Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The home gardener

The head Slav has put up netting on a portion of the vineyard. He takes people out and shows them the baby grapes. Dammit, it think this is fun. I also wish he would mow and take care of his lawn.

I am so damn busy at work I cannot believe it and then today I was felled by the IBS. It was a brutal afternoon. Big Daddy is in Chicago where he learned his lying, cheating and stealing co-worker was walked out the door today. And BD is interviewing for a new company tomorrow. More on that if it is warranted.

The biggie of the week is that I must go and be nice this weekend at my MIL's, but only for a short time as we must pick up my Punkin Head at the airport Sunday---early afternoon. He is coming in for a conference at his old Alma Mater and I get a great excuse to leave early.

Hubba Hubba.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

You can't fix stupid

Sammy Dog being too cute.

So the Co-hort in training  goes out and finds that all the parts that were supposed to be reworked by the best of the worst sort companies are not re-worked. They are marked reworked, they just did not do the work. Co-hort is really unhappy and calling all peoples who are just not doing their damn jobs. This is gonna get ugly and now I have to institute the Rules Of Engagement, or I Will Have Your Ass if you can't do the fucking job.

This is all union bullshit, you have to put the union "kids" on the job and they are lazy and stupid. This is gonna be a great launch. This is why vehicles so much, union graft at this point.

I have to have an outfit to wear to corporate this week for a training session. Normally to work I wear jeans, a really nice Tee shirt, expensive shoes, which I need new ones, and a safety vest. This outfit will not work at corporate.

Okay, have to go write sort rules and order new shoes.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Just a minute to share my fun

Gotta get new pics this weekend.

Funny of the day:

But, aren't we sorting these parts.

Yes, and they are still fucked up.

This has been a horrendous week, too many problems and no help.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Why I Love My Job

Candles in the pots on the teak table.

Today I was tasked to find out why the parts assembly taped up to meet the "does not rotate in a 180" request were causing this huge problem.

The goal was to put some cheap ass tear tape on the part so they would not spin like a child's toy.

The unsaid expectation was that the parts would now be in a perfect configuration to make the parts go on the vehicle with no effort on the operators parts whatsoever. We call this asking the part to jump on the vehicle and make themselves at home.

And the most hilarious part of this discussion is that we used tear tape for this issue. Because the asshats are supposed to tear the tape when installing the parts. Guess what? They don't want to tear the tape. That takes too long. They want the cheap ass tape to do the job of an expensive design change because they are too damn lazy to tear the tear tape.

Just try having this conversation with yourself, "You know that is tear tape, so you can tear the tape."

"I don't have time to tear the tape, WTF, you are supposed to make this perfect--with this cheap ass fix that no one wants to pay for." "I gotta go get some free donuts."

This is why the vehicles cost so damn much, stupid shit. You can't fix stupid.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A surprise

That is the Tat Lady with the Cherry red hair. Our backyards are really tiny.

With the hiring of a real cleaning lady we were on track to be normal again. I can't put the tale of the faux cleaning lady here, but if I could it would be a beaut.

The only thing left to be cleaned on the main level was the front coat closet. Big Daddy and I got that done in a flash. We found our hats and put everything to rights. While we were picking up for the new real cleaning lady I found a purple yoga mat. Naturally I asked BD what possessed him to buy a new yoga mat. Especially as he had never used the old yoga mat. He proceeded to tell me that was my yoga mat, from the coat closet. Then it dawned on me, Punkin Head had been searching high and low for a yoga mat with a surprise wrapped up inside. Yepper, we found PH's hidden surprise. He is happy and should receive it soon.

I have to put together an outfit to visit my mother-in-law in a few weeks. It will be the first time I have seen her since the wedding and then her pissing me off. I don't want to buy anything as I am still in the weight losing mode and should be able to find something to wear. The only saving grace to this visit is we must leave the visit by 2 to pick Punkin Head up at the airport and take him to his hotel in Ann Arbor and then out to dinner. He has a conference he is attending. BD will take him to lunch and back to the airport the following Saturday. I won't be able to go but they will have some great father/son time.

BD took Sammy the Spanky Dog to the vet this Saturday and we learned something new. Dogs do not get asthma. Sammy sounds like he has asthma. He was deemed extremely healthy; we now have some pills for what we are calling congestion.

Need to say, shooting down that plane was a horrid thing-but not allowing investigators and trained clean up people in there is unconscionable. Someone needs to be made to pay, and pay dearly for this mess. And someone needs to stand up and be a leader, no one seems to want the job. Except John Kerry and he is more worthless than McCain.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Hidden Garden

I have 2, this is the first one where my pepper plants are residing. They are the only food I grow except herbs and horseradish. The horseradish is in the second hidden garden. Big Daddy is mulching and the rains are making my garden grow. It has been unseasonably cold-this morning when I left for work it was 57 degrees. Jacket weather.

I am having the worst case of Rosacea ever, it has been a month since my medical scare. That is me, I am your woman in a crisis-but a month later I am something frightful.

OOps, just noticed those weeds in the grass.

The kids are on a camping vacation and now headed to Mt. Ranier, on their way back home. Punkin Head said they are trying to get great pictures.

I have been training a new person the past couple weeks. She is bright, inquisitive and a charmer-I think she will do great. She has never done this work before so some of the particulars will be harder to learn, like reading blueprints and such, but she will be working the off shifts where that is not quite as important. I am calling her trained as of today--I am not being paid to train her so I think she is just fine. And can call the boss if she has questions.

The neighbors are all fine, The Slavs are proudly showing off the vineyard, the tat lady next door is growing some beautiful yellow lilys I can see from my family room, the orange cat from corner survived-I saw him this morning licking his paws. Big Daddy thinks the Flower Lady came home from rehab, but I have not seen her.

More to report this weekend, it seems I can only manage a couple of posts a week right now, work is just too busy.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ghostly images

This is Big Daddy's picture where he thinks he captured a ghost. That is my newly planted Lobelia.

We are now done with planting and need to put down the many bags of mulch and put out the sand pots with candles. More pictures to follow.

Punkin Head and DIL are traveling through the Tetons and camping.

Resting up for the week ahead which appears to be a bit thorny.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

On my last nerve

I will just keep posting random as the garden grows pictures.

It is like Spring here right now, chilly mornings and cool days. Maybe just a bit of heat in the afternoon and it cools right back down.

I had my doctor visit for the results today and all is okay. If anything else happens I am to get in their right quick, but for now it is probably a weird cyst that burst---and I gotta say I am the Queen of weird cysts and their bursting.

I am up writing this at this time of night because the crazy ass bitch on nights lost her shit and woke me up, she has no capacity for problems and it seems tonight she is inundated with them. She also is stupid and cannot remember that I do not cover nights. I asked her if she called my boss and she said told me no, she was gonna try that next if I did not answer, for the third time she called me. So, I called the boss, checked the emails, sent the emails and returned the calls. And wrote down an hour of O/T for this nonsense. And my boss asked me if I thought he should go into the plant. Remember those old Excedrin commercials?

Punkin Head is headed to Yellowstone, happy camping.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A lovely 4th of July

Due to a last minute "smartness" on someone's part we did not have to work on the weekend. It has been lovely.

Big Daddy made a pizza. Fresh mushrooms and it was delightful.

He bought the dough from Farms Fresh Market, a buck 99 and it served us well.

Work has been testy of late and this has been nice to just be free. I slept the afternoon away on Friday and it was blissful. Sammy dog is so happy we are home with him and he is living large.

We redid the front porch with new pots, the traditional geraniums and some trailers. It looks quite nice. I only have a few spots left to fill in the back and we will be all done.

This year is just wonderful.