Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Scary Christmas

Guess the flight home won't be as bad as I thought. I think they let you pee now.

Black cloud is still here tho, the shower thing burst and we had to have the stooges back.

Here Chrysler has to hire a bunch of people (over 100) by the end of January and they don't have any takers. Hmmm. No one wants to come to China. It is not that bad. Not as bad as moving to Mississippi. And they don't speak English in Mississippi either.

Flying home tomorrow. More later.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Well let us see what is newsworthy today. Some terrorist tried to (thank god without success) take out a NW/DL flight into Detroit today. That makes me feel so much better coming home this week. Seems US citizens are still vigilant on assholes trying bullshit on planes. Seems they still need to be. Wonder how many US citizens will be on my flight from Shanghai. And how vigilant the Peoples Republic of China will be on screening assholes.

Trying to get out of the apartment today, I seem to have picked up some China virus, mostly intestinal, which makes going out shopping dicey. You remember the no sit down toilets here of course.

Ok, need to shower and wander out now. Maybe some pictures for once. Need fresh flowers and fresh air. More later

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Things I take for granted and cake

There are a few things that are difficult here in China. There are a few strange things. And some things just aren't right.

I am becoming obsessed by toilets. The ones you can sit on. Few and far between here. And they are not real big on toilet paper. And they don't flush it. If you are ever lucky enough to find a sit down toilet and decide to flush the toilet paper, only flush one wad of paper at a time. Have your own tissue and disinfectant wipe in your pants pocket. Just trust me on this one. And if you are a woman make sure your purse is a shoulder bag that will stay on your shoulder when you are out using the toilet. I personally think the across the body bag is better. And this is in the better hotels.

Cleaning products and Febreeze. Things being clean. A washer/dryer that does not take 5 hours for the smallest load ever. I need a Siemens manual. Because this just can't be right.

Central heating. Or just heat in all the rooms. Need rugs, but first need to figure out rug delivery. Figured out grocery and restaurant delivery.

Got a shopping lead that may fit my needs for friends. And me too, but no fakes. Do not want to test my black cloud at US Customs on the faux Prada. Buddy Boy kept telling me he would take us to the Fake Market, I kept trying to explain #1 I can get that in New York and #2 US Customs takes a dim view of fabulous fakes. I want real Chinese things from he calls local area.

Now on to the cakes. Everywhere I go there are fabulous looking cakes. And cake displays. And cake making events. The thing is you never see anyone buy or eat cake. Never. I checked the dessert menu last night and there was no cake on it. The cakes were right at the entrance to the restaurant, but no cake on the menu. WTF.

Back in Tai Zhou

You are not going to believe this. I found shopping out the back door of this hotel. Fabulous shopping. So fabulous I cannot afford it. Prada. and her cousins. Shit.

Not a bad flight and we go back to Shanghai on the train Thursday. And Ikea on Thursday as we have had no time yet for the desk purchase.

Big Daddy got caught at the airport again with his matches. They don't care about liquids or shoes. DO NOT take matches. WTF.

Noticed that the construction in China is kinda sketchy. They use the best materials and don't square it up or use many finishing techniques. Lots of sloppy construction and palaces built next to shacks.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Finally the Shanghai I was looking for

Had the most fabulous manicure and pedicure yesterday. Hydrating spa at the Diva Life. Worked on my feet and my hands at the same time and it was wonderful. Paraffin and massage to die for. About 85 US and I am guessing in the US about 175 to 200 dollars.

Figured out you have to send the good clothes out for cleaning. The washer/dryer takes forever (I am talking hours) and leaves everything wrinkled. And I mean really deep seated never gonna iron out wrinkles. OK for underwear and such, not much else.

Big Daddy is ordering the desk and chair for the living area to be delivered Christmas day. This apartment is so stark. I made him go get some flowers yesterday and the effect was huge. Found some shopping on the blogs that seems more in our price range, not Dolce and Gabbana. Really need some rugs and lamps. Bought a colander today so we can make pasta and we have a great relationship with Marks and Spencer.

The French ex-pats are very rude. The Chinese are very who gives a shit. The rest of the ex-pats don't speak to you. Hmmm, is it me or is it China? WTF.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

China Snippets

Just a few takes on this new life in China:

Domestic flights in China have a 20% ARRIVAL rating.

This causes you to smell the horrific breath of the China residents a lot more than you would like to. This also causes you to thing just how bad would it be if you just pulled the rotten teeth out of these MF's on the runway. Hmmm.

Big Boss gave Big Daddy today a giftas we left BFE for Shanghai, a bottle of what is known as the "crazy wine". I guess this shit makes people go insane. Big Daddy told me never to drink this stuff. It leaked in our luggage and smells like crap. Very expensive stuff. Nice bottle smells like crap.

Ran out of Dramamine at the Shenzhou airport this morning and thought I would die, air sickness is pretty bad. Nice lady that was very uncomfortable speaking English took us to first aid where they sold me a patch, same shit as sold in US, for 9rmb or about a buck fifty. Sells in the Us for about 30 bucks. With a prescription only in the US. Ate at Tony Roma's at Portman Center on out return, it is nasty. and the washroom is nasty too. What is it about China and toilet paper?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Traveling Pants or my new pee pee pants

There is a story about the traveling pants. I don't know it. I only know my story of the traveling pants and it is ugly. I am traveling about China with Big Daddy. And in China you wear pants. And in China you have to pee. In China they do not have above ground toilets-you know the kind you sit on. China has these fucking porcelain holes in the floor they call toilets. With foot rests. They are filthy. And the ladies squat. No hand rails, nothing to grab onto. In the floor. And they miss alot-peeing in the hole that is- according to the amount of liquid on the floor. And they do not use soap to wash their hands. They use water. The water you are not allowed to drink. And there are no hand wipes, towels, papers, whatever. I finally got fedded up (a French term) at the last airport and went to the "weak only" stall. It was all fouled up with errant pee pee too, I assuming as they only know how to squat and cannot aim. Or clean up after themselves. and there is no cleaning crew on the "washrooms". Yes, speaking Canadian in China. So now my traveling pants are the ones I wear to and from the airport.

It changes the way you think when you are aware of the fact that most people you look in the eye have pee on their trousers.

At the new accommodation 5 star hotel in Shenzhen it is sucky. There is no manicure/pedicure service. The hair salon is bad-but the hair wash was fantastic. The hair Wash was done in the chair, dropped shampoo and water on drops at a time and the most fantastic head and neck massage ever. Not enough to make up for no other massage allowed-ONLY men are allowed to get massage (including feet). Women are not allowed. So I walked away with a really bad hairdo and aching feet.

It is not safe to go outside and shop. WTF. No shopping in the hotel except for overpriced Chinese shit I cannot find in Shanghai. Vases for 5,000 US, right.

Now we are fucked by Paypal and can't order food any more, so okay no more eating.
And I thought we had found a food source. Some British woman ordered on our account and shut it down. Great.

Big Daddy is now a fan of Dragon Fruit, speckled with seeds so I can't try it, he says it is delicious. So now I will now sign off and see what can possibly follow this fantastic day of disappointment. Oh I almost forgot to mention no smiles today, a couple nasty looks, and no sunshine. If someone could explain why these people are so miserable I would like to know. I get that they are under a communist regime, but since when is it a crime to smile.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

and I thought Detroit was bad

Okay maybe I am over-reacting, but this place sucks. I cannot buy one thing. Because I cannot find anything to buy. Want a clothes brush or a lint roller, dream on. Need dusting clothes, eat shit and die. Don't even try for Simple Green. This place is filthy and now I know why, there are no cleaning products. And no stores that carry them. No hampers, waste baskets, garbage pails, or swifters. None, nada, zip, nothing. I need to clean this dump since no one else will and have nothing to clean it with. All righty then.

The people are the most miserable people I have ever met. Well, I don't meet them I try to interact with them. Like in "Dude can you get me a taxi?" Glower and shout, at me. Whoa, all I want is a ride. I have little slips of paper written in Chinese so the fucks can take me where I need to go. and they can't read them. I say Mao needs a vision plan. This porter got out a magnifying glass to read it to the taxi driver today. I kid you not. Yesterday the taxi guy pulled aside in the freeway to put his glasses and read the slip of paper again. Yikes.

So, so far, the weather sucks, everything sucks, the Internet is censored, (I can only write this and get in Facebook with a special private network) and above all the shopping sucks. Think about this when everything you buy says made in China. I can't buy it here. WTF.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Quiet Morning

Back in Shanghai in the apartment. No rooster. No roosters on the train either. Just very uncomfortable and too foggy to see much. Tried to take some pictures but I don't think any were decent. Project today is to download pictures.

Went to a party night in a very exclusive area, gated, guarded and wealthy. They had a huge real Christmas, normal US size for a big room, in a pot. A potted live Christmas tree. Woooha.

Big Daddy downloaded the NY Times and WSJ so I went online and did the puzzle and clicked to see Rex Parker's opinion. Would not load the site. Then I remembered I forgot to click on the VPN. Still think it is funny Rex Parker is taboo in China.

More later.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mr. Rooster

It is 6:20 am in Tai Zhou. I am sitting in a 5 star hotel on the 23rd floor in the party and convention center area listening to a rooster crow. He has been crowing since 4 am.

Next I am boarding a train, coach class, for a 4 hour train ride to Shanghai. I wonder how many roosters will be on the train.

Caused a sensation in the dining room last night. I ordered room service later afternoon and was not hungry. They were very upset only Big Daddy was eating. Many people came to ask just one. I can see they are very regimented and easily upset when things go differently than they expect.

Off to breakfast. At least they have croissant and butter from New Zealand. WTF.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hello Mr. Pig or I have the Shanglows

Left the apartment at 6am for a flight to Tai Zhou. Thank goodness it was a Boeing. China Eastern and about 40 minutes, just enough time to pass out water. Went to pee at the filthiest airport I have ever seen and they had the squat pot. Hole in the floor with foot rests. I don't think so.

