Friday, July 2, 2010

Just Observations Today

Done. I am done. It is too hot.

They wear pantyhose here. They do not get pedicures. They wear sandles. Yuck.

The Ayi went out on the balcony to clean and said yuck, or the Chinese equivalent of this is too fucking hot.

I need a parasol, they all carry parasols because the occasional event of sunshine is brutal. I have sunscreen SPF 50.

Went to the Luhow or however it spelled market in Shenzhen, you can buy anything there. Anything that is fake. And I mean really, really good fakes. I got a Hermes Capitol watch for 75 US and a Bottega Venetta purse for 45 US. Purse has cotton lining instead of the suede but what the fuck.

Went to Hong Kong to get my passport stamped. Walked there. This took 2 and 1/2 hours. Yea well, finding the place took 30 minutes. And you walk over the river to get to Hong Kong and the river is full of garbage and dead fish. Wonder what is killing the fish. Maybe the water? Then you go through imigration on both sides and then you scratch your head. To get back to China you buy a train ticket and get on the train. You get off at the first station, about 10 minutes and walk to the stairs-cross over-go back down and get on the train again. Ten minutes later you go back through immigration and there you are back in China. It was brutal. The heat here is unbelievalbe.

When we got home to Shanghai we ordered groceries, 5 mil thick steaks. More later.

I do know how to spell, however there is no spellcheck anymore and I am too hot and tired to check.

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  1. dead fish in rivers. no wonder we can purchase our electronics so cheap from there. hopefully some concientious chinese or ex-pat will adopt the yellow fish road program there.