Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why is it always happening to me?

Nothing really severe happens, just the not normal messed up stuff. Wire in the food, it will be in my bite. All things that go wrong, go wrong in my house.

So the guys came on Friday morning to put in my new floor. Whoops, whoa, no way lady--ya got two floors here. The cheap ass Grosse Pointer before me--the Executive Secretary of one of the biggest bankers in town--cheaped out and put the floor down on top of the original. She did the same shit with the wallpaper--and she painted the damn refrigerator.

Well, due to age of my home and long reaching arm of the EPA (even though flooring asbestos is not the bad threat asbestos) I must be tested for asbestos. This is the EPA scam. I call to get the flooring tested. It takes 3 days and cost 300 U.S. dollars. By this point my home is torn up for this stupid floor. If I want the asbestos testing done same day, well that costs 900 U.S. dollars.

So here is what I did, I called the asbestos abatement people and got the removal done, it cost me 700 with a certificate cause it was done on a Saturday for cash. Saved 500 for removal plus all the testing fees. I really do not care if that stuff was asbestos or not.

So I am waiting for the guy to come and take the air sample so I can have a certificate and now I am re-quoting the floor. Original company tells me they will only take 66 dollars off the quote. Bullshit. New idiot salesman quoted much higher and asked me if I wanted to pay 50 more or would I move my own stove and refrigerator. They were thrown out.

New people coming Monday.

Pics too follow.


  1. Happened to us too in another house. Pulled up the carpet to polish the floorboards - oops - no floorboards - chipboard. Asshats.