Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not just low but also crooked

I love launching new vehicles. Tight assed dickwads from Corporate walking around with grim expressions and nasty, testy comments to all. They still believe they are high and mighty auto managers when they are all owned by the UAW. Anyway . . .

I just found out why the new vehicle is so low to the ground. The air ride system does not work. This also explains the crooked vehicles. 4 independent air rides that do not work in a coordinating manner. Hence the crooked vehicles. Gotta love it.

Nothing in the house has broken for a few days so I ordered a new kitchen faucet. Well I have needed a faucet for a while due to the excessive dripping and I need to get this fixed before I leave. My UAW repairman told me today that he would never buy a Moen. Guess what I bought. Oh well . . .

This week I have to go to the car wash. It has been 20 years since I have been to a car wash. I am scared. I was waiting for Big Daddy to come home and take the car to the car wash. Yea, see how that worked out.

Oh, and today I got an email on my Blackberry for an emergency meeting for launch. For Thursday. Since when is a 2 day notice an emergency? WTF

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  1. Moen are the best and have a lifetime warranty. If they ever leak, go to Home depot and you can either:
    1)pick a new barrel off the shelf and pay $20
    2)ask for a new barrel under warrenty and get one for free.

    Since I live in a century home, the latter comes in handy.