Monday, August 24, 2009

Laughing My Ass Off

Heard a report on the news that Fix It Again Tony is going thru and "fixing" the three headed dog cast-off known as Plant Loco. Let me tell you the UNSUBSTANTIATED rumors I have heard so far.

Tony made the Plant Manager mow the lawn with his own mower, and made all upper management do the same. Said lawn looked like shit when they were PURPORTEDLY finished. Although the windows looked better, they were done by the people without their own mowers.

Tony made them paint one section SAID TO BE KNOWN as the test area the floors white. First problem, order booties at $2.60 a pair to walk on the floor. Second problem, hilo could not load part without driving on the white paint. Third problem when the operators were constantly mopping the white floor in their white booties they were falling on their asses. Fourth problem, health and safety.

Audit of vehicles for Customer Issues SUPPOSEDLY now shifted to the, just let us call him TONY wish list. Parts, suppliers, equipment, operators, and Plant Loco staff has not changed. So why would the outcome change. Dude this is the same shit different day.

Now they can't paint (rumor is they may need electricity and switches and sensors turned on to accomplish this task), send people home early every day, want fixes for no money, and stand around accusing people of being full of shit. Note, full of shit was a rumor yelled at somone in front of many witnesses that do work at a car company you would know. Note it is my understanding that the person accused of being full shit gave as good as they got, and no defective parts were ever found. Take that Gregory the Worm.

And they wonder why Toyota and Honda did great numbers in cash for clunkers. WTF.

Funny of the day, I get to stand around and watch people scream at each other instead of me.

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