Saturday, February 28, 2015

Belly Rubs

Time for a belly rub.

Well, when I left work early Thursday I am not sure I knew my name. I could barely talk and coughing was a horror story. Told everyone including the boss I am out for the count. And all day Friday people kept calling me and I just said no. No, dammit, figure it out yourself. And my boss fucked shit up again --according to his emails--and I don't care. Today I sound like a human. I was so sick I cancelled my pedicure today. Now that is a sick woman.

Friday the only thing I did was make a donation to the Salvation Army telethon. The poor woman trying to take my information was so patient. But I had to do it. They have food trucks that go out and feed the community every day. These trucks feed families in need and if I can afford to shop I can afford to support the food trucks.

Today I sent Big Daddy to the charity event at Pewabic Pottery. This is an historic pottery maker from Detroit with a storied history. Today you could buy bowls for charity and get a free bowl of soup in your bowl. BD could not get the soup as he forgot to bring his 'China" shopping bag but he got 2 artist bowls and 2 children's bowl. The children's bowl are for art classes and look just like something your child brought. home. They are glazed and now they are kibble bowls. Pictures tomorrow.

As I am trying to get Zoey the cat into a comfort zone and out of Drama Queen mode, I decided to feed the squirrels and any stray birds that happen by. The family room is really 4 huge 8 foot doorwalls with some bricks holding it all together. We have so many squirrels and no good place that we can find to put up a bird feeder that we do not feed the birds. But if the squirrels entertain the cat, we will feed whoever stops by. I wonder if the o'Possum is still around.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The weather is killing my job

There are only so many ways to get parts to the plants and they mostly involve I-75 if you work in the Detroit area. And if that highway and most of Kentucky is frozen, well you are fucked.

And we are well and truly fucked with a certain component that you just gotta have to build vehicles. It is amazing what you can do without and do what we call retro-fit later, but some shit you just gotta have. So for the last week people have been sent home early and sat around alot all day doing nothing and it is getting old. It is really boring when you have nothing to do.

The dog and cat are getting ready to make love or war. It remains to be seen how this works out. I am letting them take the lead. He has no teeth and she has no claws. I feel it is a fair fight. He had to get up in the middle of the night to pee, he takes medication that makes him pee at night sometimes. When he came in he wanted in Big Daddy's bed. That is where Zoey sleeps. He took over the bed and she roamed all night discovering the beauty of nocturnal delights. Her glow ball rolling in the dark was a  favorite.

I am sick as a sick person can be and have not missed a day. It is not hard when the plant is mostly down and I am loving everyone's response when they hear me answer the phone. It has been really quiet and nice lately and I am hoping we are over the hump and life is going to be normal for a while. That said, that was the worst launch ever. EVER. And I feel most of it was the crap company I work for.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Let me know when everyone gets tired of the cat posts

This cat is hilarious. She rolls over and spreads open for a belly rub. Like she is a dog. And she was doing something I think is playing, gently biting my hand and grabbing me with her paws. Only her back paws have claws-but she never clawed me. Like it was a game. She wanted everything rubbed, her head, her ears and her backside at the base of the tail.

I think it is a bad thing when 10 degrees does not feel horribly cold.

I am not having luck styling my new hair do. But it is only one day. When I went in Saturday to get color the gal said she did not remember cutting my hair like that. And I had to say right, you did not do this. And I swear she did a crappy styling job like she had no ownership. Why are people so bitchy. It is hair. And I still let her color it and I think she overcharged me. This could get interesting of my original gal does not come back.

I am agonizing over what to buy my baby as it will be first ever. I know this is silly. I found a gorgeous little white cotton dress and bloomers that look fine for high summer. And a warm outfit for winter.

Just gotta get through this last week of February and start planning for our trip to Savannah the end of March. I am excited, that will be the end of the year with no travel.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kitty Day 2

The bed with the hood is a winner.

She slept with Big Daddy last night and snuggled and purred at some point. They are now buddies.

When I went in this morning she wanted out of the room. I was surprised since she was wedded to under the bed yesterday but we let her out. She surveyed her domain in a quiet and stealthy manner.

The hilarious part is until about 10 AM, 24 hours after her arrival, Sammy the Spanky Dog had no idea there was another animal in the house. Punkin Head said Sammy Dog is simple minded. Probably right on that.

