Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dinner at Antoine's

Guess you noticed the last post did not work. Oh well. I cannot rewrite something lost and can only hope to fill in with New Orleans past vacation photos.

To my friend Obi-Wan who was saluted in the lost blog, thanks again and lets meet with our agenda of friendship. Obi-Wan does not laugh at me and knows what an Avatar is . God, you would have loved the lost post. If you know how to get it back let me know.

These are pictures from our dinner at Antoine's, in the 1840's room. The picture to the left is the duck press described in the book and the right is moi reviewing the collection on the walls. This was a most magnificient dinner and indescribable decor. I really felt as if I was dining in history.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Sun is Shining

In the spring in Michigan when the sun starts shining a metamorphosis is always unexpected. We forget that people have been in a semi-conscious state for months and only begin to stir when the sun shines and the temp hits high thirties. People are now rapidly running about doing crazy shit. Going outside in shirt-sleeves like it is 50 degrees. Acting sassy. Acting daring. Pretty much fucking up cuz they don't think shit through. And getting caught being stupid.

Two days ago a guy got caught inside the building smoking, BIG NO NO, he got some time off. Did everyone go back outside when the weather was bearable? Hell, no.

Today the Head Dude texted me 2 times on my personal phone which cost me 40 cents. Ya know, I am not going into the poorhouse for 40 cents but have some respect for a new cell-phone policy by my company. I gave you the new phone number in January and told you I am no longer re-paid for expenses on the old number. PAY ATTENTION and do your job, I am already paying for your stupid shit with Obama using my tax dollars to pay your salary.

Today, let us just call him "ZC with an ego problem" wrote me up for a defective part. Then he and his Area Manager hid the part for 6 hours. Tried to ambush my ass in CSA. Well guess what asshole, what comes around goes around and everyone in that plant that counts knows what you did. And this will look really bad tomorrow. Fie on you.

Funny of the day, I have this huge iceberg hanging on my left wiper blade. This iceberg is big enough to take down the Titanic. I can't get this thing off without breaking the wiper. It is 40 degrees F. WTF.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Only 21 Days

This is how I think, in Michigan, (Detroit) after March 15th you can deal with anything. 4 feet of snow only lasts for 48 hours. Ice storm, 12 hours. Assholes, 12 minutes.

Today was again brutal, tomorrow projected to be brutal and then we will warm up to freezing. 32 degrees F. I can hardly wait.

Monica Conyers does not want the new Cobo Hall deal, well Monica go ahead and make this not work. And then I will try to get everyone in Michigan to let Detroit die. Cause guess what. We just don't care anymore and ya'll need to get your own shit together.

Carlita Kilpatrick is very happy in nilly-vanilly tony Texas suburb. Well WTF.

Two-Penny Jenny wants all the money the other Govenors are turning down. Why are they turning this money down- and why does Jenny want it -and the new laws that must be enacted to accept this money? Maybe cause Jenny is out of here and she does not care what chaos she leaves behind. Fie on you Jenny.

I still need to show my new shoes. Maybe next blog.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I am too tired to post

Finally finished with the unemployment police at 3:30, the dear, dear, angel certified me for payment as I was almost in tears as I simply did not know and could not make the system work. I now know the rules and Fie on everyone that should have explained this to me. Thanks to all my UAW peeps who spent their time and energy and favors helping me.

One of my peeps came in looking like a normal person with hair done and a very sassy top, I almost fell over until she told me she had a reason. Hope it works.

gregory the worm told me we had to have a meeting and kept putting me off all day. I will deal with him Monday. Hope he did not get the "springy shoes". Fuck-head.

Working on plan B as this shit is getting old real fast.

Funny of the day: Helping helpless engineer trying to get the PER parts on line. He is actually running about the plant like he is insane. I was getting dizzy trying to watch him-shouting orders to no one and zig-zag around the line with no contact. Finally an operator says to me "I am going to medical and John Doe will not run the trial". Okay. I tell the engineer. He then starts telling the operators how to run the trial. I said to him, DID YOUR HEAR WHAT I SAID. He said "No, I am deaf". WTF.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Annual Performance Reviews

I went slightly ballistic yesterday when I saw my review. OK, I went off the charts. I hate these reviews. I do not take criticism well, especially when it is in the attack format. My boss is not like that and he is good boss. I am the victim of the previous asshole bosses and a dysfunctional family. Aren't we all.