On the ride to town saw rickshaws, three wheel cars, taxi's to small for me to ride in and a gutted pig all dressed and ready for a party (party favors next to pig) on a tiny cute little flatbed truck. With fireworks loaded in front. And of course once again no pictures.

Thursday: Had to quit blogging yesterday what with the meltdown and all. This is kinda stressful.

Today I broke the toilet, broke the closet door and got a 2 dollar manicure all in a five star hotel. Also got a beef hamburger and a bottle of wine from room service. They stressed the BEEF hamburger and I stressed the wine.

Tai Zhou is supposedly the biggest tooling area in the world. You see alot of foreign business men (that is us) holding their heads and looking very frustrated and tense. Big Daddy says you have to have a lot of patience here, they say yes just so you will shut up. And according to the China Daily they executed a financial guy for embezzeling just under 10 million US. Bernie got off light.

Nothing is easy here. Internet sucks, no one speaks English even in an International hotel, they pretend they understand and don't have a clue. Ordering room service took 10 minutes of talking and 2 trips. Manicure took 2 phone calls and was not very good in the end. I am hoping my fingers don't fall off.

Funny of the day:

In Shanghai they are all busy getting ready for Expo, there is bamboo scaffolding on the streets strapped together 4 stories tall with wires hanging over the sidewalks, we 4 times walked by a guy taking down a brick interior building with a sledgehammer-and I mean walked within 3 feet of him- shit flying all over the place. No dust masks, nothing. The hotel we are in today does not change your towels every day unless you request it-to help the environment. WTF. They also hang their clothes outside the windows to dry on bamboo poles. In the rain. Gotta love it. And I promise soon to get pictures. Seeing is believing.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hello Shanghai

Flight was great. God sent me an angel as a seat mate and she showed me the ropes including getting a cart at the airport. Immigration and Customs was nothing compared to other countries. The worst was the baggage wait. Took a crazy taxi ride to the apartment and proceeded to be sick for the next 4 hours. I am so grateful I did not start feeling bad until the taxi or I would have been in quarantine.

Apartment will be okay once I get some decorating in place, like dishes and rugs and a clock. The Ayah cleaning is not up to par, so we talked with her boss, or someone who knew her boss. Confusing. They speak English but do not know what you are really saying and cannot really tell you what you want to know.

Need to go shopping today, Big Daddy did not have tissues. Went shopping yesterday but no essentials to be found where we went. Found a couple hats, casual, for a good price but not what we needed. Think Big Daddy wanted to show me the area he knew. Great sightseeing with designer stores in this rabbit's warren of craziness. Have a picture of the scene across from the cafe where stopped for a rest. Sitting on the balcony looking at a hovel with the laundry hanging outside and across the street they were renovating a place putting doors in crooked. Will have to wait as Big Daddy took the picture with his mobile phone as I of course forgot the camera.

Oh, the black cloud following me across the U.S. and the Pacific. Yesterday no water in the apartment and when they turned it on the toilet broke.

Going to eat lunch and go to the mall. See ya later.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Shanghai tomorrow

Flying on the infamous 777 with engine problems. This is great.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

6 days to go-Bye Bye Detroit

I leave next Saturday for FC and need one more day to get everything right. Normally on vacation, although this really is not a vacation, I don't worry about a thing or two missing or not done or that I might have to buy something when I am there. Well, not this time. Do not know for sure what I need, what I can buy, or when I may have an opportunity to look for anything.

I will be travelling to towns where Big Daddy does business and does not shop. He gets picked up at the hotel and driven back at the end of the day. And some of the FC citizens don't take kindly the Americans. Don't hurt you or anything, they just refuse to communicate or sell you items. Go home Yankees.

And I need to make sure I have stuff here in case I fly back into a snow storm or worse. Get home at midnight and having visions of my roof caved in. Big Daddy says buy smokes at Duty Free, don't know how to do that. Change money at airport but no one knows if FC money is available. Curb check-in I hope or I have to find one of those cart guys. And I need a ton of Dramamine. Don't know if I can buy that over there and will be flying on a lot of suspect airlines.

Plant Loco finally got the yard clean Saturday without my help. I was out there Friday at 34 degrees with high winds and it was a mess. No help, me and Jim trying to check 2000 vehicles and write down VIN numbers. Then they wanted us to repair the vehicles as we found them with alcohol wipes. I told them not happening dude. That was crazy. Then at 1:30 after they ate lunch they all appeared and told me I was not doing it right. At that point I explained I was frozen to death and did not give a shit. I said 4 more vehicles and I am outta here. That is when they offered to drive me around in a car. And you wonder why they went bankrupt. WTF. Keep in mind this was a National holiday and I had to work on a corporate holiday with no compensation other than my boss saying he would take care of it next year.

Well thanks to their poor management and labor practices, as exhibited in this latest yard hold, I am going to FC to check out my new home and job opportunities. And I am seeing no improvement to think I can move back to the US in the near future. Looks like I will move permanently in the winter or spring of 2010.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I think I have the flu

Fever, chills, aches, cough and snuffy nose and popping ears. Called in sick yesterday and spent the entire day up to 6:30 on the phone due to Plant Loco crazies. They put the yard on hold and now they can't quite justify what the problem is.

So on Friday, my company holiday I will be a Plant Loco with the whacko people trying to do who knows what. Outside. In the rain. WTF. With my bag of used tissues and of course my box of tissues. Wet tissues. Shit.

Then asshole dishwasher repair guy gets here with the long awaited part. First he asks to pee. Then he needs to turn off the circuit breaker. Then he is on the phone telling the company it is the wrong part. He then tells me he will have the right part sometime on Friday. I said, "Wait a minute-you told me it takes 10 days to order this part from the factory." Then he tells me the part is in Cleveland as if that makes sense. So I asked him to go turn the circuit breaker back on and he tells me that he never found it. WTF. So I called his boss and requested an explanation. Hmmm, she will call me back.

Oh yea, I asked my boss if I was getting my holiday back and he said yes. I said good I will need it next week. He said not til next year. I said you are firing me the first of the year. He said no, not really, we will talk the first of the year.

4 more days of work, one of which is free, and 8 days to FC.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Me and the dishwasher repair guy

This is getting to the point of ridiculus. Calls me begging for the second time today to come early. I said to him, dude I work for a living. How does he think I am paying this 300.00 repair bill. I will never use him again. Phooey. So he is coming tomorrow and I am gritting my teeth.

Going in the morning to pick up my Visa and then I will see how long I can stay and visit in FC.

Plant Loco is worse than ever. I cannot even get a conversation with these dudes. I am just doing what needs done without an authority. And they better not question me or I might just get a little nasty. World Class my ass. These guys can't find their ass with both hands.

Well due to the Dishwasher guy I did not get my pants hemmed and can't do it tomorrow so for sure on Wednesday gotta get to the hemmer dude or I will have no pants to wear in FC. And I still gotta check out the luggage situation.

5 more work days and 11 days until I leave. And Big Daddy bought balcony chairs and flatware. Help me.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I thought I was done crying

Gosh 2 blogs in one day.

My big wood closets door are off the track. Goodness. And maybe the Scary Guy who does yard work can fix them sometime next week. I need more wine.

There is mysterious water coming from underneath my washer, which is next to my newly fixed dryer. I need more wine.

Just so you know, other people have a lot worse problems. However this sucks for me.

I finally have a minute to chat

Been a busy month. Plant Loco crazy, people in general are crazy and I am trying to stay on a schedule. I don't know how some people do it. People are telling me they sleep 4 or 5 hours and so do their kids. That is not right.

I still have the title of Garbage Queen, 5 bags this week. How do I have so much garbage?

Went shopping for clothes for visit to FC. I have worn out so many clothes I am throwing things out with holes instead of donating "gently used items". Everything I looked at was made in FC. WTF, I won't have time to shop there and am paying triple prices here. And I need to dress casual. That is the worn out work clothes. And there are no black jeans in my size. You gotta be kidding me. And I have to go to a party with Big Daddy's bosses in casual clothes. Who knows what casual is in FC.

Big Daddy moved into our new apartment today and he is ecstatic. Except he is thinking of decorating it. NO NO NO. And it does not have an adequate hair dryer so I have to lug that thing across the world. Great. However I can get an at home massage for 7US dollars. I don't think so. I will go across the garden and get my massage. Oh and we have regular heat and internet now. And the washer/dryer works properly.

Big Daddy finds out tomorrow if he gets his residency permit and passport back. This is after he picks up his shoes he forgot to pack at the hovel. His HR manager did not understand the word hovel, but agreed to send the driver for the shoe pick-up prior to the passport meeting. And Big Daddy may find out tomorrow if he actually has insurance or not. They are not real big on that over there. Explaining things and having meetings.

Plant Loco is still in disarray. Some days they work 10 hours and some days they work 4 hours. So on Saturday they worked some straight time and this does make for happy campers. Defective parts from suppliers usually incur huge charge backs, not when you set yourself up to own said supplier. Hard lesson to learn, especially on my dime since the taxpayers are fronting the money for this experiment. 6 more work days and then I am done for the year. I am also getting the impression my boss may let me go the first of the year. I have some feelers out as FC has some problems at Plant Loco. Wonder if they could use my help? I would do it on the short term, as I am finding out I may get college tuition from the state to go back to school for a better degree. Hmmm. Lots to think about.

Less than 2 weeks until I leave for FC. Getting anxious, nervous and excited at the same time.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Busy week for some reason

Nothing in particular just seemed like there is a lot to do. Got my dryer fixed. $254.00. Glad it is an original Maytag. Haven't heard from the dishwasher guy, he said a week or more. Bosch parts are hard to find. That's another couple hundred. Mercy. Thought the icemaker was broken too but it is making cubes again. Not a clue what happened there. Saw the neighbor kid yesterday and reminded him about the light fixture. Then I remembered I need to go to the hardware store and ask if the storm window might be done this year.

Made the appointment for my Visa application and have to fill out the forms. Once I send in my passport I cannot leave the country until I get it back. No more Canada trips.

