Friday, March 30, 2012

March got really confused today

I really had to go shopping, there was no choice in the matter. When I left it was cool and breezy. When I got out of the first store it was cold, windy, and raining. On the way to Trader Joe's it started hailing. And I still had one more stop to make. Big Daddy wanted me buy a lottery ticket and it had to be from Jerry's, an old fashioned party store here in the Pointe's. Jerry's is never busy in the early afternoon and there I went. There was no parking and inside you could hardly get down the aisle. Everyone and his cousin was buying a lottery ticket. Got BD's tickets so I won't be my fault when we don't win.

BD is telling me that Foxconn workers are angry about the Apple investigation and turning in every other company that works by the same rules. Apparently it is against the law to work 7 days in a row and all the migrants took these jobs for the huge hours. If they can't work the hours then "by Mao", neither will anyone else. And Mark Zuckerburg has been in Shanghai for quite a while now doing "Mao knows what".

Next week is Tomb Sweeping and China said everyone has to work Saturday and Sunday so they can have Monday-Wednesday off. Does anything of this make sense, no it is China.

So instead of leaving like a lamb, March is leaving like a lion or in Chinese, like an angry Dragon. Can't wait to see what April brings.

And, Punkin Head I got the fireplace lighted and it is nice.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Well, I feel stupid and a bit sore

I have been so careful with this cleaning, one section at a time, making progress slowly and surely,

Well, I cleaned and put the every day jewelry away, large plastic hardware type container with clear plastic pull out drawers and it fell on my face and dumped all the jewelry on the floor. This is some of what I gathered from the floor,

Another batch, bracelets

My grandmothers antique earrings

So far nothing broken and a few missing earrings, and no black eye.

The Gutta Percha I collect came through the disaster just fine. 

Now I have to put it away again, scary. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Just when can you throw ethics out the window.

Big Daddy got an email tonight, his time, from a company that he did not get an offer from last month. New position and not thru the recruiter, personal email from the person hiring to BD. BD had some questions about the process last time, mainly the recruiter, and this "hiring" person told him the job was already filled, not the recruiter. Something was hinky with the situation and now this guy is talking about a new position but has the same question, what is your timeline.

We have talked about this and the hardship of getting a job when you are on another Continent. BD just told me today that his company is fucking with his contract. Sometimes in ways that suck but cannot be deemed violations and sometimes actual violations of the contract. Either way it means less money for us. Without saying too much, this is getting ugly.

We are seriously discussing giving no notice if he gets another job. I know, this is shitty in the real world but we do not live in the real world. We need to get the fuck out of China without losing our shirts or our freedoms. The worst I can think of them doing is cancelling our medical insurance, kicking him out of the apartment and cancelling his visa. The visa thing means China can confiscate your passport for whatever time they deem appropriate. There is also money in the bank there.

My idea is if and when you get a signed offer, take a few days off for sick days, take care of your business, fly home and quit when you are on US soil. Drive over to the shit employers and turn in your laptop and Sim card, and threaten to sue if they give you shit. Or fuck us over on the COBRA.

This is so unpleasant.

If we get away from these fucks with our skin intact I may let it go. If they fuck with me I might just go ballistac and tell all. The Internet is changing many things, mainly how people communicate and announce "this is not right and fucked UP". The major problem I see with this is that the employer makes you sue them and then settle depending on your evidence of their "bad practices".

So, is quitting without notice, violating your contract after the company already violated it, is that a bad thing?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chicken Skins

Only the end item, cooked chicken skins, as the first pics were blurry and the Chinese Police made Big Daddy move it along.

She was cooking them for a restaurant and offered BD one for 1 quai. He was alley wandering and came upon the chicken assembly line. She has chickens in cages, she kills them, plucks them, separates and organizes and then fries up the skins. Yumm.

Big Daddy was looking to get out of the apartment and eat. He found a great Spanish Tapas spot near Xian Tan Di that we never knew about. He is lonely. So am I.

I made butter bean soup and while edible, not much to write home about.

The Descendants is on HBO demand something, if I could figure that out I could watch a movie.

Friday, March 23, 2012

This is not right

Weeping Cherry, first is it is too early for this blooming, second is the tree I bought on the recommendation from the nursery was supposed to be tall and skinny, not short and fat. I wonder if the tree got it from me.