However, I am still taking exception to the "C" in safety. As my boss pointed out these are not grades-they are "Outstanding to We should have fired this fuck months ago". It is 5 choices. Meets Expectations is in the middle, which makes it three, which is a "C".

Now let me explain my circumstances. I go to assembly plants in the hood. Guys sell dope on the street on my way to work. Crack whores throw their bodies on my car and wander the middle of the street begging for money. In the summer whores walk around with their tits hanging out looking for customers. The local police park decoy cars inside the fence. The State Police have brought the dogs in for drug enforcement. Plant Loco has had police shoot-outs in the yard and they restrain people trying to steal from the plant to the chain link fence with plastic tie-straps. We also have rats with names. Also mice with names. People have been killed. Cars are stolen on a regular basis, both the employees and the new cars guarded in the ship yard.

So, I have been doing this job for 12 years. I have never been shot, hurt (the one time a manager threw a door trim panel at me he missed), run over a crack whore, slipped, fell on ice, walked into a HiLo, or was reprimanded for not wearing safety glasses. How the fuck do I get a "C". Just where do you go from here to improve your rating.

Funnies of the day; I am making gregory the worm insane-I have him convinced he is plagued by the dogs of hell with his foot pain. He won't go to the doctor and I keep reminding him of buying shoes with "springy heels". Achilles problems on cement floors is nothing to fuck with.

So gregory hobbles down to the line to explain to an operator why she is seeing the same quality problem 3 days after it was reported. The lying little worm tells her it is fixed. She goes off on him like a dog not fed for a week. It was ugly. Then gregory tell her they can't fix it 'cuz the three headed dog can't pay their bills. Well . . .which is it you little bastard did you fix it or not? By the way he asked her about her shoes with "springy heels". WTF.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nancy Pelosi is pissing me off

Okay, I don't believe most of what I read, but someone tell me if it is true that Nancy and Obama's vacations plans drove the voting on the "Lets give a lot of money to people with no training to handle the (money) stimulus plan (and by the way they don't need to read the plan) real quick so we can go on our little trips. Trips that cost the US taxpayers mucho dollars in keeping these people from brushing shoulders with us regular folks. Obama, okay I don't want him at Detroit Metro-too much confusion. Nancy, if she doesn't pose with the lip pout would anyone notice she is there except for Anderson Cooper. And he might be busy that day.

Every time I look at the television, Internet, or the old fashioned newspaper I see this woman posing in a manner that indicates to me she thinks she is Demi Moore. I don't know why but I think Demi Moore. Coco Chanel wore pearls but she never played to the balcony. Coco had respect for herself. Never pouted her lips for likes of the ....well let us not go there.

This gets worse, Mitch Albom is thinking like I am according to what I read in the Detroit Free Press, where does Kwame Kilpatrick's mom, a US Congresswoman get the money and-just call it a pair-to send her little boy to Dallas on a private plane on a government salary. And in my opinion why isn't his wife working. I very rarely agree with Mitch Albom.

Weird new of the day, reports from some GREEN scientist reporting in Chicago, Global Climate Change is occurring because China and India are growing their economies and may use more coal. They will be warm and make cars, while we will freeze and somehow the rain forests will burn with no conversation on the fact that the rain forests are being cut down for money for the exotic wood. WTF.

So I say we should get Nancy, Demi, Mitch, Obama, Kwame, and don't forget New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, and Detroit City Council president Monica Conyers and see if Detroit Councilwoman Martha Reeves (elected because she could sing in the old days) can identify who is who. Martha Reeves is pulled into this mess because she did not know that Tiger Stadium was being torn down-she is really up on local issues. That is the sad state of affairs in our country right now. Nobody leading nobody in Motown and Nancy pursing her lips in photo ops with scarlet lipstick. WTF.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saint Valentine's Day

Just some random thoughts about Valentine's Day, the day of love-sucking up-begging forgiveness-and for some paying dues. The rest of us just generally don't care unless there is a pressing reason to remember this day.

