Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am going back to work

Bossman called this morning and said to call Plant Loco. They are up and running Monday as promised and need me. I am needed. Although I don't why as they have bled the line, but they demand my expertise. This should be fun.

Plant Loco is supposed to be very clean now. Floors painted white. And you have to wear booties. This is a plant where there used to be a contest to count the "food waste" on the floor. People fed rats. Security threw fast food bags out the windows of the vehicles they parked in out of the way places. The police parked deterrent black and whites inside the fence and never brushed the snow off the windshields.

Also mentioned there would be a lot of down time on the lines with the bleed off (this is normal) but it made wonder about normally accepted routines. In the past when the line goes down most everyone sits in their lawn chair, eats, listens to the radio or CD's, heats up their food in the illegal microwave. Wonder how that's gonna go over?

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