Monday, March 31, 2014

My foot hurts

That is my new trauma, a hurt foot. If it does not improve I will have to describe it and maybe go to the doctor.

This week is a travel week, so maybe I can get some photos and interesting tidbits. Tomorrow driving to BFE and then flying to Tennessee for some fun work times.

Today it was almost 60 and I walked into a plant this afternoon with no coat. The first no coat of the year. And opening day for the Tigers, I hate baseball but love it that fans get an opener with the best weather in years. Hurray.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

I have been a bit ill and a little busy

Picked up some sort of virus and now that I am well I am eating like a pig. It is ridiculous. I have gained 2 pounds. WTF.

When I am building vehicles sometimes I spend a lot of time just standing around and waiting. So I watch the world go by and sometimes I have to wonder. I wonder why a fully grown man with gray hair would wear his hair like Prince Valiant in the front and shoulder length in the back. A big guy with a big head and a big hairdo. WTF.

I also wonder why a big guy would wear camo shorts in March with whiter than white legs. There is no way those legs are not standing out as they are glaring white with sparse black hair here on there on the legs where it is has not worn off. Who is he kidding, we can all see those ugly ass legs.

My engineers that have ignored me for 5 weeks have decided they want me to stay on the program and not move to a different plant. What is it about me that everyone loves and wants to keep me working with them? When I went back with my old guy for a few days this week I worked my ass off and I am thinking he did not do shit while I was gone. No wonder he loves me. New position is scheduled to start on the 21st, we will see.

The snow melted and my street is horrible with potholes. I cannot believe how bad it is. This is gonna get ugly.

I ordered spring/summer clothes in my new size. A leap of faith on the weight and also I am hopeful I did not chase spring away by preparing. But work clothes are a must and last years are too big. Just to let everyone know, the Land's End shirts I ordered last fall are still the best shirts out there. Wear them constantly to work and no fading or shrinking. Just wash and hang them to dry and it is marvelous. Someone at the thrift store will be happy.

Badger inquired if I had any information about the books I am looking for and no, it is like the literary Gods sucked every bit of knowledge right out of my head. I am thinking of going to Barnes and Noble and just walking through the fiction section. And I better hurry before there is no more bookstores open in this country.

I finished Season 2 of House of Cards and I loved it. But it took a decided turn to the dark side, so many may find it objectionable. I think it may end here and that might be just the thing. I think Nooky and the gang on Boardwalk Empire just went on too long and I wonder if they can save it for a final season. Now onto catching up on the The Blacklist. That and Survivor and this horrid tripe called Southern Charm are all that have caught my fancy this season.

Monday, March 17, 2014

I meant what I said

Back in the day when Big Daddy first moved to China I had all sorts of home repair problems befall me almost as soon as the Metro car pulled out of the driveway.  The worst of the problems was with the dishwasher. It took months and months and I was into it too deep as I had paid and the fix did not work. I swore at that time I would never buy another Bosch product as it is like having to maintain and repair a BMW, very expensive. And time consuming for me.

Well the dishwasher is once again on the fritz. Big Daddy has tried to do the manly repair and it is not working. Last night, just before I got sick, I heard the dishwasher turn itself on. I woke up Big Daddy and made him eyeball the running dishwasher.  It is not fixed.

Big Daddy wanted to call a repairman and I told him no. I am not putting another dime into that infernal machine. Nope, not gonna do it. Nuhuh. Never.

So I checked Lowe's and there is a Whirlpool for a price I will pay and BD gets a discount on that brand through work and we will see.

Not one more dime.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mr. Ford, goodbye

They said goodbye to Mr. Ford on Saturday. I knew this because as I pulled up to make the turn onto Lakeshore Drive Saturday morning to go to my pedicure appointment the police with all lights aglow swept past followed by a hearse. I thought to myself, well goodbye Mr. Ford. Then I thought, ah shit, this is gonna mess up my trip to town. Then I saw a single Ford SUV following the hearse and one more police car with lights ablaze and that was it. No procession. The convoy was obviously coming from his home and after the car in front of me pulled out there were the two of us following Mr. Ford's procession.

Now the way I was raised, you actually pulled over and allowed the funeral procession to pass unimpeded. Well, there were only 4 cars and we did. Now came the problem, they were going really slow. And it was a double lane divided road. And I had a pedicure appointment at nine. I am sorry, but I had to pass and it made me feel really bad.

And I forgot my special nail polish and had to pick out a new one. OPI's new spring red. It is pretty nice.

Big Daddy made Finnin Haddie for our Saturday dinner and I remembered why once a year is enough with that dish.