Plant Loco is still loco. Can't make their builds, can't get parts to the line, still damaging my parts and now the problems they never fixed are coming back to haunt them. Two people were walked out of the plant for having a traffic incident after work. Drama to the max, involved a rear ender and then a brick through the window. Ouch.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Is it ESP?

Just as I predicted all the shit we owned decided to break when Big Daddy left. Dishwasher on the fritz, dryer on the fritz and I think I need to do something to the drain in tub as I think my hair is falling out. Thought the repair guy died in the basement when I found him on the floor (he was only listening to the dryer) but when he started coughing I figured he only had swine flu. Although after listening to the news tonight at his advanced age it think it is Whooping Cough. Great.

Plant Loco wants to know how I am going to stop someone from not doing their job. Shoot them? Then I would have to know who they are, and people that fuck shit up don't sign their name to it. I know I wouldn't. My question to Plant Loco is since you can't figure that out why do you think I am smarter than you. Maybe because we did not go bankrupt?

Really old dryer repairman told me I have real Maytag washer and dryer and don't ever get rid of them. They don't make them like that anymore. Hmmm.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Detroit is crazy


Kwame came back to tell us all why he can't make his payments-he does not know who pays his rent or if his wife works. Yea right. Is this like don't ask, don't tell?

Plant Loco cannot make the build schedule due to many issues but my favorite is that they have no parts. Got a call that they were out of 2 of my parts. Went to count them with the cycle checker. He could not find the parts. He did not know that they were moved 10 days ago. I found the hi-lo driver to find the parts and she told me she counted them all yesterday and gave me the bay locations. There were over 5000 of both part. WTF. And this is why Production Control is driving to the service warehouse for parts? You need to fix it again, Tony.

Getting the shopping under control but now the housework and yard work is falling behind. Had to get out my Leatherman to fix a loose doorknob and now I have to change all the clocks and watches. Great. Did not buy the rotisserie chicken because everyone told me $8.99 is too much. Have not had real food in a week. Punkin Head tells me Blueberrys are out of season so what am I supposed to put in the Greek Yogurt? I do not frozen berries are going to work. How many do you defrost a day?

This week I have to fill out all the Medical Insurance papers and drop them off, fill out the Visa and make an appointment, and look over my performance review. Also do my expense report and I forgot to tell my boss I am taking someone to lunch. Yikes. Oh and I gotta go pay the water bill, they fixed the entrance to the city offices.

Big Daddy posted pictures of our new apartment and it looks small. And this is not the current apartment he hates. I mean small. Good thing I don't like to cook because 2 of us are not fitting in that kitchen.

Still averaging 4 bags of garbage a week for one person. This is still a mystery to me---why do I have the most garbage. Cookie Lady has still not cleaned up her yard, and she has no garbage debacle. Hmmm.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Life Goes on

Met a woman at Trader Joe's who gave me the skinny on cheap flights to NYC to visit Punkin Head. Her son lives in Brooklyn Heights. She also has a house in France. She was hunting for bargain wines. It is still true. Grosse Pointers are cheap. I am getting cheap myself. Won't turn on the lights. First it was to save money. Now it so I don't have to change light bulbs all by myself. What if I am up on a ladder and fall? I don't have one of those things hanging on my neck to call for help.

Big Daddy is not happy with our new apartment. Thinks we are getting pimped. He will be on the warpath to fix this Sunday. No Internet, no phone,no cable and one bath with a futon in the second bedroom. And the locks had to be fixed first thing. Compared his digs to his co-workers digs and he thinks there is something suspicious going on. Hhhmmm. He said shopping was great tho, and ex-pats very kind to each other. Bought about 70 US dollars food for 15 FC money. Good thing cause we are still broke.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 2 at Plant Loco

This is absolutely the worst start-up I have ever seen. 4 major incidents, 3 vehicles damaged, 1 evacuation, and not enough parts on the line at any given time. Whew. And they are still painting amid this mess. Wet paint everywhere.

Had pigs in a blanket, Parmesan, from Trader Joe's today for dinner and they were not bad for purchased frozen food. Took some lentil and andouille soup out the freezer for tomorrow. Thank you Big Daddy.

Went to Fed Ex and the gas station with no problems.

Still no budget in Michigan, Principal in Detroit Public schools resigns due to the wild west atmosphere, Dave Bing is telling Detroit they are broke again, Robert Bobb is trying to root out all the corruption in the schools and Plant Loco is going on a 6 day 10 hour schedule until build out. Crazy.

Gotta get ready tomorrow is garbage day.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Publishing error

Posted new on Big Daddy Can Cook and too tired to fix it. Big Daddy keeps saying he will blog so we will see.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It is not a pretty day

Chilly and blustery, grey skies and no people outside. Went out yesterday to lunch. Friend picked me up when I got home had all intentions of getting my picture taken and doing some shopping but Issues demons are upon me. Got to the CVS parking lot when I decided home was better. Hope this doesn't last long. Last time it was really bad it lasted for months.

Feel somewhat better now that I have tickets for FC and they only cost $110.00 and some American Express points. Tickets are Business and First class so I don't have to be crammed in the back for days and non-stop on the way over. Works for me, thank you Continental Airlines.

Big Daddy's phone and computer are working now, but he is leaving for Paris in the morning and then FC so I am sure the nuttiness will start all over again. Doesn't get to his new home until Thursday or Friday next week so I am sure communication will again be a problem.

Need to say Happy Birthday to The Lady and wish her all the best. Hope Punkin Head's plans are successful and make you happy. He takes after his daddy which makes me happy. He was too funny in telling me he braved up for the spider sweeping because I needed him. Much love to you both. Picture thing still not working. Will only post them on private email if I ever get it figured out.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yep, still the crying lady

This is getting to be ridiculous. Still crying, phone still does not work, and just oh shit. Punkin Head and The Lady left today, all is well there. We took pictures and the camera to computer thing is not working right. As if anything is. I still do not have a storm window on the back door. Camouflage camera is on the pool table because I am supposed to give this to a hunter. Who knew. It takes too many batteries to hunt down robbers. HuH?

Went to Trader Joes yesterday for lesson 2 on shopping. They have already cooked food. Not like a rotisserie chicken, like cooked chicken sliced in strips with flavoring from the cooking. Also they have shrimp that is cooked and you only have to put it in a colander and rinse it off. WTF.

Skype worked today and I saw Big Daddy for the first time in a really tawdry hotel room in France. Makes Hampton Hotels look pretty good. Except they have really good restaurants and windows that open in France.

Have to get my visa pictures, and sundries and gasoline tomorrow. More fun.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why is that lady always crying?

I am sure that is the question many are asking. I feel so foolish. And I really need to have tissues in my pocket. And sunglasses. Maybe they will think I am a movie star and just lost a starring role in the latest Brad Pitt movie.

First I went to get my hair done. Shaky but no tears. However I had to tell hair lady that the last haircut sucked. When she blew it out and saw the problem she agreed. Then we had to fix it. My hair is different and we both think it is stress. Texture and curls are not the same. She asked me if it was falling out. Yikes. Gave me a new product to try as curly hair is no longer an option.

Went to the special market for foodstuffs and got reprimanded by an old lady. I was in her way. Twice. Then she explained to me why carts have wheels. This was so bizarre I actually found myself looking at the wheels as if I had never seen them before. It may be time to go to Kroger and pretend I don't speak english.

Massage lady thinks I need to go to a physical therapist. Cannot afford a physical therapist so I am doing book exercises on a roller. Don't ask. Walking for hours on cement may not be that good for me.

Punkin Head and The Lady are doing fine on the wedding visit. She is very nice. She has a sense of humor and can have a conversation. We approve. Punkin Head is taking after his daddy, made her coffee and took it in to her. I approve. Don't get me wrong, this is not a high maintenance lady, but everyone should be spoiled a little bit. Today is the wedding, it is outside, and I just hope they don't freeze their asses off. It was 33 degrees when they left. Brrr.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Punkin Head is Home

Horrible rainy day, horrible traffic, so glad Punkin Head and The Lady (note name change) landed fine and with no problems.

Big Daddy still has phone problems and now no computer.

I have an appointment for pressure point therapy tomorrow.

Life goes on.

By the way, still no storm window on the back door. And Punkin Head wants to know why the camouflage light is on the pool table.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big Daddy in the New Old World

Things are going better. BD has a kinda phone, must recharge the minutes every so often, very often I think. The French are not real helpful in making calls from the hotels. But Big Daddy, true to his, past loves the food. He has had a real French lunch. Let us see if he can describe this as well as Julia.

He is in northern France, the weather just cleared up and he is working his butt off. Quite a change from sitting around Michigan and having nothing to do.

Gossip tells me Plant Loco is a cloud of dust from Tony's Transportation trying to clean years of dirt and debris. Hope this works or even more people will be out of work.

Which reminds me if I don't get off my butt the The Woman is going to see too much dirt here at the old homestead.

Monday, October 5, 2009

First Day on My Own

Ok, I know I am nuts. There is a website where you can track flights. So of course I did. And when the flight landed (early) and should have cleared customs and I had not heard from Big Daddy I called on the new overseas phone. It did not work. And Big Daddy did not call. And there was some strange message on the flight thing that indicated to me that something was strange.

Well, Big Daddy finally called from a pay phone. The new phone does not work. His cohort for some reason also contributed to his dilemma either with no company phone or another non-working phone. The bank called this morning with an automated message his debit card has a hold on it for strange activity and I forgot how to call overseas to call his boss to tell him he has no money.

So far this is working out great. And I miss my dog. Well, there is no where to go but uphill here.

Punkin Head here on Friday with The Woman. Hope she doesn't hate me and I am not found running naked down Lakeshore screaming "how do you call France"? And when I learn calling France is calling FC gonna be all different again? AArgh, my new crossword puzzle word of the day.

And who knew there were still pay phones?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Final Meltdown

Big Daddy is airborne for the next automotive outpost. Detroit is dying and Michigan is not even trying to get it together. Shit, New Orleans is making us look bad.

