Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Big Trip part one

Adrienne Vittadini ballerina shoe in black crystals with a leather bow.

You may wonder why I am featuring my foot in this shoe with that god awful carpet, well that is me waiting to go to Portland. In the second gate waiting area which was way smaller than the first one.

That day was the best I have ever felt about Delta Airlines. As we are sitting and waiting to board the pilot comes on the PA at the ticket counter and says, "That plane is no good". Then he babbled about looking around the airfield to find a plane with no where to go, and then he said "Hang on, the phone is ringing", and sure as shit we had a new plane. We got in a couple hours late and all was fine. They even brought a snack/beverage cart to the gate area where we were waiting and everyone lined up like we were waiting in the desert and had not had a little drink of soda or a pretzel in days and days instead of a few fucking minutes.

The flight was fine, Punkin Head picked us up and took us to the Benson Hotel and we had Christmas dinner. The dinner was fine, the service was bizarre and we got to bed around 1 AM Detroit time. And we barely slept all night. I have no idea why this happened, the bed was actually fantastic, the room was great. Just a real hard time sleeping for both of us.

Memorable gift giving, the kids loved their J Peterman navy watch hats and Punkin Head loved his red socks. The kids got me a beautiful vintage picture frame with their wedding photo-really nice. When we were packing to leave Big Daddy was packing a tie and I had to stop him and give him his Christmas, a red tie and red socks. He loved them. He then had to give me my present, Tahitian pearl earrings, which are lovely but they did not make the trip.

I got my hair done today-back home-and it is just too damn cold and getting colder. It is supposed to snow tonight. We are staying in and having tapas and snacks for dinner and I sincerely doubt we will see the ball drop in real time.

Tomorrow part two of the Big Trip.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Just a few last minute bits before The Big Trip

I got a manicure and pedicure.

Decorations on the lockers at the plant.

A random Christmas tree in the plant.

I have just one rant-able item for the year. Men with trendy facial hair that is gray. Gray hair on your face is not attractive, sexy, or in any way helpful to making old geezers look hot to younger women. Unless they use "Just for Men" but that is a whole 'nother ugly story.

Just one last Comcast report before Christmas, last night they called Big Daddy at 8:30 PM on his cell phone (the home phone does not work) and asked him if he was satisfied with his exemplary service. Well, you know Big Daddy is much more calm than I am and he kinda went off on them. The hilarious part was when they told Big Daddy he could not talk to them that way. You make the call and you roll the dice on whether the recipient of your glad tidings wants to converse with your sorry ass.

We are packing and trying on clothes and talking with Punkin Head and in general getting ready. We might have a trip to some falls in the Columbia Gorge so I am guessing some appropriate clothes are in order for that segue from town.

The kids are picking us up at the Portland airport, the reservations for dinner are made, Sammy the Spanky Dog is at the Heartbreak Hotel. Oh, we had to tell them about cooking his dinner. They said he did not eat well last time and then we remembered. Did we tell them to add hot water to his food? Did we tell them to stand there as he is watching and tell him it is cooking?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all and I will report on the trip if possible. If not a bunch of pics when we get back.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Comcast, the shitty saga continues as it gets worse

Just when you think it cannot possibly get worse, you get a surprise. It can.

Almost a month after the beginnings of the debacle from Hell, AKA Comcast the Cretins, we finally get a personal visit from the asshat in the truck with Comcast written in red on the side of the truck. Big Daddy again stayed home and watched and waited for our service to be fixed. The dude came in (no charge in our case by the way) and did everything he could do and could not fix the problem. The dude says this is because the problem is with our Security company. So when I came home and BD explained it all to me I was not surprised to see that I had no Internet service. We did the whole restart and re-boot bullshit and, well I am on my Verizon Internet Jetpack and BD is suffering with Comcast. And guess what he found out!!!

Now the Comcast dudette who happens to answer our call says our serial numbers on the new modem do not match the serial numbers on file with our Comcast account. Just how fucking dumb do you have to be to get a job with Comcast. I do not believe there is test for this level of stupidity and just wonder how in the hell they find all these dumbass people.

So we still have no Internet, still no phone for the last month and now another asshat says our account is fucked up. I am so positive that Grosse Pointe Woods cares so little for the residents that we must continue to put up with this very poor level of service. Again, in my heart I truly believe someone in Grosse Pointe Woods must be on the take from Comcast to lock us into this crappy company.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I am so thankful I have great insurance

Well the doctor visit went well, I have medications out the wazoo and am starting to feel better. It was a sinus thing and I learned something new. The behind the counter sinus decongestion pills are supposed to work in 4 days or less, if they have not-quit taking them. I also got a new nasal spray from the dentist, XLEAR all natural and drug free sinus care spray. I am afraid of those neti pots, heard of too many instances of introducing bacteria if the container and everything associated with it is not pristine. Of course, that is also why I fed my child canned formula, I was too afraid of the powder. I mean, just how far do you need to go with the sterilizing shit.

The picture above is the last batch of the Buckeyes, actually experimental Buckeyes. Buckeyes are boring. You make the peanut butter centers and roll them into balls. Then you dip them in semi-sweet chocolate (dashed with a bit of coffee crystals) and that is it. They tasted fine, just boring. So when I had enough for the plant folks we went into experimental mode. I tried some sea salt to perk them up and when that was done I just could not dump out the remaining chocolate, so I dumped in a half a can of salted cashews and some dried cranberries. We will see.

Update, the plant folk loved, loved, loved the Buckeyes. Guys were walking around telling each other how utterly divine they were. It was hilarious. But, really those are the sweetest things I have ever eaten. And they have to be 500 calories apiece. All the rest of the candies are going out tomorrow to Big Daddy's work and my other plant.

I had a learning experience at work today, tubes. Tubes are fascinating. Did you know if aluminum rubs together it creates a black greasy mark? Who knew.

Monday, December 16, 2013

My head hurts

I believe I have the beginnings of a sinus infection. I have been taking the "special behind the counter-so you can't make meth-pills" for a week and it is going south on me. So I called the doctor and have an appointment for early afternoon, tomorrow. I think I need the sinus cocktail shot and some antibiotics.

Sammy Dog is sick and at first I feared that we had the rare but dreadful human to dog virus. I am pretty sure that is not true as Sammy Dog is still alive and that apparently kills in 24 hours. He is not a happy camper though. And Big Daddy did not make his pee and poop area big enough so we had a dreadful morning. First thing when he came home we have an enlarged hole and a new area and Sammy peed in them both, kinda like a christening I think.

I am so excited about my weight, and no I am not losing weight because I am sick. It is not that kind of sick. But all together as of today I have lost 17 and 1/2 pounds since the middle of June. And if they are new pants I am back in my old size, the size before I was thinner. This is also the size that sells out quickly. I am wearing the old belt as I am still somewhat between sizes and would like to be able to wear my old pants and not have to purchase an entire new wardrobe for work. But imagine the excitement of not only seeing a new number on the scales, but also skipping a number. Wooeee.

Also, I am over the moon the closer our trip to Portland. We fly out Christmas Day for the long journey to the kids and the only thing we have so far is some candy's Big Daddy bought for the flight attendants. I have to get going on all this, hopefully after the doctor tomorrow I will start feeling better.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Buckeyes are coming

Steak bites appetizer at Luxe, Grosse Pointe. I just had to get out of house yesterday, so Big Daddy and I indulged in a snack. Then we came home and made dinner and broke the garbage disposal.

There are Christmas parties at Assembly Plants. They are individual to the plants, the areas, the teams and whatever. As suppliers we have to participate in all and stay within a budget. In the olden days I only had to participate in one and then take some asshats out to lunch. This year I have to go along to a couple lunches, drop off some cookies, make time for my own lunch with a new friend and make some Buckeyes.

I have "cooked" for the plants before, mostly Big Daddy did it and I claimed the awards. Well, this year we will be making Buckeyes together. One party we must attend needs desserts and when the manager and I were chatting she mentioned that she was a nut for Buckeyes. I shared that I was like a dog with a bone for Christmas cookies.

My New Orleans (dotcom) has an story and a recipe for Buckeyes and I said to myself, Supe and I will be heros if I can pull this one off. Now I just have to find someone that makes Christmas cookies.

Oh and I renewed my acquaintance with the plumbing community. When I arose this morning Big Daddy was already under the kitchen sink grunting and swearing. After a few hours of that he made an appointment with Roto Rooter and $300.00 later our sink and garbage disposal is working again.