I have spent about 5000 on this stupid spot in the yard over the years. I have had the nursery come out and look and help me. I am thinking if we stay here I need to find the "penis statue guys" that were selling yard ornamentation  in New Orleans and go with a nonliving landscape item.

To bring everyone up to date, hair is fabulous, money spent today was painful. I think I have truly become a  Grosse Pointer, I am getting cheap.

Hair charges were fair but made me wince. Next I had to buy a new coffee maker and coffee bean grinder. When the coffee maker started growling this morning it was enough of this appliance talking back shit. The grinder also begrudgingly gave me it's final effort. I have an expensive coffee maker that is in the pantry broken and I need to get that fixed, don't know where and last time it took a month, so I need a coffee maker. 200 bucks later I have a bare minimum coffee maker and new grinder. Off topic but hilarious, my manicurist told me she is now spending 139.00 dollars a year for coffee, from Brueggers, it is such a deal as last year she spent almost 800 dollars on coffee. By the cup. She does not make coffee at home and buys it a cup at a time from "coffee shops". WTF.

IBS kicked in before I could buy any meat.

Mayor Bing, Detroit, on the verge of bankruptcy,  is in the hospital for what is being described as inflamed intestines. Hmm, the doctors are saying it can be caused by stress. No shit.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Fancy Lady

The fancy lady is signed by someone that may be named Peter Morgan dated 31 or 37, hard to read and I do not have a magnifying glass. I fell in love with the lady and Big Daddy had to pay more than he wanted as the frame and the glass are original. That is how I would look if I had an ounce of propriety. It is damned hard taking pictures of pictures with glass covering the pictures.

I have made my way to the Master Bedroom, master meaning it is my room and I am taking it back over. No room is thoroughly clean yet, too many nooks and cranny's. And shit to clean.

If anyone is worried about me feeding myself, well you should. I made a tuna salad last night and I was not a happy camper. The Trader Joe's fresh peas did not freshen up according to the directions on the package. It said to boil them for 90 seconds. I think 90 years may have fixed that little problem.

Big Daddy is still interviewing his heart out, kinda sad that the one guy is in remission (good for him and bad for us), and one headhunter was so shady that BD called his boss (of course no "root cause"  from the boss but a new plan and the boss is handling him now), and comments from 2 of his better headhunters that being on another continent just fucks it all up. He has a good lead now, and the one in the hip pocket and we will see. May be better to get home and then get a better job. That sounds so cold, but it is what it is.

Tomorrow is my favorite day, garbage day, and then I am getting my hair done. I am going to Farm's Market to pick up a case of wine and I might buy fresh meat. I have not had any since BD left and I am quite afraid to buy and cook it. If I can't cook peas what the hell am I going to do with meat.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ink by Donabeth Jones, Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans

This a picture Punkin Head got for us one year. He knows we love New Orleans and was looking for something that would remind us of our favorite place. It has the artist's card and history on the back of the drawing. As he tells it is was not to come by, the owner was not keen to sell. It is one of our favorites and sits on the wet bar in the Family Room. As you can see cleaning is not going quickly and I am not a cleaning maven. I like it clean, just don't like to do all the work. I now have way, way too many espresso cups to wash, this is like the sheets, what was I thinking.

Still quite warm here and sunny thank God, when I finally get outside I am sure it will be cold and rainy.

The ice maker in the bar is making odd noises, I turned it off as it was iced over and before I got the bin out there was water everywhere. There is a small hole in the bottom of the bin and it looks like it was set on a hot burner. I think it will be okay as long as it is frozen but somehow the turn off and cleaning made it mad and it is growling at me.

Doing my best and keeping a stiff upper lip.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Drunk Tulips

Day one and not flopped over.

I have lost Big Daddy's pictures of the frogs and 100 year old eggs from the wet market. Cannot find them anywhere on this damn computer.

The neighbors that are now named the Repats, they were in Sweden for a few years are gonna get on my nerves. This is the woman who already put the new dirt on her flower beds. Every day now she out digging something out of her grass. Don't know what, but really it is March. Yesterday I was walking around the yard and it got wet and squishy. That means do not walk on the grass, it is too early and you will tamp down and cause damage if you do yardwork too soon. This bitch is out there first thing every morning.