Well, Punkin Head is coming home this weekend and I have some pictures to post if I get the energy.

I hate having to stay here and watch everything waste away. The people are so tired and they know there is nothing coming in the future. You look in their eyes and it is so sad.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Trudging Forward

Starting into panic mode. Tears come and go. Maybe it is hormones. Weird dreams lately and I am talking in my sleep.

Big Daddy is in charge of finding GrrDog a new home. Well imagine his shock to find the head of the rescue league is the daughter of the dog in a stroller lady. Will wonders never cease. GrrDog had a spa yesterday and maybe another interested person from the groomer; this week he gets his shots and meets the rescue lady. Hard.

Punkin Head is coming home Oct. 9 for the wedding, so October should be somewhat ok and then back to work. Thanksgiving will be hard. Thinking about that. And getting my papers correct for FC and flying alone to change planes over there. Not like when I flew to Austria. For one thing it is a very long flight and for another they can lock you up and throw the key away. Wonderful. Oh, and visa is 200 bucks.

Ex Pat neighbor is giving us the name of the property managers they used. Also agreed to scrape me off the street if I melt down. I learned how to open the hood of both vehicles and Big Daddy got the garage door opener working. Now the toilet is acting funny, this happens every few years, and Big Daddy is doing his usual---it seems fine to me---I am gonna need a plumber.

Ok, going to check airlines and fares now.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

UAW still fucking with people

short version today


Don't fuck with my dog's food, this by a sister who is not alone in having dues taken out of her check twice in one month.

We don't get a tee shirt for the fucking parade, from a brother also tired of the UAW not feeling the love.

Lovely Saturday here in the Pointes, maybe more tomorrow. Feeling down today and working extra hard to find GrrDog a new home.

Tomorrow is another day and the old life is simply that, wish I knew what the new life looked like.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

UAW seems to be screwing with their members

Plant Loco got screwed on the lay-off, call back and summer vacation. Some locals got unemployment and sub, some did not. If I paid dues I would be damn pissed. Who screwed up, the locals or the International. I thought this shit stood for brotherhood and solidarity. Apparently not. It stands for mine is mine and yours is mine too. And they think health care is going to be any different. It not what you know it is who you know.


Can you give me a quote on the divets? Not until you ask me for a request for quote in writing, you darn ignorant asshole. I told you this 60 times in the last few weeks. And I am sorry you do not know how your system works. That is not my problem.

Scraps was supposed to be Snaps.Snaps:

No pictures yet. Coming soon.

Just too fucking funny:

When we asked how to identify the Italians we were told they are the only ones smiling!

Just one more day of early wakeup and then a 4 day weekend.


Boss called and asked me to cover another plant Friday. Told him, I am on vacation. If you want to give me the day back then I will only have to work one day in December.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Detroit Automotive Meltdown Continues

Well the numbers are in and Ford is the only U.S. based company with any gains from the cash for clunkers program. Why you may ask. Is it because Ford is the only company not owned by the government and the UAW or is it because Ford really did have a better idea? Or do we really prefer Asian vehicles?

I have decided to continue with the blog with a bit of a twist. Big Daddy moving to FC for a job is the reality of the U.S. auto industry. All jobs are moving east and those left behind are doing grunt work that is not very well paid. Well then we will do Snippets and Scraps and Just Too Fucking Funny. Followed by To/Do and WTF. Enjoy.


Plant Loco-you are not allowed to talk to me at my work station because they think we are both stealing shit from the plant. (Stolen item is flashlight with a dead battery)

Plant Loco Manager-I am looking for dead bodies. When repeated to my engineer he thought I was nuts until the Manager repeated this in front of witnesses hours later. We think he is watching Night of the Living Dead at home.

Scraps: None

Just Too Fucking Funny:

I am leaving for work, pulling out of the driveway when I see a little old white haired lady pushing a stroller down the middle of the street. With a 30 pound white haired dog strapped in like a toddler with his back legs flapping like he was trying with all his might to gain purchase of any solid substance. Big Daddy tells me this is not unusual. Uh uh.

To Do:

My vehicle needs window washer fluid. Need lessons.


Big Daddy found out today the reason he could not finish installing the garage door opener was due to the fact that the directions in English skipped the entire portion of installing the childproof sensors and the parts required that would prevent the garage door from slamming down on your head. However if you spoke Spanish you were cool. I think this may be a national recall. Big Box store let him take home a new unit and take the needed parts as long as he told them which parts he took when he took the rest of the shit back. That is truly WTF.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Laughing My Ass Off

Heard a report on the news that Fix It Again Tony is going thru and "fixing" the three headed dog cast-off known as Plant Loco. Let me tell you the UNSUBSTANTIATED rumors I have heard so far.

Tony made the Plant Manager mow the lawn with his own mower, and made all upper management do the same. Said lawn looked like shit when they were PURPORTEDLY finished. Although the windows looked better, they were done by the people without their own mowers.

Tony made them paint one section SAID TO BE KNOWN as the test area the floors white. First problem, order booties at $2.60 a pair to walk on the floor. Second problem, hilo could not load part without driving on the white paint. Third problem when the operators were constantly mopping the white floor in their white booties they were falling on their asses. Fourth problem, health and safety.

Audit of vehicles for Customer Issues SUPPOSEDLY now shifted to the, just let us call him TONY wish list. Parts, suppliers, equipment, operators, and Plant Loco staff has not changed. So why would the outcome change. Dude this is the same shit different day.

Now they can't paint (rumor is they may need electricity and switches and sensors turned on to accomplish this task), send people home early every day, want fixes for no money, and stand around accusing people of being full of shit. Note, full of shit was a rumor yelled at somone in front of many witnesses that do work at a car company you would know. Note it is my understanding that the person accused of being full shit gave as good as they got, and no defective parts were ever found. Take that Gregory the Worm.

And they wonder why Toyota and Honda did great numbers in cash for clunkers. WTF.

Funny of the day, I get to stand around and watch people scream at each other instead of me.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am swamped and Punkin Head is home

No time for this bullshit and I got rained on trying to get to my car. Yea a normal person would have had an umbrella. A normal person would not have been doing a Navy Seal mission.

Punkin Head looks great and Gregory the Worm is lookin for a whoopin.

Maybe more tomorrow if I am not in jail.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Still Deciding

Spent the day on phone in conference calls. They do not understand I am laid off.

Big Daddy wants to take my long fur to FC. Do not want to discuss this.

Hairdresser pissed me off, more tomorrow when I actually see them.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am in decision mode

I cannot decide whether to continue blogging. I will make a decision soon.

Plant Loco is down this week and Gregory worm called me for help. After leaving a voice mail that he knows I am not working. WTF. I called him back as I assumed he wanted my deviled egg recipe. He wanted to tell me about a problem with a vehicle. I told him to park it till Monday. He did not get it. Sent me an email of the same shit we have argued about for a year.

Going to Mother in laws tomorrow to say hey and let her see Big Daddy one last time and also pick up the birth certificate.

Punkin Head coming home soon.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am back to work

Can barely walk, this time on cement after sitting on your ass is very hard.

Last night went to sleep in the chair at 5:20, woke and went to bed at 6:30 and woke up at 3:45 feeling like a good nights rest. WHeeeh.

Plant Loco does not seem to be adhering to the new world global shit, and frankly it is not much cleaner. The plant manager had to mow the lawn (along with his upper management cohorts) after he told the MAN that the grass was out of control due to the bankruptcy. The MAN told him and his cohorts to bring in their personal lawn mowers and have at it. They did. Too bad they did not get the real point, keep your home clean. It is still a pig sty.

They painted a section of the floor white, I think to make a point. Plant Loco made their point back by taping paper all over the white floor. WTF.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am going back to work

Bossman called this morning and said to call Plant Loco. They are up and running Monday as promised and need me. I am needed. Although I don't why as they have bled the line, but they demand my expertise. This should be fun.

Plant Loco is supposed to be very clean now. Floors painted white. And you have to wear booties. This is a plant where there used to be a contest to count the "food waste" on the floor. People fed rats. Security threw fast food bags out the windows of the vehicles they parked in out of the way places. The police parked deterrent black and whites inside the fence and never brushed the snow off the windshields.

Also mentioned there would be a lot of down time on the lines with the bleed off (this is normal) but it made wonder about normally accepted routines. In the past when the line goes down most everyone sits in their lawn chair, eats, listens to the radio or CD's, heats up their food in the illegal microwave. Wonder how that's gonna go over?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I am Gonna Faint

After a year and a half of keeping the new garage door opener in the garage, ta-da, Big Daddy is putting it up. So I will have somewhere to keep garbage when he abandons me for the FC and his own full time housekeeping. He needs a pulley. Trusty men at the local hardware are on the hunt.

Got dressed in big girl clothes today to get my hair done. Can't go back to work with roots. Supposed to go back July 27. Big girl clothes indicate that my lack of physical activity has caused all my fat to have a meeting (they included the 2 new pounds of fat) and the consensus was that all the fat would move to my waistband. This is not funny. Nor pretty.

So I am going to take a walk this afternoon and practice taking pictures. Of the cookie lady's farm. It is getting lush.

We are invited to the new neighbors wedding in late September. Seems they (at least the dad) are from the old country and I believe there is a no living together before marriage expectation. Cute. It will be fun to have newlyweds in the neighborhood.

Big Daddy started the paperwork for our transitions, Birth and Marriage Certificates and COBRA paperwork. Much to do. And one of his friends in FC told him about eating snake, said the bones are like eating bluegill. WTF.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big Daddy has a new idea

Big Daddy is setting up SKYPE on my computer. Not paying anything yet, just getting it ready. So that we can talk and see each other from the FC. Do I really want someone watching me on the computer? Kinda creepy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Have Been Unfriended on Farm Town and Face Book

This is the most hilarious thing in my life. With every social problem in the world, with my family trying to survive, with my computer having a virus for most of the week I have come to find that a friend for 40 years has un-friended me for specious causes. From fucking Farm Town. And they made their other friends do this too. Also to Big Daddy. WTF.

