Friday, February 26, 2016

My 2 Cents

So we are sitting in a black box theater setting waiting to see "A Steady Rain" put on by the local community theater group when the lovey dovey assholes come in and sit in front of us and then decide to snuggle. WTF. I know they were dating I am just wondering if they were on the down low married to other people.

So on to this Iphone bullshit between the US government and Apple, this is so bullshit I am about to scream. Apple made a phone that can't be hacked easily. They charge a bloody fortune for the phone. People kill themselves in China to keep those jobs. Literally throwing themselves from roofs. And now the U.S. government wants to change this shit because they thing the terrorists maybe made a phone call or text that the massive government network cannot find? WTF.

And business owners who supply Iphones to employees better be taking notice, if you do not dictate passwords and do not charge for personal use, or at least make it taxable, you too will be up the creek soon when something happens with one your phones. That always did piss me off, management got phones and did not have to expense them and they were not taxed, whereas my personal phone was my taxed pain in the ass.

Well, my car is going back next week, shit not right and the door hinge bolt is loose. They will fix it, it just takes a minute. or 2 or 3 months.

If I am really not going back to that job even part time I am thinking about a Volkswagon.

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