Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Snippets

This is the necklace The Fiance picked, Big Daddy bought this one in China at a jewelry shop in Shanghai run by Australian, he made his own jewelry and this one is a copy of a Cartier piece.

How to make friends, when I said my dress looked like it would be too long Big Daddy told me not to worry "it would spread out and look shorter on". It fits so now we must find the accessories and underwear. Sheesh I am not enjoying this.

Big Daddy made Sammy Dog's appointment at the Heartbreak Hotel and he can take his prison bed with him. And the prices are the same as before.

Punkin Head is in a mad search for his birth certificate. I guess Vermont is a no waiting state but he has to prove he was born. He told me in his research of all things "getting married" he discovered there are two states that allow secret marriages, Michigan and California. We can't figure why anyone in Michigan would need one.

Work is fine and yes I am getting a few laughs. I tried to call one of the quality contacts and learned that I had called his outdoor phone. When the launch team got sent here they gave them all phones. The phones do not work in the plant so they gave them an additional phone for indoor use. Indoor and outdoor phones. And they wonder why we still begrudge them the tax dollars.

I tried to get some document taken care of and found we could not because we had not Looked Hard and Fast. After I confirmed this was actually something real I reported back to my boss, who thought I was pulling a fast one.

I visited one of the companies we are second tier to and was informed no one stops at the stop signs and traffic lights. No wonder, this is one of the worst areas I have ever been to and I have been to some hell holes. I am savvy to the rolling stops but this place is at the end of a neighborhood street where everyone sits on the stoop or the balcony and the burned out houses abound. Need a baseball cap in the car for this one, no need to flash the blond hair.

My trip is postponed until Tuesday so I might not have any more exciting news for a few days.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Its been busy

Everyday after I get home from work I tackle the laptop putting in reports and making calls and generally getting to know how things are done. It is not going to be easy for a while.

My phone will not work in the one quiet area of the plant that has seats and to which I have access. I have another year on my contract. If I sit down I have to step out into the hall every 15 minutes and check for VM.  If I get a tablet for my own entertainment I would have to use another carrier. Rats.

Mr. No Fun has been caught with his pants down a few times, not literally, and I think I have learned all he has to tell. It will be interesting when the plant comes back up, it is shut down for 2 weeks and I am taking a road trip with the big boss Monday to north BFE. He thinks it is a 3 hour drive and I am thinking 4 and a half, should be fun.

My Internet orders arrived and I now have the dress for the wedding in hand. I will look at it today and laugh or cry.

I need to finish up my reporting and get the information in to get paid-the most important-and see what I missed on TV all week. Going to bed at 8 every night and getting up at 3:30 or 4, depending on the pilot builds, does not leave much time for Reality TV.

Sammy prison update:

He is used to the new routine but greets me when I get home with his toy in his mouth crying and whimpering and then takes his position in front of the gate fussing until I take the gate down. Then he shoots to his family room bed as if that means he is in another world.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Every morning now I get up and go to work and Sammy Dog goes to prison. Sammy is a good boy but not trustworthy enough to be allowed to wander all day. We have a child proof gate that keeps him in the kitchen, the prison. And he has a new prison bed. He does not like the prison, not at all. When I get home he is all over me until he comes in from peeing. Then he is like, I don't think so mama.

The job is fine but the feet are killing me, today was about 7 hours of walking on the cement and just after I get better this week, the plant shuts down for 2 weeks. I better walk every day on the cement to keep this up.

I gave up on all the shopping that was becoming tedious and went back to the Internet, I ordered new shoes and socks and Sephora and the dress for the wedding. I was tired of the run around and found the maker of the dress in Los Angeles, it is made (sewn) in L.A. for I figure it is our own illegal aliens doing the sweat shop labor but at least the money stays in the local economy. I hope it fits or I might end up wearing jeans.

My haircut is a horror story and I refuse to look at it or discuss the ugly hairdo. If it does not grow out a bit before the wedding I will be wearing a hat.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Its all coming back to me now.

Big Daddy sent a photo of the newest trend in China, stockings that look like hairy legs. These are to wear with the Daisy Dukes. How cute.

My dogs are barking, I do not have plant legs anymore and it is gonna take a couple days to settle in. I was on my feet and walking for 4 hours and yes indeedy I can feel the pain. It was fun tho, met some real characters that I think will entertain for months to come. And I met my second fella with gel in his hair. This has to be an automotive thing because in the real world outside of the gay segment and the entertainer segment I never see hair with gel.

