Wednesday, February 17, 2016

All the news that's fit to print

Some random wedding at St. Louis Cathedral, I gotta get out and get some new pictures.

And maybe that will be next week, Phil called and they are only waiting for one more part and are confident I should get my car back early next week. This has taken 2 months. Unbelievable. I hate the loaner car and try to avoid going out. It rides like a dump truck.

Just once I want to hear someone on television say, please use crap vanilla, feel free, no one will know or care. Just once.

The cat has taken to sitting and staring at one spot in the kitchen like she is waiting to trap something. We have taken it apart and no found any evidence of visitors so this now has me worried. She does love to hunt though. When there is nothing to find she just makes up her own jungle games in her mind.

My mom is getting some shit from Mr. RV's son and DIL, he left her some sort of life time right to the house and something else. Well, the inlaws are fussing and so she took the will to a lawyer. Now, Mr. RV died 3 years ago and she has supposed to be getting some sort of accounting and a percentage of something. And she has to pay the taxes and insurance so I am assuming this percentage is to maintain the property. But she has never gotten anything and no one is sure what it is she is supposed to get. I told her to ask the lawyer if she could change the locks and yes indeedy she can, so that is next on the list. I am so glad my brother, Mr. I am in Charge is on top of all this shit. This could get ugly. Glad I am not in charge.

Did I tell you my other brother I have not heard from in 5 or so years has a love child that is 5 years old? Just found out this winter.

And I still have not found a wire cage for that Shitty Dog. Gotta get back on that task.


  1. Your life is far too complicated and incomprehensible

  2. If he is your Other Brother, you could call yourself an Other Aunt to the recently discovered child. I don't think I have had to go 5 years before I found out initially about a niece of nephew, but I think I do go for considerable lengths of time without thinking about most of them, some of them for quite a long time. I guess my brain gets busily focused on mainly local things, although I do FB a few of them. I am also focused on staying in touch w my close friend in prison, so that requires focus writing letters with pen, ink and paper. I find it veRy rewarding.