Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Murray Car and Me

I am getting tired of this waiting around for the next chapter. Boss isn't talking or returning calls, plant is telling me I need to work for the newbys, newbys think they know it all-and the vehicles are still crooked and have to be towed off the line as they are NO GAS FILL.

The Murray car was a man's imagination put to reality. A member of our family. We have lived through it all (Ford is still on top without having to worry about us this time) and we are ready to move forward. Right now forward is in Asia, not in the US. Instead of the three legged dog pissing on me it is the Fix It Again Tony crowd teaching everyone how to mop floors. How clean floors are going to sell crooked vehicles with no gas in them I cannot explain. I want to move on. I want to be like the Phoenix and rise from the ashes of Detroit and be productive. I am tired of here with the stupid shit.

Kwame got a good deal, great house-lotsa money-and no real problems as everyone seems to be afraid of his homeys. Dave Bing doesn't have to do much because he used to play basketball and no one wonders why he lost his business as everyone else went under. Council President wrecks his car and does not report it for a few days because he does not want to bother the police. Obama rushing Government Motors into uncharted and potentially dangerous waters. And Fiat can't pay back their loan but buys SHAP the worst assembly plant in terms of productivity and quality. WTF.

I need to make a decision. First on my crown due for delivery this week. Then for my future. Then on spring clothes. Shanghai beckons. New jobs are waiting. The year of the Tiger and I don't mean Woods.

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