This is a person that I held their hand when they could not go to their mother's funeral, stood by when life did them wrong, and offered them a place to stay when they thought they had no place to go.

Well, we are no longer friends. To my surprise as I finally logged on to Farm Town with my WebRoot buddy in tow so that we could find the skulking virus king, I was un-friended. I found the truth. I was no longer wanted.

I think it all started to go downhill when she demanded I save my crops for her and she went out to marketplace to get more jobs. You see, she is a liberal and I am a conservative. She wants me to save the best for her while she panders to the other farmers, and I believe everyone should have a fair shot. If you are available, fine, if not why should someone else not have a fair opportunity?

Big Daddy tells me this has been going on for years, me letting people take advantage and getting hurt when their true colors show through. Especially my Farm Town ex friend, who I have swallowed a lot of shit from for years. I have sent this person gifts, called when they were down and tried to be a friend. Now when my life is in the toilet I am finding out that most people are just too self involved to see another persons pain. There has been no return of these favors, especially from this one, and I always excused this as people are not as well off as I am. I guess I always thought it was monetary when in truth it is just being a good person who has a sense of caring for fellow human beings.

So when we dig ourselves out of this shithole we will seriously be careful of who we call friends in the new world. At this point the list is very short and getting extremely limited.

And I now think I truly understand how thick your skin can get. Because next time, I will take your skin off, one little layer at a time.

By the way, let us hope for the virus king.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Need To Make A List

Ok, I am starting to get used to this foreign country thing and from here on will call it FC. Waiting for info on the plane tickets so I can track the flight and aircraft as I am a total freak on flying right now. Punkin Head will try to come home before Big Daddy leaves and again in October for a wedding.

That will leave me with November alone and hopefully a visit to FC in December. This will be dependent on my money and my vacation time. I have asked for and not received the plan for everyone to take vacation this year,oh and don't forget those promised floating holidays. When you never work it is hard to take vacation. And with everyone forced to take an additional lay-off in August to save money for the company this is becoming an issue. The lay-offs have not been balanced and the rest of the year is going to be pretty unpredictable. What if the whole company is on vacation for the month of December. Ha. And if HR ever comes back to work I have to go on the company insurance.

Of course, more important, is their will be no New Orleans Christmas visit. Big Daddy won't be on the job long enough for "rest time" and FC does not recognize Christmas. So I will be learning a new tradition of no Christmas this year. Or Creme Brulee. Or Cherries Jubilee. I just hope I don't have to eat a poodle.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Job Interview

This one is costing some money as Big Daddy has to travel to Ohio.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I can't wait to see this 5 Why and Fishbone

As told to me today we shipped a snake (a four foot long snake)into an assembly plant. In another country. A very cold and nice and quiet country. Yea, how do you certify that stock. And who ya gonna hire to sort that stuff?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Big Daddy is pushing his luck

Big Daddy's new job is pretty much a done deal and I am terrified of jinxing it. Not that I am superstitious, but just scared it won't work out with all the bad shit happening.

Big Daddy however is sharing some details of what he thinks it will be like. He will live in a serviced apartment which means his cleaning and laundry will be done for him. He will have a concierge to help him navigate his new city. He will have a car and driver. He can get a massage for $10.00. Now that pisses me off. I will be home alone, laid off, taking the garbage to the curb in a snowstorm in dirty clothes, as I am convinced every appliance will break down as his Metro Car pulls out of the driveway.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Can't Believe it is already Thursday

I have been living an upside down life. No regular anything. Can't sleep and without what I consider regular TV there is nothing to occupy my time except Internet bullshit.

This sucks.

Why don't they have something for laid-off people to do. You are not allowed to do much of anything according to MARVIN and I have looked for volunteer opportunties with no results. This is crazy.

Monday, June 29, 2009

In My Flawed Opinion

Why is everyone but you wrong, bad, and a thief.

At what point did Bernie Madoff's victims think they where so much smarter than everyone else and that the returns they were realizing might not be unusual?

At what point did all the people buying expensive houses with 10% down on an ARM not think this may not work out.

At what point do people ignore the fact that they cannot raise a family when their income is from a job at a fast food joint.

And ta-da, the icing on that cupcake-

My most recent favorite "blog comment" NOLA.com on a shooting of 7 people at what they call a "repast"- the following is in my words-It is not uncommon for killers to show up at the funerals or repast to make sure the person is dead. Now OK, I can understand showing up at a funeral to make sure the dead is still in the coffin a day or two later, but at the meal after the funeral? Which apparently is what a repast is although no one on NOLA.com claims any knowledge of "what the fuck a repast is".

So it must be OK to be lacking in responsibility, financial knowledge, and common sense.

But don't miss the church lady cake at the repast while you are looking for the dead guy.

Automotive Shenanigans

Well I found out today that someone is getting a lot of extra work while some of us are required to take extra down time. How do you take extra down time when you never work? And how thick are your knee pads?

Big Daddy will not be paid, if he gets this new job, until October so we will have to liquidate. I will not have insurance unless I sign up to my employers insurance. Considering I am not wearing knee pads this looks bad. Especially since all HR people except the VP are laid off. And she is a box of rocks.

I do not like the cookie lady pictures and will try for better.

I think I will drink. Lots.

Friday, June 26, 2009

This is how bored I am

This Farm Town on Face Book is addictive. I am plowing, planting, harvesting and selling crops. I hate dirt.

Co-worker called this morning on the assumption I am back to work Monday. Nope. According to Plant Loco still not til July 27th and then just for 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on and then 8 weeks down. Hurrah.

Looks like Big Daddy probably has a job-but not til September. Hope our money holds out.

New neighbor now known as expat was wondering around looking for the owner of the chimney screen she found in her yard this morning. We had some wind that was pretty bad yesterday afternoon. I never noticed, I was farming.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Holding Our Breath

A DHL package is supposed to arrive today with a job offer. We got burned once before on an offer that was withdrawn over an internal power grab. Made me very leery of trusting anything and that it makes it very hard to even idly think about the future. Which means I have to keep my mind occupied by anything except the future. Very stressful to not plan when you know there are big changes coming and you don't know which direction the winds of change are blowing.

So I spend too much time on Internet bullshit to keep from thinking. My main addiction is about the Air France crash. I am not a good flyer to start out with and this crash is not helping. I am reading really detailed technical information from professionals and this is not making me feel better. This is what I have learned so far: weather radar and reports sometimes are not all that great, it is somewhat acceptable to know you may never find black boxes and downed aircraft, and there seems to be a lot of people in denial that there could be "a batch" of defective parts of which 3 could be on the same plane. I can tell you from personal experience if there is more than 1 or 2 defective parts in a production run, the likely hood of multiple defective parts on one vehicle is significant. That is why we have yard holds, stop ship, national recalls, and containment procedures. And the vehicles are not released until this is fixed. Period. But it is OK to fly planes like this.

My new addiction is Farm Town. Mindless and I guess that is what I need now. Really reminds me of the Cookie Lady yard. I still can't get a decent picture but it is a priority.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Comcast abominates me

It is not often I get to use a newly learned word twice in a month. Our new Comcast system decided to fuck with us this week. There were never truer words said than you get what you pay for. Dude finally came yesterday and fixed it. But he said there was no problem found. Then what did you fix? Reminds me of the home security guy that found the wires for the smoke alarms were never connected. He at least apologized. Well since it is fixed and nothing was wrong anyway, and I can't afford better service, lets move on to last week.

Saturday Snippet on Sunday:

Big Daddy needs a birth certificate if he goes overseas. I will need a marriage license if I go, even to visit. Well out marriage license is in little tiny pieces taped together. Now my company accepted this for benefits verification but I don't think everyone else will. And I am sure there was some conversation at the company. No one asked. The truth is MY DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK. Truly the new puppy ate the license. So we taped it up and said we would get a new one later. Well 36 years later this has come up again.

Neighbor news:

The musicians are up in arms over the bees in their chimney. They are blaming the Clampetts. Now I will be the first to admit the Clampetts are pretty bad neighbors-but bees?

The cookie lady has dug up yet another patch of lawn in the front center corner and planted another corn patch. She has completely covered this with chicken wire. I doubt any one else in the neighborhood has ever seen chicken wire before this weekend. I would love to post a picture of this, I just don't know if that is proper. And I cannot believe this is acceptable as you must have a permit and signed off paperwork for fencing. I am not gonna bitch, I'm just gonna watch. Between the bee-hunters and the migrant workers this should be a great summer. Isn't corn supposed to be knee high by the 4th of July?

Bitch of the week:

It seems Continental Airlines lost 2 unaccompanied minors this week per the news. Now my question is this: you pay for unaccompanied minors, you pay for checked bags, you pay for TSA, you must put your lip gloss in an approved plastic bag-the plane cannot take off unless the passenger that matches the checked bag and the ticket and plastic baggy are on board the aircraft. How the fuck did this happen? Since the Flight Attendants never objected to the term-where the hell were the slutty FA's and just what were they doing? Fixing their make-up with confiscated lip gloss I'll bet.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Detroit Automotive Meltdown: Awkward Moments from Tova

Detroit Automotive Meltdown: Awkward Moments from Tovajavascript:void(0)

Awkward Moments from Tova

One of my new favorite blogs is Tova aka "The Secret Life of Tova Darling". She uses an alias. This is totally understood as I use some caution, not enough, and do not put some true stories on the blog no matter how hilarious they are. People could figure it out. And trust me some are rolling on the floor your stomach hurts so bad funny.

Well, I can't put the whole story of my awkward moment on this blog-if anyone read it they would immediately know all the parties involved.

See, there was this guy that was kinda whacko. He worked with me and the irritation level was high. He irritated everyone. And he had a very strange appearance problem. It was about his clothing. Enough said. Everyone commented on it including his superiors. He was oblivious.

