Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Merry month of May

Big Daddy is doing well this week, he is back to sponge bathing like an astronaut. He hates it.

I went to the shrink and got shrunk.

Curly got her Weenie and she is happy. Punkin Head said likes Weenie the best of all the characters in the book.

Mom and I are going to the toy store in the morning, then to a seafood restaurant for lunch and then Barnes and Noble so she can just sniff all the books. She loves bookstores, so much that I have to put her on a timer.

Verizon updated my phone so of course it is useless at this point, wonderful.

Trash I am currently watching on TV, Southern Charm and a new snarky on Bernie Madoff. And who can forget the new Bachelorette of color.

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  1. What did you think of Southern Charm? I didn't see it but it's supposedly set her and had a friend who wrote a very funny review of it (he didn't particularly find it flattering)