And I am back with an entire population of people with made up names. Hard to pronounce made up names. And very few teeth. I need to get a foot soak.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And we are off and running

Mr. No Fun got the ball rolling as Mr. Big Boss called and asked me when I told him I could start. I told him Monday, so naturally he asked if I could start tomorrow, which is today. He does this every time, neglects to call when he says and asks if I can do something right now or tomorrow. At least I know what to expect. So anyhoo I start tomorrow. I have had 2 phone calls with Mr. No Fun outlining what I need to know and do, one call from my Direct Boss, and one call from one of the plants. And I haven't even started yet. Plant Arrogant wanted my contact information at 6 this morning so thank goodness Mr. No Fun said no, you can have it when she comes in.

Yesterday I bought shoes I am not sure I like, Clark's as Ecco did not have any appropriate styles and I am just not sure they are going to work out. I also bought Clark's socks on sale for 4 bucks a piece and guaranteed for life. I asked just how that worked, you know ratty old socks with a hole and she said just bring them back and you get a new pair, no questions asked. This has to be the best socks ever or a great loss leader.

I need more pants, but I have enough for now.

I am so excited.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Boring Mr. No Fun

If I get this job it will be just as entertaining as I recall. I got a call yesterday from boring Mr. No Fun, I used to work with him and know the routine. He informs me he will be training me next week and can I come in this week. He just brushed off the fact I have not been hired and seemed to think all would be fine. I told him to go talk to the boss man about getting me hired first. Twice during the interviews it has been mentioned that Mr. No Fun seems to irritate people. I do not acknowledge the statements but internally I am thinking about how amazed I am no one has killed him yet. He has no people skills and I cannot imagine him doing this job. He also thinks he is pretty smart and the last I knew he could not read a blue print so I wonder if he took some classes or is just bullshitting people.

And he is not aware of the fact that the first time I went to Plant Arrogant I had basic directions, its kinda around there were the exact directions, went to the hood by myself, got in by myself and fixed the problem. So his training may not be needed so much, especially if no one likes him.

I went today and got about 4 inches chopped off my hair. There is no way I could deal with that hair every morning. And I had to admit the hair on my head did not match the picture of the hair in my head.

I do have my orange vest and I am getting my fanny pack ready for use. I will take pictures when I get it all together.

PSA for gardeners with deer

In the Detroit Free Press gardening section last week there was a review of a wonderful product, PlantSkydd. It comes in both liquid and granular and works wonders on repelling deer. The products work to certain heights and the granular appears to last for 6 weeks.

The beauty of this product is that you can fill knee hi type nylons with about a cup of this stuff and hang it about and repel deer from many heights and areas. It also repels other pesky animals like chipmunks and what-not. And it is safe for vegetables and edibles.

Hope this helps.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Snippets

After experiencing the worst customer service ever at Sak's and Neiman Marcus I had the beginnings of an IBS situation coming on. Went home and ordered a dress for the wedding from Nordstrom. Tomorrow I will go to Nordstrom if possible because I also need shoes and work clothes. Shoes only from Nordstrom, clothes from Chico's as they fit this weird shape I have become.

We ordered the truffles for the wedding from Gayle's Chocolates. 2 in a cute little box, silver to match the wedding colors but with a bright coral ribbon which is on order. One truffle is champagne as that is The Fiancee's favorite drink and one is espresso as Punkin Head is a coffee nut. These are the dessert/favors for the rehearsal dinner.

Today I am making the meatloaf extravaganza for Big Daddy as he did not get his fave dinner on his birthday. I am also gonna teach him how to make it. It is quite involved but worth the effort.

PH got his dad 2 Ove Gloves for Father's Day and BD is in heaven. They are the cat's ass. Morimoto was using them last night on on some Iron Chef show, tossing around a fully cooked and hot suckling pig using just the gloves to protect for the heat. Yowza.

Friday, June 14, 2013

God willing and the creek don't rise

My lunch interview went wonderful and I should be getting an offer soon. And I will take it unless the money is so bad I have to borrow to pay for gasoline. I should start in a week so I must get all of my "things" in order. As a contractor I supply my own stuff and must stock up on things like orange safety vests, pens and small notebooks, scales (for measuring) and I must get Microsoft Office. I never put it on this computer, so I must as this company does a lot of PowerPoint. I also need to call my accountant about what I can write off and therefore must keep track of. The best thing is I do not get nor do I need business cards. I used to hate giving cards to people, just means they are going to call you. And some of those people I do not want to talk to just anytime.

