Friday, May 21, 2010

Dental work is painful

OK, today I can open my mouth. Yesterday was really bad. No meds, I might have to re-think that. But meds screw up the IBS so much I don't know which is worse. Going Monday for the meet and greet with the oral surgeon on the implant. That is next Friday. Cashed in my little account that will partially pay for some of that. Dental work is also extremely expensive. By my take the dentist should be letting me drive that Escalade at least three days a week.

I need another suitcase. It does not help that Big Daddy left some things here. And wants me to bring shit like his new glasses and wild rice. I have started throwing away the daily ratty clothes as I wear them to clean and I am getting picky about taking and saving for fall. Maybe for the suitcase. Oh for Big Daddy's phony luggage about now.

My handyman put up the steel screens to keep the squirrels from nesting in the attic things and he pulled the tail off one, would not let go of the wood interior. Landed on my Jeep and went he got down to pluck it off the Jeep it was gone. Great!!! Now I have a tailess pissed off squirrel waiting for me to leave the house and bite my ankles. This a week after they found a snake in a garage on the first block of Vernier. We are being invaded by wildlife here. With all the unemployment I do not understand why people are not hunting here in the Pointes.

So the weeds are still hanging on, I am now trading books with the dental staff, and I still need underwear. And my Internest is no longer at the "group", just when I need meds and maybe some answers to some medical questions. And I don't think I have time for the female doctor. I wonder how bad the doctors in China really are.

Off to the store tomorrow for maybe some Punkin Head stuff and then more purging.

Oh, and I need 2 light bulbs replaced.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shopping Success

Ok, got myself together and went out today as the weather was wonderful. Hair turned out a 5 out of 10. Clothes were ok until the hot flashes came. Still need underwear.

Went to Borders for reading material and found the most unexepected book, Martha and Me or some such nonsense, the book by Martha Stewart's self proclaimed best friend. It is snarky. OK I am in. This is fabulous.

Went to Trader Joes and got my stuff along with kitty litter and some stupid thing kittys like to claw. Fucked up. THe kitty litter must go back. I have to go to CVS. Can't wait.

Big Daddy is happily ensconced in the new Crowne Plaza (new to him) somewhere around Shenzhen and everything is working out peachy there. They have 1 hour foor massage for about 16 bucks US.

My mailbox fell apart. I won't be getting any damn foot massage.

Tomorrow is more dental work and the handyman is coming to refix the squirral hole and look at the mailbox. And bring round-up to re-kill the weeds we have already killed 3 times.

Can't wait to get back to China.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am so bored and lacking in motivation. House cleaning and yard work just is not my forte.

And Big Daddy telling me his Ayis came and cleaned the apartment twice in one day did not help matters. Yep, changed all the linens and swept and mopped twice. He tried to explain to the second crew he had never seen before but gave up and just went with the program.

Then the new laundry detergent a Chinese lady insisted he buy was concentrated and he unitentionally washed the kitchen floor. Needs to learn how to read better Chinese. Now he has Mite cleaner, collar cleaner and super suds.

Stormed and rained all night and kept waking me up. Not going out in this weather. I am out of books tho, so tomorrow I have to go shopping.

Punkin Head arrives home on Monday with his 2 cats. I need to buy cat litter and cat nip. Where would one buy this stuff?

Friday, May 14, 2010

OK, I am back

There has been some serious dental work going on here. 1 of my three new crowns did not work out. Had my mouth open with nitrous for 2 and a half hours. Dentist actually gave me a prescription for mucho Vicodin. Did not take them but I will tough out the pain when I can. Going back Monday for a check on the bite and Thursday for delivery of the last crown and prep for the implant. This just sucks.

Tickets back to Shanghai for June 8 so I hope this all works out. Trying to pack and decide just what stuff if worth taking. What a pain. And I need to buy underwear. Do not think those skinny, tiny Chinese women can sell me underwear. Nope, not happenen.

Big Daddy is so excited. He found the rest of our balcony furniture and manged to get it to the apartment with only minor excitement on the unloading portion of the trip. He said the apartment helpers and the taxi driver got into it as the unloading of the chairs from the backseat was a little dicey. RMB's all around. He said the apartment guard is actually calling him by name now. The Expo training. Wonder how long this will last after the foreigners go home?

From my contacts I cannot say the new launch at Plant Loco is going well. Cannot say that any auto manufacturing I am hearing about is going well. No bites on jobs for me. I am hopeful my interviews in China are at least informative of the hiring practices.

And Big Daddy is happy with my suggestion to start using known hotels and collecting points. Good experience in Shenzhen at the Crown Plaza. They are clean, helpful and speak much better English that the Chinese hotels. He also has a private driver that he can hire now and not be at the whim of the Chinese suppliers that are pissed at him.

Biggest funny of the day: Big Daddy thinks he needs another manicure.