I need that sink for the Buckeye making.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Me and Ebay go way back

I love Ebay. I can spend money without really spending a lot and still get some interesting things. Here is my strategy, I find something I like, figure out how much I am willing to pay for it and then I make my bid. That is it, if I don't get it-fine. If I think people are waiting around to get something on the cheap I will publish the entire bid and make them put in a real bid. This is for mostly trinket jewelry shopping although years ago I bought a lovely pair of 18 karat gold rose cut diamond earrings. They were not huge and the price was right. I also bought quite a bit of vintage fur before it became popular. Yes, I have the heads and the tails.

Lately I am obsessed with "One minute manicure" type product as my hands take a beating during the day. I cannot always wear gloves in the cold, I wash my hands frequently with cheap or industrial soap and constant hand cream at work is not an option. My hands feel so wonderful after this treatment I searched and searched for the product. The only place I could find it was Sephora and it was mighty pricey in my book. So I investigated Internet recipes and found that it is nothing more than an oil and either sugar or salt. You can add other stuff if you want but that is just your choice, not a necessary item.

Well, I said to myself, just where would I store this stuff so that it looked nice, was easily available and easy to use. Goodness gracious---what about jam jars. You know, the kind with the spoon. Well, I received my first one today. I paid $5.99 plus shipping. It is green and peach to match my 1950's bathroom.  I plan on using grape seed oil and sea salt or maybe just Kosher salt. I will take pictures and let you know.

Just in case you are intrigued, you put a glop on dry (as in not just washed) (but not dirty) hands and massage into your hands rubbing well and paying attention to the cuticles. When you are finished just rinse off and dry your hands and they are the softest, non-greasy, nicest hands ever. I promise. And if we can do it on the cheap, well-why the hell not.  I also got a cut glass powder shaker for under ten bucks to hold the baking soda that I use for my face exfoliation. Another cheap but useful item.

Tomorrow making Buckeyes for the plant Christmas lunch.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The hatred continues; Comcast is Horrid

Now Comcast is calling asking us to hold for them to tell us why they are not shitheads.  Big Daddy is now in charge of Comcast, he went in person and if this new modem does not fix it they will send out the truck-maybe. I have heard this shit before.

Sephora just told me they lied, they cannot adjust my purchase to include my VIB status discount. They will add it to my account and God willing and the creek don't rise I will get a discount on my next mascara if I need one before I die. I am starting to get the not happy shopping mojo.

My (auto) plants are not happy and the Supervisor is still cranky. He does not seem to understand if I wanted to work nights and weekends I would be at Plant B. I am part time and working off-shift for straight time is not in the cards for me. My operator peeps are all happy with me right now, makes my life so easy.

However Production Control, the people who order parts to build the vehicles, they hate me. They were supposed to order new parts after they said all my parts were BAD. We were supposed to send information and a truck to pick up the parts. Nothing happened. Last night they had to use the "suspect" parts and there were no failures. And today a shipment showed up at our plant-out of the blue-with no paperwork. WTF, this is why I laugh about all the people saying how great it was the government saved the auto industry---but made them accountable. Yea right, and pigs fly.

But it was nice to see a woman selected to run GM, she can't be any worse than the previous asshats and she might be a damn sight better.

Well, I went to the store because I had to get a Christmas card for my one new Christmas card friend. Actually my only Christmas card friend. And as I did not trust Big Daddy I got 2 gallons of windshield juice, good to 20 below and a big snow brush and scraper combo. And I was right, we needed them.

Tomorrow, my Ebay extravaganza.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Comcast is incompetent beyond belief-This is the new Comcast

Prior to Thanksgiving Comcast badgered the bejesus out of us to get a new modem. Then our Internet started shutting down every few days.  I figured it was a sign from Comcast that I better get the modem or I would never have decent service again. Well, we got the new modem and our phone now works for shit.

We hooked up the new modem and then the phone quit ringing properly. Ya know when your phone rings and you get Brrriing. Well, now I get Br. The first 3 people we spoke with said this is not right and we need a service call. You know, the truck in the driveway that says Comcast on it in RED.

Well those suckers never showed up. After mulitple confirmations and no shows and reschedules and confimations and no shows, plus the fact they kept calling the phone that did not work properly, it went south. Yep, today when I called I got the infamous Indian of India people disguising themselves as Texans telling me all the white talking-people knew shit about Comcast and telephones and that my phones were broken.

Yes, for goodness sakes both the hard wired into the wall trimline phone from Alexander Graham's relative Ma Bell and the wireless phone with answering machine broke at exactly the same time. That was when we installed the new asshat modem from Comcast. This idiot from India is telling me to change the number of rings on the wall trimline phone, this is why I hate all people from Comcast.

So this week will be devoted to switching everything possible out of Comcast's hands. New security system so I do not need a land line, new TV service, and back to Ma Bell or whoever for phone if I need one and please let there be a new Internet in the Pointes. I swear someone here is getting graft for allowing Comcast this monopoly and that is why we get such crappy service.

This is the exact statement from the witch, "Well you pay for service and you get it, you can make calls and people can call you." I asked about the not ringing and therefore not knowing someone was calling and she said, not our problem. And pretty much as I don't use their voice mail (as it is another version of living in India hell) well, F off bitch.

The service is the same as ever-horrible to the Max. I remember one Christmas when a high level tech guy stood in my family room and screamed, No-don't do that. And we had no service for 2 more days.

Rat Fuckers are the best I can call them.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A little change in the weather

Last day in St. Augustine the weather was beastly and today I can say the same for SE Michigan.

Day started out good, you can always tell when you take Sammy Dog for his first pee how the day is gonna start. It was downright balmy for the first pee of the day. It is now biting cold wind looking as gray as in this picture. Just no palm trees, leafless Maples are swaying in the dance of the winter chills.

I now have 2 different coats, hats, gloves in the car. No boots yet and the cashmere scarf from China will be the winter scarf- it is long, light and warm.

I received the first of the Christmas presents yesterday and it was exciting.

My current supervisor and I had out first dust-up today. I ignore quite a lot-this is a temporary situation and he is just kinda weird. Today he directed me to go talk to this person about a written issue. He seemed somewhat steamed that I had not seen the email. I only get access to email over my phone in the plants and it is not that easy. He fails to understand this as he is a direct employee and company provides his phone and makes sure he can get his email. Whatever. The person he sent me to talk to blew up at me. Boss boy get the message wrong and blew up the Internet with incorrect emails I had never seen, and well it was not pretty. When I told him, he blew up at me. Whoa Nelly and back up the truck. I am not his whipping boy and told him so. He then declared he had not blown up. Well, I saw that mushroom cloud. It is all gone now, but he needs to shrug some of this nonsense off.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The week of problems

The Casa Monica had original artwork for sale on the walls.

If you remember my car not starting fiasco, I do not think I reported that it was NPF, or in our world No Problem Found. Well a week or so ago the same damn thing happened to Big Daddy. Now I know I am not crazy and that damn car needs to be fixed. So I have a broken remote start on my car.

Comcast demanded we had to get a new modem and they of course sent it to us for self install and guess what, it does not work properly. I cannot get a normal phone call. I get half a ring and then nothing but the caller continues to hear it ringing. The Comcast guy is coming Saturday morning between 8 and 9.

Now the Comcast On Demand is not working properly.

The oldest schoolhouse in America.

Oh yes, lest I forget, my brother is just out of ICU and probably dying. I have never met him and my sister keeps calling me with updates. I have met the sister. She was encouraging me to call my brother and chat about God knows what. I asked her if she really thought that was a good idea. If you were in the hospital, maybe dying, sick for your entire life with a horrible disease and suddenly the sister you have never met starts calling, well I just think that might be kinda creepy. If he asked me to call, of course, but that is a different story.

And to top it off it seems quite a few of our plants have decided to ship shit parts and we are having to sort, rework, and explain this shit. They do not accept "the parts are fucked up" as an explanation. They want to know why. Well, you know what-I would like to know that too. We may never know. But we make up pretty stories and everyone smiles and nods and we pretend this is all A-Okay.

Bizarre of the day:  If you have ever seen a turnstile, bars and they turn in circles, they are made to keep it difficult to do more than push through to the other side. Everyday I see people, workers, standing on one side of the turnstile and food delivery people standing on the other side shoving food between the horizontal bars. One container at a time. Usually one person picks up the order for the entire team, so there could be 8 plus orders shoved between these bars. The thing is, these people could just as easily badge out, go through the turnstile, pay and pick up the food, and come back through the turnstile in a lot less time. They give drug tests to work in these plants, not IQ tests.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Casa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine

Rather trashy looking but very comfortable.