A few years ago I felt such a need. I told Big Daddy "I expect big, big, excessive Valentine's recognition." BIG-YOU HEAR ME ---BIG. He delivered. It was excessive. It was over the top. It was obscene. I loved it. A beautiful antique garnet necklace, fabulous garnet earrings, red robe-nightgown-slippers, flowers, gourmet dinner, and a card hidden in my smut magazine that I almost did not see. You see I got up from the table without reading the smut collection he had left for me-another gift-and I heard him say, "I got you the Enquirer". I said yes dear, I will read it tomorrow. He said NO, OPEN IT NOW. Well there was my very gushy card. Yes, indeed, he went all out. Just as I asked and that one year it was important to me.

Generally we no longer buy presents for each other on "special occasions". We either buy what we want, sigh over something, or I will hint to Big Daddy that we NEED something I know he wants. That is how it should be. If I see something for someone, something special, I get it and give it to them. Why wait for "special occasions" to make someone happy.

Also, when you gift someone, it should mean something. The price tag does not matter, the thought matters. I collect bohemian garnets, but I can afford it. Might should say could here, as we don't know the future. Anyway, I eat well because Big Daddy loves to cook and Big Daddy wears antique cuff-links because he loves them and I search for them to make him happy when he has a bad day. That is love.

To all my Valentines: Big Daddy, Punkinhead, Gramma, My Mom, Grrdog, BFF(no blog name yet), and all my peeps. Much love and blessings.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

I am really pissed about the Continental flight that crashed in Buffalo , NY. 15 years ago we knew these planes were not good in weather that included icing conditions. That was I believe a crash in Illinois. The NTSB said so. The FAA said "Oh, well". And today more people died. This is bullshit.

Again, can someone tell me why we actually pay these people on the government payroll to make decisions?

Yes just to keep the 13th going Gregory the worm and I are again on a collision course at Plant Loco. He just can't get his shit together and his boss wants me to do his job, (remember I don't work for these people) and after a day of shit from him and a week of watching him act the ass he gives me a clue about his personal life. This man who eats from a vending machine, who eats potato chips-just wait this gets better-works for the THREE HEADED DOG 12 hours + a day, for 8 hour pay, when he gets home he runs for 2 hours and never sees his CHILDREN. WTF.

Cannot go on any longer on the work front I need to switch to the private life.

I went on the Internet last night and ordered some books. And some really great shoes. First money I have spent on myself in 2 and half months. Some guilt-some can't wait to see the shoes. They were on sale for $34.99.

Punkin Head called me, I love that boy, I love Big Daddy too but he is pissing me off. When I am blogging he wants attention. Oh well, got to go now.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

gregory the worm

Yes I know that you should capitalize first names. gregory does not deserve this honor. He is a worm. Today I spent the entire working hours fending off his accusations that my part is bad. Bad as in how? What portion, dimensions, area, actually offending section of this part do you think is bad you f***ing idiot. Guess what, he can't come up with one. Then he is whining about why no one talks to him and everyone talks to his boss. Maybe cuz you are beyond a jerk.

Next subject, I need a project going forward, this time of year should be next vacation. There will be no vacations in the near future. I think we will garden. That will be our look forward to things happening this year. And finding a restaurant where we are comfortable and happy. Have not been to a restaurant in Detroit (area-Grosse Pointe) for 3 months due to the attitudes and why spend our money on people who do not care if we come back. Fie on you.

Oh, read in the paper bringing a lawsuit of the three headed dog is happening and behind the scenes gossip supports this may be the new spectator sport for the future.

Late breaking news reported on the news-WJR-Nissan just told the three headed dog no more cookies.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We Set Records Today

It is really very warm for this time of year and we are grateful for the slush, grayness and only a slight icy slip under the pedicured foot.

Bob Lutz is retiring this year and in my opinion he is done with the liberal bullshit that we all need to drive the same car, probably made overseas or in Mexico, that may or may not be offered in two colors. Maybe red and black since they are the easiest to paint. Bob is a great guy with vision and the auto industry has lost another true hero. I heard he saved the Neon but you know not many people aspired to a Neon. It was a starter car. I would love to see the stats on how many Prius owners have another vehicle. Or lease, rent, accept free rides in more upscale vehicles. Would be interesting. I wonder if these are the same people on private planes, you know the energy effective and green sort of people.