Well, this false spring is about to end. I am washing and ironing summer clothes.

Monday, March 19, 2012

False Spring is here

Pink snow flake type spring bulbs, usually seen in patches of snow. Esby wanted to know how Spring is making on early appearance here in SE Michigan.

Having spent way too many years in Michigan I know this weather is gonna hurt soon. 60's and 70's the last few weeks. Everything is in bud stage and an ice storm is always on the horizon this time of year. We always have a bad ice storm or snow this time of year. And it kills the plants and buds. My Weeping Cherry and Jade Cherry trees are in bud, the European Tri-color Beech tree is holding back a bit more, maybe smarter. The daffodils and tulips are up and most of the early spring bulbs are in bloom. Peonies are poking their heads up.

This afternoon I went to town for groceries, left the house in sunglasses and noticed I could not see the end of the main street when I turned right. Half way down the big street I could not see the yacht club. The fog was so bad I could not see the lake from Lake Shore Drive.

The garage gate was up at Trader Joe's, they are finally fixing the broken machines, yea.

I bought the cheapest vodka that they had at Jerry's Party Store. I heard cut tulips will not flop over if you add vodka to the water. As I do not drink "hard liquor" it seemed silly to buy vodka for once a year flowers. However in searching out cheap cleaning procedures I learned that vodka is also good for cleaning silk flowers, tile surfaces, clothes that cannot be cleaned (theater trick) and is good on mold and mildew. Who knew.  

Friday, March 16, 2012

Shopping in the Pointes

Well, I have run out of exciting photos to post so I thought I would post what I cleaned. Not really wanting to post the toilet and the kitchen sink or my laundry, I started making a list. Of the cleaning shit I needed.

First I had to buy pens and paper.

Today I forayed out to shop for the needed items: Simple Green, Doozy, Marble cleaner, Silver cleaner, glass cleaner, and brown paper trash bags for the yard waste. Ace in the village was my last resort, forgot they carried all this stuff. Rosenthal's was the only thing I could not find. There was a Grosse Pointe Matron in line in front of me. You can always spot them. Pencil thin, perfect hair, LV handbag and wallet, buying a small white candle for six dollars and change, and she had the exact change. WTF does anyone need with a small white candle. And if you did-why wouldn't you go to Target. Or the Dollar Store. Or order it from the Beeswax Candle Store.

Four stores and I have most of what I need including food and drink. Farms Market dropped the price of the Rotisserie Chicken by 2 dollars.  Big Daddy better keep an eye on my bank account.

Lost the crown for Trash Queen, 2 neighbors had more trash bags. And I recycled and it worked. They took the shit and I retrieved the container.

So now when I clean I can post the pictures of my treasures.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time for another rant: Detroit City

The government of the city of Detroit is acting pissy over the Consent Decree offered up by the Governor. They don't like the conditions. This is a city that has had historic problems with the finances and with playing nice with the suburban neighbors. Detroit also has major problems with the crime, the graft and corruption,  and "not a whole lot of people want to live there". So now they are broke. And they do not like the help the Governor has offered to help get their sorry asses out of this mess.

The elected officials of Detroit want to dictate the terms of how they will accept help. WTF? This is crazy, the feds are all this area and you want people to give you money? Why? Detroit has proven they cannot budget their money. They ruined Belle Isle, they almost destroyed Cobo Hall and the Detroit Public Lighting Department does not turn on any streetlights.

Here is my solution. Go to court and declare bankruptcy and pray Obama comes and bails your ass out. Because if we the people have to pay your bills and watch you act the fool, then I want the people in all the other 49 states paying for the mess along with the tired people of Michigan. If my tax dollars can rebuild houses in California coastal areas every year, those suckers can help bail out Detroit.

Detroiters made their beds and now they have to sleep in that sloppy mess. They elected Dave Bing, Mr. I can't make a decision or find my ass with both hands. They elected Kwame twice and are still buying his book. They elected Martha Reeves who can't even sing anymore. They elected Monica Conyers and now she is in prison.

I am hoping the citizens of Michigan put their feet down and refuse to allow Detroit to let this sorry situation continue.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Every woman needs a Leatherman

This tool does it all. With the exception of opening wine bottles you are good to go. And it comes with a nice leather case.