Everything on the bed was washable, and that is my number one "gotta have it".  The room itself was okay-especially when you consider the price-expected a bit more than okay. But the location was the best in town and if you are a walker-there is no better place to be. Room was not small but there was only one chair and a couch, so when we ordered room service-what to do? They solved that by bringing two trays. And as there was no chance of eating anywhere in town the Friday after Thanksgiving, we shut up and were grateful for fuel for our bodies. Room service food was not great.

The hotel was fine, but for top dollar prices they were lacking in many ways. Bar was too small, especially when you have weddings, too few staff and the staff that was on duty tended to be cranky.

But the real beauty of the hotel, you are within walking distance of everything downtown. And the restaurant was pretty darn good. The Hunters Platter in the Bar was worth my money and we slept very well.

Odd thing about the hotel, no CNN. Not that I missed Piers.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Back to the rat race

The taggers are alive and well.

Actually it was not the rats racing, it was Sammy Dog. When they brought him out-pulling on his leash to go faster-he did not miss a beat. No hello Mommy, no acknowledgement whatsoever, he pulled forward to the door and strained to get out, get to the car, get in the car and then whined to get this show on the road. He wanted as much real estate between him and The Heartbreak Hotel as possible.

The he came in and rubbed his head in the family room rug and howled. Collected all his toys. Said hey and collapsed in my chair.

His report card says he did not eat well, so I will be making him dinner soon.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter Weather

On our way to the airport Thanksgiving day there was a huge accident that shut down the Xpressway to the airport for 2 hours. We were 5 minutes into our 30 minute ride-forced off the Xpressway and onto the side streets to find our way. Most of the houses were burned out, boarded up and sometimes not occupied. People do live in the non-habitable abodes.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I am not a doctor

Nor do I play one on television. But I am quite opinionated and well read.

Well, for those of you who remember the partial Rubik's Cube that manifested in my sight line, that is called an Ocular Migraine. I am blessed I have no pain or headache when I get them. If that changes or the frequency increases I need to go to my Internist and then a Neurologist. And hydration is a factor here which makes perfect sense. With the cold weather I have to cart my coat around and do not carry the water bottle in my hand which I used to do. Less water is a bad thing for me.

Other news from the eye doctor, I am not a glaucoma candidate but one to be watched. I might be perfectly normal. However this does rule out the Latisse or the common stuff for the eye drops for the eye pressure---as this can cause false readings for the testing. So I will still have normal crappy eyelashes. She suggested those trendy eyelashes everyone is wearing but I am not that kinda gal.

Onto the facial expert, every woman over 35 needs to exfoliate her face. When I explained my technique--which needs to be put back into use--she fell out. Baking soda. Yes, it is the best for the face and the cheapest. Oh, and my eye doctor swears by Prep H for bags under the eyes.

Well, I could call this funny of the day but Big Daddy would kill me. He was ill recently. It started Thursday evening with odd complaints but by Friday morning he was in misery. You all know how a man in misery is, the moaning, sighing, gasping, and just plain noisiness of a man in discomfort is enough to send you running down the street naked--screaming and pulling out your crappy eyelashes. You see, Big Daddy had not had a recent bowel movement and was in some discomfort from constipation. As a good wife I gave him some green tea and an apple. I tried really hard to block his moaning and groaning out of my mind. I went to work, he went to the drugstore. This situation dragged on another day. It was now Saturday and the miseries were still with us. I looked at the container of "medicine" BD had purchased and it guaranteed success in 1-3 days. I asked BD if he read the directions and claims on the bottle before he purchased it. He asked why. I asked him if he was content with not "having success" until Monday. Yes, I laughed my ass off.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Funny of the day

Wish I had a picture but I could not risk it. I was walking by this area and they had moved about 14 short moveable racks to block off this area. On each moveable rack was a white paper sign that said do not store frames here.

The racks were circled around- - - -excess frames.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

How this business works

Must have had some damage from the recent wind storms. There is planking under that truck so it does not sink into the lawn.

I have been pretty busy as my parts are all messed up. Some are missing pins,unfortunately they are certified for pins. Which means a broken clean point. Which is really, really bad. Others are too long. Also, unfortunately when I started measuring I found parts too short. So all my parts are too long or too short. I feel like a cheated Goldilocks, I have no parts that are just right.

So what happens next after I discover these issues I have to phone people and tell them of these problems. They of course deny that it is even possible that this could happen and that I am lying, trying to fool them, insane, or just plain stupid. This is of course when I tell them to look at their email/text message picture and call me back. Now is the fun part, we must come up with a fix, replacement, sort plan. Then I get to explain it to and train the homeless people who work for the sort company. You think I am kidding about this. I am not. There are not that many people who are willing to work for minimum wage on an on-call basis. That have transportation or access to bus service. Bus service is horrible in Metro Detroit.

Then I spend the next few days answering really stupid questions from everyone.

Oh, and I have to fill out reports, do emails, send information, etc. on all this data I am collecting.

Then people call me and ask stupid question because it is easier than reading the above mentioned reports, emails, etc. My favorite this time was one guy I called and every question was answered with "I don't know". I was tempted to ask him if he had on shoes just to see if this was a stock answer or if he was really that out of touch with his job.

I swear some of the answers are hilarious, as in "You might be right-maybe we should have 2 racks to sort on so we don't mix up this shit and send it to the wrong plant". Yea, it is kinda hard when the shit is 400 miles away from where it should be. And I have to explain. And I really cannot say, "Do you not understand most of the people working for us are as stupid as the people working for you"?

So anywhoo, I have just found out that the guy I am working for kinda part time is fighting to keep me from the full time job they are moving me too. Too Complicated. I will think this through after Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday minutiae

We have not had any Sammy reporting for awhile now. Sammy's new thing-when he gets out of the prison bathroom he goes outside and takes care of business. When he is done he barks and I go let him in. He grabs his toy and runs to his bed in the family room as if the devil himself is chasing him. This is his family room bed, his prison bed is much smaller and not as cushy.

I went to the dermatologist for the huge red thing that appears, fades, reappears and wouldn't you know it faded away and on the day of my appointment my skin looked better than it had in years. WTF. She gave me Metrogel and a coupon.

We had Faux Veteran's Day on Friday, really the start of firearm hunting here in Michigan, so everything is fairly quiet at the plants. Wonder how the hunters fared in the terrible winds we had. I saw 2 horrible accidents on the way home. Don't know why they happened but both were nasty. I think I need flares for my car, never had them before. Don't think I have my shovel anymore either.

I cannot find boots and I hate how all the shoes are differently sized now. Used to be a 7 was a 7, not anymore. Kinda ticks me off.

We are taking the seasonal payment for snow removal this year. Last year we paid by the push and got whacked on the costs. They were in the street waiting to plow before the sun could melt the snow. This year we figure if there is no snow it is a small price to pay.

I went with Big Daddy to Trader Joes on Saturday. First I had to get a dress hemmed, needed over a foot taken off then on to the grocery store. Bugger was not there so I was disappointed and we spent a fortune. But we stocked up and have dinner for the week plus backup food and wine. I got some Candy Cane Green Tea not realizing it is extremely minty. Punkin Head said it is horrible so I am not looking forward to trying it. I also got chocolate chip scones, I know they are not on the diet, and he said they were horrible-and he was right.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

I just snapped

Friday I was just so antsy I could barely stand myself. And my supervisor was in a foul mood and made me want to smack him. Then he got snappish that my badge has not been turned on at one of the plants. Well, sorry that is his job and obviously he failed. And after I have told you a few times I am not going to harp on it every day. Oh yea, I forgot, he is also Mr. Cut and Paste and send your emails to other people. Nuh uh dude, now very little gets put in writing. Be careful what you wish for.

So I finished up early and called Big Daddy and demanded the exact location of TJMaxx. Retail therapy of the sort were you could touch and see the goods. It was like a dream. I had so much fun and finally got the loaf pan of my dreams for 5.99. What a deal. And BD got new socks. There is something strange about BD's body chemistry and he eats through most metals and socks. Don't know why but it is true.

 I got a couple sweaters to wear to work, thin merino wool. I am thinking to wear these over cotton tee type shirts. Nice tee type shirts. You see, I must carry my outerwear with me wherever I go. So I am lugging my coat and a backpack every step I take. I am thinking I can wear the sweater under a non bulky jacket and be warm enough to get in the building on most days. I will just keep the down coat in the car for emergencies. I also got heavy duty North Face gloves as I have Reynauds and the fingers freezing is not fun.

