Sunday, February 14, 2016

I still do not have my f##@@g vehicle home from the repair shop.

And one week from tomorrow it will be 2 flippin months since I have seen my car. And I believe my Rose Sugar lip treatment. The lip stuff is missing and after a massive search that is the only place I cannot look, the console of  Escape. Drats. That stuff is 25 bucks a tube, not something I take lightly.

I cannot believe I have this piece of shit Escape from the dealer and no one seems to care about getting my car fixed. It is free with unlimited mileage, but geez it is not a great vehicle, and it is bottom of the food chain. You have to move the seat by grabbing this bar at the bottom and throwing your weight forward. Oh yea, I love it.

Roto Rooter had so send an expert back, might be fixed this time.

Last week I had an IBS attack from hell, so no getting anything accomplished. This week if things go well I still need the Xrays, the physical therapy and to get to the stupid knitting class.

I hear Curly is now doing the Commando Creep, the kids need a container for her. I have not Skyped for a while and am getting antsy.

I need to find a crate for my mother's dog, the Shitty Dog for the trip home and make reservations. I am sweating this one.


  1. I think one of my batteries died in my F-350, and it is relatively new (the battery, not the truck).

    1. Wonder if it is defective or you have an emerging electrical issue.

    2. I tried charging both batteries for a longer time with my electronic battery charger and the battery percent appeared the same, yet I was able to start the vehicle. I have been using the vehicle since probably the 16th, probably started it 20 times, so maybe its back to normal now after being discharged for at least a month.