Things need to be fixed and this little tool can do most everything that will happen in your life.  Until you can afford a real tool box this will be your go-to tool.

How did I fix the alarm system power down, the Leatherman. How do I tighten loose door knobs, the Leatherman.

When I worked in the plants I wore a fanny pack filled with tools. It was against UAW rules to work in the plants, so I had to hide this shit. I sometimes wore the Leatherman on a belt as I could explain it was for investigation purposes only. Next to the Blackberry and the cell phone it did not stand out.

As Martha Somebody would say, it is a great thing to have. And it fits in your purse, pack or junk drawer. And it comes in different sizes, mine was the largest when I got it 15 years ago. Yea, they last a long time.

Get one, you will be happy.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I am losing my sense of humor

Little things are dragging me down the rabbit hole. One stove burner is intermittent, one light in the bathroom is intermittent, and the coffee grinder went AWOL. When I finally got the coffee grinder working and it ended it's cycle I heard a beeping, the alarm system was beeping. According to the alarm company I had a low battery. This took 2 phone calls as in the middle of the first call the phone went dead, the land line. I was starting to get suspicious I was starring in a horror movie, ala Doris Day in one I think was called Midnight Lace.

So after continuous beeping and multiple phone calls I had to drag the step stool to the basement and pull the red wire from the mini "car battery" and then lay on the filthy floor and unscrew the plug in thing. The screw was of course cocked in the hole and a pain in the ass to get it loose.

I think if we get an opportunity to move we should rent.

Alarm company is scheduled for the morning.

Just because I am blonde does not mean I am dumb

Here is Big Daddy's precious clock, it has lost it's chiming mind with all the time changing.

I am turning into my mother and she can make you pull your hair out no matter what color you buy. So not dumb, genetics.

Thought I would be Mrs. Eye on the Ball and change all the clocks yesterday afternoon. Well there was no problem with my eyeball, got them all changed and boy I was proud. Until the 11PM news when Mr. Anchor told me not to forget to spring forward. As I was a goofball, I fell back.  Rats, I fucked it all up. Well at least I learned how to change most of the clocks. Not sure about the stove and the car and the thermostat. Figured out the computer too, it was still on China time which never changes and that was not easy. China computer, China time, who knew.

Since it was a beautiful day I walked the yard. Then I came in and cried. The work needed here is so huge I cannot believe it. A few bulbs are coming up and I have one survivor my Lenten Rose, but it looks sad.

There is some nonsense going on in the wood pile behind the garage and I think I have discovered the source, the missing next door neighbor newlyweds. It looks like some crap was thrown on top and I looked in their yard and the whole back garden area looks like someone was digging for gold. And there are bundles of wood scraps and branches and twigs all over their yard. If I catch that asshat I may get a bit angry.

Tried a new wine from Trader Joe's, the "on special" Terrenal Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine, product of Spain. It is not bad , again all under 10 bucks.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Punkin Head

Once there was a little red headed boy who lived in a pink house . . .

I made up a story and told it to Punkin Head like a children's book would be written. That is because he was so precocious and learned everything very quickly and he was too cute. I am not bragging on the cute part, he was too cute. When they showed his baby picture at upper school graduation the entire audience let out a sigh.

If he would send me the picture I would post it. It is precious.

But his cuteness led to every Tom, Dick and Harry noticing him and wanting to touch his hair and just gaze at his beauty. It was downright creepy and those were creepy times. So I taught him his name and where he lived. I added information as he could absorb it. I think we got up to the phone number and then he started reading the newspaper.

So to a perfect little boy who grew into a wonderful son and a responsible citizen, have a wonderful day and enjoy your special dinner. Love, Mommy.

P.S. He was also grounded every birthday from 11 or 12 until he went to college. He gets spring fever early.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

US Postal Service

My postal carrier and I renewed our acquaintance today, he knocked on my door and asked if I supposed to be getting mail. I told him no. He said it is all messed up and can't understand what the problem could be with the Postal Service. Hmm. This government group of folks is losing money and they can't figure shit out. And we need to keep them because the Constitution says we have to have them.

In Washington we have a barbershop, dining room, spacious offices and basement rooms where reams of written documents are hidden, for the Congress. We have a Postmaster General that has better china and flatware than most museums. Does the Constitution call for this shit? No, it says these asshats are supposed to deliver the mail to the right address.

