Wednesday, March 29, 2017

If I didn't have bad luck or why we will keep on keepin on, have a colonoscopy today

Lunch at The Hill restaurant, Grosse Pointe

Well just about as soon as I posted my last post the computer went on the fritz and I was without it for a few weeks. Then I had back to back trips (with no laptop) to Florida as my mother broke her hand and had a bad reaction to her BP meds. Then I caught a cold on the second trip and I cannot describe my misery in dealing with mom and kleenex. We went to Lake Placid to see the murals and I was so sick I could barely get out of the car. That took some time to recover from when I returned home, but I could not pick up my laptop because there was no power on that side of town. Southeast Michigan had 70 mile per hour winds and I am selling shingles on the curb from my lemonade stand.

So now I am gonna try this again and I have discovered I can post photos from my phone.

Big Daddy has a new job and a new Mexico travel plan. He flies out on Sunday and comes home on Thursday and we have a 3 day weekend. That is where the pic and Friday lunch at The Hill comes in. My favorite lunch spot in Grosse Pointe, but not open on Saturday afternoon.

BD had a colonoscopy this week and they found a boo boo and we are awaiting the results of the biopsy. Should know by Friday and I hope this does not run over the weekend. He did not get a lot of sympathy as I have done one sygmoid thing without anesthetic and 3 colonoscopies. These are life savers as my first discovered a polyp, removed and benign, and I have been okay since. We are hoping and praying for the best for BD. My grandmother had a colostomy in her 80's and lived to 94. She had cancer and it was not caught early, so I have hope. By not caught early she lost other organs.

Well I hope to keep this up and find something entertaining and provactive to leave to my grandaughter, don't want her to think grandmama was boring. Or an asshat.

And I will leave you with this for today:

 When Dr. Phil tells you to put on your big boy pants you know that phrase should never be used again.

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  1. I hope all is well with Big Daddy. The Doc tells me it is time for a colonoscopy--the last one was ten years ago.