Monday, September 7, 2009

Trudging Forward

Starting into panic mode. Tears come and go. Maybe it is hormones. Weird dreams lately and I am talking in my sleep.

Big Daddy is in charge of finding GrrDog a new home. Well imagine his shock to find the head of the rescue league is the daughter of the dog in a stroller lady. Will wonders never cease. GrrDog had a spa yesterday and maybe another interested person from the groomer; this week he gets his shots and meets the rescue lady. Hard.

Punkin Head is coming home Oct. 9 for the wedding, so October should be somewhat ok and then back to work. Thanksgiving will be hard. Thinking about that. And getting my papers correct for FC and flying alone to change planes over there. Not like when I flew to Austria. For one thing it is a very long flight and for another they can lock you up and throw the key away. Wonderful. Oh, and visa is 200 bucks.

Ex Pat neighbor is giving us the name of the property managers they used. Also agreed to scrape me off the street if I melt down. I learned how to open the hood of both vehicles and Big Daddy got the garage door opener working. Now the toilet is acting funny, this happens every few years, and Big Daddy is doing his usual---it seems fine to me---I am gonna need a plumber.

Ok, going to check airlines and fares now.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

UAW still fucking with people

short version today


Don't fuck with my dog's food, this by a sister who is not alone in having dues taken out of her check twice in one month.

We don't get a tee shirt for the fucking parade, from a brother also tired of the UAW not feeling the love.

Lovely Saturday here in the Pointes, maybe more tomorrow. Feeling down today and working extra hard to find GrrDog a new home.

Tomorrow is another day and the old life is simply that, wish I knew what the new life looked like.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

UAW seems to be screwing with their members

Plant Loco got screwed on the lay-off, call back and summer vacation. Some locals got unemployment and sub, some did not. If I paid dues I would be damn pissed. Who screwed up, the locals or the International. I thought this shit stood for brotherhood and solidarity. Apparently not. It stands for mine is mine and yours is mine too. And they think health care is going to be any different. It not what you know it is who you know.


Can you give me a quote on the divets? Not until you ask me for a request for quote in writing, you darn ignorant asshole. I told you this 60 times in the last few weeks. And I am sorry you do not know how your system works. That is not my problem.

Scraps was supposed to be Snaps.Snaps:

No pictures yet. Coming soon.

Just too fucking funny:

When we asked how to identify the Italians we were told they are the only ones smiling!

Just one more day of early wakeup and then a 4 day weekend.


Boss called and asked me to cover another plant Friday. Told him, I am on vacation. If you want to give me the day back then I will only have to work one day in December.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Detroit Automotive Meltdown Continues

Well the numbers are in and Ford is the only U.S. based company with any gains from the cash for clunkers program. Why you may ask. Is it because Ford is the only company not owned by the government and the UAW or is it because Ford really did have a better idea? Or do we really prefer Asian vehicles?

I have decided to continue with the blog with a bit of a twist. Big Daddy moving to FC for a job is the reality of the U.S. auto industry. All jobs are moving east and those left behind are doing grunt work that is not very well paid. Well then we will do Snippets and Scraps and Just Too Fucking Funny. Followed by To/Do and WTF. Enjoy.


Plant Loco-you are not allowed to talk to me at my work station because they think we are both stealing shit from the plant. (Stolen item is flashlight with a dead battery)

Plant Loco Manager-I am looking for dead bodies. When repeated to my engineer he thought I was nuts until the Manager repeated this in front of witnesses hours later. We think he is watching Night of the Living Dead at home.

Scraps: None

Just Too Fucking Funny:

I am leaving for work, pulling out of the driveway when I see a little old white haired lady pushing a stroller down the middle of the street. With a 30 pound white haired dog strapped in like a toddler with his back legs flapping like he was trying with all his might to gain purchase of any solid substance. Big Daddy tells me this is not unusual. Uh uh.

To Do:

My vehicle needs window washer fluid. Need lessons.


Big Daddy found out today the reason he could not finish installing the garage door opener was due to the fact that the directions in English skipped the entire portion of installing the childproof sensors and the parts required that would prevent the garage door from slamming down on your head. However if you spoke Spanish you were cool. I think this may be a national recall. Big Box store let him take home a new unit and take the needed parts as long as he told them which parts he took when he took the rest of the shit back. That is truly WTF.