And they want me to pay more taxes for this sorry ass service.

By the way, my mail carrier is the nicest, kindest and most hardworking guy I know. When I would come home from work and he saw me, he would come back to my house for items that had to be personally delivered. He is great.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Well I hope Indy has a plan

Because for a long time, Peyton was your plan.

Goodbye Peyton, you were way too good for Indy.

Say yes to the dress, maybe

My niece soon to be the military marvel with her lime green car. It was cheap.

Today was beautiful weather, warm and sunny, delightful actually. Temps around 60 a slight breeze to blow the winter dust away.

Ms. Military and I went to lunch and jaunting about. She wanted seafood and yesterday on Kitchen Nightmares there was a rerun of Gordon Ramsey reworking an east side waterfront eatery, Jack's something. We have all been there. Well, we searched the Nautical Mile and could not find the place, found Mike's and we thought that looked pretty sketchy. All these places are on the water so you have to drive down and around an obstacle course of boats and cars. Nope, now I have to do an Internet search and find out if all Gordon's good works failed. We ended up at Jumps and it was fine.

After lunch I learned we need to look for an evening gown as Niece is going to a military ball in a week. WTF, a week for a formal gown. She got into a situation and things turned out that we need a gown now. Well, after trying on many gowns there was one winner. But it needed a bit of altering and was 400 dollars. For a one time dress for a person going to basic training, I don't know. And she is a size 2, anything in that size looks pretty good. I need to tell her I have the jewelry and wraps to make any dress look great.

I think tomorrow will be an at home day and another attempt at making it my own. And I have to prepare for the dreaded garbage day.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jobs, to have or not to have

Big Daddy talked to his buddy at the Big Company that may involve Brazil. Seems the guy that wants to hire him is ranting and such at HR for dragging things out. That just makes those people happy. I believe most HR people just love to see people miserable, gives them something to do, have meetings about cranky, crabby people.

Loosie Goosie is losing her people. Quitting and not looking back. Guess no one is too happy with the move and the sale of the company but Loosie is saying everything is great and treating her people horribly. She makes her department eat lunch with her and pay the tab. WTF, I would have kicked her ass on the way out the door and told everything I was looking for my steamed buns.

Job interview yesterday was a no-go, I would have to relocate to the mid south and take a job with a short life expectancy. Every one in that position gets fired. No power, all the blame and everyone turns on you when things go to shit. Had that job once and it was nasty, I got another job and gave notice. I did hear from one of the guys I used to work with and he gave me some good tips. He recently got a new job and I am dying to know what happened.

Went to the dentist today for a check up and cleaning and everything is fine. Decided I should go to Farm's Market instead of Trader Joe's as I need tea and it must be decaf. Twinings Earl Grey and green tea was about it for choices, hope it is okay, China did have nice tea. Now I need to find a teapot. Don't remember if I had one or not. Off to search.

Monday, March 5, 2012

I was trapped at Trader Joe's

It was scary, there I was at the ticket machine trapped by a metal arm and cranky old people behind me. I put the ticket in and it started making funny noises and then it prompted me to put my ticket in. For a minute there I thought I was back in China, but I was driving so I snapped out of that pretty quick and pushed the "help" button. And we all sat there. After a bit this vehicle pulls up and the Mall Cop comes over to my window. After I explained the problem he pulled the ticket out with his electronic hand held machine and tried it again multiple times. Then he tells me I am third one today and he walks into to guard shack to punch a button. WTF, if I am third why keep trying and why not fix this piece of shit? And I forgot my salad dressing so I must return tomorrow for more of this fun.

I also went to the CVS pharmacy and I am convinced I can get the clerks job. No one can be that unhappy so I am sure she is dying of a terminal disease and will be gone soon. Would it kill ya to say hi back?

I had to revise my resume, still in Mandarin/English so that took some time. Dude is supposed to call me this afternoon. Should prolly send the resume to my old boss and let him know I can at least do contract/project assignments. All this means I need an interview outfit and then work clothes. At least I won't have to run around Michigan saying bigger, bigger. Everyone here is bigger, bigger.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's back

I noticed a green recycle bin on the boulevard across the street. No one else seemed to want it so I went and fetched it. I am sure it is mine as I now have possession. Now I have to figure out how to use it. I think the newspapers I am not supposed to be getting can go into a paper bag. I probably should go on the city web site and look up the rules.