I am trying to track down books, currently popular, written by 2 male authors that are mystery novels, I believe at least one is a series. My old and no longer speaking to me friend recommended them and Anne Rice, the writer, also seems to like them. I have tried everything I know and cannot track them down. It is a disappointment.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Randomness of the week

Not much happening with me, my short term assignment is almost over-I have one day next week. Come Monday I am back on the old cycle which had grown quite tiresome, but what they hell they are paying me decent money. Hope my swipe card still works, that could be a pain in the ass. Especially if the weather turns bad.

Speaking of bad weather, what a weird week, mild then cold then 6 to 8 inches of snow then frigid and now it is mild again. When it is mild Sammy the Spanky dog is in heaven. He sniffs like he is getting a monumental high just from the air. And the black dog is out walking and he gets to bark his head off at the offending critter.

Big Daddy was not so lucky, he had a flat tire on 696, quite a large and busy highway and changed the tire on the side of the road. I wish he would not do stuff like that, quite dangerous, and he said he would never do it again. I do not believe him. So he had to buy a new tire. Not bad compared to my former Saabs, those tires were expensive and the rims were so soft I always had to get a new rim. At least one per car and 2 was not unusual.

One of the bloggers I read spoke of a wonderful tea, Mariage Freres Wedding Imperial. Seems everyone is raving about this tea-if you like chocolate and caramel notes. I became obsessed with getting this tea and could not find it with the link, Dean & DeLuca, so I kept searching until I found Market Hall Foods on the Internet. The tea comes from Paris and I was thrilled to find it. Perusing their web site was fascinating and I also ordered some cookies. Terribly expensive but it is a treat and I am working. It was order the tea or open a bottle of wine and I am not drinking during lent, so tea it is.

The only other thing I am spending time on is the search for the missing Malaysian airliner. That is just too bizarre that this plane disappeared almost a week ago and they have no clue what happened. No clue. I am following the airline blogs and it is just incredible that this remains a mystery.

I am unhappy with our tax man and think I may have to seek out a new one for next year. Or perhaps a review of this year for better options next year. This guy kept pushing for us to push the envelope in business deductions and I really do not want to poke the cobra with the IRS, they don't play.

I found another Frances Parkinson Keyes book on eBay, Station Wagon in Spain and I have been reading that, not much on the reading list right now. Think I need to order some books.

I am also entranced with polka dots, I need polka dots. So far all I have found are shoes and I am just not sure.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Famous people I have eye balled

Elvis at the Silverdome. He did rip out his pants there.

Ann Margret at the Fischer Theater- I always thought she was just the best.

Kiss at the Toledo Airport.-eye balled sat very near them and they were quite quiet and not into attracting attention at that time.

Jimmy Walker at Toledo Airport-eye balled-97202-5211ery quiet and just acted quite shy and alone. Very early in his career. 

Kent McCord-Adam 12-eye balled-oh yea he gave me the glad eye.

Gennifer Flowers New Orleans-eye balled very nice, sweet and beautiful woman.

John Grisham New Orleans-eye balled-just my take but an asshat

Mickey Lolich, Detroit Tiger, Sterling Heights-eye balled-first person I saw in person that was famous and on the television. They don't look the same in person.

Vernon Presley, Memphis-eye balled

Priscilla Presley, Memphis-eye balled

Kwame Kilpartrick, Mayor Detroit-eye balled and showed his ass, so glad he is in prison.

John Conyers, my Congressman, had the most hostile look on his face I have ever seen, of course I am a white woman.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bored and boring

I am still here, just nothing to say.

I need a dose of the Beach Boys.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Frozen Poop

As we get closer to the end of this freezing hell, in my mind we cannot scream until March 16, little things are starting to crack me up.

We currently are dealing with the frozen poop-scape. Sammy the Spanky dog discovered that he can walk on the frozen tundra. He is only about 8 pounds spread about 4 paws, and a quick hop and a jump and there he is, the King of the Frozen Tundra. He loves this space until he tries to sit his butt down. Then the freeze comes back to remind him, get your butt up and go poop. He poops all over the frozen tundra.  We cannot clean this mess up as we cannot walk on the frozen tundra. What a frigging nightmare.

The other day I was in the "ladies" stall and I looked down and wondered what the hell that fuzzy thing was, that thing attached to the bottom of my roller bag. WTF, it was my J Peterman wool Navy hat.  It had somehow got stuck to the bottom of my roller bag and I had dragged it over most of the plant floor. Yuck.

And speaking of yuck, my cashmere scarf from China, Shanghai to be specific, has so much lipstick and muck attached to it, well I just don't want to go there. This is the one I wrap around my head to get into the plants every day.

I am giving this weather until March 16, then I am gonna blow.