Thursday, September 18, 2014

Way too long away from the blog

The Red Crown restaurant in Grosse Pointe Park

You may remember the old gas station turned into a restaurant, well we finally ate there last Friday for lunch. Big Daddy and I do not get much time for lunch and we snuck off and had a date. I must say it was wonderful. I had a perch sandwich with bacon jam which I was quite ready to hate and it was wonderful. I think we will be going back.

We took a ride around and saw the offending farm shed which cuts off traffic to Detroit and the infamous round-a-bout and yes indeed it does cut off Detroit traffic. Detroit is supposed to spruce up their side of the street and then we will pull down the shed. Should be a hoot to see if anything actually happens.

I did not realize it was so long since I last posted, so sorry. I have been lazing about.

Tomorrow is a quick trip to one plant and lunch with the Bigwigs at my primary plant.

Then we have to plant the daffodils. And harvest the basil and parsley for butters for the winter.

And come Monday it is back to the serious business of making vehicles.


  1. Big Daddy said there is a recipe online, Ina Garten perhaps? Will have to check, it is not hard and does not require canning.