Okay finishing it up on Wednesday, Plant Loco is awash in rumors of what will happen next week with the "package" the three headed dog must present to the government. Suppliers are suing or threatening to sue over business practices and the rumor is some are actually giving what is now unprofitable business back to the company. Wonder just how bad this will get.

Funny of the day, Plant Loco adopted a government ordinance for a no smoking policy in the facility a couple of years ago. However the ordinance said smoking facilities must be available outside of the plant. Well, old Loco decided to build a shelter in the one place that flooded on a regular basis. This shelter was not usable during the recent snow accumulations as Plant Loco elected not to plow-even for dock deliveries-and there was a snow drift (Jenny this is the only spot in the inner city with wind, trust me). While Plant Loco had their down week they built a new shelter at the other end of the plant where no one has ever gone out to smoke. Shelter in the front is an ice frozen trap, sheet of ice. People are falling on their asses in the front-no LOL here.

Oh yea, all the 85 seniority people from Delaware are showing up here to take jobs. That is more Michigan people out of jobs. Wonder what Jenny will say.

Monday, February 9, 2009

January Thaw in February

I can see the grass, the dirt, the mud and birds in my fountain. It is a miracle-a foot of snow almost melted. Grrdog can do the poop walk in grass. Life is good.

Plant Loco went back to work today and it looks like maybe we can run for a few weeks. That would be good. Orders are coming in and Plant Loco bought a new chain to run the line. Life is good.

I have a dental appointment tomorrow which I hate-however I have Valium and a dentist that has Nitrous oxcide-life is good.

There has been no foolishness today and Captain Scully got a key to the city from New York for his marvelous skills in setting that plane down in the Hudson. Life is Good and it is indeed a very good day.

My hair frizzed up though.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The blog wars

Big Daddy and I are having a blog war. That is because we don't know how to blog very well. Big Daddy is starting a blog on his cooking and we are trying to learn how to post multiple pictures with comments.

Good thing the food is good, by the way dinner was fabulous, because our computer skills may the end of this harmonious relationship.

Tomorrow I want white chocolate creme brulee for dinner and perfectly peeled and sectioned blood oranges for breakfast. Big Daddy should not have set such high standards.

It is warm now.

There is still snow and ice but you can go outside and not freeze. It must be 32 degrees here.

Went out to get my toes done and enjoy the balmy breezes. Toes look great and the toe lady had a lot of great purses on display but I could not, I repeat could not look. She has the best purses and accessories and they are at a great price. But I am on the austerity program until Obama fixes the world economy and we can all spend money again. Fox news is saying the economic downturn is now a bullshit stance to keep the money from flowing so the democrats can save us and give us free cheese. Fuck free cheese I want Nancy Pelosi's pearls and I want to see her tax returns.

I hounded Big Daddy to start a blog on cooking, eating, and showing pictures of how real people eat. This would be us. Big Daddy doesn't like our joined blogs and is threatening to secede. Fie on you Big Daddy. And the dirty rice better be good.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm happy now

Don't know what came over me yesterday but I just decided-to heck with all that. Can't go on being depressed and unhappy over all the foolishness I have no control over. Plan B is formed. If this shit gets so bad we are going down the toilet when we get to the last $2500.00 we get in the car and drive south to Florida and at least we will be warm most of the time. In other words, just buck up and be a citizen.

Just spent some time going over old blogs, thank you for the comment from the one non-family member, I need some changes. I use spellcheck and proof-read but mistakes are getting out. Will now either proof-read later or have Big Daddy check for me. This is a common work method I used to employ-I know what I meant to say-does this make sense to you? Always used to have someone else read an important document before publishing and distributing.

I am so excited, my BFF-seriously since high school-called me today and finally saw Grrdog picture on the blog. Forgot to ask her how Cane River reading is coming along. One of the best books I ever read.

Auto news, not much just Debbie Stabenow mouthing off how she is concerned about the Fairness Doctrine so her husband can get the money he needs to pay his hookers. She should be talking about how Michigan's goal of a Don Quixote and the impossible dream economy is going to save her state. His hooker had to go to jail today for not taking her court required drug tests. My question is does hubby have to take STD tests? He got off scot-free for turning on the hooker.

