Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why didn't I think of that

January 3, 2011

Big Daddy went shopping and when he came home his new keycard did not work in the door that does not lock. Now why he did not push the door open I can not answer. So he strolls over to the main lobby and discovers that we only got one day replacement keycards. The ones that did not work the day before were one month keycards. Hmmm.

As the company signed at least a year lease and we personally had to put 2000RMB into the house water bottle account, how can this be? There was no explanation. However they finally send Shemp up to fix the broken lock. He beat it to death with a screw driver and now it works. Locking by intimidation.

Gotta get ready for the Ayi's and then maybe a stroll around the freezing streets.

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