Not much to say today maybe more tomorrow.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Odds and Ends

Well, lets see whats new. I lost my recycling bin. I forgot to bring it up from the curb and the huge winds took it away. I was amazed when I looked out the window, I expected a lot of downed branches from the old trees. Nope clean and clear and no recycle bin. In my defense I have never brought it in before because I have never used it before. Punkin Head took it out and I guess my brain did not register the bringing it in part. Drat, if I can't find it, dreaming, then I have to go get another one from the city.

I have washed a million Trader Joe's shirts. Don't ask.

I received a LinkedIn request and a job inquiry. I asked him to call me Monday and we will see. It is the same commodity as my last job so maybe. I was not sure if I wanted to do that again. If it is a similar job I should contact my old boss too. That job was so whack, horrible hours to boredom, late night and early morning calls and getting screamed at once a day. Of course it was also hilarious. And it payed well. Don't think I could do it again for less money, it was really demanding and a huge responsibility.

One of Big Daddy's guys he is in touch with is still talking about Brazil and one is talking France. The others are all US positions so what to do. I could stay here in the money pit and work or continue following BD wherever he goes. I kinda think we should stick together but I need something to do. And cooking and cleaning is not working out for me. I need my cleaning lady back and a bunch of money to eat out all the time.

New wine tried, Cut The Fluff, a white wine. Nice soft easy wine to drink would go well with mild foods. Or just drinking. Remember they all under ten bucks. So far it is the only winner. Had a Darien Rioja, okay but nothing to write home about. Most of the wine in China was from New Zealand and I guess this some law about plastic corks or screw tops and I like dealing with those better. Decent wines and no weird cork issues.

I am reading Stet Damnit by Florence King, all her columns or whatever from the National Review for ten years or so. Interesting and fun as you are reading initial impressions of things in the past. She wrote about the times and culture and political happenings of the day. I am also starting Fordlandia by Greg Grandin, Henry Ford building a town in South American, the right way.

Speaking of the Right Way, there is a huge brouhaha over this women's contraception issue. In a nutshell it seems that the new law demands that women get free birth control from their insurance companies. I don't know if it means no co-pay or just no charge at the pharmacy. People are comparing it to ED meds for men and I don't know if that is co-pay either. I do know that my insurance requires generic drugs for co-pay. My Synthroid is now some unpronounceable name med and in China I had to cut the pill in half. Anyhoo, my question is if I have to take generic drugs, shouldn't everyone have to do the same? I think birth control should be covered and not ED meds but, not to clear your acne or for luxury of only having 4 periods a year.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Punkin Head saves the day

He sent me a new potato peeler. He researched it and read the reviews. I have an excellent son.

He came by today for a visit and we had lunch, take out from the Lunchbox Deli, he found me an assortment of wines to try from Trader Joe's and he took out the garbage for the truck tomorrow. I have 6 bags and the recycle box. I am winning. PH also showed me how to light the fireplace in the family room, you have to put the lighter in the butt crack like you are trying to light a fart. Hmm.

Big Daddy was sick yesterday including the the vomiting. He is never sick. That is scary for me, as a hypochondriac now I have to worry about someone else getting the Chinese plague. Late breaking news he thinks it may have been older stuffed olives. Who knows.

Job search is still swimming in the muck. One guy said a new memo from HR states the job has to be posted internally first. This kills me, don't you think you would about this person or he would know about you. BD's job is specialized and there are not that many in any company that can do that job. Another job is held up in HR for unknown reasons, and one job is waiting for someone to die.  And one came back from the past  with a new position.

I went on Ebay yesterday and checked a few things I used to watch for collectibles. I was shocked, the prices are quite a bit higher. Either I was on to some good things or there are a lot of people trying to make big bucks off of shit. With no one working I would think the prices would be down, same as the shopping channels prices higher than when I left. Who is buying all this stuff?

First wine tried, Cocobon, California 2010 Red Wine. It is okay. It has a strange aroma, just can't place it. The label says mocha and maybe, but just odd. Might be better if served with a heavy dessert as recommended. By the way all the wines are under 10 dollars.