Sunday, September 7, 2014

Windy Weather

We had some wind this weekend. Our house was not badly hit.

The Mormons however were not so lucky. And don't you like that lake at the end of my driveway. There is a huge branch up there ready to fall and we are betting on which vehicle it will fall on. That is the only side of the road that allows parking and there is a skirmish daily on road parking. And whatever the Slavs are up to they all now drive luxury vehicles. Mercedes and BMWs  galore. And the Flower Lady came home from the hospital so the Clampetts can't park there anymore. There is gonna be one big boom.

If we don't get a new road soon I am gonna hafta to get a special friendship with someone that owns a tank.

After some research it appears the resident hawk might be a Coopers Hawk as they are now crashing parties at every luscious  spot in the Metro Detroit area.

I just finished an ebook, still not sure if I like them, Snobs by Julian Fellowes. Don't know if I will read him again. Starting speed reading to get to the end. It was one of those where I started guessing the next plot line and was right every time.

Well, I asked Punkin Head if he was gonna be a Sparty or a Duck and he demurred and kinda thought maybe a Duck as he is a tried and true Wolverine. Good move because the Duck quacked all over Sparty and kinda proved that maybe Sparty is trying to play in too big a sandbox. Hmmm.


  1. I am not certain what a Sparty is. I think I used to be a Spartan a long time ago .... yes, that was the school mascot.

    1. It is now moving forward Sparty, everything new ya know.