When I was blow drying my hair this morning (to take it back to the regular notch) I decided it was way past time for a hair cut and if I can't get one I will hack it off myself. Sometimes it just takes a minute to make your hair too long.

Sammy Spanky dog has had a turn around with Big Daddy. Yesterday we sitting on the porch waiting for him to get home from the airport and when Sammy saw the car pulling into the driveway he started squealing like a pig and crying like a girl. WTF, that is disgusting.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It is gonna be back to normal, or back to the normal notch

I am starting to wonder if taking it down a notch did not hurt the process.

I have a second job interview Friday. The person who will be my direct supervisor if I am hired is taking me to lunch. The head dude called and wanted to rush in today and I said, no, no. no. So he suggested a Starbucks meet-up with the potential DS and when he called, DS suggested lunch. So I am calling as normal Nola and he will not be surprised by how I look, except maybe the weight gain. Which can be explained by the quitting smoking.

Pedicure and then the meeting. Please let this work out as I am bored out of my mind. The only thing I do not like about this job is that it is true contract work and I do not get paid for 30 to 40 days after the cut off period. It will be fine after the second month and thank goodness I am not the main breadwinner in this household. I can also take on other contract work as there is no exclusive clause, if I so desire to work that hard.

Then a hair day for Saturday and yard work if the weather cooperates.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Snippets

The last of the Peonies

Monday I need to go to Gayles Chocolates in Royal Oak and check out the truffles and possible shipping to Vermont. I did not care for the Vermont chocolates and I feel we need some Michigan representation anyway. I just hope the candy is as good as it used to be.

Then I need to go look for rings at estate jewelers as we are not having much luck in the wedding band situation.

We recently noticed that all of our movie collection consists of VHS tapes. We do have a machine that runs both VHS and CD and might even copy, but we can't figure that out. So, we need a CD library as one of the changes in the television industry is that just are not random movies shown  anymore unless you pay extra for everything. The package we have is quite expensive and on has HBO for a premium channel and the other stations aren't that great from the TV listings. And Netflix does not have it all. So Big Daddy went on Ebay and got our favorite, Up In The Air for 49 cents. We won't know which language it is in until we get it.

Just went through a reading week with the old favorite authors with new books, Stuart Woods, James Patterson and John Sanford. Sanford was the best, thick book full of meaty stories. I am out of books so BD is going to the library for some Duchess of Windsor reading, she has piqued my interest lately.

Sammy dog has been full of himself all morning Grring at BD and doing the stare down. I had to remind BD that in Sammy's mind he was here first. A year ago I brought him into my home and BD was in India, a short time later the interloper showed up and started sitting in mommy's chair and on Sammy's sofa and well, he has never really gotten over it.

Oh, and Major Crimes starts the new season Monday night on TNT, not a bad show.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I toned it down a notch

Out for a walk.

I made a point of taking it down a notch for the job interview this morning. So at least it I don't get this job I can blame it on looking dowdy.

I had 5 references with this guy before he met with me. 4 contacted him and one contacted his boss. It could be overkill and that is not good either.

I am tired of drivel on TV and looking for something better, more entertaining to watch.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

If at first you don't succeed

Eastern Market
Big Daddy got ferns for the outside

At the end of the month the local fruits and vegetables will be available and all the plants and flowers at deep discounts. One year BD bought Palm trees for the patio, they had them this year but they were 25 bucks apiece. Not even if I am working would I pay that.

I have another job interview tomorrow. That is all I am saying on that subject. Punkin Head got a call on another job too.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Peonies are blooming. The pink one is called the Queen of New Orleans. Not sure if the white one had a name. I can't remember where I got that basket but it is only used for garden cuttings. I feel very elegant as I carry it about.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dastardly demonic government

I have not written much about my BFF, Florida Girl and her cancer. It is too raw, and she hates it, and it is private pain. But dammit to hell when my tax dollars are misused I get all pissed off and cranky.

She is going to die if she does not get treatment. Her lousy insurance company denied her coverage, they were lousy before this problem. So now in order to get treatment, which is now 2 weeks behind schedule, she has to get a divorce and a change of address. WTF. And then she can get food stamps and everything in the world.

All she needed was Chemo. And treatment. And Obamacare won't and would not help as she is just not poor enough. And her chemo is $7,000.00 per treatment and the other medication is $1,000.00 a dose.

Rat Fuckers.