Thursday, July 30, 2015

This is it, Meet Curly

The one and only baby pic on the blog.

I do not cotton to putting pics of kiddies on the Internet and this one is very innocuous photo to anyone but us. To us she is the most gorgeous little thing ever. And she had to fight so hard to get this far. What a champ.

Her other grandma sent a video of her sitting in a baby seat. Who but a grandma would take such a video. It was hilarious, but sweet.

I went to the doctor today for the regular check up and left with more medicine. For a woman my age in very good health I seem to take a lot of pills. Now I have muscle relaxers because I am too tense. Who knew?

My company sends in parts that can cause major damage and problems and I am a little tense? I am forced to work with people who not speak English, and I am a little tense? The plant quality manager has devoted his life to making people cry and I am a bit tense?

I am down to 10 minutes now to put in my contacts.

Need to work out what to pack this weekend and I hear it is gonna be a scorcher in Portland. And I think we have air in the Airbnb. Will let you know.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Baby Toes.

Baby toes.

They took Curly's nose tube out this morning and she is appliance free. It must be liberating. Punkin Head and Wonder Woman have got to be excited. PH said she might be able to go home on Tuesday.

This has been the month from hell.

We had a yard hold that was very serious and a nightmare, followed by a trial from hell now followed by a new really ugly issue that everyone is ignoring. Great, that is one more thing I get to deal with on Monday.

I spent the weekend working with the Mexicans to convince them that yes, it is a big deal and yes, you have to respond in a certain way, and yes it is gonna cost a bunch. What a waste of my time and I had to talk to the boss man about the over time again. And this has nothing to do with the above, this is additional more bullshit.

 I am just counting the days until we go to Portland.

And the gal I work with that I recommended for the job and helped train turned on my like a viper this weekend and unloaded her version of everything I have done to persecute her in the last year. Who holds onto shit for a year without saying something. And what she was saying made no damn sense. It was the weirdest thing ever. Oh, and everything I ever told her was a lie because she checked. Sorry babe, when I am in a meeting with 25 other people that are all told the same thing it is no lie. I am starting to think she is super strange.

Big Daddy is home from China and I am feeling better. The animals are happy he is home too.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Loved this in Philly

Well, Big Daddy is in China, Curly is still in ICU and the rest of it is shit.

My mom is not doing well and I cannot explain why.

Curly gets her MRI on Tuesday.

DIL is now known as Wonder Woman. I bought her a ring, Ruby set in rose gold, that is her favorite.

Speaking of Philly, what is this crap about Bill Cosby? Can it be true that this asshat is the pervert it seems? And his wife is hiding in the shadows about this crappola? And they have memorials in Philly to Bill, just like the one above to George. WTF.

Friday, July 17, 2015

It's a good thing I bought that hat

Cone flowers are blooming.

Well Curly took her time and gave her parents a bit of a scare and her mama had to have a C-section and her daddy had to watch it all. Curly is in ICU and I am not sure if they are still cooling or warming her up but she is well tended. And according to Punkin Head she has red hair. Don't know if it is curly yet.

Scary for us all.

This has been a bad week at work, we have had a few calls for defects and it gets really emotional. One was a bad defect and just made the week worse, everyone just keeps scrambling to CYA.

And the damn rain, I walked out today into rain again. WTF. I can't tell you if anything is growing cause it is too damn wet to go and look.

I did get Harper Lee's new book and I will be reading it this weekend.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Me and my baby, or my baby's baby or just plain fabulous

I think this is just the perfect hat. And Grandmama wears hats.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A whole new world

The conservatory at Belle Isle

Well, I could not get my contacts in this morning so I wore my new glasses to drive into work. I am amazed at all the stuff I have been missing. I am sure the newness will wear off soon, kinda like when you quit smoking and can smell all the nastiness for the first time.

I could see all the tiny trash and weirdo people, cracks in the overhead bridges, and my instrument panel. When I pulled in the parking lot I could see all the paint fucked up on the vehicles and how dirty some of the vehicles are. When I got inside the plant I could not wait to take the glasses off. Enough for one day.

Big Daddy drove through Belle Isle and he said since the state has taken it on as a state park the change is remarkable. I will have to drive through with him. Maybe this Sunday after another brunch at Seldon Standard. And I can take pics now that I can see. Phone camera is still shitty however. Gonna have to make a decision on the iPhone or the Samsung. Any opinions?

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

You'll never guess . . it is raining

Remember those painted fish we had a few years ago, well this year the cultural summer experience is butterfly benches. They are all over town. All different.

Well, I went back to the eye doctor and saw a different doc this time. She changed my contact prescription so maybe I can see most of the time now. Most of the time is the goal. She also plucked my contact out of my eyeball. It was stuck on tight and I could not get it out and she said let me, and voila she had that sucker out. Then she plopped the new one in, since she was standing there. And I could see.

She said my eyes were small but it is what it is. And she did not say, for an old lady, but she did say under the circumstances of never having used them before I was doing pretty good. Made me feel a tinge better.

Work is getting weirder and nastier. I am waiting for an implosion. I swear in all my years I have never seen this kinda shit.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Just stuff

Terrible picture of me but I think you can see why. Prolly feeling no pain as I recall the lunch that day lasted for 12 hours. This was in the wine cellar after lunch. I was at a lovely home outside of Graz Austria learning their customs.

The contact lens are not working out. I found an alternate way to put them in and will try this. Not a quitter but very discouraged. I think I would be more enthused if I could see better with them.

Zoey has discoved fish flies and is entranced. We don't have many this year but I am told down at the Park end of the Pointes they are scary plentiful.

The planting is finished except for fun finds. I will try for some decent pictures. Mr. Slav was chatting with Big Daddy, remarkable under the circumstances, and when he saw BD was going to take the overgrown fronds of the neighboring hedge down he brought his electric hedge trimmer and a step stool over and got the job done. I swear for the strangest neighbors ever, they are also the best.

I bought a hat for Curly, sent her Mummy a pink bouquet and Mummy got a pedicure and foot massage and still no Curly. Which is just as well because Punkin Head refused to name her Curly Doodle if she was born on the 4th.

Waiting for ribs and cole slaw. And Curly.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Getting old

There is a good explanation for this dreadful picture.

I cannot see anything.

Monday was finally the day of the eye appointment. I had been worried because sometimes I just can't see properly. The other day I was driving down Mack and said to myself, self I don't think you could pass a driving eye test today. Guess what, I could not pass one on Monday either.

So now I have new lens ordered for my reading glasses, new distance glasses ordered and trial contact lens. The contact lens are because of my job. I have to wear safety glasses at work. They are not the greatest thing ever to see through, and they fog up. If I had to wear prescription safety glasses will bi/tri focal, damn they would cost a fortune and be ugly ass glasses that I could wear no where else. And as soon as I got them I would be fired because that is how that shit works.

So Tuesday I went to contact lens class. Yep, there is a class and I cannot believe I passed. It is very difficult to get the stupid things stuck to your eyeball. I had to do the right eye 3 times. Which made it quite irritated before it was all over. And then I drove home.

I was thinking that as irritated as my eyes were I really should not be too judgmental on how I felt my new improved sight was working for me. Be grateful I could see to get home. Got home, screwed around and Big Daddy mentioned we had to answer the Airbnb lady about the trip. So I sat down at the computer and dammit, I had to wear my readers to see the screen. WTF.