Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Medicine in China=OK

Ok, been to the doctor (not bad) been to the hospital for test (not great) and am feeling better, so probably everything is ok. Doctor is a decent sort-younger Chinese guy from Delaware. Dr.'s office is ok. When he decided I needed a CT scan for the kidney stone we proceeded with the insurance company. They have to approve and send a guarantee letter before you can get tests. Next you get a phone call from the doctor's office on what the payment is going to be. For me, 3,300 RMB. Which I was not for sure on until we paid it. Chinese conversing on a cell phone is one step above a Jamaican on a cell phone. So anyway, 3,500 RMB later (200 for the urine and blood tests) we are on our way to the hospital for the ct scan. We are sitting in the doctor's waiting room after paying and Big Daddy is all about - what are we waiting for? We were waiting for the girl to take us to the hospital. I kid you not, they send a girl with you in a taxi to the hospital. And she paid the taxi fare. Hmm. Waiting for results. And Big Daddy went for acupuncture today. His visit was 10 RMB and a referral.

A note on taxi's for this medical jaunt. Turned down 4 times to take us to our destination, they just look at you and say no and drive off. And I especially love the ones that turn the light off when they see you. We live on a very busy street and it was a nightmare to get a taxi to the Port-o-mon Center.

So, now that I am feeling better I am getting out and about in the freezing weather. The gym downstairs is not heated. Now that the Germans left I thought I could use the gym more often. Went down to check it out and the Chinese people running on the treadmills were wearing coats. I can't make this shit up. Although BD reported the wearing of earmuffs in the dining room at the hotel in Shenzhen.


Bought a heating gel pad with cartoon characters on it for 40 RMB, it gets so hot it would scald a child.

Doctor recommended some high priced massage that he says are not prostitutes, more to follow after verification.

I made devilled eggs and the bartender and friends loved them. I also made soup/stew the first days I felt human again and BD loved it. Of, course he was returning from a week in Shenzhen where they took pity on him and made him french fries with diced vegetables. They said it was western food.

Saw the local police checking out a sidewalk card game, pretty sure he had some skin in the game.

ok, gotta clean up after the ayis and get myself together, next few days are dedicated to finding red pussy willows and red underwear. It is the holiday ya know.

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