Next I need to figure out what to wear for our trip to St. Augustine, the temps are in the high 60's and low 70's and should stay that way. I need footwear. I just found out there is a Marshalls around the corner from TJMaxx, how delightful. And they have a fabulous shoe department. That and DSW shoe warehouse should finish me off. It is so nice to go shopping here after my experiences in Shanghai. My next goal is a consignment shop for my wedding attire and I think I am dumping the wool cape from China. We will see.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

No Smoking update plus mundane minutiae

This is just kinda about the no smoking, I am still not smoking-almost a year and 7 months now. This is more about the weight gain situation.

I have lost all the lazy, fat, depression weight. Now I am losing the smoking weight gain. Next will be the China fat gain, and the last will be the not working and not working out weight. I find it easier to work on one block at a time.

My angel DIL sent me some lovely Loccitane products and a fabulous candle.

Life is good, Bestest friend had her breast cancer surgery today and so far so good.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The best pick up line ever

Yes my nails are quite short here, but look at the ring. This is a picture of a defective part I sent to my company. I was looking at the ring and cracked up laughing. I do not wear good jewelry to work and this is a QVC special for 29.99 U.S. dollars I bought because it was cute and I wear it to work to ward off the worst of the worst whore dogs.

So the other day I am walking down the aisle in a rather un-populated area of the plant, eating a bag of Better Maid BBQ chips-made here in Detroit, by the way-when I am stopped by an old black man on a bicycle. Yes, they ride bicycles in the plants-they are efficient. This guys stops right in front of me and starts talking about the movie. He asked me where the movie was. Now, I am pretty sure I am dealing with the weirdo of all time and there is no one to witness whatever mayhem might follow. He kept asking about the movie and then he looked at my slyly and said, "Well, you should know where the movie is because you are a movie star, right?" Come on, a really old black guy took the time to make me laugh and feel like a queen for a few minutes. That guy is a King in my book.

And I guess the ring does not work.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy BIrthday to me.

This is not the best picture, it is a sterling silver "Candy Kiss" that Big Daddy got me years ago from a jeweler at the Fisher Building in downtown Detroit. We were there to see a play at the Fisher Theater and this was in the window. The store was closed and he made a special trip to get it. I don't wear it often as it is heavy and the chain seems short, but it was my birthday and I always try to wear a BD gift on my birthday.

I had to buy donuts today as one of the plants I visit have a tradition of the birthday person supplying the treats. When I got the donuts it was rush time, lunch hour and the place was packed. I went through the drive-thru and stuffed the change in the console and when I got to the plant and put the change in my little purse I noticed I had 10 dollars extra. Shit, now I had to go back and return this money and it was not in my direction home. I must say though the people at the store were very appreciative.

The weirdest thing happened to me today and it is the second this year it has happened. And it has never happened before. I was walking down the path to visit one of my parts when a huge nut flew across an area and hit my foot and almost caused me to fall as it could have been worse for getting under my shoe. Once at the old plant a hi-lo dropped the forks really hard and something hit my thigh really hard. It just makes me wonder if the maintenance is getting lax in these plants.

My Punkin Head sent me some lovely books and called me for my birthday, he is a sweetie.

And no flowers, hmmm.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just tidbits

This tree reminded me of the trees in Shanghai, they trimmed them back like this every year. Different bark though.

Punkin Head is travelling in high style to his first conference, Delta, the airline of dreams. He can speak French to all his comrades as he used to be fluent. Years of not speaking it may have made him a tad rusty but I am sure it will all come back to him. Oh, he is in Montreal. Not as cold as the last time I was there with him, that was Christmas. He is staying at the same hotel, the Omni and he said it has been refurbished, and it did need it.

Big Daddy recently turned down a new job that would have taken us back to Shanghai. Said it was not enough money for the grief and this time he would have had to negotiate taking Sammy Dog as we are not leaving another pet unless we are headed to the poorhouse. We still see Remy at the groomer and I am so grateful he found a good home when we were all thrown to the wolves.

I had a few lowlights put in my hair, it was too blond for me. After a tad of shopping we went to Luxe for lunch and met a whacko. He said he was a former player for the Philly's, baseball I think, and he was one crazy dude. Looking for friends in an almost empty bar on football Saturday. He tried to strike up a conversation with Big Daddy and let me tell you, BD does not know sports. Nor does he care to learn about them. He was making the bartender search for the South Carolina/Arkansas game and I told him, dude, South Carolina is playing Mississippi State, it is on the other TV. Whacko.

Michigan lost to Michigan State yesterday. Sad, sad, sad.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Is it just me . . .

Thanksgiving at the Courthouse. In Moonshine Country.

I realize tipping has changed over the years and I have learned a few things I did not know. I guess it is proper to tip the person who does your dog's hair the same as the person who does your own hair. And the lines have become fuzzy on the who, whom, and who the hell needs to be tipped. But today threw me for a loop.

My new since mid-June Ford Fusion would not start this morning. It was odd, the remote start worked and then when I tried to start it with the key the engine would not engage. Now even though I am supplying make the car go parts-I had not a clue why the bitch would not start. So the dealership sent me a flatbed and an offer to ride in with the driver if he was not too weird. That should have been my first clue.

Just how does one ascertain how weird a person is while said person is hooking your car up to a flat bed truck. All I saw was a guy in a sweatshirt flipping and flopping on the cold cement in very cold and strong winds hooking chains to my car. I said to myself, another job I would not want. Well he says hop in and off we go. Then he hit a bump I have never before seen in the road and he almost hits the roof of the cab as he is not wearing a seat belt.

Now the story begins. He tells me he is in tremendous pain and almost did not come to work today. A while back he was picking up a car on the freeway and another car struck him. He was off for a few weeks and healed up but this accident messed with his sciatic nerve. Now he is in constant pain. But the only money he makes is from commission and TIPS. And he is an engineer and he can't find a job. He is a mechanical engineer and that was his mistake because he can't use CNC machines and such as he did not study for that in his engineering classes. And he was offered a job out west making 95,000 a year plus all the bennies and a free house and they would pay to move him out there and he turned it down flat because that meant he could not see his kids. He tried to talk the mother of the kids to move out there with him and she flat out turned him down. That is because she knew he was weird. And he is an engineer like I am 20 and dating George Clooney.

I was just discovering the weirdness of this dude. I tried to escape as soon as the flatbed stopped at the dealer but he was calling me back to give me my car keys. I felt somewhat safe as there were now witnesses.

So I did not tip him because my fairly almost brand new Ford car failed to started and the dealership sent a tow and gave me a loaner. Where in this picture am I supposed to tip this dude. If it was a AAA call for a flat and he changed my tire, yea I can see that tipping would good. A broken car under warranty? I think not. But it started me thinking what is up with all this tipping?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Car Part School review

They will never forget the War of Northern Aggression.

This was not a bad road trip. The guy I traveled with, my Former Boss, is really easy going so no stress and we both talk easily, so very comfortable.

The learning how the car parts are made was fun and fascinating. These are new parts to me, so 80% was all new manufacturing lessons. This was no small plant but it was it in Moonshiner, BFE. There is nothing like a small town to take you back and crack you up. There was one section of the plant where the messiest part of the process occurs and I must admit, I would be hard pressed to do that job. And I do not think there was one woman in that department.

All my FB could talk about on the way down was the Belgian Waffle that awaited him in the morning. We were staying at one of those hotels that have the free breakfast dealy-wop and he had learned of the menu and was focused on that waffle. Me, I am a doughnut girl. The only doughnuts I ever see is when I travel. They are not allowed in my home and I would never go and buy one here at home.

Well, when I meandered out to the coffee pot in the morning I scoped out the food and there was not a doughnut to be found. Actually the food offerings were pretty sad. My FB was already disappointed in the hotel and I knew this was not gonna make him happy. Worst breakfast buffet ever, yep this was it. Even the pre-cooked and peeled boiled eggs looked sad and not quite sanitary on their little plate with no ice and no cover.

Well, the big moment arrived and here was FB waiting for the waffle to cook. He had the butter and syrup all ready, his juice was poured. The moment arrived and when I saw him picking at the waffle iron with his waffle removing device I knew this was not good. The top and the bottom of the waffle split and then those portions split and in the end he had about 6 or 7 pieces of waffle. Yum.