Detroit news, Frazz will no longer be published in the Freep paper edition. Why is this? We have For Better or Worse reruns and no Frazz. I really wonder who is making decisions at the Freep. Their response I received was a one-liner with no warm fuzzy to induce me to stay with the paper on-line. Maybe I am spoiled by There is always something HILARIOUS in the Big Easy paper.

No funny today. Queries of the day, why would anyone go see Art Garfunkel (sorry I just can't let this one go-An Englishman does the NYT crossward puzzle site) Why would Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick pay for a private jet to send her Punkin head to Dallas-and just how much do we pay this woman-Why do women in politics allow their spouses to screw around and embarrass them-see Stabenow, Clinton, Vitter and that NY Governors wife---AND THE BIG FINALE why are hookers worse than johns? Pay to Play should also mean everyone pays the same price.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stuck here and life goes on

Big Daddy just told me we are stuck here forever. There is no chance for escape in the near future. We must endure cold winters, no jobs, crazy politics, and no hope. No hope you say, why would you feel that way? Well, with nothing else to do I did a little investigation.

Windmills. Yes Jenny says windmills are our future. Well, I found that there is a windmill in Holland, Michigan that is 230 years old. I would tend to think if this was a viable option to coal, natural gas, and nuclear based energy independence they might have built another one. I also found a guy on the Internet that says for $175.00 we can build our own wind-tunnel systems to lower energy costs. Well now, we have Holland who did not jump on this band-wagon and the guy who says we can do this on a weekend for a few bucks. Where is this new industry going? TO OUR BACK YARD BBQ's-charcoal or butane anyone?

Sounds like Plant Loco is up and running next week. Corporate called to ask me if I knew how to find someone they can't find. Just when did I become the psychic of the department. Then a call came from out of the blue (I just adore cliches) to ask directions to a place in my "area". Really it was a call to brag the this person would be replacing me and to chortle about how I would be out of a job soon. I need Plan B.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Politics and Cars and Comics

All my contact with the outside world this week is newspapers and what a wealth of hilarity. Love the Internet versions for the really, really stupid blogs that follow the stories.

Favorite stories: Kwame flying in a private plane to tony nilla-vanilla Dallas suburb for a job interview in a "foreign" car from mama's house in Detroit, Monica Conyers paying attorneys from her campaign fund to find out if a Federal Investigation may hurt her re-election campaign, Two Penny Jenny wants to put a windmill farm in the wind-less hood, and the best for last-tada...Sidney Torres in New Orleans paying garbage men to spray paint garbage they are not supposed to pick-up. Can it get better than this?

Let us break this down in more manageable bites.

Who was in the meeting when the decision was made that news coverage of the former mayor (who seems to be the target of ANOTHER Federal Investigation) being released from jail should portray him and mama as insensitive spendthrift narcissists. A Hyundai is bad enough, but a private plane from a man who owes a million bucks to Detroit? From a Navigator to a Hyundai-maybe Al Gore is going to hire him to help Jenny set up a windmill farm in Dallas.

Monica, if you have to ask lawyers if a federal investigation will hurt your chances of re-election in Detroit-the answer is free from me. Not in Detroit. You and John rule. Until the Feds put you in jail you will always have a place in the heart of Detroiters.

Jenny, just stop. We are freezing here in the Motor City and you want us to heat, light and charge up the car with windmills? WINDMILLS. Lady, with this amount of record breaking snowfall if I do not have 12 foot drifts there is no wind. None, nada, not happenin. Look outside the tinted windows, roll them down-there is a button on the switch plate on the door trim panel for this-there is no wind.

And yes even New Orleans has an automotive connection. In the City Council Debate over the trash contract the council debated the fact that the residents had a Cadillac, got a Camry and wanted a Lexus or a Jaguar. WTF. Tell me how these automobiles are connected and what they have to do with trash? Detroit versus Georgetown, Japan versus India. Motown excellence versus Derby middle of the pack? The Karate Kid versus Slumdog Millionaire? And just what city spray paints garbage that is not supposed to be picked up? What is wrong with you people? This is a simple fix, you either put a bunch of lackadaisical people on the public payroll, you contract a private firm to pick up all the trash or you make everyone take their own trash to a dump. And you charge according to whatever method is decided upon to work for the city. Period. There is no more discussion. Millions of people do this and it works. Quit trying to re-invent the wheel.