Well to understand where this is going you have to understand Plant Loco. It is all about nicknames. And I am the queen of nicknames. The first time I was there one of my hi-lo drivers introduced himself to me as Little Man. No shit, he walked up to me and said, "Hi, I am your hi-lo driver for ### and my name is Little Man." The dude was in his sixties and 4 foot tall. I am not kidding. Musta weighed 60 pounds. So nicknames were everywhere. And naturally we gave one to the whacko.

During one of my many cell phone changes I had to program the numbers in by hand. I used nicknames. Some people I only knew by their nicknames. I even put nicknames on expense reports. So anyway, one day this customer that worked closely with the whacko asks me call whacko on my cell phone for him. I dialed it up and handed him the phone. "Whoa, this is what you call him?" Customer is on the floor laughing and I am praying he doesn't tell others about this little snafu.

Funnies of the day: Further Plant Loco anomalies

Plant Loco is a very diverse plant with a fifty-fifty split racially. I am called down to the line with a defective part problem. I ask the operator where the part is. He tells me the repairman has it. I ask where the repairman is. He tells me there is a black guy halfway down the line. Well, fuck me, somewhere about 8 or 9 hundred feet away is a black guy.

Another time this brain dead sorting company I hired is telling everyone that I have a defective part. In questioning her I am getting zero feedback. Where is the vehicle? The short guy with glasses has it. Everyone wears safety glasses in this plant, and we have always thought that short was a job requirement. We eliminated 1 guy out of 1500. Very short, but he never wore his glasses.

Monday, June 15, 2009

News from the outside world

whoa . . . I didn't think I'd have a post today. The boss called and if Plant Loco goes back to work so do I. Go baby go.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Missing Punkin Head

It has been way too long and I am missing him something fierce. To remind him how much mommy loves him and to share with any special person how adorable my boy is-tada-cute, cuter, and cutest. These pictures are after Ann Arbor and you can see how he changed while he was in Philly. Mom is still waiting for some good New York pictures. Love You Punkin Head.

Flag Day

And I can think of no better reason.

George Washington got it right.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flight Attendants

You know all this flap going on about David Letterman and Sarah Palin has me wondering. There is huge discussion on Dave, on Sarah, on everything except the fact that Dave is calling flight attendants SLUTTY.

Now I have seen my share of FA's and slutty has never come to mind. Snotty, wicked, nasty, rude, loony, whiny, and yes the one in a million decent human being. But never slutty.

Slutty infers many things to many people but none of the above.

And makeup does not define a slut. Smeared, gooey, runny and streaked makeup is slutty, but so is filthy ripped clothing and ratty hair. Most FA's makeup is either flawless (and they will do nothing to disturb their lipstick) or non-existent. Ever see an FA at 6AM-you won't be looking at a Vogue model.

There are only 2 FA's I can still picture in my mind and another that I will never forget for his lazy ass retort. The ladies I remember for quite different reasons. The middle aged blond of the perfect makeup and hair sprayed enough to be a fire risk-I saw her on many a DTW departure-telling a short Asian lady that did not speak or understand english how she could not help her with her bag. She said she couldn't help her (in first class) in case she might hurt her back. OK, so heavy lifting is not your job. However, it is your job to get the passengers seated and ready for take-off and arguing with a lady that does not understand english in the front of the plane is stupid. Period. It is stupid. Then there was the MSY flight. When we were boarding we were told by the announcer, the ticket taker, and then the FA that this would be a very bumpy flight and there would be no cabin service. The FA was quite nasty and adamant (mentioned this multiple times). Okay, (first class again) the pilot comes on the speaker and says "bumpy". Now when a pilot tells you bumpy- for me it is scary time. So we fly to Memphis with this harridan glaring at me for an hour without one fucking bump. And not a stitch of makeup or hairdo on that bitch's head.

So why is there no cry of outrage by or for SLUTTY flight attendants? They object to surly but like slutty? WTF.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Learning New Things

Due to circumstances which will not be discussed, there is a lot a compromise in a marriage that lasts for 32 years, certain routines have been in practice for years. I do not know how to do simple chores any longer. How do you get quarters? Apparently you get change when you purchase items. I shopped a little in the past and I do not remember ever getting a quarter. I know this because I put the quarters in the console tray in case I need them for parking meters. The last time I remember getting a quarter was when I went to Canada for business. Last September.

I do not know how to shop for groceries and sundries, I love the word sundries. I do not really shop. Ever. At all. I go on the Internet and find what I need and have Big Daddy "make it so". That is his job in the above described "compromise". Or we go to a store and I pick out what I need and Big Daddy pays for it, gets it home, and unloads the car. This is known as tote and carry.

I don't cook because Big Daddy loves to cook and is seriously better at it than I am. I make Big Daddy's favorite dinner maybe 3 times a year. I hate making coffee.

Well I guess the "compromise" is going out the window with the economy. If we actually have jobs and an income in the near future, I will need to be self sufficient. I will need to go to the grocery store. I think I will need to get those things people have on their key rings that give them special discounts. How do you get those things? And does everyone realize that hanging shit on your key ring can fuck up your ignition switch on your car?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Laughter and Tears

Laughing is in somewhat short supply here, tears are better but still occasional.

Laughter-Big Daddy is taking the cleaned dining room rug to the attic for storage and said if he gets locked in let him out. I am thinking Oh Shit, what if I get locked up there with Big Daddy overseas. When we took possession of Don's house we received a key ring resembling what the head dude for Buckingham Palace might carry. One of the keys locked the door to the attic. Our house is one floor with a partially finished attic and this door is solid wood. Key lock on the outside and push button lock on the inside. WTF. If you crawl into the house from above (see any horror film) (there are 4 windows up there) you just walk down the stair, pop the button and you are in. Then it broke. Couldn't get out of the stairway. I left it that way because I figured the horror film weirdo's would be stymied. Well it is fixed now so I have to go back to the stool in the hall. For the alarm. So I don't set off the motion detector that points at the door.

Tears-Big Daddy (if he gets this job) will have to take a Metro Car to the airport. There is no way I could drive him and make it home in one piece.

News in Detroit is fuzzy, no one can predict the Chrysler outcome, Kwame is in a contest with C Ray to see who can be the biggest dumbass in the national news, and Shelby Township is asking for water rationing in the coolest wettest weather we ever have.

Yes, Kwame, the ex-mayor who can't pay his bills just moved into a 1.1 million dollar mansion in a gated community in Texas. And no, it is not a jail. And he and C Ray can't chat because apparently the Chinese do not allow outside contact. And New Orleans is trying to raise enough money to keep him there.

Friday, June 5, 2009

We are blessed

Big Daddy just left the dermatologist and his scalp defects do not appear to be cancer. Of course the doctor took samples and will send them in for analysis, but whenever a doctor does not jump back and scream it is a good thing. Told Big Daddy to wear a hat-and since Big Daddy is the KING of hats-all is okay today.

I do not want to have a totally downer blog, but to tell the truth the last month has been extremely stressful. No jobs, sick wife, head defects-these things are not good.

Right now I feel better than I have in a long time.

Big Daddy is making white remoulade from the Blackened Out website for dinner and we are using up all the frozen foods we have. It is a time to celebrate.

It's all about Big Daddy

Potential job offer next week, maybe job offer next week, interview next week, good possible meeting next week and a new possible interview came in today. This is not too shabby (from Miss Verita) in this economy. Things seem to maybe be coming a little bit alive again in automotive. Not really moving forward, maybe just waking up and stretching a bit. Big Daddy is workin' it.

Roger Penske is supposed to be taking over Saturn for sure. I hope so. I remember when I called on Detroit Diesel when he was in charge. He allowed no sloppy behavior and was fierce in making his company the best. He took a GM plant and made it great. I remember alot of people saying he micro-managed. I hear that quite a bit about people that demand excellence and it usually comes from people who are fuck-ups. When you do your job-you do not need to be micro-managed. I sometimes go for weeks without talking to my boss. But when shit is gonna hit the fan I make sure he knows first. And that he knows the whole story.

I think I need to take a news break. The only funny news on the Internet is still New Orleans. Those people are just not right. The Air France news is just too disturbing because no one knows anything and planes just keep flying as if there are no problems with a jet disappearing. And finding junk in the ocean is not a problem. WTF. Why is all this shit floating around? I am supposed to drive a cheap piece of shit to save the same environment some shit mariners throw their trash into? Crazy. And then I should get on a plane that may or may not ever be seen again. And no one will know why.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Being Indisposed is just as bad on Unemployment

You know how when you are really sick you sit around and bitch about the shit that needs to be done and you can't? This is the same shit you of course could have done yesterday, last week, last month. And you think, all right as soon as I am able THIS SHIT WILL GET DONE!!! Same shit different day. But really this time I have to get on the ball.

Peed normal this afternoon, albeit orange today versus blue yesterday. Urologist called and said if it still hurts tomorrow, call. Umm.

Big Daddy's job interview went very well and they promised he would know early next week with feedback if it is not a good fit. Other job offer should be winding up about the same time and 3rd opportunity is on the schedule for probably next week. We have some sun in the sky for right now. Minor opportunities still floating about. I have about another week before I go berserk if I still don't hear about Plant Loco or status change with my job. This new information on lawsuits against Chrysler for secured bond holders and dealers, I feel bad they are losing everything (same as me) but what do they hope to gain in a liquidation sale. There is no one to buy this stuff unless it is a fire sale, and that means even less money for some. And if there is no car company WTF are you going to sell? What people seem to ignore that this all a gamble. Even stuffing your money in mattress is a bet against a fire.