Monday, October 28, 2013

It pays to get an education

Tomorrow I am going to car part school. This company I work for is a tad weird so the going to school part is even weirder. My old boss is driving me to one of the plants and we will be educated together. Why this requires an escort/chaperon, I don't know. He knows more than enough about this particular car part. I know next to nothing. Oh well, part of the new position, which is really not a new new position. Just new to me.

Something I find odd about him and my new boss-they both do a lot of driving and driving travel. And they do not leave first thing in the morning. So when we get there it will be too late to see the plant and then we won't go to the plant until 9 in the morning. I guess we will get home around midnight. Shoot, when I used to visit the plants I left before dawn even if it was just to the airport and I was always in the plants by 6:30 at the latest. The plants hate it when corporate people come and don't get to the plant until 9, they think we are all dilettantes.

I am having some issues so I am on the high dosage Imodium. Let us hope this does not turn into an embarrassing moment. Also we are going into the hills with the moonshiners so who knows what we may find to eat. And I cannot eat any crazy ass crap right now. Tummy just will not go there.

Gotta pack, hopefully I can follow up tomorrow on the tablet. We will see.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Alas and alack, once again no Halloween for us. We just do not know in advance if we can be home and the worst thing is to decorate up the house and have it dark on Halloween. Too much mischief .

But I do still love Halloween and remembering how to be scared.

My favorite scary things:

Ghost Story by Peter Straub, one of the scariest books ever.

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, scary book and movie.

Fright Night, 1985 movie-funny and cute.

The original Dark Shadows. Loved, loved, loved it.

The Thriller Video with Michael, come on that is great.

At least I got to light the fire this weekend. Something new. And cozy.

Have 2 new books to read, The Heavens Rise by Christopher Rice and The Wolves of Midwinter by his mama.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hooray, I did great

Had a doctor visit today and all is great. Now we have to wait for the bloodwork.

B/P was actually my normal 110/77 for the first time in forever in a doctor's office. Weight loss noted, everything looked good, flu shot did not hurt, blood work did not hurt.

Only 3 downers. Had to admit stress plays a big part in the IBS. This latest stress has really increased the IBS symptoms and problem. So what to do, we take Imodium once or twice a week. And no, on me there is no constipation. As I normally have my stress symptoms a few weeks after the actual incident this should start passing soon.

Biggest question is going to be the cholesterol-new news to me--as women got through menopause they lose the "whatevers" that give certain women the higher HDLs which I used to have. With hormone changes women can and do lose the HDL levels that made them "Gold". So we will see and we talked about different medication if that would be necessary.

The third issue is that on the way into the plant today I had the eye queer thing happen. In my right eye on the outer edges a portion of what I would call a Rubik's cube appears and seems to move around the outer portions of my eye. This lasted about 45 minutes and I felt slightly nauseated while this was happening. It was not making me happy though as this has only happened before when I was on the computer and not when I was driving. Doc looked at the eyes and did not see anything but said I need to see an eye doctor.

Talking about a new position in the company, this could be good. And really happy about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Life is good. And no I am not an appliance from Korea.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sweetest Day

Yep, we have a stupid made up holiday here in Michigan known as Sweetest Day. So I ask Big Daddy what he is bringing me home for Sweetest Day. He was stumped and stymied as to what I was talking about and then he remembered. As he had gone to Mexico for 6 days and it was a made up stupid holiday I did expect something. He bought flowers and is trying to pass that off as a gift to me. He buys flowers about once a week anyway so that is not gonna fly.

I think I had/have a canker sore in my mouth. I do not know what they are but yesterday I had a terrible pain on the inside of my cheek and what appeared to be a painful bump. Really the whole side of my face hurt. Then it kinda went away and today there is nothing. Now I never really looked at it-nothing good would come from looking-but the bump and pain are gone.

I do have good news for me. The kids are staying in Portland for Christmas and Mama and Big Daddy are planning a trip to go see them and their new environment. It is so exciting. New hotels and restaurants and places to see. And we may be able to go first class as we must use up our miles before Delta declares them useless. And I get to see Punkin Head and The Bride. It will be so exciting. We have not spent Christmas with PH since either New Orleans or Montreal. I can't remember which was the last trip. We never did make it to New York City.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Second Shift

All I have to say, if the second shift operator does not want to put the part on the car correctly, who am I to tell her different.

She is one scary operator.

I have no problem with Da Boss fixing those parts once or twice a week. Uh huh, its all good with me.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fat, fat, the sewer rat

I think I have used this title before and probably fit then as it does now. Even though I have lost 10 pounds and am still losing weight---I am still fat. This was proven by none other the the security picture taker at the plant. I have not been pushing for the badge as I am not sure I am going to be there long, but they got tired of coming and getting me every day.

Well, today I was approved for the badge at one of the plants and we happily went down to get the picture taken. And they found my old picture. And he put my old picture up next to my new picture and yes I cried like a baby. Not really, but I told him that was just plain mean.

It also means I can go in without fear of never getting out again on second shift. Be still my heart, the last damn thing I wanted was to go in on second shift. But there is an asshat on that shift that cannot put the part on and someone has to come in and fix the parts all the time, not me just can't do it. Maybe I will save my little bag of Better Maid BBQ chips for that visit.

The DIL had a birthday yesterday and I fell asleep and forgot to call her. Fie on me. And I forgot to send her a card. Worse Fie-ing on me. I am not a good MIL this year.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Random Thoughts

I have to admit I am very grateful to still have a job as the "little incident" was really very ugly. Tonight I sent out an email and my new boss sent back a Thank You, that makes me feel better. These plants will be nothing like I am used to. There is no place to take a break, sit and breathe, do a few emails. And there is no one else to talk to, not sharing confidences, just sharing the weather and traffic conversation. Just conversation.

I just saw on the television that a new sign of Alzheimers is to lose your sense of smell in your left nostril first. Now I have to walk around holding one side or the other of my nose trying to smell stuff and looking like a fool. And sure enough I just tested it and it is true, I cannot smell out of my left nostril. WTF.

My new challenge of the day was to measure a fitting on an assembly, I just measured them all until I found one close enough and then started measuring those. This job is gonna kill me.

Detroit's ex-Mayor got 28 years for being an asshat and being a crook. Does not seem long enough to me as he was also lying, cheating, egomaniac.

I just finished reading Empty Mansions, the story of Huguette Clark a copper heiress written by Bill Dedman and Paul Clark Newell Jr. An interesting tale and a good travel book if you don't mind carrying a hardcover. You read and are entertained and can put it down and pick it up again. Am now reading the trashy Catherine Coulter with a new author, The Final Cut. Not that great.

We are now on an austerity program as I went hog wild spending and we cannot sustain my wild ways. I really don't need anything. It was just so long since I could spend money I went a little overboard.

I got a new Sephora order with a new perfume sample from Prada called Candy, and guess what it smells like----Perfume. You know that perfume smell that is just perfume. No special scent, no hint of something, just perfume. Hmm.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Old friends and new challenges

How to describe a day that was just unbelievable. I was called in early for an emergency situation, my parts did not fit the vehicle. Matter of fact the plant believed they were the wrong part totally. Heres the deal, everyone has something they know nothing about. I could talk about for instance, eyelash curlers, and some people may not know what in the world I am referring to. Others may have a vague notion but not really know the particulars about the curlers, only that they are needed to perform the complete makeup job.

Well, I was called in about some parts that make the car go. Go as in move in a forward direction. My previous experience has involved more of the car looking good. Moving was never really a consideration. Now I need to be concerned about this moving forward thing.

There were a lot of really angry looking guys quite pissed off as the part that helped to make the car go was not fitting and none of the cars would ever go anywhere at this rate. They wanted me to look at the parts and tell them what was wrong. Yea, right, they did not understand that I had no clue as to what the part was supposed to look like, and 24 hours earilier I thought all those parts were one and the same.

Yes, with the help of many others I got by and made this work. I sent the pictures and sounded okay and my new boss is happy and the plant is happy and I am so damn relieved. This is gonna cost a bundle though.

Then my other plant calls and wants me to cut a smidge off a part cause they can't train the operators. Cutting a smidge off this part is like me telling you to slice fresh mozzerella in 1/8 inch slivers with no variation, they must all be perfectly the same. Yea, right. And who is gonna pay for this precision work?

I met 2 guys from my past today, got a hug and a hey. Made me feel good.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Adjusting to the new norm

That is what we have been saying since 2009, just an acknowledgement that things will never be the same. Times changed for sure and some of the changes are for the good really. People are no longer strapped to the "company" out of fear or for unrequited loyalty.

