Friday, February 17, 2017

Gonna try this one more time

And now I remember why I quit, I could never figure out the pictures on the new Windows. And I still cannot do that so here we have a really old pic of Mexico from Big Daddy. New resolution, figure out the damn pictures.

I have been busy and then depressed again. Seeing a therapist about the depression and I am not so sure she is a fix. Can't put my finger on it but it just seems weird sometimes. Like she is reading a script.

I have a huge pain or cramp in my neck and have been putting a bag of frozen roasted corn on it for the last 2 days. It is not improving and I cannot take Aleve as I am on the damn Xraleto so I don't stroke out from the Afib. Big Daddy is in China and finally woke up enough to suggest I go to the acupuncture guy he sees for his knees. So tomorrow early I am going to see Dr. Zhang.

I took a class a few weeks ago on Chalk painting and I think I can do this. BD ordered me some books on Ebay so I don't forget the fine points and I have been studying up on painting techniques for the whole house. Yes, I am gonna paint the whole house because I have paid a fortune to asshats who did poor ass jobs and I am sick of that shit. Not the whole house in chalk paint just certain areas.

I am going to Florida to visit my mom in a week or so and I am not looking forward to this trip, she is not well and I am not quite sure how to handle this. And it needs to be handled. Good thing, plane tickets cost me $11.00. For once, thank you Delta. So I have to get the shoulder fixed so I can schlep my own bags to the rental car and drive down to the shit hole known as Sebring.

I will try to bring you up to date an my gorgeous granddaughter if I can ever find her picture, my friend who is really not well with a really bad cancer who is starting a new business, my hilarious cat and fabulous husband and I guess the fact that life goes on.

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  1. Sorry for your troubles. Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.