Wednesday, September 2, 2009

UAW seems to be screwing with their members

Plant Loco got screwed on the lay-off, call back and summer vacation. Some locals got unemployment and sub, some did not. If I paid dues I would be damn pissed. Who screwed up, the locals or the International. I thought this shit stood for brotherhood and solidarity. Apparently not. It stands for mine is mine and yours is mine too. And they think health care is going to be any different. It not what you know it is who you know.


Can you give me a quote on the divets? Not until you ask me for a request for quote in writing, you darn ignorant asshole. I told you this 60 times in the last few weeks. And I am sorry you do not know how your system works. That is not my problem.

Scraps was supposed to be Snaps.Snaps:

No pictures yet. Coming soon.

Just too fucking funny:

When we asked how to identify the Italians we were told they are the only ones smiling!

Just one more day of early wakeup and then a 4 day weekend.


Boss called and asked me to cover another plant Friday. Told him, I am on vacation. If you want to give me the day back then I will only have to work one day in December.

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