That reminds me of time back in the 80's when I thought a break from automotive would be good and real estate would be better. Yea right, working with people that don't have a clue about money and investing was preferable to working with a game plan at auto manufacturers. I sold this lot for cash and the buyer paid me in cash on a weekend night. What do you do with $50,000.00 in cash? Personally, I put it in the washing machine. Don't ask me why, it seemed like a plan at the time. By the way, my commission was 2,500.00 -not a great take on the problems with this transaction. I had his house listed which he sold to his cousin (yea, right) for no commission, his bathroom floor collapsed during the listing which he fixed himself (this really did give me pause) and I spent quite a bit of time with these people-both examining their 50,000.00 window covering from "somewhere overseas" and looking at the structural defect in the bathroom floor. All the gasoline, wear on my vehicle, advertising his property, signage, etc. came off that 2,500.00. It was then I decided automotive was less stressful.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today, it's all about me

Ouchy, ouchy, ouchy. Went to get the bladder take a look see. Took the Valium. First we did the regular stuff. I might have a kidney stone. Not big, not a worry at this point. Okay. The we did the bladder review. With a numbing gel. Youzaa did that hurt. And I mean it felt like knives into me and my bladder. Well, it turns out I have irritation. No shit. So now I am on a low dose antibiotic for 6 weeks and we will check again. And I just had to pee and it felt like the knives were coming back out. This sucks.

Big Daddy's offer is still in the works, he has another job interview tomorrow and I am still praying for us. And everyone. Especially the people on that plane. It scares the hell out of me that we may need to fly in the near future. Yikes.

Tired now, maybe more tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Big Daddy is losing it

Talking to my BFF and had to go to the toilet. I love the word toilet it is so right. Big Daddy starts hollering, "don't go in there". What could have happened in the course of a phone call to make the bathroom a disaster zone?

Big Daddy decided to cut his own hair. Oh my.

Tomorrow I have to have the bladder camera ordeal (with mucho valium) and then I am going to go to bed for a few days, weeks, months, whatever.

This is nuts.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Marvin does not abominate me

NYT crossword puzzle used abominate as the answer of the clue "to Hate". Ha, Marvin took my soch (short for social security number in the UAW world) and he said he would pay me. It has been a long time since Marvin smiled at me. Now we will check to see if the fucker actually kept his word. In a few days. It takes that long to get your money. And what happened to my extra 25 bucks Obama said I would get?

Big Daddy had an epiphany, he thinks our new various back and leg pains come from the fact we no longer wear shoes. Oh sure, the occasional walk when it is not raining, but I am finding it harder and harder to justify getting out of the jammies. Why dirty up more clothes? Why not wear slippers all day. Damn, it just occurred to me the picture in my mind of someone slopping around in slippers all day and it is ugly.

Well, I now have a reason to shower and dress every day. New news in the neighborhood news, the suspected juvie kid of the cookie lady is nowhere to be found and the eldest Clampett kid is mowing her yard. Her front patch garden has been inspected by Big Daddy who grew up on a real farm. She has 5 tomato cages, 3 tomato plants, 1 strawberry plant, 3 corn plants, and 1 pole bean plant. Pollination may not be her forte. Also a rhubarb on the city easement. No goats as yet.

The anticipated GM bankruptcy was on TV all morning. Orion Assembly will be idled for a while, which puts one of us in my department potential for being let go. Can't call Stella cause I don't want to know how bad it is for her. And Fritz standing up there saying how everything will be better was pretty much akin to admitting they sucked for a long time. I remember in the not so distant past the rumor that GM demanded a helicopter in exchange for a contract and meetings were dependant on buying lunch. In the recent past, last year, I watched a guy spend 8 hours painting a cart and telling everyone he couldn't do his real job, which was telling suppliers they were not allowed to sit in the cafeteria. WTF.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Our next door neighbor Grandma died today. They just took her away. She was around 96.
Rest in Peace Grandma, she lived a long and happy life. Recently she was fine, like a last hoorah.

She was about the feistiest old lady I have ever met next to my own grandma, Ruby Begonia. She never held back an opinion, ignored what she found offensive, or lightened up if it was offensive to her. She was a hoot.

Her grandson has been planting flowers, mowing, edging, hanging flowers-whatever-for a week. To make her happy. Her yard was one of her vanities-she watched over it like a hawk.

She had a very loving family and she will be missed.

Dueling Hounds and Housekeeping

Personal Regimens are changing the longer I am off work. Used to be the first thing was turn on the radio so I could keep up with the news while getting ready for work. This was a music, family talk station so you didn't have to try to hard. Nowadays sometimes the radio does not go on for hours. So I hear noises, every noise in the world. I've always been a scardy cat and thinking about living alone amplifies my fears.

Now I have been here alone before when Big Daddy traveled and I am somewhat used to being jumpy. I try to justify the noises as they were always there, you just didn't hear them because of the radio. However lately joining the creaking and moaning I have heard a machine gun (aka Woody the Woodpecker) people being attacked (aka nuthatch, goldfinch, and blue jay) and a werewolf (aka the BeagleDog). This morning I had to accept the noise was probably not a werewolf as it was daylight-but something definitely horrible was happening outside. So I made Big Daddy go do recon. Alone. Well lo and behold it was a naturally occurring phenomena-BeagleDog being a beagle. WTF.

Big Daddy: It's the beagle.
Sweetie Pie: What is wrong, what in the world happened, are the police coming?
Big Daddy: No, it's the beagle.
Sweetie Pie: Why is he making that awful noise, what is wrong.
Big Daddy: Nothing is wrong, beagles make that noise.
Sweetie Pie: Why?
Big Daddy: It is what beagles do. They bay.

Oh hell to the no. Ain't gonna be no beagle baying all the time. Nope. Not gonna happen. Then Big Daddy says that GrrDog howling can be heard across the street. I don't think so, my 4 and a half pound poodle cannot be heard across the street. Oh yea, said Big Daddy. Then I remembered one day a long time ago. I was on the computer and I heard this painful, awful, terrifying noise. I raced to the dining room to save GrrDog from lions and tigers and bear, oh my, I found him curled up in his bed with his little head lying on the cushy arm. He was smiling at me. The little fucker did not move, did not sit up, did not exert one iota of energy to make more noise than could be believed. He snuggled down and howled like a banshee for no other reason than because he could. Guess I should shut up.

Our Bissel hand held steamer we got a few months ago (when we were working) is the best cleaning tool I have ever seen. Cleans without chemicals in a lot of places. Soap scum in the tub, gone. We have aluminum windows in the family room, cleaned perfectly. The floor unit does the job better than the Swifter without any solution, just water. However you cannot steam a plastic shower curtain liner. Nope, won't work.

No Detroit new news today so I have to go with Honda. Now, if you know me you know I am not real fond of Japanese cars. I just can't get over the Pearl Harbor thing. But looking at their ad in the NYT magazine I had to crack up. Their ad showing how efficient the car is (Accord EX-L) points out an H on the wheel, shiny chrome window trim, and power windows. Now wait a minute-this is beyond stretching. A logo on a wheel helps how? Chrome versus stainless steel is better for what, and why is that? And when was the last time you saw a car with manual windows. Once, at Plant Loco, when they asked me how to control glass stall I mentioned manual windows. Didn't go over real big. Oh and guess what else, Honda has discovered red paint and apparently that helps overall efficiency in some obscure way. I always thought red cars help you get a traffic ticket.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ob La Di Ob La Da Life goes on

Punkin Head is moving this weekend, Big Daddy is doing yard work, GrrDog tries to make a friend and I am having hot flashes. Completely normal Saturday.

Well, Punkin Head is following family tradition of being his own person. He is moving into an apartment over a funeral home in New York City. I can't even walk into my mother's house where my dad and grandma died. And he is in love. Gotta get more information there soon. I have been holding back on asking too many questions but I am getting antsy for more info.

Big Daddy is cleaning up the outside, cutting down ivy and vines, edging and all the nasty work that needs doing in case he has to leave for this new job. Keeps him busy and he has lost 10 pounds since he was Rif'd. It was all the bagels and lunches. But his farmer jeans are now really baggy in the butt.

Big Daddy is in love with the BeagleDog across the street. It is a big beagle mix and always wags his tail. GrrDog met BeagleDog today and they did the de rigueur butt sniff and GrrDog wagged his tail (not normal) and BeagleDog walked away. GrrDog got stiffed by a mutt.

Hot flashes are bad and I spontaneously burst into tears, not sure if it is menopause or terror of the future. Probably a combination.

Talked to one of my Plant Loco peeps yesterday and she hasn't heard squat tho rumors are abundant. She was in the hospital for a bladder infection and puffed on her ecig and 4 people went home and ordered them. The media is speculating that GM may shut down Orion Assembly and keep D-Ham open. That probably means either Stella or myself gets let go. WTF. Her husband has a pension and mine is un-employed. I and have heard nothing on my resumes. No one is hiring in the US. period. And until some plants start building cars again I guess we all are in the same boat. Sinking.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Now I remember why I hate Comcast

The entire day has been devoted to our Comcast experience. We had to give up our real and true proven service providers and go with Comcast as we are now broke and must get by until we move to tent city. However, we may never know we need to move as COMCAST does not provide what I would call complete service. They suck. Less than 6 hours and everything is fucked up. I knew it would happen.

I hate the Comcast mf//////

On a happier note, the cookie lady put down huge bark chips on the mud holes so now the chips will flow onto the sidewalk with the mud.

Detroit news, Visteon and Metaldyne both filed bankruptcy today. I hope this does not effect Big Daddy's maybe offer but it does validate everyone new on the Marvin program. Two Penny Jenny was on the news saying how hard she worked for Michigan and pumping up John Cherry. If Michigan does not get a normal, real, non-bullshit person to run for any office in this state I think maybe they should put the Gitmo people here-get more trash from Ontario-and shut down the Matty bridge for the gambling Canadians. Right now everything sucks.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I got out of the house today

Went to the doctor first. Got right in went to room #2 and stopped dead in my tracks. There were about 6-8 syringes attached to plastic tubing up to about what looked like 14 inches long. I thought I would pass out. For goodness sake I am only here for an ultrasound. Well, when the tech noticed I was close to hysteria she explained, "Oh, those aren't for you". Further discussion explained those are for prostrate tests. Oh, my. I don't want to know why some were 1 inch and some very, very long. Ouch.

