Monday, January 31, 2011

What is wrong with men?

Do not ask my opinion if your first action is going to be the opposite of what I say. Do not tell me something so obvious only a moron would miss it. Do not pretend you can not remember your name while in the same sentence remind me how everything you have ever said and done has been correct.

Because that will piss me off.

And when you piss me off, do not ask me what is wrong with me. Because eventually I am going to get real tired of this shit and leave.

In my lifetime the Internet and Skype have replaced snail mail and party lines and the smartest people on earth have not figured out to make men smarter. WTF.

If I turn down the heat it is because I am hot, if you are cold that is why someone invented sweaters and blankets. And I don't look that good naked anymore.

If I want to watch CNN instead of the stupid war movies, maybe it is because I already watched the stupid war movies this week. This is why there is a TV in the guest room.

If I tell you it won't work, maybe it is because I have tried this before and it did not work.

If I tell you not to wear that shirt again or I am going to throw it away, well I am amazed at all the times in the past you one day realized you had no clothes. Usually the day before a business trip.

If you ask me if I need anything and you can't remember I was so happy to find Earl Grey tea at Starbucks (and you did not buy it) or how nice a new orchid would be, or how every cheap piece of shit in the kitchen broke and has not been replaced, or how tired I am of looking at the dead plants on the balcony, well what more can I say.

If you are happy at the current state of affairs keep it up. If you are not happy then you need to change what you are doing to expect a different outcome. That is the way it works. Keep doing the same thing and you will get the same outcome.

Well, so much for my bitch fest, gotta go clean because the ayi's are gone and only person in this shithole can see the dirt and the mess. Obla de obla di (my way of saying same shit different day), life goes on.

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