My big adjustment to the last plant was to change from my long time phone carrier so I could receive phone calls in the plant. I also went high tech for me with the Jet Pack and a Mophie, I had WiFi and charging capabilities anywhere-anytime. The good part about that is my cell phone now works pretty good at my house. But I am not gonna carry that laptop case over my shoulder into these new plants, too heavy for a very long walk,  and no place to leave them safely, so they won't be stolen,  in the plants.

So tada, Big Daddy is out today doing what he does best, finding me a new appliance for work. I am looking for a smaller tablet that will work with the Jetpack and can be carried in a back pack. Then I need the perfect lightweight backpack. BD has a free one he got from his company when he was in India, but I don't like it for long term. He is checking out the Nexus 7, the iPad mini, and the Samsung Galaxy. I don't need a lot of data storage or graphics, but I don't want to replace it every year either.

My haircut is spectacular. I was starting to love it as she blew it out and at the end one of the assistants wandered over and exclaimed it was fabulous and very youthful. And this gal rarely talks to me. You know she had me at the youthful, but it does look great and although it will take 30 minutes until I get used to it-it should last for 2 days minimum. And I have lost 10 pounds so I do look a little better.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Adding insult to already bruised feelings

I can't say much about what happened at work, after all I do want to keep my well paid job-and I have kept it. There were machinations in the works for a few months to accomplish the task of removing me from the scene. The customer wanted someone young and pliable to do their bidding-which is just not possible even if you wish it.

The problems started at 6:23 in the morning with crazy bullshit and continued until I was escorted from the plant by 2 security guards and 2 salaried personnel. Four people to make sure little ole me did not do something untoward on a Saturday afternoon. Obviously none of these people knew me well as I am just not that motivated to create havoc on a Saturday that I may not be paid overtime for.

A few days later my Mother-In-Law called with the scathing news that everyone in the family was furious with us for not attending our nieces wedding. Well, here is the deal, we were not invited-to our knowledge. We did not get an invitation. Yes, we had a lot more to deal with that weekend then a wedding, but if I had known I would have taken the day off. And been thrown out another day.

So here is a lesson for all the people that think the postcards and shit printed off your computer are "the new norm" for invitations sent by mail. They are not the same as expensive, engraved invitations as they can get lost in the bundle with the pizza circulars and the paid advertising crap. If you can't afford the invitations don't invite so many people.

As for my Mother-In-Law, you have just made me off the chart angry with you. (She does not read this and will never know) Big Daddy talked with his sister, everything is fine, they agreed on the post card thing, we are sending the ever important check, and I now have absolutely no desire to come and visit. And you know what, until we were sitting on the porch at the wedding in Vermont not one person in BD's family had a clue at what I do for a living, and have done for a living since 1998. WTF.

Friday, October 4, 2013

A very hard week

I only clocked in 16.5 hours and it feels like I worked one hundred.

Yesterday I walked 3+ miles and today 4.15 miles and it was not a busy day. Those are only work miles by the way.

My new plants are okay and I think this will work for a while. I think the Big Boss guy is looking for more opportunity and new plants, maybe I can be the Jack of All Trades, it could happen.

Everyone at my old plant is telling my old boss how much they like me and think I got screwed, that is very nice to hear. The  new people seem fine and I just need to remember it takes time to feel comfortable. I remember at the old place after a month or so people just got used to seeing you and started talking and that is how you learn the flavor of the plant and get some people to talk to all day long.

The traffic is much worse in this direction. Sammy is starting to act like a Diva in the mornings.

I need a haircut and getting one in the morning and if it all turns out horrible again, I just might have to take JoAnnes advice and cut the cord. And the vain part of my being wonders if I had blown out and worked on my hair if I would still be there. I no longer go to work with the witchy curly hair do.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Well, I am still working for my company-they shifted me to 2 other plants. They told my new boss that they really like my work and do not want to lose me. That is very kind, and kindness is not something common in the auto industry.

The nasty little asshats are indeed spreading scurrilous talk about moi, but no one is buying. I think that is hilarious. And I am trying very hard to take the high road here, as long as I have my job there are no damages and I would like to keep working. BUT in my mind I just keep calling the one lady a fat cow, and not just because she was fat (she weighed enough to anchor the Titanic) but because of her arrogant and nasty "holier than thou" attitude. She is the one who will never marry and complain that no good guys that are interested in a smart, intelligent woman.

So yes I have calmed down and back to working at 2 different plants. This should be fun as they have new parts I am not familiar with and my boss can use my knowledge of one of the major commodities we do ship into the plants.

And once again I have sticky shoes. Both of these plants use lubricants to put on parts. The one plant has a little spray bottle and uses it judiciously. The other one has a swabbing mop and slops this shit on like he is paid by the pint used. Woo Baby.

I will tell you one thing, if it is electric-over 80,000 US dollars and not Tesla, take a pass. Just a personal opinion.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Oh yes I have a lot to say

However we are going to wait one more day and see just exactly how this is shaking out.

There is the possibility of a lawsuit. There is a chance I may write that book. Maybe I will just start blogging the truth and see where that goes.

I do need to find out how I am going to get reimbursed for the extortion money I was made to pay. Can't claim it on my hours if I don't have receipts. Can't get receipts at this point.

I am not sure, but I do not think you can raise hell with someone for telling the truth. And if they do not have to prove anything, than I think neither do I.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

The most awful thing happened

It is so awful I cannot discuss it, it is unbelievable.

When I see where the apple falls I will resume blogging.

For now I am waiting on pins and needles for a response.

However this turns out I will have a lot to say when it is over.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

And yes it almost happened

I went to the line around 2 to check everything out and prepare to leave. There was a pilot coming down the line so I watched the one side and then waited to watch the other side. I heard someone calling my name and sure enough there was my plant Quality Dude telling me about a little problem. As I was checking into the little problem one of the operator showed me a pile of my parts on the floor that he had rejected. I barely got out of there in a timely fashion.

Of course when I turned the corner to enter the freeway I noticed the law had it blocked off. Now keeping in mind I am in the hood, this is rather disconcerting. Just which way to go and quite possibly avoid a shooting or car-jacking. I made it back to the plant and tried for a different plan of escape. The usual 15 minute ride turned into an hour to get home. I just told myself, there is a reason for everything-go with it.

My lobster dinner was delicious, my Pouilly Fuisse just lovely and I went to bed at 7PM.

After watching The Blacklist. I love James Spader's work so I was looking forward to this. It is a little violent but there were some surprises so I am hoping this works into a good show.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Just waiting for strike 3

Today is our anniversary, 37 years of mostly wedded bliss. Big Daddy took the day off and is cooking and cleaning to make me a wonderful dinner.

Yesterday I thought I just might be getting a cold and jumped right on the Zicam band wagon. Well thank goodness for that or I might be actually incapacitated instead of just feeling like shit.

I am waiting for some catastrophe so that I miss my lobster dinner, that is usually how it works in my job.

We will see.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Snippets

The Saeco coffee machine is making the most addictive coffee ever. Big Daddy is out of this world with his coffee and I must say I am also quite pleased. I had forgotten how good this coffee tasted.

Punkin Head is all settled in and is in love with Portland. The apartment is fine, the neighborhood is nice and walkable, and he is very happy in his new job and his office. He said he thinks this is the start of the winter rainy season. And he can take the bus to work so that makes him very happy.

It cooled down here, last week it was too muggy and hot and this weekend in the 60's. It will warm back up next week and I need to take advantage of the warm weather to do some outside chores.

I wanted pumpkin bread but somehow we have no loaf pan to bake bread. I was going to order one but I could not push the button. I must have put myself on the no spending diet. I have spent quite a bit lately, so next month I will get the pan. Actually it was quite a large order from William-Sonoma, so it was a bit pricey.

BD made Sammy the Spanky dog's reservation at the Heartbreak Hotel and he gets 2 baths. We picked him up early last time and they owe him a bath. So he will get one when he arrives and one when he leaves. The thing is, Sammy Dog loves a good bath, he will be in doggie heaven. We have our reservations at the Casa Monica, a very beautiful hotel in the heart of St. Augustine. It is a non-smoking hotel so we could not stay there until we were non-smokers.

My order from Amazon has not come in yet, so today I am sending BD to find a Barnes and Noble coupon and I think I will have him get the book Empty Mansions. Looks like a good story. Also The Butler by Wil Haygood.