Then I went to the Social Security Office in the hood. It was close, Big Daddy was with me, and it was raining. Rain sometimes keeps the crack heads off the street. It wasn't too bad. There were only 2 crazy people. The first I am just not sure, but he loved the restroom. He left when the security guard came back. He was on his cell phone the entire time. The second guy pleaded to borrow my umbrella to close the windows on his car. Now it was raining pretty hard when I came in and this was as I was leaving. I gave it to him because I wanted to see this car that it was OK to leave the windows down in a Cat 3 but a Cat 4 demanded they be rolled up.

To put the cherry on the sundae I thought I might as well stop by Michigan Works on my way home and register my resume. Now I have a pretty damn good resume. Michigan Works does not want it. They want a resume a grade school child could fill out. Is that because of the filers or the readers of the resumes? And once again they would not take my password and the peep had to fix it for me. This after the scary dude said he was an accomplished fire bomber and might need to continue on that path. I did not turn around. There were some grim people at that office today.

Funny of the day:

NYT Crossword clue for COBOL was Y2K. (I knew the answer because my brother was one of the few at UT that got it and he was amazed everyone found it so hard.) I remember my mother was all over Y2K. I think she still has canned goods. And water. We kinda stocked up like you would for tornado season. Enough water, batteries, some stuff to get by for a week. Gas up the car and wash your clothes. Plant Loco was coming up New Year's Day to test their systems. They asked me if I was going to be on-site at midnight in case there were problems. WTF. What was I going to do at midnight if War of the Worlds started? In the hood. With a guy that bragged he is experienced in fire bombing. Gotta love Detroit City.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wicked Prey by John Sandford

Finished the book today, actually I started the book this morning. Woke up at 3:30 am, not unusual if I am working, and could not go back to sleep. Started reading and then for some reason switched to thinking. If Big Daddy gets this job and I do actually go back to work I will have to stay here for a while. By myself. Scary.

Then I got this horrible pain in my breast that felt like a needle stabbing me. This was just great. WTF. I have had the pain all day and have nothing else to do but read.

This was a great read and fun all the way through.

Talked to a couple of my buds today and things are still bad all over. People are bitter and bad feelings are all around.

My toe lady sent me a wonderful card. That was sweet of her. Thank you.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Funny Just Down Right Hilarious

Councilwoman Joann Watson, generally viewed as not the stupidest person on the Detroit City Council, (okay that is not saying much) just found out that her $67 and change tax bill on her home was not right. Yep, 67 and change was not enough taxes. Cuz her home was listed on the tax rolls as a vacant lot. Her response was that she was insulted her house was worth so little. This has been going on for years. The house she remortgaged to finance her run for the council seat. AND YOU ASK WHY DETROIT IS SO FUCKED UP. The woman reviewing budgets can't do 5th grade math.

I believe Obama stole a page from Chrysler for the military. There was only 1 jet this morning out of Selfridge for the Memorial Day parades. This would be called an MCM at the three headed dog. Don't remember the exact name of the acronym, but it means cost save-usually at a quality cost. Don't those jet pilots need to train and fly on a regular basis. Oh, excuse me, I forgot=we call that buzzing Manhattan to take pictures.

Big Daddy got word they are working on an offer. Don't know whether to think to the future or hide some more. Either way some serious decisions have to be made and some serious structure to a plan has to be followed. The house will have to be ready for storage, sale, something no matter what happens. If this offer goes through GrrDog will have to find a new home. He is too old to go through immigration and quarantine. Gotta buck up and keep my eye on the ball.

Funny of the day: Big Daddy got himself a birthday present. A Morse Code web sight, so next time we are overtaken by the Martians when AM radio is on we can figure out where they will land. I'm thinking Cobo Hall or Joann Watson's vacant lot.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big Daddy says I am in a FUNK

Also that I have neglected my funny of the day. Punkin Head kinda said the same thing. Apparently they see no humor in my quest to fund port-a-pottys in tent city with Nancy Pelosi's pearls.

Well I did leave the house yesterday to get my hair done. Gotta keep up the roots. Saw a Grosse Pointe matron with fuchsia hair. My hair lady said she did it herself to save money, "and at her age you cannot afford not to have professional tinting". Why not just go brown? Every fashion magazine has ads for natural looking hair color you can buy at the discount store. I on the other hand am blond and there is nothing worse than bottle blond-even fuchsia. Fuchsia means you know it is not natural and natural was never a goal.

Saw the toe lady, she misses me. We have a plan to turn Grosse Pointe into the French Quarter of Michigan. It involves alcohol and maybe a Madam. The crumbling architecture, eccentrics, and too many lawyers are already here.

I hope you remember my neighbors, I have an update on the cookie lady. She of the two mud holes in her way past tacky front yard. She now has 5 tomato cages in one of the mud puddles. She also planted potatoes and corn in that "next to the sidewalk" plot. WTF. If you want to be a farmer why do you buy property with no yard but a patch in front. And I can't wait until the SPAWN OF THE DEVIL gang finds those tomatoes on a hot and muggy summer night. Thank goodness my car is red.

Speaking of red,also white and blue I have to get Big Daddy on the flag patrol. Tomorrow is Memorial Day and as we can only hang our flag when we can watch it (the spawn again) it is time to shake it out and hang it on porch. Jets from Selfridge will fly over my house and I can see them from the front porch. Thrilling sight and god bless our military men and women, they do a job I cannot. Thank you.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just Odd Little Thoughts

I received an email from President Obama asking me to back his health care reform and requesting I write my congresspeople. The thing is the email did not tell me what the reforms actually were. And the only reason I get these emails is I wrote to him when he was running for the job to tell him I did not agree with some of his ideas. He never answered my questions but his peeps did ask me for money. WTF. My first reform would be that all government employees receive exactly the same benefits as the people they represent-medical, salary, vacation, and pension. If most of your peeps are union and get a pension, then so do you. If most of your peeps are like me and have to save my own money for retirement, then so do you. And your money comes from your state, not the feds. Michigan money should not pay for New York bennies.

Funnies of the week:

I was listening to the radio and Big Daddy came in and asked who was doing Morse Code. Yes Morse Code was coming across the radio for about 10 minutes. Was it military from Selfridge or some ham operator? Who knows? Told Big Daddy to brush up on his Morse so he can figure it out next time.

GrrDog came home from the spa with a bow on his collar. This is unusual for GrrDog and Big Daddy mentioned it. Spa peeps said he was a fairly good boy. BiG Daddy mentioned bow was on the collar and not on the top-knot. Spa said GrrDog was not THAT "a good boy". How can such a cute fucker be such a terror. And his terrible gas is back.

Rex Parker Does the New York Times Crossword had a fight with Evil Doug. Over rap music. On a blog about puzzles. This only confirms my earlier observation that blogs deteriorate the longer the bloggers sign on, bloggers think their opinions matter, blog owners think they are relevant and this whole venue is hilarious. Sometimes it is fun, once in a very great while you may learn something and mostly it is hoo-haa. And this fight happened one of the very few days I actually worked this year so I missed the whole damn thing and only caught up on some of it today. Drat, Egad, and I am irked. Word of the day antithetical, written by Orange, the smartest person I don't know.


People are indicating that Chrysler could go back to work in the next few weeks. I pray it is true so I can make my house payment.

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Ideas

I came up with a great new idea today for work, of course with the help of Big Daddy. He and his peeps are already running with it and I am hopeful something good comes from this. Isn't there some saying about gems out of shit.

Big Daddy is getting on my nerves as he does not understand staying home and being unemployed. I hope he never learns. However, we must have disciplines. And you may not like mine-but I was here first. I am however very thankful that he is getting quite a bit of feedback and an interview. Not bad for 4 days of trying in Detroit for an auto RIF.

Pinto beans and spoon bread for dinner.

By the way, Stacy Head the councilwoman in New Orleans did publish her emails today and she did say FUCK at least one time. Love that woman, love New Orleans, love people that say it like they see it. Maybe next Monday red beans and rice in honor of Stacey.

Sad news today, my favorite blog that I follow "Well Done Fillet" is retiring. Another thing to make me cry as I so enjoyed his writing and it is one less thing I have to do every day. I wish him well, but I also wish there were more interesting blogs out there to read.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Idle thoughts

It's not like I don't have things to do-go over resume Big Daddy pumped up, cry, do my own toes, cry, make plans to get the house ready to sell or rent or put into foreclosure, cry, and weed the garden.

I can't understand a couple of things. I remember when it was good to make a 10% profit. When did everyone get so nuts? The house I bought in the early 90's is probably worth less than I paid for it as Grosse Pointe real estate really tanked. And I have a modest home. I know factory workers that bought 350 to 400 thousand dollar homes on the same or not much more income than we had. How the F### did that get approved? And I know factory workers losing homes in the hood that I am surprised anyone except a crack dealer would own. And the crack dealer would not live there. I know this because I was a juror in Federal Court on a cocaine trial and they presented evidence on their living conditions. It was creepy.

I also don't understand Food Stamps. There is a huge controversy in New Orleans right now regarding Councilwoman Stacy Heads' remarks on purchases made with Food Stamps. She does not like people purchasing pre-formed hamburger pattys along with prepared foods and junk. And people think she is racist. Who the fuck would buy, much less eat hamburger from Wal-Mart? Come on people! The government is thinking about taxing stupid and zero value added nutrition purchases and people are defending hamburger and Little Debbies. If it is okay to put a sin tax on smokes and liquor why not fatty hamburger and Little Debbies. And potato chips and Fritos and Red Bull.

If Nancy Pelosi ever gets her story straight on whatever the fuck it is she is doing the next project she takes on should be Food Stamps and the proper use of Little Debbies in the American diet.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I am so not happy about the garden

For the last few years we have had gardening problems. Too much rain, too many hours at work, people on crutches, and the painting of the house and garage.

Well, this year I thought we had a shot. Yea, right. Don't even know if I will have a house in a few months.

Today is Black Friday for GM dealerships and every bar in Detroit is probably full of very depressed people out for a last hooray. Is there any one left in Detroit with a job? Oh yea, Ron Gettlefinger. Good luck buddy.

Had to cancel the toe lady, the lawn guys, and maybe the television is next. It is a weekend for review, this really sucks.

Hope I can keep GrrDog and my mind.