Well I guess I should be grateful I don't need to climb into my Hyundai or Lexus (never, never, never-remember the USS Arizona) to climb my 12 foot high snowdrift (nil, nada, nothing) to apply at the windmill company that will be built on the urban decay that Monica is in charge of. If she is not indicted. Wonder what her highly paid attorneys said.

Oh yea, where is Frazz in the Freep.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I am still sad

However, Big Daddy gave me the funny of the day, I know I am not supposed to start with the funny but it is just too good. I am sitting here grousing about how no one likes my blog, how no one writes back to me, how my mom ignores me and Punkin Head does not call enough-when Big Daddy reminds of how my last effort to bond with my mother ended up. We were all to meet in the Vieux Carre for Christmas.

Me, Big Daddy and Punkin Head are flying ot NOLA with a stop in Memphis. We eat at the BLUE NOTE and head back to the gate in Memphis for the last leg of the flight. Big Daddy says "your mom called". I say she did not. Big Daddy says, "oh ya, listen to the home phone recording." There is my ma screaming "pick up, pick up, I know you are there". Okay, now I know we have a problem. Mom does not know that home phones and cell phones are not somehow connected. We get mom on the cell phone. She announces that she is in New Orleans, (not supposed to be there for 2 hours) will not move from her location, and wants to be picked up. (By the why she is in her own car) I am at the gate in Memphis and ask just where she is. At Denny's. Which Denny's? The one by the airport, next to a hotel. What hotel? "I don't know, the hotel by the airport". Now I don't know about you but in my experience there are a lot of hotels and Denny's by airports. Don't ask me me to tell you about my mother jumping up and down and waving her arms as I dropped off Big Daddy to drive her and gramma to the hotel.

Let us just say this was a lesson in inviting relatives to join you on vacations.

Best part part of this vacation was this was the last time I got to give Grandma Ruby some

entertainment.Love you Gramma

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Good News and Bad News

Good news, Grrdog and I got our hair done on Saturday. Now we can use our lay-off time to seek jobs as extras in our new booming film economy.

Bad news, Big Daddy did not get a number 1 so his head is still fuzzy, also stuffy as he has a bad cold. There is nothing worse than Big Daddy when he is not feeling well. He makes illness liken to an invasion from the hounds of hell. Actually for him it wasn't too bad. And I must say he doesn't have a lot of experience as he never seems to get sick.

Good news, my pedicure lady is fine and still doing toes. I am so happy. So are my toes.

Bad news, I had to cook yesterday. Made the stand-by meatloaf, smashed potatoes and sauteed spinach. Meatloaf was good-not great, spinach-pretty good (saved by truffle oil), potatoes were mediocre. Edible but kinda soupy.

Good news, Big Daddy ate it without complaint. And he has leftover meatloaf for a few days.

Bad news, I miss my Punkin Head really bad. Haven't seen him in a long time and he doesn't call enough for mommy. Young man at the hair salon was embarrassed yesterday when his mommy (who dropped him off) did not write the right amount on the check. So the hairdresser had to point this out to the young man in front of everyone. WTF, the kid had no response-and why should he, his stupid mother set this up-and the hairdresser made us all uncomfortable. Why would this kid want to get his hair cut in a hoity-toity salon where he is treated like a leper. Fie an his mom. Made me want to cry. And made me miss my Punkin even more.

Good news, the NY Times agrees with me that Ford, Gm and the three headed dog should just quit selling cars and trucks in California. Didn't think anyone would agree with me. Let them eat cake in their Bentleys. Which of course are not subject to the regulations (along with newcomers to the car manufacturing arena) because they sell so few vehicles. So sitting in the traffic jams in LA in a Bentley uses less gas than in a Ford Focus?

Bad news, did really, really poorly on the NYT crossword puzzles this week. Feel like a doofus. I am trying to blame this on giving up the Trader Joe's "Just for women" bars as they contain soy and I think they were giving me problems. Really I just feel "not too smart". Bummer. Although I am experiencing the mind blanks that occurred when I first went off estrogen therapy. Should pass, I hope.

Blessings, I have a job, unemployment insurance, a home, heat, water, Big Daddy, Grrdog, and my much loved and adored Punkin Head. There is nothing funny today.