Next week we will be building pilots vehicles again. The only difference is as for as I know all the parts are good this time. It is sure to be a lively week and I am hopeful the last week of overtime. Will try to post next week.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Exhaustion and Short Tempers

Well, this launch is going down the crapper, just like all launches do. People run around grabbing their hair and screaming and making dire pronouncements. People walk around like Zombies and look and sound like they need intense medical care and rehab. It happens every time.

I cannot give you the particulars, but suffice it to say, people create their own problems. I have an engineer continuously asking why this happened. It happened because no on was educated, smart enough, cared enough or took an interest in the final outcome and therefore we now have shit. So shut up about this and what happened last week and why everyone else is stupid and move on and help me fix this. And if it happens again you have my permission to go and flog them and put their pictures on You Tube. Just shut up when we are working.

Engineers that come to work without a scale. Or any other tools. This is getting on my last nerve. I am not Tool Stores. They also do not have plastic feeler gages. Again, I am not the mother, the Tool Stores, or the person that cares that you do not have your shit together.

So tomorrow I go back and it is gonna be craaazy, and I am still laughing. You wanna know why? Because I chose to look at the reality of the situation and just do my job. And people are strange.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Snippets

Gotta love a GTO

Big Daddy for some odd reason runs into a guy he works with, much higher on the food chain, every now and again at Trader Joe's. Today he left them with the advice, "Watch out for Bugger." The guy looked  puzzled while the wife said, "Bugger is our neighbor and he is a terror." The hilarious part of this story is that everyone knows this kid by the name Bugger. Come on, that is just not right.

I am within ounces of my new weight, ounces I tell you. This is not making me happy.

Oh, and Big Daddy agrees, we had scant photos in the wedding album, 2 or 3 of each of us and they were all horrid. When Big Daddy says I don't look that bad, well, I don't look that bad. He said he looks like shit too. That photo guy did us no favor in his couple of pics he took.

We have our reservations started for Thanksgiving in St. Augustine. We will see how this goes. Big Daddy said Delta, and the rest of the airlines, are tightening up the requirements to be a Big Deal, and we will never reach that status again. So we must use up our miles very soon.

We went from 100 degrees to chilly ass 60's overnight. I have to get my winter clothes ready.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Funny of the week

I wear this small cross body handbag at work. It is from Coach and pearly pearl in color. I bought it for China and it did not hold up well. As I am still just a tad too chubby for the fanny pak I wear the cross body to work. Under the orange safety vest. Yes, Anna Wintour will never put me on the cover of Vogue. If I remember I will take one of those ever so popular selfies of the work outfit.

Anyhoo, In between the pockets on the vest and the handbag I carry enough tools to take apart a car. Or put one back together.

My handy dandy engineers were sitting in the cafeteria, aka my office, today acting the big shits-while I was sitting behind them at a different table-when the Program Manager turns to me and asks if I have a scale.

Here is my question: how can 4 handy dandy engineers not have a scale between them? And just what do those asshats think I carry around in that handbag?

Can't wait till they find out I have my own brand new bottle of Loctite 495, and that I am done loaning out my tools.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's too damn hot

When I get into my car at the end of a work day and the temp reads 100, it's too damn hot.

Tonight will be terrific thunderstorms and then maybe it will cool down.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nucky's Back

Not the right era but the oldest cars at the Village Fest today. More car pictures to come.

Yes, this Sunday, tomorrow or today depending on how you read this, Nucky is back and Boardwalk Empire is now saving my Sunday nights and the whole week of TV. One show to watch and I can forgive all the rest of the stale garbage that is offered.

Will that stupid woman return to Nucky? I have forgotten her name. Will the black guy get a venue on the boardwalk? I have forgotten his name. Will that crazy gangster from Chicago go berserk? I had almost forgotten his name until Capone jumped into my head.

Oh and the mask guy, he is acting wacky in the trailer (click on HBO to see the trailer).

I cannot wait.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

You ain't heard nothin' til you heard the Slavs sing

Rememer the Art Deco style gas station they were turning into an eatery that I posted a photo of last October? No? Well, anyways this is the restaurant open for business. They saved the Standard Oil lettering on the front of the building.  It has been open for a few months, we are just slow. The Red Crown in Grosse Pointe Park. We have yet to eat there, schedules just don't work out. I hear it is open for lunch now, so maybe some Saturday.

Well, I still ain't heard nothin' because I went to bed too early. Big Daddy however reports the Slavs are all back safe and sound. He knows this because they had a concert on their deck last night. Well after the moment- he remembers he could have recorded this on his hi-tech fancy phone. It would have been great.

I was on call this Saturday as the plant ran, that is an automotive term, the plant ran-the plant is running-the plant is down, but thank all of the holiest I did not get called in. However I found an email this morning from a man I did not know, saying I had a problem with a part I do not supply, and he left no phone number. How odd. Monday we start building pilots again and it is sure to be fraught with emotion and tension, hooboy I can hardly wait.

My hair is just not right after this latest haircut. I am starting to wonder if she is just tired of me and my hair.

The kids are loving Portland. All is well.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Free day

Every once in a while something goes wrong at the plant. Today something broke in the chain system and shut the whole plant down. I screwed around until 1 o'clock break and then I took off. Nothing to do and nothing to see.

Punkin Head sent me a text, they were in Idaho and pushing forward, this is supposed to be the last day of driving and I hope they make it without harm or injury.

Saturday is haircut day and I cannot wait to see what we are going to do with this mop of crap hair. I just picture myself growing this out for years and years and years.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Way Westward seems to be not real fun

Big Daddy's smoker, electric, about 10 years old. Pulled pork was delightful on the holiday weekend.

Nebraska it seems is full of corn with the occasional soybean. The kids are having a trip to remember. Thank God it is only 2 more long and tedious days. Tomorrow Salt Lake City and then Portland.

I had my teeth cleaned today and was so proud to do it without Valium. Still had the gas though. I bought some stuff called Phillips Zoom. It is teeth whitener, more than Crest White Strips and less than a professional whitening session. It is a paint pen, you paint it on and brush it off 30 minutes later. It is also okay for sensitive teeth. We will see. Should have had this for the wedding.

I am starting wonder about the changes in the neighborhood. The Mormons are all moved back in and they have no curtains. How in the hell do you get homeowners insurance that covers everything in a fire except your curtains. And why would you want the neighbors staring in at you? And the Slavs have disappeared, they are gone. It is so weird. The ex-pats that came home from Sweden are now off to Shanghai. They sold their home to an older couple so it will be interesting to see the new neighbors. Remember the Flower Lady everyone hid from? She took a bad fall and is in a nursing home, she signed her home over the local hospital system, so how long will they keep it? Inquiring minds want to know.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day

Watering the ferns.

Punkin Head called and they are just getting in the U-Haul and leaving. That gets them into Des Moines around 9 PM if all goes to plan. This is gonna be a trip, if ya know what I mean.

I have been thinking all day-as our hot water electric pot died-we need appliances. I bought the hot water pot last September I believe and it just petered out. Since I paid around 40 bucks I think it should have lasted a bit longer. We looked all over the Internet and Big Daddy set out to get a new one at Costco. They are closed today. I say hurray for the workers and it sucks to be me. He got a replacement at Target and I decided that for our anniversary we need a "European" coffee maker again.

Years ago when I returned from Austria the one thing I craved was the coffee, and I deduced it was the coffee maker that made the huge difference. They have these pressure machines and a simple cup of coffee is simply divine. Yes, you have to make each cup by hand, but it is worth it. Delightful coffee. Our last was a Saeco and we worked it until it died.

So for our 37th anniversary this September 25 Big Daddy will be picking out a new coffee maker.

And that is good because I have a very jewelry idea for my birthday this year. And everyone knows I love jewelry. I think it is time my mother returned my jewelry as she really does not like jewelry anymore.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sometimes life sucks

My best friend can't talk to me today, she is too sick from her Chemo treatment.

My mother, who has ignored me all summer suddenly calls and thinks I might want to talk to her. Wrong.

Punkin Head is loading the rest of the stuff he can take, and he does not want to talk to anyone but the truck loading peeps and the Kings of the highway, let there be peace on the U-Haul.

There is a sliver of light and maybe we will have some summer late today and tomorrow.

I am making soup and praying that all is well, that is all I can do.

And yes, we now have locusts. The difference in the locusts here and in China, we have birds here to eat them.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dreary Day for Labor Day weekend

It looks like a bad day in November out there. It is muggy and not nice enough to plan on the smoker or grill. I am making soup in a bit and Big Daddy is going to boil a mess of shrimp and make a big salad for dinner. Nasty day.