There is now a strange detente. Zoey goes about in a quiet manner just figuring it out. Sammy pretty much just stays in his bed and watches. He goes and looks often, but does not get too close and does not get too near her. He does not even try to enter "her room". And he has not made a sound. Just watches.

I may be too naive, but I am thinking this is working really well.

Oh yea, I am sure at some point there will be a skirmish, but as long they don't hate each other going in, that is a plus.

If anyone with a cat can tell me:

What do you do with the clumps, or do you use non-clumpimg?

Does the pine litter really keep down the odor. I am frantic not to smell like cat urine.

The foster mom said she only ate canned food. Here she only ate the kibble. WTF.

Isn't she the cutest cat ever? Come on, she is pretty cute.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

And the Kitty Cat says, WTF

Meet Zoey, she is our new cat. She was very unhappy at the meet and greet as it was at the offices and there were many barking dogs. It just made her very uncomfortable. But when she wanted back in her carrier-we put ours there in the spot and she walked right in and settled down. Easy Peasy.

She is home and finding the farthest corner under the bed in the guest room her fave spot. She does not need anything, food or water, just an enormous amount of space from the rest of us. Sammy the Spanky Dog does not seem to know she exists. Big Daddy was cleaning out the freezer and had a bag of stuff to throw away, we are trying to get the kitty cat to work with us and Sammy goes flying by with frozen chicken in his mouth.

I am slightly sick, think it is something less than a cold more flu like--sore throat and coughing--and I was so grateful to get home and not have to work OT on Friday and boom, here is the email and photos from Hell. What the hell is wrong with these assholes, do they really have to fuck up every Friday afternoon? And what is wrong with my plant that they just cannot fix this shit. And Conference Calls with Mexico are trials from Hell.

I bit the bullet last week and went to a totally new hairdresser for a cut. I know, it is time to move on and just get over it. She did a great job. New look and it is fine. Went back to the temp today for color and she was not real happy about the cut from her old buddy. Left there with a less than enthusiastic blow dry. You know, I can do my own hair and I am not upset-but really get over it, I did.

Monday, February 16, 2015

We are Frozen including maybe our pipes

This was the view out my car window Saturday, looking out on Lake St. Clair.

It is a bit frozen here, not huge snow like the east coast but cold, cold, cold.

Just got a call from Roto Rooter that instead of tomorrow they can come tonight in 45 minutes, hooray. The laundry sink in the basement will not drain. Sucks to be me today.

I have to go in tomorrow and report on a problem to the "meeting". This is a stand up meeting where about 40 to 50 peple are there and stare at you while you mumble and bumble if you are me. I am not a public speaker and hate it. I don't know what happened, in school I did quite a it of public speaking and won badges and then suddenly in this business I became gun shy. I think it is because they are always looking for a target and like to make people feel small. Asshats.

I am looking all over the world for the best baby girl dresses as yes, we are having a baby girl and I am calling her Clara. Because her parents would never name her Clara. Not that there is anything wrong with Clara.

Oh, yes I have a guy here from Mexico and he is freezing but doing fine. Big Daddy had a guy here from Mexico and thought he was having a stroke. He fell onto to the ground and started thrashing. He was making a snow angel. He said it saw it in the stupid movies his wife made him watch. He said it sucked and was stupid. Just a Mexican opinion on snow angels.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sweden. That is my newest readership. Frankly, I do not trust the audience thing on the blog and only check for my own amusement. But why not discuss why I might appeal to some folks. Sweden used to make the Saabs, hell maybe they still do, and I used to drive them. Don't know what happened to them after GM cut the tow rope.

Just in case anyone has a problem with occasional bags under their eyes, or yea-baggy eyes- I have a solution that works for me. It is called Puff Off. It is available at Sephora and comes in a tube with a little iron attachment. Think Monopoly. You squeeze the tube and the stuff goes on your under eye and you iron it flat. I swear to all that this shit works. I thought I was scammed by this stuff and today I looked in the mirror and thought WTF, you look like you slept 2 minutes. Put this stuff on and I swear in a few minutes I looked normal. Good Stuff.

I found a new great read, Maeve's Times, In Her Own Words by Maeve Binchy. It seems early on she wrote for the Irish times and this is a collection of her writings. I love it and prolly the last thing left written by her I have not read. I am really enjoying this one.

Friday is becoming my new favorite day, this is the day I go out and get a sandwich from a special and wonderful place. This sandwich is beyond all expectations. I cannot tell you where but be happy for me. I may make this a twice weekly treat. Except tomorrow it is supposed to be 15 below zero and I don't know if that is gonna work for me.

