.

We never go out to dinner here and now I remember  why. The only decent restaurants closed down.

We went to the newly revamped Marais. It was not a good thing. My duck was undercooked and the fat was not rendered. BD's trout was dry. The chocolate dessert tasted like wood. It was 166.00 pre tip and we were not feeling the love. And that was only 2 glasses of wine, 2 apps, 2 entrees and one dessert.

We then thought to take the trolley, but we never saw the trolley. You know, the one that runs every ten minutes. And the trolley app for the cell phone did not work. We ended up at a store opening that was bizarre, some kind of candles made from bee hives in Grosse Pointe and a dive bar in the park.

Saturday was much better; we went to Luxe for lunch and split a bacon cheeseburger. If you are going to cheat you need something luscious.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Seeing is believing, or where's the meat

I know it is obscure, just give me a minute.

All I am doing at work is what must be done, as any good short timer knows. Doing my job but not killing myself. When there is not a lot to do I walk around the top floor of the plant to get my steps in for my fitbit. Going down the main path where all the biggies walk everyday, and often multiple times a day, I saw this group of pieces of raw bacon on the floor.

Now, there are multiple janitorial techs in this joint, I am usually tripping over them and their mops, so I was not so much concerned about the bacon being cleaned up, that was a given. I was perplexed by whom and why were "they" were carrying around enough raw bacon to lose part of it and not miss it.

This bacon was still there when I left, not all of it but mostly a lot of it. Kind of like Princess Bride.

The next day to my astonishment the bacon was still there. I kept checking all day and yep, still there. When I was leaving that second day of "the bacon still on the floor", I said what the hell and took the picture. Not as good as the open Vaseline in the restroom but still something unusual. And if questioned I could say, come on this shit has been on the floor for 2 days. And really they are gonna walk me out of the plant over bacon photos?

Today, day three, in a different hallway what do I find, another piece of raw bacon.

This is starting to worry me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Wrecking Crew

I saw this documentary on the plane out to Portland.

It was fabulous and we watched it again this weekend.

It is on Netflix, well worth you time if like music from the 60's.

These are the guys that played for everyone from Sinatra to Pet Sounds by Brian Wilson.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

All our pictures were taken in  New Orleans because we went there every chance we had.

My "person I report to" is really mucking up the job. He is telling people that have sorted these parts since October 22nd of last year to quit sorting for some things and only sort for what he wants sorted.

He is not sorting for the item found last week which will put his tit in wringer, nor is he taking into consideration that these people are trained to look at every inch of these parts and find shit we have never imaged could go bad.

Big Daddy is trying to fix the bathroom tub because it is always more fun to spend an entire day fucking around with the plumbing and making numerous trips to Lowes, and then call the plumber in on Monday. Twice as much time and money, but hey, you are now the big breadwinner so you spend it how you see it.

All the TV shows start up this week, I am so excited.

Friday, September 18, 2015

The weight has lifted

New Orleans

Well, the bastards are letting me work out my 2 weeks so far. Drats.

I think when they get some sucker to take on this job they will ditch me quick, they do not want me telling them shit. The other 2 guys who used to work for them can tell them all the shit they need to know.

I am just going to decompress and I think I have a few fun things I can do. I really do not want to go back to working for idiots. I told BD it is his turn to make all the money and be the provider. I will be the fun person.

I just need to keep busy and entertain myself. And y'all of course.

They called me down today to review a squeak and rattle. This involved me laying on the cement floor under the vehicle (they did give me a piece of cardboard to lay on) with a flashlight saying yea, that looks okay to me. WTF. The engineer is supposed to show up Monday.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

What my Canadian friend called "Dusted and Done"

New Orleans 10 years ago

Well, today it happened. I had it. You can push me so far and then I am done. And when I am done there is no coming back.

I cannot work for the guy I report to, he does not like me, I am tired of being treated like shit and I am done.

So tomorrow I am sending in my resignation, at 4:30 AM, my usual time to check and respond to emails, and then I will be free. I already feel free. I actually felt better when I wrote the email.

They will probably send me home, although no one ever has, as they may not want me repping them when I have given notice, we will see.

I am hearing a lot of comments on people not happy with the UAW contract negotiations and talking about dropping out of the union. I doubt it will happen, but this will be worth watching for the short term. I heard when the union took over the VEBA a lot of top level people double dipped and got the extra pay and pension for themselves. That pissed a few people off.

Tomorrow I have to quit, have a new cleaning lady, and may need to blow dry my hair. This Agency I use for the cleaning lady is going through them like I go through tissue in the morning. We will see.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The cat escaped

Big Daddy likes my shoes.

One of my biggest fears is the cat getting outside. She was a rescue from the wilds and sits by the front door when the dog is out looking like a she is nonchalantly gonna make a run for it. I am very cautious about that door and have yelled at Big Daddy numerous times to "shut the fucking door".

Saturday the door was open and BD heard this loud and plaintive meowing. The delivery man had stuck a package inside the door and it had not fully shut. And yep, she made a run for it, and no one knew.

As far as we know, she never left the porch and was sitting there asking back in after only a few minutes. The grass was not greener. She is much more like a dog than a cat, and she knows Sammy barks to get in, so I am thinking that was her version of "let me in, you cretins".

From here on, the screen gets locked when the door is open.

I sent an email to the author of Doll-baby and she responded. I love when that happens. 3 authors have answered my emails, other 2 are Stuart Woods and Anne Rice. Speaking of Anne, I could not finish her latest, I think it is called Prince Lestat. Don't know if it is her or me, but just did not hold my interest.

Still working on switching summer to fall. This is a big task.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

I do not like children

Random Curly

I said there would be no more baby pictures and that is true, no more pictures of my grandchild.

This is a random girl child that cried and fussed while I was trying to eat my lunch. My only complaint, her parents had a barefoot Curly when the temps were in the 60's. And the child did not say hello Ms. Nola Rice. Other than that she was fine.

So while I was gone,

Read a fabulous new book, Doll-baby by Laura Lane McNeal, this is as good as or even better than The Help. I could not put it down and felt so bad when it was over as I wanted to read more. This is a great new author. It did make me cry.

The Seldon Standard restaurant is off the list. Went there last Sunday and the clean factor has dropped below my standards. No more. And by the by, when you set all your wine glasses where the sun shines down and they are spotted and yucky, that does not help the "below clean factor".

I was mad at myself for not taking more pictures and when I went to the ladies room Friday I found an open Vaseline jar (off brand) on the toilet paper holder. This was so damn odd I went to take a photo and found I had left my phone in my office. This happened 2 more times. I am a dunce. And who takes a jar of Vaseline to the plant and leaves it open in the stall. ***When I went the second time to check it had been moved, this is getting stranger and stranger.

Big Daddy was out of town and that is part of the reason I was off line-too busy and not in a fun mood,

His cat Miss Zoey cat started sleeping on my side in bed, the side opposite the DOG, the enemy. Those two are just not getting along. And I read cat food is really not good for dogs and Sammy Dog does not want to believe that.

I am gonna try and get some garden pics tomorrow as that is getting luscious.