The kids hired some packers to come and pack up the U-Haul and it will be fine. I just need to keep saying it, it will be fine. I sent some Ben Gay home with the DIL last week as they both have sore muscles from being the short-timers and being given the shittiest jobs on their last day at work. It happens.

Got to get some work done today and all I can do is keep wiping the big fat tears from my face. I never cried when he moved before. I don't know what is different, but this one hurts, maybe because the other ones went so smooth. When he went to college, well he was ready and rarin' to go and so were we. He was a child that needed to stretch out and feel the world. And as he moved and learned and changed it was all good.

But now I am used to him being close and will miss them both so much, this is so hard.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The week from Hades

I meant to take pictures this morning, and I forgot.

I got a pedicure this morning and meant to take a photo of my foozies soaking in the fabulous pedi chair. Forgot.

We went to the farmer's market down in the Park, forgot.

We went to lunch at Luxe, a new restaurant in town. It was fabulous by the way. Forgot.

The above photo is the veggies when we got them home. We also got some beautiful tomatoes and sweet corn. There is much bounty to be had from the farmer right now. All grown right here in Michigan. Pretty close too- because the big farmers go downtown to Eastern Market. I have not been there yet this year.

There is some serious shit going on at work. I am not even sure if they are sure what is happening. I now have to go to this daily morning meeting. They sit there and tell all the secrets to the building of the car. There are about 30 or so people in this meeting, all the customer employees and me-the lone supplier at the meeting. I keep thinking, are you all sure you want to be talking about this in front of me? Too weird.

The kids came out Wednesday for their goodbye dinner and I cried. They are packing up the U-Haul and towing the car behind them to Portland over the mountains. All I can think about is Desi and Lucy in "The Long Trailer". Gosh darn I hope it all goes well. I want Pics and the DIL is taking video of the move. She bought a calming collar for Noir, the cat, and some herbal downers-maybe for them all. They leave Monday and I will be on pins and needles til they get there.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Just a little smile

Sammy dog is not watching, he is listening.

Some young person in our little neighborhood is learning to play the trumpet.

And it was wonderful to listen.

Reminded me of New Orleans, would love to be planning a trip there right now.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

He tried to kick me under the bus but all the tires were flat

My Cone flowers on the side are as pretty as ever.

My days are busier and busier and stranger and stranger.

Recently the people answering my questions seem to be spending most of their time in an opium den.

The Ginger Man returned from his vacation and he is so jolly I am certain he was actually in the looney bin and is now highly medicated.

Newton Newbie is fine as the Scrooge is on vacation this week and he feels confident no one else is so mean as to take what is left of his skin off.

Alas, we were not allowed to stretch the parts as no one had the balls to give the approval. Oh well, it is gonna be just as ugly on Monday.

Sammy has been moved from the kitchen prison to the bathroom prison and I think it is working out quite well. He does not agree, but I am bigger and smarter.

My next big move is a visit to the bookstore. I do not have enough time at work to check email much less see what is on Amazon. This has to slow down soon, I need some break time.

Oh yea, the title of the post-some yee haw tried to tell Materials that I messed up all the parts stretching them and he is now short half the build. What the asshat does not know is that I don't breathe without checking with Materials, and they all know I cannot replace any parts due to tooling changes. Mr. Asshat is in deep trouble right now. Will let you know who cries next.

Monday, August 19, 2013

I cannot make this shite up

Newton Newbie called me this morning. He has finally come to grips with the fact that he is not gonna get replacement parts of better quality. He has somewhat come over to the dark side and tomorrow we will be doing the stretching of the parts. This is not an exact science or even an engineering directive.

This is "look, this is the only shit that might fix your problem."

So we are going to make a ridiculous drawing on a piece of cardboard to kind of gage the stretching of the parts so we can kinda measure how this is gonna work out. This is called a raggedy ass template.

There are no guarantees with the stretching.

I love this job.

Next up, the cutting up of the metal part because they are too lazy to take it off the vehicle.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Queen of the diplomatic email.

Yep, that is me.

Here is how it works, I get called at 6:30 from Newton Newbie whining about my short parts. I try to explain that they are not short and explain the engineering changes and then I remember Newton is a box of rocks. At this point I tell Newton I will be there in 12 minutes. He cannot comprehend the 12 minutes. I arrive, stow my stuff and go see Newton.

There are some launch guys staring at the car and Newton is in the conference room hard at work on his computer. I explain everything to them once again and half an hour later all everyone understands is that they used a part shipped in for the next build to fix this car and the fix did not work. Also they are now short a part. And then I explain why they are not going to get another part. I point to all the shit they hate on the part and say, remember how you wanted me to fix this? And they say yes. And I say, well we had to send the molds out to the toolmaker and they are cutting steel and this takes time. Days and Weeks, not a couple hours.

Then the mean prick, AKA Mr. Scrooge walks up and starts in, he is one of those that starts quietly and builds into a crescendo. "I am tired of hearing about this shit part and damn excuses . . ." then he finishes with "I cannot ship cars with this shit part and I do not want to hear anymore bullshit excuses." Then he turns on his heel and walks out. So I turn to Newton to tell him that I am serious he is not going to get better parts or any parts until August 29 and I notice he is quivering. I am serious. Quivering. I have never seen a person quiver in person. It is disconcerting.

That kinda ruined his day and he did not speak up at the daily meeting, probably scared shitless and now I have to wonder if he is going to have a nervous breakdown on me. It has been known to happen. People take this stuff way to seriously.

So once again I had to send out the email about how everything is a mess and what can you do about it or who is gonna tell the customer just how damn bad this is.

I forgot to mention the good thing about getting to work between 6 and 7 am is some days I am sitting on my porch enjoying the day at 2:30 to 3.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

This has been a busy week

The kids honeymooned in Maine and brought us goodies as a thank you for helping with the wedding. Quite unnecessary but lovely to receive. Big Daddy can't wait to use the espresso rub. They also had a bar of salt soap in the bag and I cannot wait to savor that in the bath. It is not to be wasted in the early morning get out the door shower.

We are building pilots again this week and things have not been going well. I have got to say this is the sorriest launch I have ever seen. So far I have only worked 2 hours of OT this week and it is quite enough thank you. I am not a glutton and can do nicely on my 40 hours. This is going to change in the near future.

Funny of the day:

When I pulled into the lot and looked over at the pickum up truck parked next to me there was a guy inside brushing his teeth. I have never seen a person brush their teeth in public, much less a vehicle. Where the hell did he spit the toothpaste?

One of my plants was supposed to ship me a part because they shorted the releases. They could not tell me why but agreed to ship a part overnight to my house. This would have been for Saturday delivery. The box was delivered Monday morning and of course I was at work. I got home and tossed the box in my car. When I got to work Tuesday morning thank God I checked the box before handing it off to the customer. There was a lot of weird shit in that box, none of that shit being the missing part. We had to build shy on the line and overnight parts again. This is so embarrassing.

Today another plant did not ship to requirements and not only did they not tell me, they refused to call the customer back. And we wonder why people talk bad about us. Maybe because we are idiots.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Life goes on

The tacky fireplace in the tacky Hilton in tacky Niagara Falls. Yes, it is a picture.

Well, yesterday I got my hair done and let the apprentice cut my hair. I have never let anyone but the Pro cut my hair for over 15 years. But I decided, I want hair that I don't need to fuss with unless I feel like fussing. Some days I have to be at work at 6:30 in the morning and I do not feel like fussing on those days. So the apprentice cleaned up the horrible haircut and gave me some pointers. She said to comb out my hair when it is sopping wet, scrunch to get the curls and then put in the product. And do not touch it again. I can try this. It also looks great blown out if I do decide to fuss.

I bought new jeans for work. Technically we are not supposed to wear jeans, but these are brown and black and as the only woman in the group I can get away with more. Yep, in this day and age the only woman in the group. The Corporate QM is a woman so it is just me and her. Anyway I am now between sizes and the jeans can be thrown in the dryer so maybe they will shrink as I shrink.

Monday I have to go to work and build new pilots. And I do not think we have enough parts. And I am wondering just how I am supposed to deal with this little snag.

Punkin Head is so excited about his new job. He found out that he does not want to live in Felony Flats as one of the neighborhoods is known. That is good information. I gotta find out exactly when they are leaving, but right now it just makes me cry. My boy is moving across the country with his new bride and it is a monumental change. I will buck up and be fine, but I will miss him so very much.