Work is so fucked up it is insane. And now they want me to take this paperwork in and get it signed off and sent back so they can be "really good suppliers". I am like, really, I am the last person that should be doing this and I for one do not care if you make the cut or not.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Being nice is very tiring

I am being so fucking nice I am making myself sick. I have started to think that if I can just make it to 62 then I can coast and get a job as a Walmart greeter if I need outside activities. Of course someone who finds it hard to be nice to asshats may not make the best of a greeter.

I am also making myself learn to record conversations. AHA.

No one has said anything else about the firing and I no longer care.

The boss is taking all the line side containment away tomorrow so this should be a CF. And he is making me handle this shitball. Without instructions so he can criticize everything I do.

On to better thoughts, I ordered a red striped jacket/coat from Stein Mart, first order so let us see how this goes. Looked cute and perky for the transition into spring and it was dirt cheap.

Getting a new haircut on Saturday from a new person. Just gotta go with the flow. Speaking of which I did not do anything special for my cancer ridden hairdresser, I must send out a card on Wednesday. Maybe I should get here a Valentine Card. I was thinking of getting her an orchid from Trader Joe's they are so inexpensive.

Thinking about where we should go for a Saturday lunch after my hair cut. Hmmm.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The week from hell, well 3 days of it

I am beaten down and used and abused.

Monday the snow was horrible, I thought I had a photo, and Big Daddy got stuck at the end of the driveway. Two guys came to help when it was obvious he was gonna hit the Mercedes parked in the street.

I went to work as I knew no one else would and we had an issue. Meeting cancelled, I worked an hour and a half and I was not fired. No one from my company said thanks for risking your life for the sucky parts.

Tuesday the boss sent the replacement in (for him) he is known in the plant as Goofey Guy. I am deliberately missspelling that so it cannot be traced. That is what they all call him. Well GG went to the meeting and the plant told me they never wanted to see GG again.

Chaos continues.

Wednesday the boss shows up and he and GG get the Come To Jesus and should be set and on board with "this is how shit happens". That is a failure, boss refuses to comprehend and GG is too scared to tell him. GG will also not tell their boss. Shit will ensue.

Still not fired.

Thursday boss refuses to show up but also will not tell the plant people. Yes, we had a bad issue blow up. Now I am pissed as I do not have the resources to fix this, but I must be Nancy Nice or get fired, replacement guy wasted 2  hours trying to measure parts his way---as he is an expert---and when they never measured right he stomped off. Oh, did I forget to tell you about when he threw the parts on the floor in the assembly area and stomped his feet. I am not joking here, he stomped his feet to get his way.  2 guys asked me if they should throw him out and I almost thought that was a good idea.

One of these days I am gonna say yes.

I am now asking myself why it is wrong to take Valium on a daily basis.

End of the day, boss is taking his new nasty tone whenever he feels why he has to explain why he does not need to be there---except he will never explain this to the plant.

He is a chicken shit, I have one more day of GG and I am wondering why I have not been fired yet.

By the way, I "work" for a Worldwide Global Company that is well known on Wall Street, this is not some chump company.

Maybe I will get fired tomorrow except the boss is pissed he has to work for the off shift person on Valentines weekend. So maybe he does not want to fire me if he thinks he can guilt me into working then. Wrong asshat, Not gonna do it.

And just so you know the bones of this soap opera, my boss is well compensated with a company car, charge card, and full bennies. And my pay is not cheap.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

I may or may not get fired tomorrow

There are some people that find my way of working abrasive. I say fuck that.

There are some people that plan on doing shit that is just wrong and a union violation, then call it okay as long as they don't get caught and again I say fuck that.

The idiots I work for made a decision that is so egregious that I cannot even begin to explain it and then they decided to tell me I was gonna get fired for being "aggressive and hard to work with", well I am waiting to hear the news on Monday. And everyone of the asshats has hollered at me and treated me like a dog, because I am contract with no rights and they are direct employs with company charge cards.

Except I got a call on Sunday which pretty much makes this all a nasty trip for Monday and I found out if they fire me they have no backup. Which means I should just keep my mouth shut, act contrite and let the chips fall where they may. Which is gonna be ugly.

This should be good. And if I am fired I can drive my hairdresser to her chemo appointments.

I hate to say this, but there are so few men that can work with strong women. Most of the guys I work with act like they can't pee without a group vote.