Saturday, February 6, 2010

I love Advil

I am living on Advil. It helps me live through the throbbing pain in my jaw. The pain that started hurting real bad when the dentist was off duty. The pain that might be because the cracked crown I had was not put on properly in the first place and the little thoothy underneath the crown was cracked. So $1500.00 US dollars later I am in pain and probably looking a root canal. An expensive root canal.

Big Daddy had to cancel his vacation due to the stupid actions of his underling. Asshole went to the tool shop, changed a bunch of due dates to suit his own schedule, took a supplier vehicle and went to his home town for preparation for the fucking Chinese New Year. And refused to come back to work. And when he was told to not return to the tool shops and report to corporate Monday he decided to take vacation time next week. This guy has gotta be on some heavy drugs. Or he doesn't need the money. Maybe he only needed the travel to cover up other activities.

So I am not going to see Big Daddy, have a vacation time, go to China or anything else. Just no job and nothing to do and no where to go. This is great.

Oh, my dishwasher is still broken-just like the Toyotas.

Plant Loco is going 10 hours 6 days just when I will be let go. Be careful what you wish for Barbie.

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  1. I love advil too. It seems to be the only thing that works for alcohol related migrains. I pop one into my drink before dirking and it's a near 100% success prevention. I am thinking of making by own martini called "the aura" replacing olives with Advil.